Sandbag or Sandbagged or Sandbagging is originally a professional wrestling term to refer to the noncooperation between competitors over a throw which sees a receiving-end wrestler act as dead weight, rendering difficult or sometimes impossible for the execution of a move by the offensive wrestler. It usually serves as indication to the offensive competitor performing the move that they are conducting something incorrectly such as not protecting their opponent or are operating stiffly.

However, this term has popularly been dissimilarly adapted into e-wrestling defining a handler who equals their roleplay posts for an event with their opponent's own, but straight down to the deadline, posts a last minute roleplay response disallowing their opponent the time or chance to respond to their late post which usually the notion is that because the "sandbagger" has the freshest, latest post, they are likely to become victorious. Within the e-wrestling world, there have been multiple cases seen where this event occurs and excuses have imminently been made.

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