Rampage is a Milestone PPV of SCW which hosts the RAMPAGE Rumble, a ten-man Royal Rumble-esque battle where the winner (which will be the last man standing in the ring after all nine other competitors have been eliminated by being tossed over the top rope) will receive a title shot against the SCW World Champion at Wrestlefest. Remember though, for a contestant to be truly eliminated, any part of their body must touch the floor area that surrounds the ring (excluding their hair or funky ring attire like a sashe or suspender or... blah!) But what is this? Just one match you say? Of course not... we're going to potentially have three. The SCW World and National Champions will also defending his or her belt against a worthy opponent.

Rumble Winners

Year Wrestler Times
2002 The Ringlord 1
2003 Jack Ca$h 1
2004 Reich 1
2005 Jack Ca$h 2
2006 The Party Animal 1
2007 Steve Thompson 1
2008 Nick Wallace 1