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Raoh Shiro
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Real name Raoh Shiro
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Height 7'0"
Weight 480 lbs.
Date of birth June 8, 1974
Place of birth Tokyo, Japan
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Los Angelis, California
Billed from Worldwide
Trainer Ryuken Shiro (Father),Kenta Kobashi,Mitsuharu Misawa, and Akira Taue.
HardKore World, Endgame Entertainment
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Debut 2001
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King Raoh; Raoh the Conqueror; Japanese Juggernaut


Raoh is a mixture of Japanese and Irish decent unbelievably muscular and chiseled for a man his size due to intensive martial arts and wrestling training as a child from his father Ryuken Shiro. He sports a blonde buzz cut, and has a tattoo of a dragon wrapped around a tiger on his right arm and the head of a tiger on his left peck.


Neutral - A firm believer in power and strength, Raoh will do whatever it takes to be the strongest warrior of all. Determined to surpass his own limits, Raoh would let no one stand in the way of his goals. He admires similar striving in other martial artists. Raoh has little tolerance for what he perceives as weaknesses, such as cowardice, compassion, or even friendship (since Raoh also believed in self-sufficiency).


Raoh Shiro was trained by the age of six in the martial arts known as Hokuto Shinken by his father Ryuken Shiro as well as the family style of professional wrestling. He's also a well know former UFC and Pitfighting competitor, and is currently a bareknuckles fighter in the WEBL. He would later return back to Japan to study under Kenta Kobashi and Mitsuharu Misawa with his brother Ken. Raoh also did personal training with Akira Taue.


Extremely Powerful Super Heavyweight, High Resilence to Pain- Raoh Shiro can be best described a sick genetic combination between Brock Lesnar and Big Show. He can squat 1,300 pounds, leg press 1,200 pounds, and bench press between 800 – 900 pounds. Seeing has how the average wrestler is between 250 – 300 pounds, anyone stepping in with the 400 plus monster will more than likely be thrown around like a rag doll. That fueled with his dynamite short temper allows Raoh to dominate in the ring with sheer brutality. Impact is what he stresses in the ring, if it doesn’t make the ring shake, break something, or fold an opponent in half he’s not gonna use it. On top of that for a super heavyweight he has formidable speed, especially when it comes to throwing big strikes and pummeling an opponent. His resilence to pain along with his sadistic nature makes the Conqueoror even more deadly when it comes to Extreme matches.


Limited Speed - Though Raoh is fast he's not fast enough to catch quicker cruiserweights or faster strikers. A smart wrestler would do well to try to take and keep him off his vertical base seeing as how battling him straight up would be plain foolish and suicidal (unless you were a formidable Super Heavyweight). Any opponent that steps in the ring with Raoh has to have the same amount or more of strength, resilence, and a sadistic nature in order to go toe to toe with Raoh, as well as being prepared to hit him with any and everything not bolted down around ringside. Be warned...if you do happen to walk out the victor over Raoh, a piece of you will always be left in the ring after the match.

Ring Entrance

You Don’t Want War by Bumpy Knuckles blasts on the PA system as Raoh Shiro steps out onto the ramp way and stands there with his massive arms folded. Huge explosions boom as he heads to the ring. Raoh enters the ring, and raises his fist into the air letting out a massive roar!

Tag Team

Fists of Blood (Brother Ken Shiro)

Other Ring Attire

Black and Silver Flames Trunks

KING Trunks

Red and Gold Flame Trunks

White and Red Flame Trunks

Championships and Accomplishments

Endgame Entertainment Wrestling:

  • EEW World Heavyweight Championship (Current 2 Times)
  • EEW Intercontinental Championship
  • EEW World Tag Championship - (2 times)(w/ Bushido Hayashi - Dark Riders - Held recored 317 days )
  • EEW Maverick Championship
  • EEW Chance For Glory Championship (5 times)

Hardkore America (Under the Hardkore World Banner):

Colossal World Wrestling Unlimited:

  • CWWU World Heavyweight Championship
  • CWWU World Tag Championship -(Fists of Blood - Ken Shiro 2 times)
  • CWWU Los Angelis Heavyweight Championship
  • CWWU Tokyo Heavyweight Championship

Superior Wrestling Alliance (Under the Battlefield Wrestling Industries Banner):

