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Brad Kane
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Real name Brad Kane
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Height 6'
Weight 223 lbs.
Date of birth March 22, 1979
Place of birth Belfast, Northerm Ireland
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Miami, Florida
Billed from Belfast, Northern Ireland
Trainer Indictment Wrestling Organization
XCW, HPW, NWA, SWF, PTW, XHF, WCF, GWC, New Championship Wrestling
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Debut April 2004
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Non Wrestling History

Born in March 1979, Brad Kane was a twin to Michael Kane. The two brothers were inseparable for the early part of their life until some hazy business happened with their family, ripping them apart. Brad was sent to live with his aunt and uncle in Boston. Beaten by his uncle, Brad couldn't find solace in anything until he met Megan Sanderson. The two sparked a relationship as teenagers, Brad moving in with her family. The two had a child in high school, Christopher, as Brad got a full scholarship to play basketball at a major university. After blowing his left ACL twice, Brad was left without a scholarship and worked while Megan, now married to him, went to college. A few years later, he enrolled into the Indictment Wrestling Organization's wrestling school, trained by Troy Cornell. A year later he made his debut and shot up to the big time almost right away. His first feud, and still forever on going was against "Creeping Death" Corey Black. Working in numerous federations, winning titles, gaining accolades, Brad's family kept growing as Megan gave birth to more children: Lacey, Lilly, Sarah, Jennifer, Ryan, and Kaylee.

Through his career Brad transformed numerous times in terms of his style. Brad's life forever changed late 2011 when Megan revealed that she had been cheating on him for years and went as far to get pregnant with another man's baby. Keeping in mind he was on the shelf with a neck surgery, Brad was driven close to suicide as everything he loved was gone. However, what has always been his style, he pushed forward and met someone new, Nina Watts. With a renewed interest in life, Brad was looking to make a comeback into wrestling but met a huge brick wall named Lex Sense, the man who convinced Megan to leave her husband with his child. The two feuded for months on end and Brad nearly gave up everything in order to defeat the monster who came close to ending his life. After a brutal match, Brad was on the shelf again but not all was lost. Nina said yes to marry him and is pregnant with their first, and only child together as Nina has a daughter from a previous relationship herself. Much like his entrance song, Brad's life is now built upon a greater foundation with his oldest son starting his own wrestling career himself. Its time for him to make perhaps one last run towards greatness and it starts now.

Major Wrestling History

Wrestling Championship Federation

Reckless Jack debut back in March 2004 for Wrestling Championship Federation. He quickly was put in a battle with Creeping Death which came to a head at the first edition of "One" The two men fought each other in an Ultraviolent Ladder match for the new Wrestling Championship Federation Cruiserweight Championship. In the end, Reckless Jack got the better of Creeping Death and became the first ever WCF Cruiserweight Champion. A couple of weeks later, he lost the belt to another young upstart by the name of Nate Nytro. Soon after he lost the title, Wrestling Championship Federation closed down.

In late 2004, Wrestling Championship Federation came back. Reckless Jack signed a contract and was put into a federation wide match at Rebirth in a War Games match followed by the War match itself. The winning team of the War Games match would be the wrestlers in the War match. In the end of the War Games match, Reckless Jack pinned Nate Nytro to win the only War Games match in WCF history. He came in third in the ensuing War match. After that, he feuded with Nate Nytro until One where Nate Nytro finally beat Reckless Jack. Soon after, Wrestling Championship Federation closed down once more.

In early 2006, Wrestling Championship Federation came back once more. They started with a War match, which Reckless Jack lost. But he found himself in an interesting position. He was finally in the main event scene for good. He battled at Till Death Do Us Part against Creeping Death and Logan (The Champion) in a Triple Threat match. Reckless Jack shocked the entire world by doing what the critics said he could never do in Wrestling Championship Federation and that was win the World Title. But on the next show, Reckless Jack became the most hated man in WCF by taking the title hostage. He would face Logan on a Sunday Slam in a non title match that saw them go to a time limit draw. Reckless Jack lost the title a few weeks later to Outcast. After that, Reckless Jack used his real name of Brad Wallace and did nothing until he got fired. Reckless Jack was hired back at Explosion and brutally attacked the World Champion, Torture, at the end of the show. The next Slam, a match was made for Aftermath, Reckless Jack vs. Torture in a Hardcore match for the Wrestling Championship Federation title. But a clause was made, neither man can touch each other before then. During his match against Torture at Aftermath, Reckless Jack sprained his neck and was out of action for a month

