Rhys Cain
Image of Rhys Cain
Real name Rhys Cain
Ring Names Rhys Cain
The Bruiser
Height 5'8
Weight 230lbs
Date of birth July 29, 1985 (35 years old)
Place of birth Flag of Wales.png Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom
Date of death n/a
Place of death n/a
Resides Tampa, Florida
Billed from The Scorched Path
Trainer FCW Development
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Win/Loss Record 33-39-2 (in 4CW; as of December 31, 2020)
Debut March 2004
Retired n/a

Rhys Cain is a Welsh professional wrestler; he is sometimes known as "The Black Flame" Rhys Cain. He is currently signed to 4 Corners Wrestling, and has been there since 2009, where he competes on their monthly show Storm Front.

In 4CW, he is the fifth 4CW Grand Slam Champion in 4CW history, having won the 4CW Custom Cup Championship, 4CW Universal Championship, 4CW Tag Team Championships (with Clyde Bonham) and the 4CW World Championship twice. He was inducted into the 4CW Hall of Fame in 2014.

Early Career (2004 - 2009)

Rhys Cain started his wrestling career when he was just 18 years old. He competed in many local promotions and even ran his own promotion when he was just starting out in the business.

He made his wrestling debut at FCW, a training facility for WNW. He won the tag and World titles there. After winning the FCW World Title, he was injured and forced to relinquish the title. He missed four months of wrestling. He then moved on to WNW and won the World title there.

Cain later moved to FTG, a developmental promotion and won the Tag and World Titles there too. Went on hiatus for a few months before returning at IEF and becoming a 4-time Tag Champion.

During these early years, Cain picked up the moniker "The Bruiser" in reference to his many hardcore/death matches.

4 Corners Wrestling (2009 - 2010)

4CW Custom Cup Champion & Feud with Rasheed Evans (2009-2010)

Rhys Cain made his 4CW debut in 2009 after eighteen months of inactivity. He lost his first three matches, but then won a triple threat involving Firecracker and Jaxin Brock to become Number One Contender to the Custom Cup Championship. Rhys Cain lost the Custom Cup match and Shinobu Mask defended his title, but it put him on the map as a potential future star in 4CW.

Rhys Cain was included in the vote for the In Your Apartment Custom Cup match, where the fans chose the opponent for Shinobu Mask. Rhys Cain won the vote with 41% of the vote and went on to beat Shinobu Mask and win the Custom Cup Championship.

Rhys Cain defended the championship against Shinobu Mask in a Death Match ten days later. At Gallows End 2009, Rhys Cain took part in the 13 Ghost Gauntlet. He eliminated Firecracker, Shinobu Mask and Senecca Payne before being pinned by Clyde Bonham, who went on to win the match.

After Gallows End, Rhys Cain was being interviewed on Storm Front when he was assaulted by Rasheed Evans. This sparked a feud with Rasheed Evans that eventually led to Rhys Cain getting a revenge attack on Evans, before being attacked again by a masked man. The masked man was revealed to be JJ Blaze. At Massacre, Rhys Cain defended his Custom Cup Championship against Evans and Blaze, breaking the 100 day mark as champion. Rhys Cain continued to feud with Rasheed Evans, sometimes getting involved in the feud between Fabian Miles and Damien Blood.

At Revival 2010, Rhys Cain defeated Rasheed Evans once again in a Death Match. He then had to fight off Rasheed Evans' new crony Julian MagneZ. On May 2nd, Rhys Cain fought MagneZ to a no contest. Rhys Cain had one last title match with Rasheed Evans on May 30th, 2010. MagneZ interfered, taking out both Rhys Cain and Evans, and dragged Rhys Cain' arm over Evans' chest to cause him to retain his title. Rhys Cain took some time off at this point due to injuries.

Julian MagneZ took on Jacob Scharff and JJ Blaze at Night of Champions to find a new number one contender to challenge Rhys Cain upon his return. Jacob Scharff won the match. Rhys Cain returned at WAR 2010, where he and Eddie Wolfbaine (part of Team Cocozo) were the survivors of the WAR match when they beat Team Bonham. Rhys Cain defended his title against Jacob Scharff on a Storm Front, but it was never aired.

Feud With Supreme

At Autumn Awakening 2010, Supreme defeated Cain in a non-title match to earn a 4CW Custom Cup Championship match. Supreme was of the belief he was simply a better wrestler than Cain and wanted to end his record-breaking reign as champion to prove it.

