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Ronan Malosi
An image of the Ronan Malosi.
Birth name Ronan Malosi
Born December 3rd, 1990 (age 30)
Cape Town, South Africa
Resides Cape Town, South Africa
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Ronan Malosi
Billed height 6 ft 5 in
Billed weight 280 lbs
Billed from Cape Town, South Africa
Trained by
Debut 2011

Ronan Malosi (born December 3rd, 1990) is an South African professional wrestler, and retired mixed martial artist currently signed to Elite Answers Wrestling where he competes on the Showdown brand. 

Early life

.Ronan Malosi was born on December 3rd, 1990 in Cape Town, South Africa. Ronan did not have an easy childhood, however, because at the young age of 7 his dear mother would pass away. Ronan would go on to live with his Dad who struggled with alcoholism leaving Ronan to fend for himself most of his life. Growing up poor, Ronan would compete in street/underground fights to earn most of his money. Before transitioning to smalltime MMA companies, earning money there as well.

Professional wrestling career

Training and Early Career

As Ronan grew tired with MMA, he set his sights on a new sport which was professional wrestling. Ronan began competing on the indies in 2011, showcasing his talents which would later be recognized by EAW.

Elite Answers Wrestling (2019-present)

Career beginnings (March 2019-March 2020)

Ronan signed with EAW in March 2019, where he was settled onto the Dynasty brand. Ronan made his EAW in-ring debut on March 29th, defeating Ryan Savage. Ronan would suffer his first defeat at the hands of Jason McKormick. Ronan would then go on to compete in 2019 The Grand Rampage match, in a losing effort. Ronan would then have a match with Shaker Jones on Dynasty, again in losing effort. Before defeating the likes of Bowie Gray and Zachary Rod in impressive fashion. Ronan would compete at 2019's Gateway to Glory in a Cash in the Vault qualifying match. Including the likes of Shaker Jones, Bowie Gray, Hades the Hellraiser, Jason McKormick, and Kevin Hunter, in a losing effort. Ronan went on to collect a string of dominant victories before losing to Jesse Barlow on a Dynasty. Ronan would then go on to make his first Pain for Pride appearance at Pain For Pride 12 in the 24/7 Battle Royal, in a losing effort. At the 2019 EAW Draft, Ronan would be drafted back to Dynasty brand. Shortly after, Ronan would then go on to team up with Jason McKormick for a few short weeks. The team would inevitable come undone after Jason McKormick would leave Ronan high and dry in a match against Fatal Destiny. Ronan would compete at Operation: Doomsday in an elimination match where he came out in a losing effort after eliminating Jason McKormick. Ronan would go on to align himself with the likes of Eric Havoc and Mike Gambino to form the T.R.U.E. Initiative. The group didn't last long however, as Ronan was taken out by non-dynasty elitists in the build up to Territorial Invasion (causing him to miss it). Once returning, Ronan went on a short winning streak before being defeated by Aniyah Mitchell. Shortly after House of Glass, Ronan had his first match with Justin Windgate in a New Breed Championship number one contenders match which would be the first of their three matches in EAW with Windgate always getting the best of Ronan in their exchanges. Ronan started to align himself with Sylas Sandars, who took on more of a mentor role for Ronan. At Road to Redemption, Ronan competed in the Extreme Enigma Memorial Battle Royal, which was won by Justin Windgate to close out the year.

"Hot Takes" (March 2020-June 2020)

Ronan didn't do too much of relevance at the beginning of 2020, until the March 13th edition of Dynasty. Ronan would debut the talk show, "Hot Takes" with Ronan Malosi. Ronan would hand out Hot Takes (some would say Bad Takes) on matches, wrestlers, rivalries, title reigns, etc. The show's first episode would feature Melissa O'Malley, Kasey Kaos, and Lisa Wren as guests. The show would be crashed by a returning Sosa Henderson, making a match between the five of them. At Reckless Wiring, Ronan would put on a good showing but came out on the losing end to Sosa Henderson after he pinned Lisa Wren. However, Ronan wasn't hasn't with this result as he'd call out Sosa Henderson later on in the show. He didn't get Sosa Henderson but instead got a returning Serena Bennett who proceeded to lay Ronan out. Ronan would attempt to get revenge on Serena on the Dynasty after but still came out in a losing effort. This didn't hinder Ronan though as he faced Drake King in an EAW World Heavyweight Championship match the next week. Ronan came close, but Drake King would still walk out with the victory and the championship. Ronan proceeded to compete at Gateway to Glory, being eliminated by Terry Chambers. Ronan would go on to win a six-man tag alongside Korey Gaines and SKA. Ronan proceeded to compete in a fatal four way involving Jason McKormick, Samuel Kenway, and Christian DeMarco. The match was turned into a tag match with Ronan's partner, Samuel Kenway being pinned. Ronan would then proceed to lash out at this defeat and attack Samuel Kenway, throwing him off the stage in what is currently Kenway's last appearance. Pain For Pride would come around with Ronan making an appearance in some capacity on all three nights. Ronan would make quite an impression on Night One interrupting the Hall of Fame class of 2020, before being laid out by all six members of the class. Ronan was wounded by this and it contributed to his defeat in the 24/7 Battle Royal the next night. On the third night, Ronan was found in the video package for Kassidy Heart vs Sienna Jade. This would conclude Ronan's season 13.

