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Riley Andrews (born August 16, 1979) is a retired Canadian-born American professional wrestler and current television actor. He is best known for his time in the Revolution Wrestling Federation.

Riley Andrews
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Real name Riley Andrews
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Height 6'3"
Weight 230 lbs
Date of birth August 16th, 1979
Place of birth Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Resides Chicago, Illinois
Billed from Chicago, Illinois
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Debut March 2001
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Professional Wrestling Career

1997 - 2001

Andrews began training immediately upon his high school graduation. There, he met his best friend, Mike Arches (Mike Angelo). After two years of hard work, the duo was offered to work dark matches for the RWF in early 2000 for a shot at a contract. Arches accepted the opportunity, while Riley chose to stay while his fiance finished up with college. Once Cara graduated, Arches set up a second opportunity for Riley to enter into the RWF.

Revolution Wrestling Federation 2001-2006

2001 - "The Canadian Sensation" Nick Hart, TV title reign, Canadian Elite

After getting a shot at the RWF, they quickly offered him a contract and immediately made an impact on their programming. Under the ring name "Nick Hart" he quickly rose through the ranks in a TV title tournament, winning his first three bouts prior to losing to Iron Jackal in the finales at Twice as Lethal 2001. Having impressed the management in his convincing victories, he was given a second chance at the TV title, winning it in a triple threat with Reznor X and defending champion Iron Jackel.

Hart would then go on to have the second longest reign of any television champion, coming just two weeks short of the record set by RWF legend Rockness Monsta, after a cheap loss to Jake 'the Sickle' Volcoff. Around this time, Hart began teaming with real life best friend, Mike Angelo. They formed the Canadian Elite and quickly captured the RWF World Tag Team Championships and were one of the top teams in the RWF.

2001 - UnHoly Alliance, "The New Prodigy", World Title Push

Hart would quickly catch on as the hottest young talent in the RWF. He was given the spot on the rebirth of the UnHoly Alliance which featured the best young talent in the promotion. Hart would take on the nickname "The New Prodigy" with Shawn King acting as his mentor.

Hart's best night in the RWF came in September 2001 when he defended his tag gold with Mike Angelo vs Fire n Ice in a 60 minute iron man tag match. They would go on to win in a match that was voted the best match of 2001. Later on in the night, he would go on to compete against Iron Jackel for the RWF World Title. He shocked the world when he kicked out of an Icy Slam and then went on to win his first World championship. This was also a shock because his mentor and stable mate, Shawn King, was in a heavy feud with Jackel over the belt and was facing him in a Barbwire Hell in a Cell match at the upcoming Pay-per-view.

Hart would go on to defend the World title against his ally in one of the most grueling matches of his career. Both men were torn apart and in the end, Hart was victorious. While all this went on, his team mate Angelo began to grow animosity for the two men. This culminated with Angelo turning on Hart and costing themselves the Tag Team titles. Angelo went on to reform the WIWF and waged war on Hart, King and the rest of the RWF.

Hart would lose the belt to Angelo, only to win it back two weeks later. After this though, Hart began to fall out of favor with the management of the company. In November 2001, he would drop the belt to Mad Mumf at the following pay-per-view and disappear for the remainder of the year.

2002 - 2003

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2003 - 2005

In April 2003 after just resigning with the RWF, Riley came back using his real name. He would go on to capture the North American championship for the first time in his RWF career. Unfortunately, while his reign lasted over three months, he eventually lost the title to Jay Delarbie. Soon after he left the company for a few months, reasons unknown but were rumored to be due to the way they were using him.

2005 - 2006

2005 was another up and down year for Andrews, he came back and was on a role. He had just formed The Dynasty with friends and fellow UA members, Fred Debonair, Mike Angelo and the returning Shawn King. Unfortunately long before this angle began, Riley once again got into it with the Vice President Dan. Riley was fired and the stable quickly dissolved. Riley would return months later when Shawn King was named RWF Commissioner. King brought Riley back as his "Chosen One". Unfortunately when Riley began picking up steam, King left the company. Riley back in the World title picture, began feuding with Zac Hanson and the Hanson Brothers.

He would enlist his own entourage to battle the Hanson's, holding tryouts at various junior colleges around the country. He eventually settled on five (Eli, Kristi, Logan, Ashley and Brittany) the Rileyfanatics were born. Riley would never capture the RWF Title for the fifth time, coming close but losing after repeated brass knuckle headshots. Riley would get revenge and capture a rematch when he dangled Taylor Hanson over the edge of a bridge until Zac would accept a rematch. After accepting, Riley accidentally dropped Taylor, although he wasn't injured. The rematch never happened when the RWF announced three weeks later that it would be closing in early 2006.

Fearless Championship Wrestling

Riley Andrews returned to the wrestling world after a three year hiatus in June 2009. He won his first match against Jamian Jaxon for a spot in the Race Against Time Battle Royal. Unfortunately, Riley finished in the final five, after being eliminated by John Cavanagh. During his brief time so far, Riley has openly mocked CWC World Champion John Cavanagh and his group, the Coalition. He also began teaming up with Mike Angelo again, although they lost their first match.


Riley also signed a deal with Fred Debonair's NYWA, and won his first match against Saul Sterling in the Global Championship tournament. Using his spot on the roster, he entered the CWC's World Title number one contender match in hopes to get his match vs John Cavanagh for the title.

In Wrestling

Finishing and Signature Moves

  • The Hart Attack/Ego Crusher (Seated Three-Quarter Facelock Jawbreaker) (RWF 2001 - 2006) (NYWA 2009 - Current)
  • The Best. Move. Ever (Rolling Reverse DDT) (RWF 2005 - 2006) (FCW 2009 - Current)
  • Ego Crusher (Cutter) (FCW 2009 - Current)
  • The Best. Elbow. Ever (Elbow Drop) (RWF/FCW 2006 - Current)
    • Sharpshooter
    • Canadian Cloverleaf
    • Powerslam
    • Moonsault

Entrance Music

  • "More Human Than Human" by White Zombie (RWF 2001 - 2003, 2004–2006), (FCW 2009 - Current)
  • "Bombshell" by Powerman 5000 (RWF 2003)

Championships & Accomplishments


  • The Unholy Alliance w/ Shawn King, Fred Debonair, Mike Angelo, Lance Douglas, Drake Macon
  • The Dynasty w/ Shawn King, Fred Debonair, Mike Angelo