  • SWA American Championship
  • SWA Extreme Championship (2 times)

International Empire Wrestling (Under the Unified Wrestling Alliance Banner):

  • IEW Tag Championship -(Fists of Blood - Ken Shiro 1-time)
  • IEW X-Treme Championship

Fallout Championship Wrestling/World Championship Wrestling Federation (Titles recognized under the Unified Wrestling Alliance Banner and @-Bay Wrestling Banner):**

@-Bay Wrestling Wrestling:

  • @IW World Tag Championship - (Dark Riders - Charon 1-time)

** When WCWF President James Greene was fired from @IW, he took the WCWF with him along with wrestlers loyal to him changing the WCWF to the FCW and keeping the title lineage of the WCWF titles; later he would purchase the finally folded and closed @IW from former owner James Hunt and unify the FCW title history with the WCWF title history recognizing all reigns.

Other Awards

  • EEW Triple Crown Champion*
  • EEW Champion of Champions**
  • Held all three major titles in the EEW: Heavyweight, IC, and Tag*
  • Held every single championship within the EEW that he could compete for, and the first ever**

Memorable Matches

1. Raoh Shiro vs. Scott Smith (Extreme/Glass Shards/Hell In a Cell Japanese Barb-wired Death Gauntlet match) 2. Raoh vs. Garrie Morris (North American title Submission/Table/Ladder match) 3. Raoh Shiro vs. La Anaconda Magnifico (Unsanctioned Match - Falls Count Anywhere)

4. Raoh Shiro vs. La Anaconda Magnifico vs. Scott Smith (Texas Barbed Wired Elimination Match)

5. Raoh Shiro vs. Trendkill (Five Stages of Annihilation Match: Best out of Five: Extreme/Glass Shard/TLC/Electrified Barbed-Wire/Standard Match)

6. Raoh Shiro vs. Hellhammer Singapore Cane Match(Shocktoberfest 2002)

7. Ken Shiro vs. Raoh Shiro (Tower of Doom Match)

8. Raoh Shiro vs. Ryuken Shiro (Japanese Street Fight)

9. Raoh Shiro vs. Hellhammer (FCW Intercontinental title match 2 out of 3 Falls: Fully Exposed 2004)

10. Best of Five Series (Extreme, Ladder, McDonalds, Glass Shards, Pnenom's Mask vs. Raoh Out for 30 days)

11. Six Man Tag Team Warfare Maryland Militia & Revelation vs. The Untouchables

12. Six Man Tag Team Match The Untouchables: Ken & Raoh Shiro, Jesse Rollen vs. Revelation, Phenyx, & Midnight Rider

13. First time in the UWA: Simultaneous Matches in Side-by-Side Rings Japanese Street Fights: Participants: Raoh Shiro, Hellhammer, Midnight Rider, and Mckinely: Intercontinetal Champioship Match

14. Raoh Shiro vs T-Bone: CWWU World Heavyweight Championship match: Best 2 out of 3 Series

Favorite Feuds

1.Scott Smith


3.Garrie Morris



6. "Texas Terror" Jesse Rollen


Dark Riders (WCWF/@IW) Devastation and Scott Smith

Northern Cross Clan (WCWF/@IW) Devastation, Reptile, Yuku Shiro, Ken Shiro, Scott Smith, and R.M. Masters

Lords of Darkness (FCW/UWN) Ken Shiro, Devastation, Shining, Glimmer, Diva, Kayoken Shiro, Ailia Kazuma, R.M Masters,

Supreme Darkness (FCW/GWA) Ken Shiro, Devastation, Diva, Kayoken Shiro Ailia Kazuma, Zack Smith, Korbin Smith, Trendkill

Untouchables (SWA/BWI) also reformed in the GWIF and WCWF: Ken Shiro, Jesse Rollen, Jagi Shiro, James Rollen

Signature Moves

1.Northern Cross Driver II (Psycho Driver III): First, Raoh crosses his opponent's arm in front of their chest and picks them up in a torture rack position. Raoh then drops his opponent in front of him and sits down, sending his opponent head-first into the mat.

