Roderick Brookes
Real name Roderick Cassidy Brookes
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Height 6 ft 2 in
Weight 258 lb
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Place of birth Derry, Ireland Flag of Ireland
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Philadelphia, PA Flag of the United States
Billed from Derry, Ireland Flag of Ireland
Trainer Self-Trained
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Debut September 29, 2006
Roderick Cassidy Brookes is an Irish professional wrestler currently residing in the United States and working for Pro Wrestling Warriors.

Brookes has trained and wrestled around the globe working for many now-defunct independent companies before settling in Philadelphia to work for PWW.

Pro Wrestling Warriors

Brookes debuted in a match at PWW's first show "Revival" on September 24, 2006. He defeated the now-retired John Black, making him tap out to his finisher, No Cure For Cancer

At "The Future is Now" Brookes lost a Pure wrestling match to Tyler Hart after being choked in the ropes and forced to submit.

At "Dawn of Destiny" Brookes fought Drake Vinaldi to a 29:50 draw by double knockout. Brookes blew his knees out during this match, but still appeared at the next week's show. Prior to this match, Brookes cut a controversial promo in which he claimed to be crippled and retiring from wrestling before springing from his wheelchair and mocking the fans.

"War For The Title" began Roderick's quest to become the first Pro Wrestling Warriors Champion, where he defeated Brett Stokes by pinfall after a piledriver.

Brookes defeated Seth Frost in the Destiny Fulfilled title tournament but was defeated by Darius Falcon after Tyler Hart came to ringside.

Roderick Brookes defeated wrestling legend Bruce Bishop via pinfall at A Night of Appreciation: Bruce Bishop after hitting the IRA in 28:32. After the match, Bishop shook Brookes' hand as a show of respect, and Brookes accepted. After the handshake, Brookes used a shortarm clothesline and numerous chairshots to put Bishop down. The feud continued, with Bishop getting an in-ring victory over Brookes before PWW's first Pay Per View, No Escape. At No Escape, Brookes defeated Bruce Bishop in a Hell In A Cell match with interference from his partner Drake Vinaldi and manager Daniel Shine.

Brookes is currently involved in a very personal feud with Lance Van Leer that saw Brookes break into Van Leer's house and attack him and his wife. During the feud Lance Van Leer revealed that Brookes lives in his car and has no permanent address. Van Leer then destroyed Brookes car and beat him badly, (in kayfabe) hospitalizing him.

Wrestling information

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • No Cure For Cancer (Straight Jacket Regal Stretch)
  • Wheelchair Bound (aka the Van Leer Spear 2 (Joker Driver)
  • Church Bombing (One Shoulder Powerbomb)
  • STO
  • Lock N' Load (Cobra Clutch Backbreaker)
  • European Uppercut
  • Curb Stomp

Roderick Brookes' current entrance music is Mr. Killjoy by Lordi.


Brookes, who has managed to maintain his anonymity out of kayfabe, has come under heavy fire by the local police of Philadelphia who claim his heel tactics and treatment of the fans result in dangerous near-riot conditions that endanger the wellbeing of people who attend the events. Several lawsuits have been brought against Brookes, but the subpoenas have never reached him, due to the fact that his true address is unknown. When asked for comment, PWW Booker and Owner James Simpson claimed "Brookes is paid only in cash, I don't know where he goes when he leaves any more than you"

Friends Against Gangs, Guns Or Tobacco Sales, a Philadelphia parent group, has demanded that PWW fire the wrestler for his use of foul language, frequent smoking and drinking on camera, and unfriendly behavior. When asked for comment, Brookes said "Fuck them and their kids."

At A Night Of Appreciation For Bruce Bishop, it was implied that Brookes is a drug user.


Shortly after the folding of Pro Wrestling Warriors, Former PWW World Champion Roderick Brookes passed away in an apparent car accident. Brookes' car was found run off of the interstate heading to Philadelphia for a press conference regarding the folding of Pro Wrestling Warriors. The medical examiner determined that Brookes was at the wheel of his vehicle when he suffered acute heart failure caused by undiagnosed arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Rumors were swirling about Brookes' announcing retirement; almost unheard of for a wrestler of his age and success. However, the notoriously secretive Brookes told noone of the nature of his announcement, so this is just speculation.

Brookes was known for staying intensely in character throughout his career and being one of the most ruthless heel characters in wrestling history, going to lengths that many found offensive to establish himself as a top heel in Pro Wrestling Warriors. However Brookes' found success and took his first major title as PWW World Champion, impressing many insiders who were skeptical of his self-trained background.

Brookes is survived only by his parents. Our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and co-workers.


  • Roderick Brookes only smokes Red Apple cigarettes on and off screen, but the box is never seen, due to a court injunction against PWW.
  • Brookes has been assaulted by drunken fans after several PWW shows, but has never filed a police report. The would-be attackers however, have all filed reports against him.
  • It is unknown whether Roderick Brookes is an alias or not, as Brookes' has avoided all non-kayfabe fan contact and is notoriously secretive.
  • Brookes finisher No Cure For Cancer was named after the Denis Leary album and TV Special of the same name.
  • Roderick Brookes owns two pet turtles, named Cuff and Link.
  • Roderick Brookes made a cameo appearance as Chain Smoker Bot on an episode of Futurama
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