Reckless Jack came back at Ultimate Showdown, claiming to be a new man and wrestle his way up from the top. At School of Pain, he faced his old friend, Fantastic Joe, in a near classic match. Towards the end of the match, Joe felt his knee blow out and they had to end it quickly. On the 10/8/2006 edition of Slam, Reckless Jack was placed in a tag team match with Outcast against JJ Biggs and Logan. Towards the end of the match, Reckless Jack turned on Outcast for reasons unknown yet. At Creeping Death's show, XIII, Reckless Jack finally got his singles win against WCF Legend, Logan, in a No DQ match, although the stipulation was never announced. At Hellimination, Reckless Jack defeated Outcast in a brutal as hell Cage match that received match of the night honors from the company. With that being done, what does the future hold for Reckless Jack in WCF? Well, ever the headstrong man, he has seemingly challenged to take on the entire Team of Treachery by himself. He is booked against Logan at the next WCF PPV, Revenge in what will probably a technical classic. Reckless Jack found himself on the short end of the stick at Revenge, losing to Logan after it took two Connectors to get the job done. But he found himself in a brawl after the main event at the show. Kyle Steel announced that on January 28, 2007, that it will be Reckless Jack vs. Logan vs. Creeping Death vs. Torture for the WCF World Title in a Four Way Dance. What will happen between now and then though?

To answer that question, a lot has. WCF closed down for a matter of two days before coming back once more. During this time, Torture left the company, leaving the One main event in total disary. A little tournament was made with Reckless Jack facing and losing to Jack of Blades in a great matchup. The next week though, Reckless Jack announced he is leaving WCF for good in order to focus on XHF. This didn't sit well with owner Seth Lerch. So the two are going to meet in the ring for the first time ever at One. Seth wants to end Reckless Jack before he can leave. Reckless Jack wants to go out a winner, like he came in. At One, Reckless Jack was able to come out a victory against Seth Lerch. It was a very intense match which saw a huge brawl all over the arena. So Reckless Jack is able to leave WCF with the win that he wanted to and the respect of Seth Lerch (The two shook hands after the match.)

His new run started at War VII when a character by the name of Safestyle Jack made his debut for WCF. Reckless Jack was spotted in the crowd and not really all too happy about it. So at the Blast! Pay Per View event, Reckless Jack made an appearance after hearing JJ Biggs was leaving WCF. This didn't set well with Jack as the two were great friends out of the ring. So he challenged Biggs to a Submissions Count Anywhere Match. Biggs accepted the challenge and the two locked up at Creeping Death's XIII. Reckless Jack made JJ Biggs submit in their final match against each other. The very next week, Reckless Jack called out Safestyle Jack to a match at Payback. Safestyle agreed to it. At Payback, what we saw was a slaughter. Reckless Jack destroyed Safestyle Jack in a manner of a couple of minutes to end the actual match. After the match, Reckless put Safestyle through a table and proclaimed him to be gone from WCF. Since then, Reckless Jack has expressed interest in starting a tag team with longtime friend/rival Jay Williams to go after WCF Tag Team gold. The two would win the belts but it came at a price. Reckless Jack landed right on his head and suffered a severe concussion. He was forced to give up his half of the Tag Team Titles a week later and thus end his WCF career as the promotion would shut down while he was sidelined...

National Wrestling Association (Reborn)

In late 2005, Reckless Jack joined National Wrestling Association (Reborn). He was put into a feud that continued from earlier in the year with Allan Cooper.

The Reckless Jack vs. Allan Cooper History

Earlier in 2005, Reckless Jack joined World Internet Wrestling. They made a worked shoot angle in which Reckless Jack had a son. Allan Cooper thought Reckless Jack was a man of evil and kidnapped the "son" of Reckless Jack. During this worked shoot, Reckless Jack said he had a wife that died five years ago, right after their son, Chris, was born. This added fuel to the fire of this realistic angle. At the only World Internet Wrestling Pay Per View, Reckless Jack faced Allan Cooper in a Barbed Wire TLC match. Reckless Jack won the match and won his son back only to get... well... Crucified.

National Wrestling Association (Reborn)

So with this feud reuned, Cooper stole the son of Reckless Jack again. But this time, Reckless Jack had a new "wife" named Lucy. Reckless Jack turned himself into a beast in the first ever 'See You In Hell' match. He lost, but got his on Allan Cooper. After that was finally settled, Reckless Jack turned heel and was in the contention for the World title. At Rise to Power, Reckless Jack faced JJ Biggs and Lance Ryan (The champion) in a Triple Chair Shot Challenge. Reckless Jack and Lance Ryan were on the same page before the match, but their plans broke down as the match went on and Reckless Jack eliminated Lance Ryan from the match. The ending was very strange. Both Reckless Jack and JJ Biggs hit each other for the third time at the same time! Both men were declared champion. So at the next Pay Per View, the two men battled each other in an Iron Man TLC match. Reckless Jack was bested and quickly faded away in the NWA Reborn.