2. Burning Iron Hammer: Top Rope Reverse Death Valley Driver: Shiro places opponent on the top turnbuckle facing the crowd, climbs the second ropes, then lifts him onto his shoulders face up into a torture rack position. Shiro jumps off the ropes falling to the side and driving his opponent head first into the mat. 3. Northern Spike – Reverse Tombstone Piledriver: Variation of the Texas piledriver (belly-to-back piledriver, traditional piledriver), instead of dropping to a seated position Raoh drops to a kneeling position. This move is sometimes referred to as a Spike piledriver.

4. F.U.B.A.R: Two Powerbombs followed by a Death Valley Driver:Raoh sets opponent up and hits a powerbomb but does not release the opponent upon impact, instead he locks his hands and performs a dead lift, raising the opponent back up for another powerbomb, he performs another dead lifting him way up and adjusting; throwing him over his shoulders for a fire-man’s carry, then falls sideways dropping him on his head.

5. F.U.B.A.R Times 2: Two rolling piledrivers followed by a sit-down powerbomb: Raoh sets opponent up and hits a piledriver but does not release the opponent upon impact, instead he rolls picking opponent up again, and lifts the opponent back up for another piledriver, he performs another roll this time lifting his opponent all the way up and slamming him back down to the mat with a sit-down powerbomb.

6. Thunder Buster: Two Brainbusters followed by a Stalling Pile-Plex: Raoh sets opponent up hoisting them into a vertical position, and drops them into a brainbuster, but does not release the opponent upon impact, instead he rolls bring opponent back to their feet hoisting them up into another vertical position, and drops them into a second brainbuster, Shiro rolls again bring opponent back to their feet, hoists them into a third vertical position, holds it allowing the blood to rush to their head, then drops them into a sit-out piledriver right in front of him.

7. Thunder Choke (Submission Hold): Two Brainbusters followed by a Standing Guillotine Choke: Raoh sets opponent up hoisting them into a vertical position, and drops them into a brainbuster, but does not release the opponent upon impact, instead he rolls bring opponent back to their feet hoisting them up into another vertical position, and drops them into a second brainbuster, Shiro rolls again bring opponent back to their feet, and sinks in a standing Guillotine Choke cutting off the circulation of opponent till they either tap or pass out.

Note: If opponent continues to resist and he choose do, Raoh can complete his Thunder Buster move by executing the Pile-Plex next…or…he can just do the ENTIRE Thunder Buster technique if he’s in that evil of a mood.

8. Burning Lariat:A lariat where Raoh doesn't run but simply strikes the opponent while standing next to him.

9. Burning Fist: Raoh breaks into a quick run and levels opponent with a devastating right to the face. Sometimes Shiro will bounce off the rope for extra impact.

10. Burning Knuckle (Extreme Hardcore Move): Raoh will take a cloth of some kind wrapping his right fist, soak it in lighter fluid (or get someone insane enough to soak it), light his first on fire (or get someone insane light it for him), and punch an opponent dead in the face with it.


Regular Match Finishers:

Primary Finisher: CONQUERED: Chokeslam (double handed):Gripping his opponent with both hands around their neck, Raoh picks his opponent up in the air and slams them to the mat.

Secondary Finisher: Northern Cross Driver I: Military Press into a Death Valley Driver: Raoh will lift opponent into a military press over his head as high as he can, release him catching him over his shoulder, then drops sideways driving opponent head first into the mat with a Death Valley Driver.

Third Finisher: LIFE HAMMER From a reverse chancery (Dragon Sleeper position), Raoh lifts his opponent in the air and grabs his opponent's left leg with his right arm while holding his opponent in front of him. Raoh then hooks his opponent's head with his left arm and drops them head-first into the mat.

Variation move: Burning Life Hammer: Life Hammer performed from the top rope. Big time move used for big time matches.

Extreme Variation move: Burning Death Hammer: Life Hammer performed from apron to the floor or through a table. Big time move used for big time matches.

Big Match Finishers:

Raging Demon Powerbomb: 720 Spinning Diving Powerbomb: Raoh cinches opponent in, snaps them up into position, does either one or double rotation, then dives to the mat executing the powerbomb.

Note: This was Raoh's father's original finisher.

F-10 (Known as the F-5) : Raoh lifts an opponent up in a fireman's carry across his shoulders, then throw the opponent's legs out in front of him to spin them out while he simultaneously falls backwards, driving the opponent's head into the mat. He calls it the F-10 because…well he’s a bigger man then Lesnar…so it delivers a more devastating effect.