At Gallows End 2010, Supreme defeated Cain in a Death match to become the new 4CW Custom Cup Champion. On the same night, Rhys Cain took part in the 13 Ghost Gauntlet and entered in the final 13th spot. 13 happened to be unlucky for Rhys Cain though as he was defeated by Fairy Beaufeur, to become runner up.

Rhys Cain defeated [chux] on the following Storm Front, but was beaten down before and after the match, suffering a concussion. After this, Rhys Cain aired a shoot promo online about his problems with 4CW management and announced his departure from 4CW.

Premium Championship Wrestling (January 2011)

Rhys Cain signed with PCW on Christmas Day 2010 and made his debut on New Years Day in a losing effort to Draven Logan Kennedy. Rhys Cain fought the Broadcast Champion Heather Monroe the following week, and lost again. Rhys Cain left PCW after just a month of competing.

Return to 4 Corners Wrestling (2011 - Present)

Rhys Cain returned to 4CW (under new management) in early 2011, but 4CW had some financial and managerial problems and was shut down for a year, the planned Revival show having never taken place.

When 4CW ended its hiatus in early 2012, Rhys Cain remained on the roster and was attacked by a mystery man who was later revealed to be Kurtis Raymond.

Feud with Kurtis Raymond and Gabriel (2012)

Kurtis Raymond had no respect for Rhys Cain and his style of hardcore wrestling. Kurtis spent the coming weeks playing mind games with Rhys Cain, attacking Rhys Cain and belittling him. They had their first match at Revival 2012, where Rhys Cain beat Kurtis Raymond with a rollup. Rhys Cain also took part in a Battle Royale to crown a new 4CW World Champion, and he finished 3rd, after being eliminated by Jacob Scharff and Clyde Bonham.

Two weeks later on Storm Front, Rhys Cain had a rematch with Raymond, in a tournament for the 4CW Universal Championship, and Rhys Cain was beaten by Raymond, after interference from Gabriel. On the next show, Rhys Cain made short work of Rasheed Evans in one of the quickest matches in 4CW history, while Gabriel told the fans how he showed Rhys Cain the path of enlightenment by costing him his Universal Title Tournament Match on the previous show.

Kurtis Raymond came to the ring on the 3rd June 2012 Storm Front to promise to continue his dominance of the Universal Championship tournament by beating Belly at the next show. Rhys Cain comes out and tells Kurtis he's only still in the tournament because Gabriel interfered and cost him the match. Gabriel came out and explained God told him to screw Rhys Cain out of the tournament so he could fight Gabriel on this show. Rhys Cain ended up being attacked by Raymond in the distraction. Later in the night, Rhys Cain lost a Gauntlet Match, and missed out on the opportunity to fight Gabriel as Gabriel once again interfered in Rhys Cain's match and allowed for Rasheed Evans to pin him.

4CW started working on a reduced schedule from the summer of 2012. It eventually went into a hiatus until it's triumphant return in April 2013.

Feud With Carstein, 4CW World Champion & 4CW Hall of Fame (2013 - 2014)

At Revival VIII, Rhys Cain lost a Battle Royale to crown a new 4CW Custom Cup Champion, when he was eliminated by Carstein, who had interfered in the match after already being eliminated by Rhys Cain. This sparked a feud that would continue over the coming months, with Carstein first of all seemingly furious at being eliminated but later admitting his dislike for Rhys Cain lay deeper. He and his faction The Midnight Court tortured Rhys Cain for months, with mind games, taunting and goading and eventually kidnapped his girlfriend Ella. While all this was going on, Rhys Cain made it to the final of the 4CW World Championship tournament.

At Gallows End, Rhys Cain defeated Mike Nichols in the Final to become the new 4CW World Champion. While The Bruiser was celebrating, Carstein came down to the ring and goaded Rhys Cain into a fight, and Rhys Cain beat him so badly that Carstein was left a broken, hospitalized mess. This sparked a load of criticism, fuelled by Marie Dubois and aimed at the champion, branding him an out of control monster and trying to rally the crowd against Rhys Cain. Rhys Cain, blind with rage and anger, lost his temper with commentator Scott Phoenix as well as Marie Dubois herself. Rhys Cain also got involved in an altercation with The Cowboys From Hell, who returned after nine years. Rhys Cain defeated Descent in his first title defense as champion on the December 15th Storm Front.

