"The Phenomenal" Robyn Tyrone Golphin
[[Image:|px|Image of "The Phenomenal" Robyn Tyrone Golphin]]
Real name
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Height 6, 0"
Weight 265 lbs.
Date of birth December 07 1977
Place of birth Antonio, Texas
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Paramount City
Billed from Antonio, Texas
Trainer "Bad Boy" Ken Henderson, Mike Bear, and Eward Kain.
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Debut 2002
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' "The Phenomenal" Robyn Tyrone Golphin (born 1977) has been E-Wrestleing since 2002, e-wrestled in UCW in 2002-2003 then joined SCW in 2004,


He is an African American, has short bead-back dreadlocks that come down to the top of his shoulders. Robyn is a very muscular person brown eyes and a long black goatee. He has a tattoo of ‘RTG’ and ‘210’ (under the letters) on his right arm and on his left arm is an all black tribal sleeve on the back of his neck is 313, he wears a solid black elbow pad on right arm. He also wears black tape on both his left and Right wrist.

RTG wears all black Baggy Shorts with a green stripes going the front, back, and sides on each leg with ‘RTG’ on the waist band in silver the shorts go over his knee pads. Finishing his appearance are solid black knee pads, black boots with green kick-pads and on the side of these kick pads, ‘RTG’ is spelled top to bottom in white.


The son of a Desert Storm veteran and a dental assistant Robyn T. Golphin was born in San Antonio, TX but grew up in Detroit, MI, Greensboro, NC, and all over the world watching Pro Wrestling with his father. As a child he began saying to his father that he wanted to become a pro wrestler. At the age of 13, RTG began his training in different styles of Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts from around the world. He started to wrestle in promotions in San Antonio and all of Texas at the age of 17 where his won numerous championship titles and making a name for himself as one of the best High Flyers in Pro Wrestling today.

Making his SCW debut with his brother as ‘Extreme Entertainment’ he worked as part of a team for three months before getting into a short feud with former World Champion Shan Toril. Then re-forming one of UCW most popular groups ever the Ruff Ryderz taking on any that wanted a fight. His solo career continued from here and he would face superstars like World Champion Apocalypse, Jack Cash, and many more. He won a few matches, losing a few more than he won, but never giving up.

In the beginning of 2007, Robyn had to take leave from Supreme Championship Wrestling to take care of some family issues. He has now begun a full force comeback, dropping his ‘Notorious’ nickname and going back to the one he started with in the beginning of his career in an effort to show everyone in SCW that he is just Phenomenal Now in 2008 his has made a name one of the top contenders in National Division without ever winning the SCW National Title and now wants to reclaim the one of the two titles that his feels will bring him closer to the his destiny the SCW SLAM! Title.

Ruff Ryderz

Seven-time holders of the UcW World Tag Team Title, Ruff Ryderz are arguably the greatest tag team in Wrestling history. When UcW debuted in early 2001, "The X Man" Xander and "The Notorious RTG " Robyn T. Golphin quickly combined forces and began their road to tag team domination. Their wars over the gold with The Church, The Unit, Simon Phoenix & Gabe Law and Mobb Deep have been regarded as epics.

One of the most popular superstars in UcW, Ruff Ryderz are among a long line of great teams that have held the UcW Tag Team Title, such as the Kings Of Rock N Rumble, The Rascalez, the Power Trip and many others. The duo has also earned the respect of numerous wrestling legends such as "The Deadly Angel" The Crow and Bret "The Threat" Christopher. Certainly, Ruff Ryderz has just begun to scratch the surface of their superstardom.

Now coming to SCW to make a names for themselves as a tag team and singles wrestlers taking on superstars as Shan Toril, Iceman, and 7t3 and many more.


  • Former member of the Tag Team Extreme Entertainment with his brother Tyrone Noles.
  • Former leader and member of the Ruff Ryderz.
  • RTG also makes a living as Trainer in San Antonio, TX, Detroit, MI, and Greensboro, NC at his schools that where called The Tornado Wrestling School but are now called Battlezone Wrestling and MMA Academy where his teach kids how to become a pro wrestler and trains in MMA also with his brother.
  • Robyn T. Golphin is entering his third year in Supreme Championship Wrestling! Despite being close on several occasions, RTG has never held SCW gold… and now in the year of 2008 is in a heated rivalry with the self-proclaimed “Evolution” Christopher Novak as where these two have had some of the craziest match in SCW history.