Dragon Warhammer (Suplex powerslam): Also known as a Jackhammer slam or a Power-Plex, Raoh applies a front face lock, throws the opponent's near arm over the Raoh's shoulder, and then grabs his tights to lift him up straight in the air (as in a standard vertical suplex). When the Raoh begins to drop the opponent to the mat the Raoh will twist to fall face-down on top of the opponent.

NORTHERN THUNDER HAMMER: (Second rope over-the-shoulder back-to-belly piledriver): After placing opponent on the top turnbuckle facing the ring, Raoh hops on the second rope and shoulders the opponent by clutching him around the knees and lifting him onto his shoulder so that the opponent's head is dangling by the waist of Raoh. Shiro then holds the opponent in place by holding his leg with one arm and applies a headlock to the opponent with his other arm. The opponent is now bent into a circle. Raoh then drops to a seated position from the second rope, driving the head of the opponent into the ground.

Super Fusion Ying Yang Big Bang : (Second rope reverse Emerald Fusion): After placing opponent on the top turnbuckle facing the crowd, Raoh hops on the second rope and shoulders his opponent up and putting his opponent over his shoulder face up, hanging them upside down by his side. Raoh then drops to a seated position from the second rope, driving his opponent's face and upper chest into the mat.

Bloody Roar: (Second Rope Reverse Brainbuster): After atomic dropping opponent on the top turnbuckle, Raoh will climb the second rope, and then pull the head of the opponent back and applies an inverted facelock (Dragon Sleeper) to the opponent with one arm. Shiro then places his other arm under the lower back of the opponent, then uses that arm to elevate the opponent until they are vertical. Raoh holds the position for a couple of seconds and then falls backwards into the ring on his back, driving the head of the opponent to the mat.

Leagues Competed In

1. World Championship Wresting Federation (@IW)

2. Fallout Championship Wrestling (UWN/GWA)

3. BWI Battlefield Wrestling Industries/originally UWN (Superior Wrestling Alliance)

4. Global Internet Wrestling Federation

5. Colossal World Wrestling Unlimited

6. HardKore World

7. Endgame Entertainment


Raoh is the eldest brother of wrestler, Ken Shiro, Toki and Kayoken (Twins), Jagi Shiro, and Yuku Shiro(younger sister); master of the art of Hokuto no Shinken. Hokuto Shinken ("North star" God Fist) is the Shiro clan 400 year old martial art fighting style which combines Shôrin-ryû karate, Jujitsu, and Muay-Thai kickboxing which was brought back by Grand Master Kenji Shiro from his travels to Thailand. Along with this powerful art form the brothers were also taught the family style of professional wrestling, a style consisting of bone-breaking techniques, vicious submission holds combined with high impact moves.

Raoh Shiro a former UFC competitor and Pit Master Champion in Japan traveled to Canada to the shores of the WCWF to settle a family dispute with his younger brother Ken Shiro. There in a brutal feud they settled their differences one on one inside a Hell in a Cell Steel Cage, which Raoh won. Raoh decided to make the WCWF his home, and compete. His presence was immediately felt as the massive giant took down anyone that got in his path. Raoh would enter the WCWF Extreme Division where he would capture two WCWF Extreme titles and have a memorable and bloody feud with his ex-stable mate of The Dark Riders (former brother-in-law) Scott "The Game" Smith, which Shiro basically dominated match after match.

Raoh at the time tag teamed with stable mate Devastation to form the powerful force of the Dark Riders. Big D unfortunately would leave to serve his country in the United States Navy, and Raoh would go on to reform the Dark Riders with ex-rival another 7 foot monster by the name of Charon. These two big Goliaths combined brought the WCWF tag division to its knees, and not only captured the WCWF Tag Championships, but went on to @IW worldwide PPV "Overflow" to compete with their counterpart champions in the IEW, CWU, and GWF for the coveted @IW World Tag titles. The Dark Riders came out victorious being the first ever newly crowned @IW World Tag team champions in @IW history. Raoh went on that same year to capture and hold for a respectable title reign the WCWF North American title.