Xtreme Hardcore Federation History

Reckless Jack joined the Xtreme Hardcore Federation in March 2006 as a one time only tag team partner with Red Fusion. The two lost their only match as their bad blood from Xtreme Championship Wrestling came back up. They faced each other at Night of Champions Five in what Reckless Jack dubbed "The XCW Icon" match. Reckless Jack won the match. He soon left for a month or so afterwards. When he came back, he was under his real name of Brad Wallace. Brad was in a qualifying match for the End of Days tournament. He won his qualifying match and made it to the End of Days Pay Per View where he beat Pillman and Snake, but lost to Jay Williams in the final match. After that, Wallace started to crack and show signs of a split personality. Reckless Jack was dubbed the evil side of Brad Wallace. The show after End of Days though, Brad Wallace beat Kevin Hardaway for the Xtreme Hardcore Federation United State Championship. He was slated to defend the belt at Decimation but the night before the show, his wife Lucy committed "suicide" in their hotel room. He competed the next night, but lost the title to Snake. Soon after, he let his evil side take his body over. Reckless Jack beat the long time Junior Heavyweight Champion, La Parka, to win the title on the July 4th show. At Cruiserfest, Reckless Jack lost the title to La Parka but gained it back eight days later at Pyro in a "Loser Leaves the Junior Heavyweight Division." Reckless Jack bested his rival under some strange circumstances. Reckless Jack is also part of the stable, No Warning Shot, with MGK, James Mueller, Curtis Bauer, Spike Kane, Joe Everyman and a very reluctant Magnus. At Terminal Velocity (The Pre Show to Xtreme Impact), Reckless Jack lost the Junior Heavyweight Title to Matt Hicks after Rage hit Jack with the 'Fist of Rage' costing him the title. Before Xtreme Impact, Lucy revealed herself to be alive and came back to the arms of Reckless Jack. Reckless Jack was able to best Rage at Xtreme Impact. Since then, he has gone under a change of sorts. He lost a brutal "Half and Half" match against "The Flaming Dragon" AJ Phoenix. At Breaking Point, Reckless Jack was able to beat "The Main Attraction" Death Trap to win the XHF European Title in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. It looks like Reckless Jack has made an enemy in Hardcore Harry after saying some unkind words during the 10/6/2006 edition of Gastro. On the 10/16/2006 Pyro, Reckless Jack attacked Harold in a very very disturbing manner. He hit Harry in the back of the head with a blow torch tank. So after, the torch was turned on and Harry ran towards him. The result was nothing more than sicking. The blowtorch was set off and hit Harry right in the face. Now, one night before the 10/20/2006 Gastro, Harry was seen with the wife of Reckless Jack, getting her drunk to have sex with her while Reckless Jack was looking for her. Harry made a sex tape that night with Lucy and after the 10/20/2006 Gastro, Harry kidnapped Jack and forced him to watch the tape while placing razor blades under his eyes. At the Pre-Show for Bonafide Homicide, Reckless Jack got into a fight with friend, MGK and made his BH match with Harry the most violent match he could think of... Master... of... Horrors...

What we saw at Bonafide Homicide was very sicking. The Master of Horrors match was so bloody and brutal one of the announcers threw up while calling the match. Reckless Jack lost the match after Harry Leg Dropped a glass pane, tacks and barbed wire off a ladder onto Reckless Jack for the win. Not one to take anything laying down, Reckless Jack signed up for a Battle Royal in which the winner would get a bye to the final round of the Number One Contendership for the XHF World Title. So on the 11/3/2006 Gastro, Reckless Jack was able to win the Battle Royal, last eliminating Kevin Hardaway, however that isn't all Jack did that night. He also blindsided Harry with a chair to the head, stealing the European Title and actually throwing Harry off the ten foot stage onto a table below. On the 11/17/2006 Gastro, Reckless Jack was defeated by Dave Holland in the finals match of the Number One Contendership Tournament but it took a lot of chair shots and interference from the friend of Dave Holland and Reckless Jack's occasional rival, Snake, in order to keep Reckless Jack down. With this new British Force consisting of Dave Holland, Snake and Rob Arnold brewing up a storm, Reckless Jack has put his differences with MGK aside in order to take care of the cocky crew from England. At Xtreme X-Mas, Reckless Jack is taking part in the eight wrestler Annihilation Complex match for the X*Crown and XHF Titles. At Triple X, Reckless Jack wasn't able to win either title. After that, he challenged for the Tag Team Titles with MGK once again, but they were unsuccessful, going to a draw with Dirty Deal.

The war against the British Brotherhood is coming to a head at Xtraction. At Xtraction, it was Team NWS consisting of Reckless Jack, Joe Everyman, Death Trap, James Mueller and Magnus defeating Team Brotherhood which consisted of Dave Holland, Milo Holland, Snake, Spike Kane and Ishnari. It came down to Reckless Jack and Dave Holland with Reckless Jack getting the final pinfall in the huge elimination match. In his next match, which took place on the February 2nd edition of Gastro, Reckless Jack faced Dave Holland in a Steel Cage match that saw Jack leap off the top of the Cage to deliver a Knee to the back of Dave Holland's head while he was tied up in the ropes. The result saw Reckless Jack win the match and take Dave Holland out of XHF for an undetermined amount of time. Then on the next Gastro, Reckless Jack got his first singles win over long time rival, AJ Pheonix by submission. On February 25, the XHF held their yearly Rumble match with the winner getting a XHF Title shot at Night of Champions. Reckless Jack came in at number 24 and last all the way to the end where he saw himself in a situation that looked familiar from a Gastro before the Rumble. It came down to him and "The Boyhood Dream" Doc. This time, Reckless Jack was able to eliminate Doc from the match and the Rumble to win the match and get the title shot at Night of Champions.