Personal Info

The Youngest UCW Champion in history, the only four time UCW Aggression Triple Crown Champion holding the UCW Title, UCW World Tag Team, And UCW X Division Title. He also the owner and Head Trainer of The Battlezone Wrestling and MMA Academy in San Antonio TX, Detroit, MI, and Greenville, NC.

A cool person who will fight anyone that they put in front of him, he's always giving the fans his best and is sure to give the fans what they want to see. RTG will also pull out all the stops and do what he has to do to get the job done and secure a win, but also has a mean streak with he needs it specially when a title or his 15 yr. career is one line.

Wrestling Style

A cool person who will fight anyone that they put in front of him, he's always giving the fans his best and is sure to give the fans what they want to see. RTG will also pull out all the stops and do what he has to do to get the job done and secure a win.

Trademark Maneuvers

  • Smokin' Aces (Brainbuster)
  • 720 DDT (Springboard Tornado DDT)
  • Dirty South Drop (Spinning Unprettier)
  • Best Damn Move Ever (Double Stomp from the Top Turnbuckle)
  • Pelè Kick (Backflip Kick)
  • Shining Enzuigiri
  • Hometown Hero (Doi 555)
  • Leap Of Faith (Shooting Star Senton Splash)
  • G Code (Top Rope Stone Cold Stunner)

signature Maneuvers

  • Dragon Clutch (Modified Dragon Sleeper)
  • Military press into Death Valley driver
  • Superkick
  • Handspring enzuigiri
  • Cradle DDT followed into a small package pin
  • Standing shooting star press

Tag Team Finishing Moves

  • Ryde or Die (MNM's Snapshot)
  • BOB (bombs over baghdad) (Natural Disaster)
  • From Dusk Till Dawn (Spanky and Londons Get Will Soon)
  • Ruff End (Top Rope dropkick into a backbreaker)
  • Dead Weight (Crossface Hold/ The Walls of Jericho )
  • Knock yourself out (Both wrestlers stand facing a standing opponent. One wrestler executes a spinning leg sweep to the back of the opponent's legs, and the other executes a superkick towards the opponent simultaneously, knocking the opponent backwards)
  • Ryde Or Die Vol. 2 (With one wrestler having his opponent on his shoulders, the wrestler's teammate goes to the apron and springboards back into the ring, hitting an ace crusher)
  • Tridal Crush (Double Team BrainBuster DDT)
  • The Leap Of Faith (Death Sentence Elbow Drop)
  • Hart Attack (Double Stomp from the top rope into a Vertabreaker)
  • Wild Ryde (Double Team STO Rockbottom)
  • The Leap Faith Vol.2 (Death Sentence Knee Drop)


  • The Phenomenon (Driving Falcon's Arrow)
  • That Just Happened (The Muscular Bomb).

Entrance Info

The lights go out all over the PC Dome. Seconds later, a message appears on the screen saying "He’s Back! His is Time is Now!" Soon after the message goes off the screen, 'Love me no more' by Jim Jones starts to play as green and silver lights start flashing around the arena. RTG makes his way from behind the curtain onto the stage wearing an all black hooded with RTG in green on the front, and starts looking around at the fans, pumping them up. He then makes his way down the ramp to the ring shaking hands with the fans, making his way up the ring steps, jumping over the top rope then going up and standing on the middle rope. He throws his arms up in the air as the pyro blasts from the turnbuckles making the crowd go crazy.

Entrance Music

  • Love Me No More By Jim Jones

Career Accomplishments

  • UCW Title (3-time).
  • UCW Tag Team Title (4-time with Ark Angel, The Crow, Tyrone Noles, and Venom.)
  • UCW X Division Title (5-time)
  • The only 4-time UCW Aggression Triple Crown Champion


He is the owner and Head Trainer of The Torando Wrestling School in San Antonio TX.