Rob Warren
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Real name Rob Warren
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Height 6 Foot 6
Weight 254 lbs.
Date of birth November 2nd, 1982
Place of birth Albany, Oregon
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Des Moines, Iowa (belived)
Billed from Parts Unknown
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Debut January 2007
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"Pure Hatred" Rob Warren was belived to be born and raised somewhere in the pacific northwestern state of Oregon. Now, he is bealeaved to be residing in Des Moines, Iowa.

Name: Rob Warren

Nickname: Pure Hatred

Hometown: Parts Unknown (it's belived to be in Des Moines, Iowa, but nobody really knows for sure)

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 264 Lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Face

Entrance Music: "Heretic Anthem" - Slipknot

Entrance: "8...7...6...6...6...5...4...3...2...1..." is heard as Slipknot's "Heretic Anthem" blasts over the BlazenTron. The lights go out, and blue stage lights are pointed up at the stage entrance. Smoke begins to rise up from behind the curtain, quickly making a big cloud of smoke in front of the curtain. At about the forty-five second mark of the song, Rob Warren emerges from the smoke to a huge pop from the crowd. Warren makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans. He slides into the ring and climbs up on the nearest turnbuckle, and crosses his arms, with a "rock on" symbol on both hands. He hops off the turnbuckle and awaits for the arrivial of his opponent, as the fans are chanting "Pure Hatred!".

Normal Attire: Black t-shirt (usually a Slipknot or Stone Sour shirt) and baggy black cargo jeans.

Ring Attire: Black t-shirt with "6(SIC)6" written in white on the front, ripped black cargo shorts, black knee pads, black short wrestling boots, black elbow pads and black wrist tape. Sometimes he wears coveralls instead.

Fighting Style: Hardcore/Ultraviolent

Persona: The crowd loves him and he loves the crowd. He has a huge hatred for anyone he steps into the ring with. Warren is a deathmatch specialtist, preferring light tubes and thumbtacks as his "favorite weapons".

Signature Moves: - Second Rope Piledriver - Takedown followed by quick and vicious strikes (sometimes followed up with an arm submission or a choke) - Hatred Driver (Widowmaker, except the opponent is facing with their chest up, instead of their back up)

Finishers: - 6(SIC)6 (Assault Driver, but instead of the opponent coming down on their back, they come down right on their head) - Kimura (Submission forcing the opponent to tap out or have their shoulder dislocate)

Quote: "Baptized by blood, fire and barbed wire..."

Superstar History: Rob Warren was born on November 2, 1982 in the town of Albany, Oregon. He lived a pretty normal childhood until his father died when Rob was in third grade. Everything seemed to change for Warren then. He tried to keep living a normal life and just ignore it, but it was hard sometimes. He had quite a few friends until middle school, when he ended up hating pretty much everyone and everything, only trusting a very, very small number of people. Rob left home at age 17 and got a job, it didn't pay well, but at least it was something. Four years later, he began training to become a professional wrestler, something he had wanted to do sense he was six years old. He had to drop out of wrestling school after two months because he wasn't able to afford the monthly cost for it. He set aside a certain amount of money he got from each pay check from his work for the next thirteen months, then went back to wrestling school, where he finally was able to complete the class after five months of training. Now, at age 22 he was unable to get booked in the area, and continued to work at his normal job. He still went to the gym as often as possible to work out and train. Warren also began training to be a mixed martial arts fighter as well as wrestling. But just like in wrestling, he was unable to get booked for any fights in mixed martial arts. It wasn't until he was offered a shot by the BWF that he finally began to see some hope in wrestling for him. Warren made in impactful debut, on the January 15th edition of Havok, defeating Straven King, in what was suppost to be a Triple Threat match, that would also feature Serenity, but Serenity was taken out before the match, leaving just Warren and King. Rob quickly destroyed Straven King, winning a shot at the BWF United States Championship. Warren got his title shot at BWF's next pay per view event, facing Cody Galle, with Dave Hunter as the special guest referee. Warren won the match with the Kimura, but it was a very controversial ending, when Dave Hunter knocked out Galle with brass knuckles, before Warren locked in the submission. In Warren's first title defence, he was put up against Chris Roman, who was coming of a loss in an Elimination Chamber match at Survival of the Sickest. Warren defeated Roman by forcing him to tap out to the Kimura, and retained his title. Next he was put up against Spencer Bayne, a newcomer to BWF. Warren racked up another victory, and remained undefeated. Chris Roman had earned a rematch with Warren for the United States Championship at Hearts on Fire. A special stipulation was added and the match became a Pure Hatred match, which was revealed to be pretty much an empty arena deathmatch. In what shocked some, Rob Warren was finally defeated, at his own game even. Rob went on to face Nick Toretto in a Tables Match with Toretto's Primetime Championship on the line, as well as a spot in the annual Happenstance Tournament. Nick Toretto won, but it was announced just shortly after, that it was a two-fall match. Warren quicly responded and earned himself a spot in the tournament. A very short career for "Pure Hatred" came to an end in late March 2007, at least temporaraly, due to personal reasons.

Match History

Rob Warren def. Straven King via pinfall (BWF Havok 1/15/07)

Rob Warren def. Cody Galle via submission (BWF United States Championship) (BWF Survival of the Sickest 2007)

Rob Warren def. Chris Roman via submission (BWF United States Championship) (BWF Havok 2/5/07)

Rob Warren def. Spencer Bayne via pinfall (BWF Havok 2/19/07)

Chris Roman def. Rob Warren via pinfall (Pure Hatred Match) (BWF United States Championship) (BWF Hearts on Fire 2007)

Nick Toretto def. Rob Warren (Tables Match) (BWF Primetime Championship) (BWF Havok 03/05/07)

Rob Warren def. Nick Toretto (Tables Match) (Happenstance Qualifier) (BWF Havok 03/05/07)

AJ Donnavon def. Rob Warren & Markus Mekhet (via Countout) (BWF Havok 3/19/07)

Title History

BWF United States Champion (x1)

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