At Massacre 2014, Rhys Cain defended the 4CW World Championship in a Steel Cage match against the new 4CW owner, Chris "Belly" Marks. Carstein made his return, interfering in the match, but Rhys Cain escaped the cage (despite attempted interference from the Cowboys From Hell) to retain the title and he and Carstein ended up brawling after the match. Their feud continued and culminated in one last match: a Death Match at Revival for the title.

At Revival 2014, prior to the match, both Carstein and Rhys Cain were announced, alongside Sery, as the Class of 2014 4CW Hall of Fame inductees. Carstein defeated Rhys Cain in a Death Match and won the 4CW World Championship.

Following Revival, a defeated Rhys Cain turned on his own brother Zephyris and joined the Midnight Court, working alongside Carstein.

4CW went on a two year hiatus which meant that Cain was never able to prove that joining Carstein was a ruse all along to get to Carstein. His obsession with Carstein left his relationships with his brother Zephyris, long-time partner Ella and their daughter Serena estranged.

Second World Title Reign, Feuds with Jon Viper & Glock Nine (2016 - 2017)

After 4CW came back from hiatus in 2016, Rhys Cain returned with an all-new drive to be the best and he won the Soul Survivor tournament to become 4CW World Champion for a second time, defeating Brian White in the final at Gallows End 2016.

Cain then got embroiled in a feud with the nasty and vicious returning Jon Viper, who simply wanted the World Title and to hurt whoever was holding it. They fought at Revival XI, in 2017, for the 4CW World Title in a TLC match and Jon Viper defeated Cain.

The feud continued further after Viper attacked Cain's brother, Zephyris, after he had come to Cain's defense. Cain challenged Viper to a rematch at SummerFest 2017 in a Hard Knocks Life match, but was unable to defeat Jon Viper.

Jon Viper lost the 4CW World Championship to Brian White in August 2017 and it was announced the 13 Ghost Gauntlet would return at Gallows End and the World Title would be on the line. Cain announced himself as a participant in the match.

At Gallows End 2017, during the 13 Ghost Gauntlet match, he eliminated Supreme and Glock Nine. Glock Nine took this personally and demolished Cain, allowing Supreme to re-enter the match as his alter-ego "Reamer" and eliminate Cain.

With two new enemies in in his sights, Cain first decided to challenge the man who had assaulted him so brutally, Glock Nine.

Victor Venom, Glock Nine's advocate, confronted Cain and told him that Glock Nine has a custom match that Cain has to accept if he wants to face him: the Wet Bandit's Death Match. Cain accepted the match.

At Storm Front: WAR 2017, Glock Nine defeated Rhys Cain in the Wet Bandit's Death Match, primarily thanks to interference from Reamer, who smashed Cain with a snow shovel.

Feud with Reamer (2018)

Rhys Cain embarked on a mission to make Reamer pay for what he had done; but was delayed when his alter-ego Supreme returned instead of Reamer. Cain was forced to team up with Supreme in a tag match and couldn't bring himself to get revenge on Supreme, deciding he had to draw out Reamer.

Eventually, Reamer did show his face and the match was set for Revival: Rhys Cain vs Reamer in a King of the Hill match. Reamer also goaded Cain to put his career on the line. Cain got his hands on Reamer on the March 2018 Storm Front and got revenge on Reamer physically by beating him down with a snow shovel, just like Reamer had done to Cain at WAR.

At Revival 2018, Rhys Cain defeated Reamer in the King of the Hill match and saved his career.

After Revival, Cain lost a singles match to Jacob Scharff for a 4CW World Title shot. He stormed out of the arena after the match, shunning Marie Dubois' attempt to interview him. Cain returned to 4CW on the June 2018 Storm Front, unsure what his next step would be. He was interrupted and goaded by Reamer, who painted Cain as a 'product of popularity contests'. The two exchanged a war of words which ended in Cain agreeing to one more match versus Reamer, if Reamer put his career on the line. Reamer agreed to the terms and Cain announced it would be a Fans Bring The Weapons match at Storm Front: Duskfall.

At Duskfall, Reamer defeated Rhys Cain in a gruelling match to save his own career. After the match, Reamer picked up Cain and offered a handshake, which Cain accepted, both men finally showing respect to one another.

Feud with Jack Valentine (2018)

At Storm Front: Rumble in the Storm, in August 2018, Rhys Cain entered #1 in the first-ever Rumble match in 4CW. He was joined at #2 by the returning Jack "Mad Dog" Valentine. The two dominated the match until Cain eliminated Valentine and Valentine, frustrated at his loss, illegally jumped back up on the apron and eliminated Cain, resulting in an all out brawl that took both men backstage.