At Night of Champions, Reckless Jack is scheduled to face MGK, his good friend and stablemate from No Warning Shots. On a Gastro, Reckless Jack walked out on MGK, turning heel. Then the next week on Gastro, pulled MGK's girlfriend into a Superkick from MGK. This only pissed MGK as on the pre show, he slammed Jack's hand into a car trunk. Everything came to a head at Night of Champions in an Iron Man that saw Reckless Jack win in a Sudden Death overtime to win the title with the score being 4-3 in his favor.

Reckless Jack was now XHF World Heavyweight Champion. He defended his title a few times until Spike Kane got underneath his skin, claiming he knew things about Jack's past that Jack had no idea about. It all built up to the 4/20/2007 Gastro when Spike Kane revealed that Reckless Jack was not adopted in a way he thought he was. Jack's "family" was really his aunt and uncle and that his real parents were dead. Right about when Reckless Jack was ready to snap, Spike really revealed what really happened. Reckless Jack was Spike Kane's brother. So the two had a match at Retribution that saw Spike Kane defeat his younger brother for the XHF World Heavyweight Championship. Since then, Reckless Jack has hardly been seen at all.

At Overheated 2007, Reckless Jack returned to face Venom in a surprise match to many of the fans. That match ended up in a draw. After that, Jack left the XHF for a month and then came back once Venom announced he was holding a mini tournament to name a number one contender for the XHF Junior Heavyweight Title. Reckless Jack was able to defeat Chris Fennell and Nelly Angel to earn the right to face Venom at Breaking Point. Before the match, Reckless Jack proclaimed he had nothing but the utmost respect for Venom and wanted to help bring honor to the Junior Heavyweight division. The two put on an amazing match that saw Reckless Jack defeat the man he for so long admired as a wrestler to become a three time Junior Heavyweight Champion. The two shook hands and hugged after the match as it was also Venom's announced last match in XHF. After a more than a month of holding the title, Reckless Jack vacated it and left XHF.

However, he came back a month before Night of Champions Seven, the last XHF show in history. He started to call out Hardcore Harry again, saying he still needed redemption. Harry would keep ignoring him until Jack finally got the attention of Harry. Jack said it was time for the Master of Horrors to come back out as he and Harry went at it again inside the sadistic structure. Reckless Jack finally got his redemption and ended his issues with Hardcore Harry after piledriving him off the top of the cage through numerous glass panes, tables and tacks before choking Harry out. XHF then closed down as that chapter was finally over.

Global Wrestling Coalition

On February 7, Reckless Jack signed a contract to become part of GWC. The following week he was placed into a match against three other men to qualify for a match on the debut GWC PPV, Alpha. Reckless Jack had the match won but he left the ring, seemingly not caring all of a sudden. Later on during that same show, Reckless Jack came out to the ring when a match was going on. He hit Eric Kennedy over the head with a bottle and gave him the Reckless Killing. At Alpha, Jack didn't make the main card so he was placed in a dark match where he defeated JT Stone and Jester Juggalo. Another dark match was schedule afterwards but Jack stayed in the ring and destroyed the two combatants that were going to lock horns. On the Assault after Alpha, GWC held a draft as the promotion was growing largely. Jack was drafted onto the Assault brand. During that same show, Reckless Jack was attacked by someone in a mask, a trend that would continue every week until Unholy Coronation. Reckless Jack was facing who everyone thought the masked man was, Exodus. However, towards the end of the match, he was attacked yet again by the man in the mask. The masked man hit a move that could be compared to the "Angels Wings" After Reckless Jack was out, the mask came off and was revealed to be none other than Jack's long time rival, Creeping Death.

With Creeping Death once again in his life, it was the only thing Reckless Jack could focus on in the wrestling ring. Seemingly every match had CD run in or something to that effect. Regardless, both men were placed into a huge main event for Reign of Terror, a modified Annihilation Complex. During that match, CD and Jack focused on each other, not caring about the World Title. Towards the end of the match, Jack and CD were on top of the complex with a ladder. They climbed the ladder and fought one other while everyone else in the match stopped to view as well. Jack was able to hit a Moonsault Uranage off the ladder all the way to the floor. Both men needed medical attention immediately. But Jack's plan backfired so during a number one contenders match for a World Title shot at Kingdom Come, Jack and CD once again cared nothing for the title shot and brawled all over the arena. That was when Commissioner Vice made the announcement that Reckless Jack and Creeping Death will face off in a normal rules match for the first time ever. So at Kingdom Come, we saw a short but high impact match. In the end, Reckless Jack hit the TSR to choke CD out and win the match. Afterwards he got on the mic and proclaimed to be the revolution of wrestling. What does that mean? Only the future will tell.