Upon the sad closing of the @IW due to Black Friday, a man with out a federation Raoh left with his brother Ken and opened up a boxing gym in Mount Vernon, and competed in the WEBL boxing association as a bare-knuckle fighter. In early March 2002, Shiro received word that the WCWF was open under the banner of the UWN (Unified Wrestling Network) under the new name Fallout Championship Wrestling (FCW). Raoh returned under that banner a now seasoned veteran, and FCW Tag Champion along with his partner Charon made his debut the FCW heavyweight division, there after a brief feud with Pro-Pain proved that he wasn't seasoned enough, and ventured to the FCW Intercontinental division. After dropping the FCW Tag titles, Charon would leave the FCW to go back to the reopening @IW. Raoh would stay in the FCW making it his home. After a brief and disturbing feud with his brother Ken, and basically the entire FCW, which he had betrayed at the time for the Sinister 7, Shiro would reform stable Lords of Darkness, with his former stable mate Devastation, R.M. Masters, Glimmer, and the Shinning. Raoh felt a part of him missing knew that in the end he needed his brother Ken Shiro in order to complete him. After a series of persuasions Ken reluctantly returned to the Lords of Darkness, and former the tag team with his brother Raoh known as "Fists of Blood". After toiling in the IC division, Raoh not only captured the FCW Intercontinental title from at the time champion Texas Terror, but went on to defend and end 2002 as the FCW Intercontinental champion. 2003 would prove to be the year of Raoh the Conqueror, as he would prove to be the most dominant man in the GWA today. Shiro would go on not only to defend the FCW Intercontinental title in 2003, but to also capture 3 consecutive times in a row, as well as two more FCW Tag teams titles with his brother Ken. The Shiro brothers would prove that they are the most dominant tag team in probably the entire GWA, when they would defeat the current CWU/ACW Tag team champions Midnight Rising in a tag team champions versus champions match at the UWN’s first Anniversary PPV.

Shiro’s might would soon be tested when he was challenged by a massive Juggernaut by the name of Anaconda the 8 foot tall 550 lb. monster would prove to be more than a match for Raoh has he defeated Shiro in their first encounter. The two giants would have many memorable battles, but Raoh would prove to be the most dominant of the two as he would not only defeat Anaconda on five different occasions, but also take two titles off of him as well, the Heritage title (now defunct), and the FCW Extreme making Shiro’s title accomplishments in the GWA a total of twelve in all. Raoh made a brief jump to the IEW while the FCW was on hiatus, currently the FCW Extreme Champion (210 days and going) Shiro along with his brother Ken captured the IEW Tag titles from a rookie team known as the Extremists, having dropped the titles to the team of the Rollen Brothers on their first title defense two days later Raoh captured the IEW X-treme title from former champion Stewie making his title count a total of 14 as well as the only man to hold two active Extreme titles at the same time within the GWA.

Upon dropping the IEW Extreme title in the brutal Hell in a Cell cage match against Dangerous Doug Nicholas, Raoh would return to the reopened FCW, and become not only the longest running FCW Extreme Champion, but the first five time FCW Intercontinental Champion in the history of the promotion. Having achieved everything he could achieve in the lower division Raoh has made his jump to the FCW Heavyweight title division, his goal to win his first Heavyweight Champion, becoming a Champion of Champions, and setting a foundation as one of the most dominating big men to ever step foot in the sport of wrestling.

That would never come to pass however in the GWA due to the unfortunate closing of the company. Instead of retirement Raoh would sign up with his brother Ken to join the Superior Wrestling Alliance under the BWI umbrella in hopes of winning his first major title over there in the SWA World Heavyweight title, and possibly the BWI Undisputed Platinum title as well. The very first day in the company Raoh would capture the SWA Extreme title due to its 24/7 rule and hold it on two different occasion as well as the SWA American Championship, during his time in the SWA Raoh and his brother Ken would join forces with once rival Jesse "Texas Terror" Rollen to form the stable known as the Untouchables turning his back on his younger sister Yuku, and give rise to the most dominating stable the BWI would see to its fateful closing, where Shiro would drop the American title in a triple threat match at the closing of the company.

After the closing of the BWI, Raoh and his brothers Ken and Jagi Shiro signed on to Phil M Gahry's new promotion GIWF along with Jesse Rollen to reform the Untouchables. They would once again make the Untouchables one of the most dominating stables in the wrestling business, as well as aid in Jesse Rollen capturing the GIWF National Heavyweight title.