Jack Valentine arrived in the ring on the September 2018 Storm Front to unleash a scathing attack on the talent and stature of many legends of 4CW, including Rhys Cain. Cain came out to defend his honor and deliver some home truths for Valentine about his place in the business. Cain then challenged Valentine to a match at Gallows End, a challenge which Valentine accepted and promised Cain would never be the same after their encounter.

At Gallows End, Jack Valentine defeated Cain in a gruelling match. After the match, Cain sat in the ring so long, dejected, that the show carried on without him. This devastation only mounted when he was quickly eliminated from the 13 Ghost Gauntlet later in the night by Witch Hazel.

At the 4CW End of Year Awards in December 2018, Cain challenged Valentine to a WAR match at Storm Front: WAR II. Cain announced his team as Erica Moxie and The Liberation. Valentine accepted and revealed his team as Murder of Crows and his long-time enemy, Supreme. At Storm Front: WAR II, on December 31st, 2018, Team Valentine defeated Team Cain in the WAR match.

Feud with Willow the Widow/Madeline Phoenix, The Black Flame and 4CW Triple Crown (2018 - 2019)

Cain was visible distraught by his loss. Later on in the night, new 4CW superstar Willow the Widow came out to the ring to perform her signature marionette show. She decided to focus her story on the legendary feud between Rhys Cain and Carstein, spanning from 2013 - 2014 and beyond.

Cain interrupts her act and marches to the ring, before four of his proteges (The Liberation, Moxie & his brother Zephyris) came out of nowhere and took out Willow. Cain proceeded to deliver a brutal and bloody beating so bad that the crowd are speechless. Security and staff, including GM Sery, try to intervene and it ends with Sery firing Cain from 4CW on the spot.

Cain is reinstated by Sery at the request of Willow the Widow herself, and is put into a match vs Willow at Storm Front: Massacre. Cain introduces the 4CW Universe to his new faction, The Black Flame, and explains in true deluded fashion that he is the hero in all of this and that everyone should appreciate what he did to Willow the Widow.

Brian White has issue with Cain's explanation and challenges him to a fight. Cain agrees, on the condition that White put his 4CW Universal Championship on the line. After some cheating from The Liberation, Cain manages to win the title after stealing a victory, becoming a 4CW Triple Crown Champion. Later in the night, after White tore apart the locker room to get to Cain, a rematch was booked, and White defeated Cain, winning back the title.

At Massacre, Rhys Cain defeated Willow the Widow in a match and then unmasked her - only to discover it was actually Tsukiko Mizuno, and the real Willow had fooled him. Tsukiko spits mist into Cain's face and he is embarrassed in front of everyone at the hands of Willow the Widow.

On the road to Revival, Rhys Cain rants about the destruction he wants to inflict on Willow the Widow for humiliating him. Willow makes her presence known, challenging Cain to a rematch at Revival 2019. The stipulation would be Willow's mask vs Cain's career on the line. Cain accepts the match to put his career on the line at Revival for the second year running. Cain defeats Willow at Revival and unmasks her to reveal she is Madeline Phoenix, daughter of 4CW Play-by-Play commentator, Scott Phoenix.

At Storm Front: Rumble in the Storm II, in July 2019, Cain entered the Rumble in the Storm match at #1 and eliminated seven competitors, before being eliminated by Madeline Phoenix, who would go on to finish in the final four.

On the August 2019 Storm Front, Carstein made his shock return to 4CW for the first time in five years. Rhys Cain and The Black Flame incited a brawl, also involving Marie Dubois, Madeline and Scott Phoenix. Cain and The Black Flame set the announce table on fire and put Carstein through it.

At Gallows End 2019, in October 2019, Madeline Phoenix defeated Rhys Cain in the Gallows Pole match. That wasn't enough to put this blood feud to rest though, as in November 2019, Cain goaded Phoenix with a "gift" that was a mangled car, and a public retelling of the tragedy of her partner's death in a car crash and the rift it caused between Madeline and her father, Scott. What resulted was a five-on-four brawl as The Black Flame caused havoc with Madeline Phoenix, Silent Sorcery and Witch Hazel. Carstein evened the odds as he came down to help Madeline, and a 5-on-5 WAR match between Cain and Madeline's teams was confirmed for Storm Front: WAR III in December 2019.

At Storm Front: WAR III, The Order of the Phoenix, consisting of Madeline Phoenix, Witch Hazel, Tsukiko Mizuno, Oki-Kira and Carstein defeated The Black Flame in the WAR match.