Uncultured Youth/War on Derek Sitar

After being sidelined with an injury for two months, Reckless Jack has returned to GWC. He wasted no time in telling people his story about being sidelined not only with an injury but alcohol addiction. He has returned to being straight edge and formed Uncultured Youth. He originally had just David Alastair but quickly had Murder Inc and Kevin Hardaway join up. The week before Tribulation, he was hinting towards a war but no one knew what he was talking about. Then at Tribulation, after their huge Tribulation match, Reckless, Kevin and Murder Inc turned on David Alastair, kicking him out of Uncultured Youth and turning heel in the process. Just moments after the beat down, Reckless Jack made an impromptu match against David for his United States title. David was dismantled in a matter of seconds as Reckless Jack choked him out to become the new GWC United States Champion.

The next month at the next pay per view event, Day of Reckoning, he was violently kicked out of his own creation as all of members of Uncultured Youth proclaimed themselves to be Uncultured Society. From there, Reckless Jack only had vengeance on his mind and first sought out Derek Sitar. At Dire Straits, Reckless Jack defended the United States title against Derek Sitar and Ryder. Sitar won the contest but brutally beat down Reckless Jack afterwards. While Jack was tied to the ropes, much like he was a month earlier, Derek Sitar revealed that he was the one who forced Reckless Jack's ex-wife, Lucy, to leave him. Wanting to end Sitar, Danny Vice quickly put in a ban on Reckless Jack, saying if he touched Sitar, he would be fired. For weeks, Sitar beat down Jack with no retribution on Jack's part until the Skyler Striker booked Assault. He lifted the ban as Jack proclaimed that he was facing Sitar at Omerta, in the Master of Horrors match. The match was violent as both men just beat each other until Jack finally defeated Derek Sitar, ending a chapter in his life.

The Chase For the World Title

Up next was the GWC Global Wrestling Classic for RJ. He marched through the tournament on his way to the finals, defeating Xavier Cross, The Stargazer and Christian Striker before falling to Joe Ragnal. What was important is that after beating Cross, Reckless Jack cut a promo, proclaiming that it was his time to go after the GWC World Title and laid a gauntlet onto himself, win the title before or at Kingdom Come II or his time in GWC would come to an end. So at Alpha, Reckless Jack had brought in his own opponent that night in Lance Ryan for the NWA (Reborn) World Heavyweight Title. Jack beat his great friend. After the main event for that evening which was the FUN House between Joe Ragnal and Kevin Hardaway, Jack beat down both men, saying that he was the real World Champion now.

This set up a triple threat for Instant Classic, or so we thought. Joe Ragnal departed from the company not too soon after Alpha so this left Jack and Hardaway one on one to unify the two titles. During the month building to the show, Hardaway's ex-wife/girlfriend (Depends on how they feel that week) revealed she was pregnant and didn't know who the father was. The only thing that was known was the father's name was Allen. This lead perfectly into the hand of Reckless Jack, as his real middle name is Allen. He took it upon himself to proclaim himself to the be the father of Angie's baby, toying with Hardaway. As it was though, Reckless Jack wasn't the father but he was still in Hardaway's head. In any case, Reckless Jack found himself on the short end of the stick for the first time in his career against Kevin Hardaway at Instant Classic.

Jack was depressed for a few weeks until he was able to win the XHF Annihilation Complex at Unholy Coronation in March. This ensures he has a shot for the title at Kingdom Come II which would currently be against David Alastair who bested Hardaway that same night. However, before they can get to Kingdom Come II, they have to deal with the Burning Blood Ravens of Perdition at Reign of Terror for the Tag Team Titles.

GWC World Champion

After seven long months of questing for the GWC World Title, Reckless Jack defeated David Alastair. It was one of the most emotional moments in GWC's history as nearly the whole locker room came out to congratulate Reckless Jack. However, his celebration is short lived as he the man with the target on his back. By winning the World Title, it meant he is the main focus of the World Championship Challenge. Nine straight weeks of title defenses. He defeated Ryan Daniels in the first week. The second week he was able to best The Emperor. However after that certain defense, One Man Army blindsided him with a steel chair and unmasked to Joe Ragnal, his opponent the next week. So, that next week, he was defeated by Ragnal, ending his title reign.


With the World Title lost, Reckless Jack has made his intention known that he will get that title back around his waist sooner or later. On the 6/25 Assault after Kevin Hardaway retained the GWC World Title, Zak Warner came out and said he gave up his spot in the challenge and would give it to anyone who came out. Jack jumped at this chance as now he has his rematch. Reckless Jack has also been very critical of his treatment lately and has shown anger towards GWC owner, Danny Vice. The rematch has come and gone as Brad Kane found himself on the wrong end of a screw job by Danny...

Rage Against The Machine

The very next week, Brad held Assault hostage until Vice grants him a rematch, a fair re-match. Vice did agree to it, only if Brad beats Danny and Johnny Reb. Spike, Brad's own brother, was named as his partner. So on the 7/16/2008 Assault, Brad and Spike were in firm control. Brad nearly had the match won but Spike suddenly turned on his own flesh and blood, allowing Vice to get the win. Thereafter, Vice went on a huge tirade and basically named Brad as the lamb to his slaughter, to start his Machine. Brad is now hell bent on taking down Danny and Spike, along with anyone else in The Machine. He enlisted former ally, Zak Warner along with DeAngelo Williams and James Casey to go against The Machine as they dubbed themselves "Uncultured Revolution."

