A Referee (or Official) is, in e-wrestling as professional wrestling, an authorized supervisor who officiates wrestling matches to maintain fairness and legitimacy while working under kayfabe. As officials have the ultimate power in the ring, it has becomed likened that higher authority figures hold the authority to overturn the official decision of a referee and usually spark what is known in professional wrestling as a "Dusty finish".

In e-wrestling, officials with the exceptions of handlers are used for the sake of e-wrestling in shows and have no characterization besides being known to fulfill their job description as in any sport with a referee. As this may be, however, Universal Wrestling Federation handlers exceptionally write referees such as Corky Spectre. Referees are usually retired pro wrestlers or pro wrestlers which have a preference of the role over wrestling.

Reason/Full Role

Aware that professional wrestling is in fact a worked, staged, fixed, scripted, plotted, entertainment sport, an official is incorporated to conduct or render decisions (by management scripting of pinfalls, submissions, draws, or pass-outs) during competition and serves a key role of communicating with competitors over their physical or mental conditions to continue, remind them of script plans, stop a match in case of injury and inform the amount of remaining time before the conclusion of the match (plus the beginning and end of commercial breaks on live broadcasts) as well as help them gauge the crowd reaction through certain alignment tactics by wrestlers. In wrestling today, referee's wear a wireless earpiece in which instructions are transmitted by backstage workers in the event of a situation. The selection of referees by management hinge on height and weight habitually less than six feet and 180 pounds with a weakish-looking non-athletic stature to divert attention to the larger wrestlers and for they appear wimpy and weak when they are assaulted usually by an inadvertent incident, their unconsciousness will interest the event while anything goes that results as of the referee's undetection. Examples of this are done with non-fictional promotion, World Wrestling Entertainment which others tend to also follow like e-wrestling for one.

The "X" signal

While professional wrestling is a set, realistic injuries can occur. Therefore, in the event, the referee will raise his arms in an "X" to signify to the emergency crew backstage to come to the aide of the situation. This precautionary measure is synonymous with WWE and utilized for (Storyline) injuries and legitimate ones.

Backstage officials and emergency crew communicate over the earpieces and decide on the revising the script plan and perhaps shortening the match unless wrestlers have the ability to proceed. Moreover, if the situation falls in the severe category with the wrestler down, the emergency crew's appearance and aide will instantly signify the end of a match unless subsequently once again, a wrestler is rebellious and wants to continue. There is also a "blow off" sign that sees the referee raise their hand straight up if the wrestler appeared injured but can continue on.

Referee incidents

Referee incidents are part of what keep the sport of wrestling interesting and make emphasis the power and fortitude of the wrestlers. For heels, they are an advantageous predicament such as a missed clothesline attempt that puts a referee in "state of unconsciousness" (though the move is particularly not as powerful as its suppose to appear to seem) for a scripted designated interval to carry out usually a dusty finish that permits them to use sleazy tactics or use a foreign object to blatantly cheat in a rule-oriented match, as they sometimes under kayfabe, either take out the referee purposely or accidentally. Face wrestlers will also stumble upon this predicament by accident unless angered or frustrated and will assault the referee differently on purpose (which some faces get away with without turning heel) where they will push or shove the referee away (something heels do too).

Ruled under the referee section of professional wrestling, any events not personally eye-witnessed by the official, a decision against it cannot be made. As an example, provided or provided not a heel manager manipulates a referee's attention away from in-ring action to allow heel wrestlers villainous offense in what is an ubiquitous "distract the referee" tactic, if a wrestler was accused of allegedly using the rules for leverage to pin and it went undetected by referee before the end of the match, the referee cannot reverse the match. However, on some occasions this rule can be broken to spite the heel when it's decided to review footage of the incident (that usually hypes a face in return).

Hybrid referees

Special referees

Special referees are temporarily made officials particularly assigned for storylines when a wrestler, valet, manager, a staff member or any authority figures become the official of a match to usually call the match down to the middle or "screw over" under kayfabe, a competitor they have a dispute with. The position is morely known to be used back in the 80s and early 90s for special celebrities.

Special outside referees

Special outside referees or Special enforcers or Special guest enforcers are similar to Special referees and are usually biase wrestler-made officials that are partners with a wrestler and look out only for their associate. The position is also taken by an authority figure or a guest (as the particular people may vary). They basically stay outside and alert actions not detected by the eye of the in-ring referee. The Special outside referees can become an inside referee provided that the in-ring referee in "knocked unconscious" or becomes kayfabe incapacitated during the match. Otherwise, they generally have no decision-making power but is authorized to physically force wrestlers to cooperate with the rules and physically stop or remove interference from the ring or outside it.

Personal referees

Personal referees work as an effective gimmick for heel wrestlers to further get themselves over or because they are losing matches and are situated on the permanent payroll of the heel. The referee can be a lackey or loyal ally with a senior position. This is a further extension of the "corrupt referee" gimmick which sees referee allegiance flaunted and publicly made conspicuous that which alienates the crowd - there referee themself is exempt from punishment due to their position.

Referee attire

Referee attire varies in promotions. The most common attire is the black and white striped shirts usually with a company logo patch on the left breast. Black pants are also worn.

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