4CW Grand Slam Champion (2020)

After his loss at WAR III, Rhys Cain decided to change paths on to a new venture. He recruited the help of 4CW Hall of Famer Clyde Bonham, and they formed a tag team to enter the 2020 Soul Survivor Tournament. Cain and Bonham made their intentions clear: win the 4CW Tag Team Championships, and they would both finally achieve their Grand Slam Championships at the same time.

The first round was a Battle Royal, won by Brian White and Tommy Young. After the match, Cain lost his temper and assaulted both of the winners. Cain and Bonham won the second round of the tournament, a Trainyard Massacre, and announced the third round of the tournament, with the remaining five teams, would be a Gauntlet match.

When the Gauntlet match happened at Storm Front: Battle in the Bayou, Cain announced that he was not cleared to compete and as such he and Bonham had been given a bye to the next round. This did not go over well with the roster, especially Silent Sorcery, who due to Cain and Bonham getting a pass to the next round, were eliminated and cost their Tag Team Championships. Umbra Maxima won the Gauntlet match, defeating White and Young in the final match up.

Cain and Bonham entered the semi final of the Soul Survivor Tournament with Umbra Maxima and Run 'N' Gun, but General Manager Sery reinstated Silent Sorcery and gave them back their Tag Team Titles. The three teams then worked together to ensure Cain and Bonham's elimination from the tournament.

At Revival XIV, Run 'N' Gun won the Soul Survivor Tournament to become 4CW Tag Team Champions. Rhys Cain and Clyde Bonham then emerged post-match, with Cain revealing due to his swing with the board, he's secured himself and Bonham a tag team title match that would take place right then and there. Cain and Bonham would take out the exhausted champions in less than two minutes to become champions, becoming Grand Slam Champions in the process.

Feuds with Clyde Bonham and Sery; 4CW General Manager (2020)

Immediately following the win, Rhys Cain would continue to attack Run 'N' Gun, until Bonham stepped in to tell him he'd made his point. Cain reacted negatively and got in Clyde Bonham's face - a decision he soon regretted, as Bonham decided Cain's attitude wasn't worth holding on to the tag titles and laid him out! General Manager Sery then came out and announced Run 'N' Gun would get their rematch - right now! Tommy Young took out Cain, now without his partner, and immediately won the tag team titles back for himself and Brian White, making Run 'N' Gun two time champions in one night.

A little while later on the same night, a confrontation between Rhys Cain and Sery backstage would boil over into an all-out brawl, which is stopped by security and officials. Cain promised Sery that he was "a dead man".

On the May 31, 2020 Storm Front, Clyde Bonham defeated Cain in a No Disqualification match. Cain had tried every trick in the book to steal a victoy, so Sery's music hit inexplicably at a key part of the match and the distraction was enough to cost Cain the match.

On the June 28, 2020 Storm Front, Rhys Cain challenged Sery to a match where the winner becomes General Manager. Sery refuses the challenge. Later in the night, Cain attacks Quentin Cosmo and Jerome Grayson with a steel chair and threatens to stamp on a chair wrapped around Quentin Cosmo's neck unless Sery accepts his challenge. Blackmailed, Sery accepts the challenge and then drives Cain away from the ring. Later in the same night, Sery announces it'll be a Cage Fight, taking place inside an MMA-style cage. Anyone who interferes will be fired and escaping the cage will result in a forfeit. If Cain wins, he would become GM but if Sery wins, Cain would be fired. That match is confirmed for 4CW Storm Front: Rumble in the Storm III in July 2020.

At Storm Front: Rumble in the Storm, Cain defeated Sery to become General Manager of 4CW. In August 2020, Cain hosted his first show as General Manager of 4CW called Storm Front: Atonement. He introduced an (unofficial) 4CW Franchise Championship, a title for teams of three or more. He forced 4CW Tag Team Champions Run 'N' Gun and 4CW Universal Champion Pilgrim Paige to defend their titles twice in one night, resulting in both champions losing their belts.

In September 2020, Sery challenged Cain to a match at Gallows End for the ownership of 4CW. Cain agreed to give Sery a match under any conditions... if he can beat The Black Flame in a Gauntlet match. Sery successfully does so and not only does he make it a Lumberjack match for the ownership of 4CW, he names Scott Phoenix as the special referee! At Gallows End 2020, Sery defeated Cain in the Lumberjack match becoming owner of 4CW and firing Cain as the General Manager of Storm Front.