UR found themselves getting most of the wins in this war as Brad Kane would go on a streak, winning the year Eight Man War, last eliminating his brother before going on to win the Conquest match the next month to be the number one contender for the GWC World Title. However, before that could happen, the promotion started to fall apart. Danny Vice fell off the face of the earth, This left GWC in shambles as Brad Kane's title shot was all but erased. He soon left GWC, saying in order for the promotion to get going again, the old guard needed to leave.

Premiere Wrestling Alliance

"Reckless Jack" Brad Kane debuted for the Premiere Wrestling Alliance on their first show, going against The Butcher and literally got slaughtered by him. It would last as the next few weeks, he'd win a few matches and keep winning. He joined Nighthawk in the Hell Brothers to wage war against the forces of Gundam RTO. Then the problems started to mount for Brad as he started to tag with Nighthawk. They never were able to win a tag team match as that streak passed onto Brad's singles work until he won the Atlantic Title in a triple threat match against Thanatos and Gundam RTO member, Jason Sandman (who was also the champion.)

The celebration was short lived however as Sandman set up Brad to fail a drug test as Brad was stripped of the Atlantic Title until he passed another test a month later, getting his title back. Soon thereafter, Jason revealed himself as the one who set up Brad to fail the drug test as a plan to get back his Atlantic Title. Their issue came to a head at Apothesis in a Pure Wrestling Match. The two men fought back and forth but the size was too much of a difference as Brad lost the title back to Jason. Around this time, Brad was starting to show cracks in his mind.

He thought his wife was trying to kill him. So for the better good, Brad was taken to an insane asylum for a month and a half until he was released. What happened afterwards is something PWA will never forget as Brad was so doped up, his antics would get him noticed by everyone. On one edition of Violation, Brad ran through the backstage area only in his boxer shorts as he danced to the "Party Boy" song. He also wanted his paycheck in pizzas instead of money during this time frame as everyone knew he wasn't right as his in ring record was becoming horrible.

At Mob Rules, Brad had one last chance to save his job. He was put up against long time jobber, Jose Jose, in order to save his job. Brad appeared to become focused again and made short work of Jose Jose, keeping his job for another week until he won the World Title in GWC. Thus his contract in PWA became null and void.

Since that reign went nowhere, Brad came back in July to face off against Nighthawk, bitter at the fact that he believe 'Hawk was the root of all of his misfortune in PWA. The two faced off at High Stakes as Brad was unable to best his former tag team parter. The next week, he was able to beat Nighthawk in a "Testing the Limit" match. Brad then disappeared for a few more weeks until he came back, ready and focused after the downfall of GWC. For once, his in ring work got him noticed in PWA as he worked his way towards the Elite Eight to crown new Premiere and World Champions. However, the show before the pay per view to crown the new champions, Tom Fury beat Brad severely, costing him a spot in either match.

This didn't sit well with Brad as he went into the PPV and beat down Tom Fury and Matt Filth as a form of payback. This put Brad and Tom in the middle of a huge issue as the two men would trade attacks for the next month and a half as Brad kept on getting himself noticed otherwise, defeating former PWA World Champion, Kaito. Then the next week, Brad defeated Nighthawk for the World Light Heavyweight Championship before going to a time limit draw with World Champion Terminus the next week! Then at Redemption II, Brad and Tom stepped inside the Master of Horrors as Brad was able to put Tom to rest, taking him out of the promotion as well.

New Championship Wrestling

Brad Kane, then still going by Reckless Jack, signed a nCw contract a few days after it had opened for business. He was quickly thrust into the first main event of Collision. Brad was originally slated to go against another former Wrestling Championship Federation member, Logan, but Logan backed out of his contract at the last second. Ironically enough, two days later, Brad opted out of his original contract and wasn't heard from again for a couple of months.

Sometime in September, Brad Kane made his return, finally getting his head back on straight after finding his groove. He was put into the first ever main event of Suspense, thus making him the only person to main event the first show of Collision and Suspense in nCw history. However, with his return came questions as the two feuding factions at the time, The Empire and No Warning Shots, had key members on both sides that Brad had deep ties to. On The Empire was his brother, Spike. On No Warning Shot was long time friend, Lance Ryan. After a week or two of mulling it over, it appeared as if Brad would join The Empire but quickly revealed himself to be the newest member of No Warning Shots.

Shortly after Mind Games, Brad began to lobby for nCw to make a special title that didn't need any weight class on it. A tournament was created to determine the first nCw X Division Champion! After defeating Seth Drabble and Joe Everyman in the first two rounds, Brad had to go against someone unfamiliar but yet they shared the same name. Brad had to go against a brother he never knew that he had, Christian. nCw officials made the finals a two week affair, a best out of three series if you will. Christian captured the first match as Brad's back was against the wall. So at Transgression, Brad first defeated Christian in a hardcore match to set up the third and final match to decide the champion. However, this wasn't any normal match, this was an Assault X match! Brad defeated Christian to become the first nCw X Division Champion and as an added bonus, it was even voted nCw's Match of the Year for 2007.