Season 14 Free Agent (June 2020-August 2020)

The 2020 EAW Draft would take place with Ronan being the only active member of the EAW roster not drafted. Ronan would take matters into his own hands, however, making an appearance on Showdown and negotiating with the General Manager, Ryan Wilson for a spot on the roster. Ronan managed to secure himself a steel cage match with Cage with a Showdown contract on the line. Ronan would lose this match due to interference from Ryan Wilson, as Ryan Wilson was angry with Ronan due to a misfired Big Boot at the beginning of the show which was aimed for Cage. The next week, Ronan would beg for another shot at a Showdown contract leading to Ryan Wilson granting it. Ronan Malosi would take on Xavier Williams that night on the losing end. Ryan Wilson took on Jon Kelton later in the night, defeating him with Ronan's own finisher: Death-Ro. Ryan would call out Ronan and make a match between the two at Midsummer Massacre with a contract on the line. After using two low blow's and a crooked referee to his advantage, Ronan was able to overcome Ryan Wilson by using Chaos Theory on Ryan in a twist of fate resulting in Ronan earning a Showdown contract.

Feud with Ryan Wilson/Fight to become Showdown GM (August 2020-November 2020)

On his first night apart of Showdown, Ronan would host a celebration for his successful efforts in earning a contract. The good times wouldn't last long though, because Ryan Wilson would crash the party not done with Ronan just yet. Ryan would proceed to make a match between the two at Territorial Invasion, both having to find four people to join their respective teams. After both leaders did recruiting over the next couple of weeks, Team Wilson would be the first to fully form, consisting of Maidens of Malpractice (Alexis Chambers and Bethany Blue), Christian DeMarco, and Lucas Johnson. Team Malosi would consist of talents like James Ranger, Strawberry Steve, Jon Kelton, and Maxwell. Team warfare would take place over the coming weeks for Territorial Invasion as both teams went back-and-forth with each other before Territorial Invasion would finally come around. Ronan Malosi would end up having a star making performance against Team Wilson, eliminating 3 out of the 5 competitors in said match (including Ryan Wilson himself) all on his own. Unfortunately, the Maidens of Malpractice would put an end to his streak, eliminating him out of match as his team's sole survivor, ensuring that Wilson would keep his spot as Showdown General Manager. The next Showdown, Maidens of Malpractice would be rewarded for their match contributions by Wilson, who soon introduced Alissa Brady as the new Showdown consultant to taunt his beaten rival some more, and in a backstage segment later in the night, both her and Wilson would make a match between Ronan and Jon Kelton next week in a Hardcore Submission Match for the 24/7 Contract of Kelton's. And the match would proceed as planned the next week, unfortunately for him, coming up in a losing effort against Kelton. His night wasn't over from there, however, reappearing in video format on the titantron to distract his rival in Ryan Wilson, making things personal by targeting Ryan's own mother at a supermarket, and causing him to come up short in his match against Jack Ripley. The next week, more mind games would ensue with Ronan slamming Magdalena Wilson's face through a car window. But first, Ronan competed earlier in the night in a triple threat match against CHRISTIAN and Strawberry Steve, coming out the match victorious, but also showing a vicious side when he assaulted CHRISTIAN after the match, possibly ending his career with a sickening Death-Ro on the edge of the announcer's table. On the next edition of Showdown, Ryan Wilson would look to put an end to this rivalry once and for all with Ronan, announcing a Chained Fury match for Reasonable Doubt between the two. And speaking of Chained Fury, Ronan would get himself more accustomed to the match before the Free-Per-View, attempting to send a message to Ryan Wilson, and a message he sent later on in the night by attacking him after his match, before Alissa Brady would try to intervene on Wilson's behalf, ending up with her being F'10'd off the Showdown stage, concluding the Reasonable Doubt go home show. And at Reasonable Doubt, Ronan and Ryan would put themselves through hell to declare themselves victorious in the Chained Fury match, a date with Alissa being on the line for Ronan, but thanks to a little help from Alissa and Magdalena, Ryan went on to end up victorious, finally putting an end to this rivalry between the two.

Chained Fury (November 2020-Present)

On the November 14th episode of Showdown, Ronan would enter Wilson's office, dubbing him to be the better man at Reasonable Doubt, then proceeding to issue a tag team offer over to Ryan, which was later accepted by Ryan after Ronan's defeat to Jack Ripley. A match would then be announced between these two and the then current Tag Champions in The Realm for Road to Redemption.