Raymond Hatcher
Ring Name(s): Raymond Hatcher
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 238lbs.
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Resides: Los Angeles, California, USA
Billed From: Los Angeles, California, USA
Federation(s): Wrestling Championship Federation
Previous Federation(s): East Coast Championship Wrestling, X-treme Wrestling Federation
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Finisher(s): Improvement-Plex, Nowhere To Go But Up, Brain Buster, STF
Manager: none
Debut: September 3, 2011
Trained By: unknown

Raymond Theodore Hatcher (born April 1, 1984), better known simply by his ring name Raymond Hatcher, is a professional wrestler best known for his appearances for East Coast Championship Wrestling Federation (ECCWF) and X-treme Wrestling Federation (XWF) where he held the National Heavyweight Title and one half of the World Tag Team Titles respectively. He now wrestlers for Wrestling Championship Federation (WCF).

Early life

Raymond was born to a broken home in Los Angeles, California. His father was a foreign businessman and his mother a poor hippie who was often homeless. Hatcher's father abandoned his son and Hatcher's mother who had become estranged from his father during the pregnancy. Hatcher lived with his mother until he was eight when he was handed over to the state. After several years in an orphanage Hatcher was adopted by a wealthy couple who would uproot him moving to Naples. Several years later the family would move back to the United State and settle in the mid-west.

East Coast Championship Wrestling Federation (2011-present)

First Matches

Raymond Hatcher would debut on September 3rd 2011 in a handicap tag team match on ECCWF's flagship show, Saturday Night Beatdown. Hatcher teamed with Psycho and Giant Hillbilly to take on the duo of Blade and Steel known as The Outlawz in a Tables Match. Hatcher's team, despite their numbers advantage, would lose to The Outlawz when Giant Hillbilly turned on Hatcher and fellow partner Psycho. Hatcher would follow that loss with another one the following week when he lost a bid for the Rated-X Championship in a triple threat match, with the eventual winner being Hatcher's partner from the week prior, Psycho.

Nova Feud Begins & National Title

On Sept. 17th Hatcher would defeat the reigning ECCWF National Heavyweight Champion Stefan "Nova" Lajoie in a non-title match which earned himself the right to wrestle for that title any time within the next year. Hatcher would be quick to cash in on his opportunity as he would face Nova for the title on October 1st on ECCWF Saturday Night Beatdown in Atlanta, Georgia. It was an impromptu match initiated immediately after Lajoie had finished defending his title against Hesher. Hatcher was quick to defeat the already exhausted champion with his patented Improvement-Plex in the process becoming the new ECCWF National Heavyweight Champion.


Raymond Hatcher on 10-29-2011 after defeating Nova

Raymond Hatcher would diligently defend his title eventually once again facing off with Stefan Lajoie on October 29th at ECCWF's PPV show One Night Invasion. The two men fought in what was a highly anticipated match and would end up being voted the match of the year for 2011. Hatcher would be successful in this encounter retaining his National Heavyweight Title.

James Bradley Feud

On October 21st during a speech by former ECCWF World Heavyweight Champion, "Six Star" James Bradley at a press conference in Berkley, California, Bradley's ex-wife Kellie Holand would interrupt the proceedings. Kellie hinted at an alliance with a fellow ECCWF star who would turn out to be none other than Raymond Hatcher. Kellie Holand would take the reigns as Raymond Hatcher's manager. This immediately imbroiled Hatcher into an intimate feud with the ex-World Champion, Bradley. Hatcher would also involve Bradley's children in the feud who sided with their mother and Hatcher.

In Tulsa, OK on October 15th, Hatcher would face-off with James Bradley in the main event on Saturday Night Beatdown. Hatcher would pull out a quick win by holding Bradley's tights as the referee counted the pinfall.

After the match Nova who was to face Hatcher at the upcoming PPV event, One Night Invasion came out to ringside. This distracted


12-4-2011 Hatcher w/ Kellie Holand at ECCWF Battle-Zone

Hatcher long enough for James Bradley to gain a bit of revenge by delivering his patented finisher, the Emerald Arrow.