The celebration was short lived though. After weeks of videos and hype packages, Trent Helms debuted right after Brad's win, attacking him and proclaiming his stake in the X Division. So a new rivalry was created, Reckless Jack versus Trent Helms. However, a week before Metamorphsis, Brad was able to defeat Shaun Wilson in his only successful defense of the X Division Championship. Trent and Brad put on a near show stealer but Trent was a little too much for Brad to handle as he lost his X Division Title and soon thereafter, disappeared from nCw.

Or so we thought...

Around Christmas, messages began appearing on nCw's website and their fan message board. People were claiming a Revolution was coming to nCw. Brad Kane was revealed as the mastermind behind the project in its early stages but the real question was who exactly was working with him. Brad made his return to the nCw ring at Cross Roads, quickly defeating Jimmy Turner. Brad proclaimed that the best was yet to come. After the grueling Trent Helms versus Davey Ortega 2/3 Falls match, the lights shut out as everyone knew it was time. Many fans dressed in all black started to rush the ring side area as three men hopped into the ring. The trio attacked Ortega and an injured Trent Helms. From there, everything was revealed as Brad finally showed who he had convinced to join his new age... the Age of the Revolution. Many people weren't shocked at seeing Xavier Williams and... Lance Ryan.

So with Age of the Revolution finally formed after months of vignettes and hacking the websites of nCw, they were finally in full effect as they started to reign terror upon nCw. Lance and Brad quickly rose up the Tag Team ranks, beating some of the top teams nCw had to offer. However, at Sovereign, Brad was able to defeat Steve Awesome in a singles bout to finally lay a solid claim to the one thing he wanted, the Tag Team Titles as he believed that holding the titles in nCw represent more power which would lead to more time to spread the message. On that same night though, Lance Ryan was able to capture the nCw World Title, thus nearly throwing Brad's tag team title shot to the wayside.

Then another unthinkable act happened. Spike Kane would go on to join Age of the Revolution as the Kane brothers finally were allied at long last! Brad and Spike were originally slated to face off against the Smoking Aces, Steve Awesome and The Ace, in a 45 Minute Iron Man match at A Night To Remember. At the last second though, the match was changed into a street fight due to time constraints. The match didn't disappoint the fans either way as both teams went back and forth, using whatever they could get their hands on, fighting in the crowd along with Brad Kane and Steve Awesome nearly killing each other, literally. In the end though, Spike was forced to tap out as Age of the Revolution lost their chance at winning. Later on in the night, Spike and Brad attempted to interfere in Lance Ryan's defense of the World Title but were sent back.

A couple of days later, Brad sent word to the nCw front offices that he was disbanding Age of the Revolution, citing that their goals were failed. So with that in mind, Lance Ryan opened the next Collision, cutting a promo before Brad came down to the ring and exchanged some heated words with his former friend. A match was quickly made between the two for Reborn, 2/3 falls for the nCw World Title! The next month saw a change in Brad though as he seemingly became apathetic towards everything, including his upcoming title shot against Lance. The last Collision before Reborn then saw Brad finally snap, brutally attacking Lance, throwing any sort of friendly rivalry out of the ring as Brad's hateful and jealous side came out.

Then the night of Reborn came. The match itself was fantastic as both men pulled out every stop in the third and final fall. But Lance Ryan proved to be the better man in their series as he won the match after a grueling forty two minutes! Much like the month before hand, Lance came out as Brad soon followed, shaking Lance's hand, saying he was the better man. Then later in the evening, Brad was jumped from behind by Xaiver Williams and Spike Kane. This took Brad out of action for a few weeks before he came back, the week before Picture Perfect, wanting a match to prove himself again. He found himself against a familiar and a new foe in a three way match, AJ Phoenix and Sexy Jason. Brad was able to win as he then no showed the next week.

Now Brad is signed to a freelance contract, meaning he'll work whenever he can. What will happen from this new development? Only time will tell. During the Freelance period, Brad would find himself at odds with a quite familiar foe in Lance Ryan. Ryan had revealed that he fooled the world for the past decade or more and this extremely upset Brad, who had considered Lance a brother for the past three years. Using everything at his disposal, Lance tried to keep Brad at bay but it was all too much for Brad as he reverted to Reckless Jack. He revealed the ultimate revenge against his former best friend, something never seen in nCw... the Master of Horrors!

Battle Grounds arrived as it was time for the epic three year issue for Brad and Lance to finally end. In what saw tons of blood, broken glass, barbed wire, tacks and even a staple gun, Brad was able to put his demon to rest after a Reckless Killing off the apron through a barbed wire board table. After the match and show, Brad Kane issued a short statement that he was departing from nCw for the time being, wanting to rest up a bit.

