Inferno is Milestone PPV of SCW which hosts the final of the Inferno Tournement; an eight-man elimination tournament where the winner will be awarded the coveted SCW Inferno Gold Medal of Achievement and declared the SCW Inferno Tournament Winner. This accolade is actually something to really strive for as it is quite similar to the an SCW championship belt... plus it's quite a nifty accessory. Now then, how does this tournament work. Well... throughout the month of the PPV, each Sunday Night SLAM! will see a match or two of the tourney. We actually have it all worked out so that the finals will culminate at the Inferno Pay-Per-View. Of course we'll also see all of the SCW Championship belts defended as well as a wildcard match that will be open to the most notable feuding superstars on our roster - so if you're not the Champ and you're not in the tournament finals, make sure you're in a noticeable angle.

Inferno Tournement Winners

Year Wrestler Times
2002 Reich 1
2003 No Event
2004 The Ringlord 1
2005 Frankie Hollywood 1
2006 No Event
2007 Idolo 1
2008 No Event