The GIWF would shortly close due to financial reasons; Shiro and his brother along with Rollen would then bring the Untouchables to the reopen World Championship Wresting Federation where they would perform for the 6 short months before it's closing due to the lack of financial backing.

Raoh and his brother Ken would compete in the newly opened Colossal World Wrestling Unlimited owned by Big John Hawkins which competes on a global scale. Shiro would claimed both singles and tag success along with his only brother in the four short months they have been there capturing the CWWU Los Angelis Heavyweight Championship and CWWU Tokyo Heavyweight Championship as well as the CWWU World Tag Championship twice with his brother Ken, and finally achieved his goal of becoming a World Champion when he pinned the former champion T-Bone in a best out of three match two consecutive times; he would become the most dominating World Champion the CWWU would ever until it’s final closing match where he would lose the title belt to Wollum.

Eventually the CWWU would close its over having done a run of almost a year due to lack of financing, and Raoh and his brothers Ken and Jagi would sign a contract with Endgame Entertainment Wrestling. The Conqueror would take the new mantel as the Japanese Juggernaut as he would dominate division after division first as the Maverick Champion, then the Chance for Glory Champion capturing the title on four different occasions, and then as the Intercontinental Champion.

Recently which is a first for Ken and his other brothers, who originally preferred to remain exclusive to one company, signed a contract with Hardkore World Wrestling, one of the second promotions his sister Yuku Shiro also wrestles with. Upon entering the realm of Hardkore World the Shiro brothers began a heated feud with the tag team and stable known as Assassin Nation who were the current holders of the Hardkore World Tag Championships. In a 6-Man Tag Last man Standing match which pitted Ken, Raoh, and Jagi against Adrian Tanner, Clyde Dixon (One of the original tag champs), and Michael Black, Jagi would deliver a German Suplex sending Black off the 15 foot stage knocking him out for the ten count and winning the championships for his brothers, Raoh and Ken would award him early that night by helping him take out both the “Rising Sun” Marty Donovan and “The Bullet” Dougie Ray to take the currently defunct Hardkore Nippon Grand Championship as his own.

A month later the World Tag titles would be on the line with Ken defending with Jagi Shiro and a sidelined Raoh who was healing after constant attacks on his leg during the first and second World Tag title match watched as his brothers defended against Donovan and Ray, however Ray would turn on Donovan during the match with the promise of Ken helping in developing his career and increasing the Untouchable numbers to four. Raoh would sit out Hardkore Helloween 2007 in order to continue to heal from his leg injury. Fists of Blood would end 2007 winning the title of Hardkore World Tag Team of the Year. In 2008 with Dougie Ray as a partner Raoh and Ken would challenge and defeated the undefeated Six Men Tag Team Champions of House of Pain taking and holding both the Six Men and World Tag Team Championships, however the Shiro brothers noticed on several occasions that the Bullet was extremely unreliable when it came to events going on within the stable.

The Untouchables would brutally severe their ties with Mr. Ray after he would cost the Six Men Tag Team Championships one month later against the Highlights of Humanity lead by Pat Bozzini.

Back in the EEW Ken Shiro and Raoh would severe ties (but for Kayfabe reason remain united in Hardkore World as a solid tag team) Raoh would be paired with an unlikely tag partner of Bushido Hayashi. The two would prove to be an unbelievable force to reckon with in the tag division earning a shot at and winning the World Tag title belts against the Gods of War. Having won practically every championship in the EEW Raoh now has his eyes set on the World Heavyweight title itself, which he now has a shot at after winning the number one contendership shot against Krak for the right to face the current champion Boneyard at Bruisermania.

Future Goals

In Hardkore World Fists of Blood are competing in the Frank Marano Jr. 2008 Tag Team tournament, they hope to be the first tag team champions to win the tournament ever. Ken Shiro also has his eyes set on the Hardkore American Heavyweight title as well as aiding in the utter domination of Hardkore World.

In the EEW Raoh and Bushido Hayashi has proven to be a near unstoppable as the current World Tag Team Champions, currently they will be headlining Bruisermania II defending their belts against the team of Scott Smith Charon (Raoh’s former stablemate) and Charon (Raoh’s former tag partner and stablemate).