Two weeks before Mind Games, Brad signed a new contract, no longer under the failed freelance status. Recently, he's been talking about someone who doesn't deserve what they have. At Mind Games, Brad revealed his new target to be Steve Awesome. He's kept talking about how Steve doesn't deserve the nCw World Title and cost him that belt at Transgression but has been suspended for his recent actions which include attacking refs, other wrestlers and choosing to beat down instead of trying to win.


  • Brad Kane has five daughters and two sons (Christopher, Lillian, Lacey, Sarah, Jennifer, Kaylee, and Ryan).
  • He has been divorced and is remarried (different women obviously.)
  • Has knocked up all four women he's made love to in his life
  • For those wondering, the kids go like this; his first girlfriend produced Chris and Lilly, his ex-wife produced Lacey, Megan produced Sarah, Jennifer, Ryan and Kaylee, finally Mia Heafy produced Morgan.
  • Collects wrestling tapes of other promotions.
  • Is a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Boston Red Sox, the Syracuse Orange and the New York Knicks (The latter two due to the upbringing in New York.)
  • Suffers from depression and is finally on medication for it after a suicide attempt.
  • Favorite bands are: Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed, Chimaira, Rise Against and All That Remains.
  • Favorite TV shows are: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Squidbillies, Sportscenter and Ghost Whisperer
  • Favorite Movies are: Hustle & Flow, The Departed, The Boondock Saints, all Star Wars, Fight Club and The Basketball Diaries
  • His favorite pizza is Pepperoni.
  • Brad Kane extremely dislikes mushrooms.
  • Has been in a sex tape.
  • Although not a fact about him, Megan makes all of his ring gear.


  • A large dragon on his back
  • Two Chinese letters on his left shoulder
  • A tribal tattoo on his right shoulder that is large
  • A large sunlike tattoo over his belly button
  • On the left side (the rib cage area) he has another tribal like one
  • On his right breast there is yet another tribal like tattoo
  • On his left forearm he has "Kanji" like lettering
  • On his right wrist/forearm he has a demon with wings
  • On his right inner arm, there is a Celtic Cross with a giant "X" in the middle
  • "sXe" on both inner wrists
  • "LMSBCBK" across his stomach in a half circle
  • "JAK" on the back of his neck
  • On his left leg is a heart with "Megan" going through it. (Not visible while wrestling or wearing long pants)
  • "Lacey" on his upper left bicep
  • "RKK" (Ryan Keiichi Kane) in his left inner wrist (Not visible while wrestling)
  • "KMK" (Kaylee Megumi Kane) on his inner right wrist (Not visible while wrestling)
  • The Killswitch Engage skull on his right ankle (Not visible while wrestling or wearing long pants)
  • "Megan's Joystick" on his pubic area. (Not visible unless naked)


Signature Moves

  • A Trigger Full of Promises - Fireman's Carry Drop Into Knee Smash
  • Failsafe - Chaos Theory
  • Dead Set - Busaiku Knee Kick
  • Moment of Impact - Crucifix Roll Up Driver
  • The Killshot - Straight stiff kick to the temple of kneeling opponent


  • Reckless Killing - Torture Rack into Tossing Piledriver
  • Repeated Kawada Kicks

Current Theme

  • nCw: "Child of Burning Time" by Slipknot

Career Highlights

  • Wrestling Championship Federation Cruiserweight Champion x1 (First Ever)
  • Wrestling Championship Federation World Champion x1
  • 2005 Wrestling Championship Federation War Games Winner (Only one in WCF History)
  • One of Wrestling Championship Federation's Notable Wrestlers
  • Only Wrestling Championship Federation Wrestler to be Crusierweight and World Champion
  • Wrestling Championship Federation Tag Team Champion x1 (With Jay Williams)
  • Xtreme Hardcore Federation United States Champion x1
  • Xtreme Hardcore Federation Junior Heavyweight Champion x3
  • Xtreme Hardcore Federation European Champion x1
  • Xtreme Hardcore Federation 2007 Rumble Winner
    • Only Junior Heavyweight to win the Rumble
  • Xtreme Hardcore Federation World Heavyweight Champion x1
  • Xtreme Championship Wrestling Hardcore Champion x1
  • Xtreme Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champion x2
  • Xtreme Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion x1
  • Sumter Wrestling Federation Extreme Champion x1
  • Xtreme Wrestling Alliance X-Treme Champion x1
  • Co-National Wrestling Association (Reborn) World Heavyweight Champion
  • National Wrestling Association (Reborn) World Heavyweight Champion
  • High Profile Wrestling Twin Cities Champion x1
  • First Ever Inductee into the High Profile Wrestling Hall of Fame
  • Global Wrestling Coalition United States Champion x1
  • Global Wrestling Coalition XHF Annihilation Complex Winner 2008
  • Global Wrestling Coalition Tag Team Champion x1 (With David Alastair)
  • Global Wrestling Coalition World Champion x1
  • Global Wrestling Coalition Hall of Fame Inductee
  • New Championship Wrestling X Division Champion x1 (First ever)
  • New Championship Wrestling World Champion x1
  • Premiere Wrestling Alliance Atlantic Champion x1
  • Premiere Wrestling Aliiance Light Heavyweight Champion x1