Hatcher would once again face James Bradley on December 4th at the pay per view ECCWF Battle-Zone. The men were booked in the ECCWF's first Casket Match. Hatcher said he would bury James Bradley career. Hatcher would win the encounter with Bradley's ex-wife Kellie Holland shutting the casket for him. This would officially bring an end to the Bradley-Hatcher feud. Bradley would only make a few more appearances for ECCWF before disappearing from the scene.

Title Loss

On December 24th, Hatcher would defend his National Heavyweight Title at the ECCWF pay per view Final Countdown. Hatcher defended title against Alexander Jericho in a falls count anywhere match. Jericho would end up pulling out the win with a quick small package to become the new champion. This would end the longest National Heavyweight Title reign in ECCWF history at a total of 83 days. Hatcher would not receive another shot at the title for nearly four months.

Second Title Reign

Hatcher received his return match for the ECCWF National Heavyweight Title on April 14th, 2012. He would face then champion, Alexander Jericho. Raymond Hatcher would be successful in this endeavor, making Jericho submit to an STF, and in doing so became a two time ECCWF National Heavyweight Champion.

ECCWF Release

In May of 2012 after several violations of company policy Raymond Hatcher was released from his ECCWF contract. Hatcher's release took place while he was still the National Heavyweight Champion, the title was therefore forcibly vacated and promptly renamed. Hatcher is considered the last National Champion and still retains the physical title belt, which he keeps displayed on his mantle. Hatcher had been scheduled to take on Click in what would have been the culmination of a feud which had spanned almost the entire length of his career in ECCWF, however with his departure it is the match that would never be.

X-treme Wrestling Federation

Beginning A New

After Hatcher's release from ECCWF he was promptly scouted by several different wrestling promotions. After several private meetings and negotiations Hatcher agreed to sign a very lucrative contract for the X-treme Wrestling Federation (XWF). On July 21st, 2012 Raymond Hatcher won the XWF World Tag Team Championship with new partner Tyler Decker.

Blueprint Of The Fall

Raymond Hatcher and Tyler Decker's tag would take a particular nasty turn as they renamed themselves the Blueprint Of The Fall and took a decidely harsh mission to degrade the hierarchy of the XWF. They made several sneak attacks on high profile figures causing sheer chaos throughout the organization.

The Double-Cross

During a World Tag Team Title defense, Tyler Decker would betray the architect of the Blueprint Of The Fall by attacking Raymond Hatcher and causing the two to lose their World Tag Team Titles. Hatcher would begin a harsh feud with Tyler Decker which would culminate in a Steel Cage Iron Man Match. After the conclusion of the feud Hatcher would only have a few more singles matches in XWF before moving away from the wrestling scene in order to oversee new business ventures he was undertaking in Japan, Germany, and his hometown of Hollywood, California.

Wrestling Champion Federation (WCF)

In the beginning of March 2015 Hatcher would begin negotiations with the Wrestling Championship Federation (WCF) to make his in-ring return. Raymond Hatcher would eventually sign a contract in the early weeks of May, making his debut on May 24th in a losing effort on WCF's flagship show Slam.

Personal Life

In 2002 Raymond Hatcher graduated from Warsow High School in Warsow, Missouri with high honors. For several years he attended Stanford University and In 2009 completed his MBA at Yale University. He owns several successful businesses including an international thread distributor and an online marketer. Along with being a business owner he does work as a financial consultant and tours the country as a public speaker. He holds upwards of fifty seminars a year on business management and real world experiences.

Finishers & Signature Moves

  • Finishing moves
    • Improvement-Plex (Perfect-Plex)
    • Nowhere To Go But Up (top rope flying headbutt to downed opponent)
    • Brain Buster
  • Signature moves
    • STF
    • Gutwrench Powerbomb
    • Missile Dropkick
    • Clothesline from ring apron to floor
  • Nicknames
    • "The Real Deal"


  • ECCWF National Heavyweight Champion (2x) [longest reigning]
  • XWF World Tag Team Champion (w/ Tyler Decker)
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