Raoh will be pulling double duty at Bruisermania as he will also main event against the currently World Champion Boneyard for a World Heavyweight title shot in an infamous Nightmare match. If he succeeds he will be EEW’s first Triple Crown Champion, the first Champion of Champions, and if he retains the World Tag title the first man to hold both those belts at the same time in the EEW. He will also be the first man to win a World Heavyweight title in that style of match.



Boot to the face Raoh sends opponent to the ropes and levels him with a boot to the face!

Iron Shoulder – Raoh irishwhips opponent to the ropes, and floors him with a very stiff shoulder thrust on the return.

Iron Shoulder Crush – Raoh charges forward leveling opponent with a devastating shoulder thrust.

Burning Iron Shoulder – Raoh grabbing opponent by the arm charges while pulling him in and levels him with a brutal shoulder thrust.

Double short clothesline Raoh short clotheslines opponent, picks him up, and hits another vicious one turning him inside out!

Turnbuckle Clothesline Raoh irishwhips opponent into the turnbuckle then follows in with a powerful clothesline taking them down.

Boxing Combination: Raoh hits opponent with a hard left and a right, then drops him with a devastating right haymaker.

Go F Yourself: Raoh lifts his opponent into a gorilla press, drops opponent in front of him and as the opponent is falling lifts his leg up kicking the opponent in the face with a stiff kick.

Wind God Fist / Fūjinken (風神拳) (Lariot Punch): Raoh literally spins around and rocks opponent with a devastating right.

Thunder God Fist / Raijinken (雷神拳): Raoh bangs both sides of opponent’s ribs with lefts and rights, takes the wind out of opponent with a devastating right to the stomach, then thumps opponent with an explosive right to the skull dropping them to the mat.

Hokuto Gousho Ha (北斗剛掌波, North Star's Iron Palm Wave): Raoh grabs opponent with his left hand, raises his right hand and strikes opponent so hard with a palm strike to the upper torso his opponent drops to the mat clutching his chest in agony.

Knee lift: This is an uppercut using the Raoh's knee in which Raoh brings his knee up to hit the opponent under the chin. This often sees a prone opponent bent over when the Raoh chargers at the opponent and lifts his knee up under them.

Counter Moves:

Skull Bashing: Raoh blocks opponent’s punch, and strikes him with repeated elbows to the top of the skull.

Dragon’s Rage: Opponent punches Raoh in the face, but Shiro roars, and levels him with a vicious powerclothesline.

Juggernaut Lariat - Raoh meets opponent’s clothesline with a vicious lariat of his own taking opponent’s head off.

Cyclone Lariat: Raoh takes a charging opponent down hard with a spinning lariat.

Ram Attack: Raoh blocks opponent’s blocks opponent’s and responds with a headbutt.

Battering Ram: Raoh blocks opponent’s punch and responds with four repeated headbutts.

Hands of Thunder: Raoh blocks opponent’s punch, and drills him a right and left hook, then drops opponent with a right hay maker.

Clothesline Counter: Opponent rushes Raoh, but is wrapped up, and launched in the air with an overhead belly to belly suplex.

High Risk Moves:

Top rope guillotine legdrop: Raoh heads up top and delivers a guillotine legdrop to the throat of opponent.


Chokeslam (Regular): A chokeslam, or in Japanese, a "nodowa otoshi", Raoh basically grasps his opponent's neck, lifts them up, and slams them to the mat. He gets more joy out of this maneuver when he uses it to slam the victim into an object, such as a table, steel chair, or garbage can.

Power Choke Slam: First, Raoh grabs his opponent by the head and pushes them off the ropes. With his other hand he grabs his opponent around the neck, gets a running start, and hits a chokeslam while also pushing his opponent down with his other hand.

Military press powerslam: Raoh lifts his opponent up over his head with arms fully extended (as in the military press used in weight lifting), then drops his opponent up over his shoulder into an over the shoulder position and then (runs and) falls forward to slam the opponent against the mat back-first.

Choke Slam off top to ringside: Raoh has opponent on top and chokes slams him all the way to the ringside floor.

One arm sidewalk slam: Raoh catches opponent coming in with one arm hits him with sidewalk slam.

Super Choke Slam: Raoh has opponent on top and chokes slams him all the way to the mat.

