Name: Roxanne (Roxie)

Gimmick: Ditzy, more of a model than a wrestler but improving in the ring

Billed weight: 135

Billed height: 5'4"

Billed from: Washington, D.C.

Fighting style: brawler

Signature moves: Hurracanrana, dropkick, hip toss, DDT, diving crossbody

Finishing moves: Roundhouse kick, moonsault

Entrance music: Glamorous by Fergie


Roxanne began her modeling career in 2005 and has been featured in various television commercials. She has graced the covers of popular magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and FHM.

In 2007, Roxie began to train at the Atlanta World Wrestling Alliance and soon earned a contract to appear in CGS as a valet. After working in the Slam brand for a month, Roxanne found herself unhappy with management direction and began talks with ROG.

In March of 2008, she signed a contract to compete in the squared circle in ROG's Warzone. Her in ring debut was on April 9, 2008.

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