Rose Thorn
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Real name Rose M Thorne
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Height 5' 7"
Weight 128 lbs.
Date of birth June 29, 1984
Place of birth Northampton, England
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Resides Austin, Texas/Gainsville, Georgia
Billed from Austin, Texas
Trainer Unknown
HWF & wXw
DcWe (2002), NWA (2002 - 2003), KSCWE (2003 - 2006), eWe (2003), eWe X (2003), WWWX (2004), SFT (2004), IWF (2005), SKCW (2006), HWF (2006), & wXw (2006)
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Debut November 2002
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Rose M Thorne(Born June 29, 1984) is an Actress & American Professional Wrestler currently working for the wXw and HWF Organisations. Rose Thorn is known for her dedication to women's wrestling as well as her unique and innovative style of wresting. She is currently suffering from a left knee injury.

The Begining

Rose Thorne was born in Northampton, England but soon left the United Kingdom for America when her father inherited a large farm near Austin, Texas. She is the youngest of 6 children. Her brothers Benjamin Thorne, Micheal Thorne, Ryan Thorne, & Twins James and Carter all loved wrestling. Their Father (Robert Thorne) was a British wrestler in the late 60's and early 70's. Rose is the only sibling to carry on their fathers dreams of working in the Wrestling profession. Her first televised appearance was on November 10 for the now closed DcWe, A organisation where Rose Thorn won two championships.

KSCWE 2003

Rose Thorne gained the majority of her fame through these two federations. Both owned by the Hills (Stevie & Scott Hill) Rose was given a chance to parade her talents on a weekly basis. Starting out on the Raw brands Junior show 'Heat' Rose faced Terri three weeks in a row gaining wins over her week after week and soon caught the eye of the then World Champion Rob V Dam. With their unique wrestling style they clicked and soon became the "it" couple. RVD's on going feud with Chris Jericho helped bring Rose into the main event scene with Jericho's brash and highly offence in ring promo's towards not only RVD but also Rose Thorn. In April, 3 months after her debut, She gained her first Title win in KSCWE (Then CWE) At the 2003 Pay Per View Backlash in which she defeated Lacey Alexander. Rose Thorn never actually lost this championship, It was taken from her after a roster shake up. The rest of 2003 saw Rose Thorn being fired twice, and after reported relationships with Josh Matthews, Mr.Bullion and Raven she became quite controversial. She was finally released from KSCWE in November 2003. Only to return a month later in her home state of Texas to defend KSCWE Owner Scott Hill and his wife Kaci by attacking Eric Bischoff, Marrisa Biscoff and 'The Amazon' Shaniqua. This forced Eric Bischoff to punish the returning diva by making her the number 3 diva in the 2004 diva royal rumble.

KSCWE 2004

Rose's first match since her return was set at the 2004 Diva Royal Rumble, In which she entered number 3. After losing a lot of blood and eliminating various divas she pulled out the victory. The underdog returnee captured the title 2004 Diva Rumble winner and now had her eyes set on Wrestlemania. But first she must face her former best friend Stacy Mason and Shaydawg in a triple threat hardcore rules match at No Way Out. After losing the match (Stacy Mason pinning Shaydawg) Rose and Stacy's relationship became even more rocky. But Rose didn't care because she was set to take on Jackie Gayda at Wrestlemania for the women's championship, and she did just that. They women put on one of the greatest women's matchs of all time and Rose came out with the win and her second reign as women's champ! Sadly due to backstage politics Rose was released from her contract as Women's Champion along with Stacy Mason and Jerome Morris three weeks after Rose won the gold. Rose wouldn't be seen for just under a year...

KSCWE 2005

28 March marked the date Rose Thorn returned to KSCWE under the WCW brand. She defeated Scarlett in her return match in New york City. For weeks she picked up momentum gaining win after win until the second round of the Queen of the Ring tournament where she was cheated out of a victory by Jackie Gayda and Maven. On the 5th July edition of KSCWE SD! Rose was announced as a new addition to the roster after being drafted. At the 2005 Curse of the Game Rose participated in her first Pay Per View as a Smackdown! superstar where she was one of six divas in an elimination chamber. Rose was thought to win this match but after various blows to the head by a sledgehammer from thew newly Heel Alyssa Amidala, Rose Lost. At No Mercy though, Rose captured the Women's Rawcore championship after defeating Stacy Mason which sparked their three month long feud.

SKCW 2006

As KSCWE turned to SKCW in its third name change Rose moved with them. On SKCW's first show Overdrive! (05/03/06) Rose Thorn teamed up with former rival and then best friend Zoe Mason to defeat Ashlee James & Holly Matthews in round one of the Lethal Lottery tournament. The next week Rose introduced her then fiance AJ Styles back to SKCW before teaming with former enemy, Alyssa Amidala, to take on Marissa Bischoff and Trish Morris. Alyssa cost Rose the match by attacking Trish with a chair. Following the match The Triple Threat come to the ring resulting in Rose receiving a WalkerKick from Scott Walker. At SKCW's first PPV Curse of the Game, Rose went on to defeat Zoe Mason and Flame in an exciting triple threat match. In late July Rose went on to feud with Zoe Mason who was then apart of the bWo. At SKCW British Uprising (08/19/06) Rose Thorn defeated Zoe Mason in the main event to become he SKCW Women's Champion. On 09/27/06 edition of SKCW Genocide Rose had her final match before leaving SKCW to pursue her acting career where she defeated Torrie Wilson. Rose Thorn would be out of the ring for over a year and made her return at her favourite event, the Royal Rumble...