World Championship Challenge (2020 - Present)

After Cain's loss to Sery at Gallows End, Sery would assume control of 4CW and all its talent. As such, he had to renew Cain's 4CW contract and knowing Cain was too big a star to let go, had to cave to Cain's condition of signing a new contract: to be included in the 4CW World Championship match at Storm Front: WAR IV. Begrudgingly, Sery gives Cain what he wants. He confirms the 4CW World Champion Jack Valentine would defend against Rumble in the Storm winner Brian White, 13 Ghost Gauntlet winner Tommy Young, Lightning in the Bottle winner Phil McGroin and Rhys Cain in a five-way WAR match.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Dragon Rage (Busaiku Knee Kick) (2016 - Present)
    • The Back Snap (Elevated Boston Crab) (2004 - Present)
    • Avada Kedavra (Standing Moonsault Slam/C4) (2018 - Present)
    • Turnbuckle Burner (Chokeslam Into Turnbuckle) (2006 - 2016)
    • The Full Nelson (2004 - 2006)

      Cain hitting Avada Kedavra.

  • Signature Moves
    • Platform 9 and 3/4 [Running Step-Up Enziguri to a seated opponent on the turnbuckle] (2018 - Present)
    • Whomping Willow [Cain puts opponent into the tree of woe, hits a superkick to the gut, then follows it up with a running dropkick to the face] (2018 - Present)
    • Blaze Kick [Diving Dropkick] (2009 - Present; used rarely)
    • Caput Draconis [Enziguri] (2007 - Present)
    • Triple Suplex [sometimes the third suplex is a slingshot variation] (2004 - Present)
    • Atonement [Double-Underhook DDT, sometimes from middle rope] (2019 - Present)
    • It Falls On Me [Repeated stomps to an opponents face while holding both their arms] (2019 - Present)
    • Spear (2010 - 2018)

Championships and Accomplishments

  • 4 Corners Wrestling
  • IEF
    • IEF Tag Team Champion (x4) 
  • FTG
    • FTG World Champion (x1)
    • FTG Tag Team Champion (x1)
  • WNW
    • WNW World Champion (x1)
  • FCW
    • FCW World Champion (x1)
    • FCW Tag Team Champion (x1)
  • MaX
    • MaX UK Champion (x1)

 Filmography and Other Media


Year Title Role Notes
2018 Revival XII: Before the Storm Himself Documentary highlighting the lead up to several 4CW superstars' road to Revival XII.
2019 Revival XIII: Before the Storm Himself Documentary highlighting the lead up to several 4CW superstars' road to Revival XIII.
2019 Game of Thrones Soldier Uncredited cameo.
2020 Revival XIV: Before the Storm Himself Documentary highlighting the lead up to several 4CW superstars' road to Revival XIV.


Year Title Role Notes
2019 Action Faction The Bowman Starring role in an ensemble cast.
2021 Action Faction Reaction The Bowman Starring role in an ensemble cast.
2021 Things, Time & Places Daniel "Jack" Danielson Existential Drama.
2021 Scantily Clad Crowbar Larry Lowle Spoof gangster crime movie.
2022 Oathbarer Gladius Chansen Pre-production. Fantasy.

Video Games

Year Title Role Notes
2018 4CW '18 Himself
2019 4CW '19
2021 4CW '21


  • For years, Cain hated Marie Dubois and refused to be interviewed by her.
  • His designated interviewer is Gabriel Crowe.
  • Cain is an advocate for the legalization of marijuana.
  • Cain is a fan of heavy metal.
  • Cain enjoys gaming, specifically games involving tactical warfare or real time strategy.
  • Cain is a majority owner of non-league football club Mango Rovers FC.

Personal Life

  • Cain's brother, Zephyris, is also a professional wrestler who has had several stints in 4CW.
  • In 2016, Rhys Cain opened The Bruiser School of Wrestling with his best friend Danny Danger and his brother Matt Cain (known professionally as Zephyris). Graduates of that school include Garret Fischer and Bruce Rigg (who compete in 4CW as the tag team The Liberation), Erica Moxie, Reuben Kojo and Devon Drummond (who compete in 4CW as the tag team Synth City Thrillers). In 2020, he renamed the school to The Black Flame School of Wrestling.
  • Cain also trained Amy Danger, daughter of Danny Danger and Gregory Smith, nephew of 4CW alumni and trainer Robert Smith.
  • Cain married his partner Melissa Jones in 2018.
  • Cain has three children; Serena Cain (born December 2006), Daniel Cain (born January 2019) and Huw Cain (born March 2020).
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