SKCW 2008

On the 01/07/08 episode of SKCW Overdrive! It was announced that Rose Thorn would make her return to the ring at SKCW Royal Rumble. At the 2008 Royal Rumble Rose Thorn started things off with Stacy Mason and both were eliminated together. Before returning, Rose's fiance AJ Styles had forceable joined Madison Brooks Inc, and with Rose back Madison Brooks wanted to prove her dominance over AJ by having Rose 'destroyed' by Jazz. At No Way Out (02/17/08) Rose Thorn teamed up with AJ Styles to defeat The Love Machine and Jazz when Rose pinned Jazz. After bumping into one another backstage former Rivals Stacy Mason and Rose Thorn attack one another leading to a Last Woman Standing match at SKCW Wrestlemania VI which Rose won - A match named one of SKCW's most brutal. However on the 03/15/08 episode of Genocide the rivals would team up and become the SKCW Women's Tag Team Champions. On the 04/15/08 episode of Genocide Jezebel interferred and attacked Rose Thorn during a Women's Tag Team title defense causing Rose to be pinned and thus losing the championship. This sparked a feud between Rose Thorn & AJ Styles and Jezebel and CK Syndrome. AT Beach Brawl 2008 Rose Thorn and AJ Styles defeated Jezebel and CK Syndrome. At the end of May the 2008 Queen of the Ring tournament began; Rose Thorn defeated Brooke Moore, Torrie Wilson, and Sophia Phillips before defeating Stacy Mason in the finals at King of the Ring 2008. On the 07/01/08 edition of Genocide Rose Thorn teamed with close friend Scarlett and ton the SKCW Women's Tag Team Championship from Sophia Phillips and Carmen Moreno. After Torrie Wilson attacked Rose during a title defense Zoe Mason and Alexis Adams beat Rose Thorn and Scarlett to become new SKCW Women's Tag Team Champions. This attack resulted in Rose winning the SKCW Women's World Championship from Torrie Wilson at the 2008 Starrcade. Rose went on to defeat Zoe Mason and Kelly Justice at two consecutive pay per views before losing the championship to Flame at Massacre on 34th Street on 12/21/08.

Greatest Fueds

  • Lacey Alexander
  • Shaydawg & Raven
  • Blood Flame
  • Stacy Mason
  • Jackie Gayda
  • Matt Matlock
  • Chris Jericho
  • Eric & Marrisa Bischoff
  • Zoe Mason
  • Torrie Wilson-Walker
  • Alyssa Amidala

Championships and accomplishments

  • DcWe
  • 1x Naughty Champion
  • 1x Hardcore Champion
  • NWA
  • 1x Womens Champion
  • 3x Womens Champion
  • 1x Womens Rawcore Champion
  • 5x SWYG Champion
  • 2003 BOTY Runner Up
  • 2004 Womens Royal Rumble Winner
  • Hall Of Famer
  • Ranked 5th in the '50 Greatest Divas Of All Time'
  • 15x Diva Of The Week
  • Multiple Time 24/7 Winner
  • WXW General Manager
  • EWE
  • 1x Womens Champion
  • 1x Tag Team Champion (w/Johnny Stamboli)
  • EWE X
  • 1x Womens Champion
  • WWWX
  • 1x Womens Champion
  • SKCW
  • 3x Womens Champion
  • 1x Womens World Champion
  • 2x Womens Tag Team Champion
  • 2008 Queen of the Ring
  • 2009 Divas Royal Rumble Winner
  • 2008 Miss SKCW
  • Hall of Fame (Jan. 2007)
  • Hall Of Legends (Jan. 2007)
  • 13x SWYG Champion
  • SFT
  • Lethal Lottery Semi Finalist



  • Hardcore Pink & Frills [Top Rope Piledriver]
  • 900 R2D [900 Splash]
  • Rear Naked Choke

Trademark Moves

  • Tranquil Insanity [Diving 450 corkscrew]
  • Intense Power [Superkick/West Coast Pop]
  • Spinning Out Powerbomb
  • Moonsault DDT
  • Pele Back dropkick
  • Enziguri
  • Fisherwomans Suplex
  • Superwoman [Springboard 450]
  • Whirly Bird
  • Diving Hurricanrana
  • Indian Deathlock
  • Turantula
  • Cliffhanger
  • Springboard Clothesline
  • Baseball Slide Headscissors
  • Crucifix Headscissors
  • Northern Lights Suplex
  • Spiders Web
  • Diving Frogsplash Crossbody
  • Springboard Moonsault

Theme Music

  • "Faint" Linkin Park
  • "Find My Way" By Envy
  • "Last Breath (Instrumental)" By Evanescence
  • "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" By Panic! At The Disco
  • "Recover" By The Automatic
  • "Riot" By 3 Days Grace
  • "Mothership" By Enter Shikari (Current)


Rose Thorne has also had a career in movies usually horror/action movies. Below is a list of movies she has been in.

  • Rose Thorn - Redefining Women's Wrestling (2005)
  • Zombies ate my mom (2006)
  • Wrestle (2007)
  • The Hospital (2007)
  • Cannibal Cutie (2008)
  • Rose Thorn - From Xtreme to Legend (2010)
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