Dodon: First, Raoh picks up his opponent in a double underhook from behind, lifting his opponent in the air. He then sits down, slamming his opponent head and stomach first into the mat.

Leg trap chokeslam: Also known as the Leg hook chokeslam. Raoh starts out by lifting the opponent's left or right leg off the ground and tucks it under his arm while using whichever free hand to grab the opponent's neck while still keeping their leg tucked under the arm while lifting the opponent into the air, turning to one side, and then slamming the victim down to the mat. The move can also be used as a reversal from when the opponent tries some form of kick only to have the Raoh catch and trap the leg setting up the move from there.

Vertical suplex chokeslam: In this elevated chokeslam Raoh grabs a front facelock on the opponent and wraps their arm over his neck. Shiro then lifts the opponent upside down, as in a vertical suplex. Raoh moves his arm from around the opponent's neck, grabbing hold of their throat. Shiro then slams the opponent down to the mat back first.

Back suplex chokeslam: In this elevated chokeslam Raoh stands behind the opponent, puts his head under one of the opponent's arms, and lifts them onto his shoulder. Shiro then pushes the opponent upwards, turns 180°, and grabs hold of the falling opponent's throat, driving them down to the mat back first.

Dragon Slam: Raoh lifts his opponent up in a military press, drops them down while grabbing his opponent around the waist, and hits a spinebuster.

Charging Dragon: Raoh SPEARS opponent into the corner, picks him up, and then SPINEBUSTERS him into the mat!

Brute Rage: Raoh SPEARS opponent into the corner, picks him up, and then SPINEBUSTERS opponent driving the back of his head into the turnbuckle!

Inverted Powerslam:Inverted variation where Raoh would hold an opponent's back against his chest from behind with one arm while reaching between an opponent's legs with the other arm, lifting this opponent up over his shoulder. From this position the Raoh falls forward to slam the opponent against the mat chest first.

One Arm Gutwrench Slam – Raoh gutwrenches opponent into the air, and with one arm literally throws opponent back first into the mat.

Emerald Frosion: Raoh first scoops his opponent up and puts his opponent over his shoulder, hanging them upside down by his side. Raoh then drops to the mat, driving his opponent's head and upper back into the mat.

Pure Rage: Opponent punches Raoh in the face, but Shiro shrugs it off latching onto his throat, roars hoisting him up, and folds him in half with a devastating choke slam.

Pumphandle fallaway slam: Also known as the Tilt Suplex. Raoh hooks up the opponent as a pumphandle slam, then the Raoh goes through the body movements for the fallaway slam, executing the release of the opponent as he enters the apex of the throw, instead of at or just past the apex of the throw like when one executes the fallaway slam.

Full nelson slam: Raoh hooks opponent into a full neslon hold from behind, lifts then into the air as high as he can, the releases them in mid-air placing his hand on their chest as he throws the violently back down to the mat or ground back first.

Submission Hold:

Standing Guillotine Choke (UFC style)

Note: Raoh can use the Guillotine Choke to chain off the Thunder Buster or Thunder Choke *See Signature moves*

Northern Iron Man Lock: Raoh locks opponent's arm behind his back, hoists him up and holds him there.

Dragon’s Claw: Facing his opponent, Raoh puts his hand over his opponent's face and squeezes really hard.

Tiger’s Claw – Raoh grabs opponent around the throat in a claw hold, and squeezes bring him down.

*Note*: With this hold he can either hold opponent down for the three-count or make them submit.

Argentine leglock: Technically known as an Over the shoulder single leg Boston crab and commonly known as a Stretch Muffler. Raoh stands over a face-down opponent lying on the ground. He lifts one leg of the opponent and drapes it over his neck. He then uses his arms to force the shin and thigh of the opponent down, thereby placing pressure on the opponent's knee.

Side bear hug: Raoh stands to one side of an opponent, facing them, and locks hisr arms around the opponent, linking his hands under the arm of the opponent on the opposing side. Raoh then brings his arms closer together, compressing the torso of the opponent.


Thunder Death Driver:Raoh picks up opponent and hits him with a spinning brainbuster.

Wrist Clutch Burning Hammer: Same as a regular Burning Hammer, but Raoh holds his opponent's left wrist between their legs with his left hand before putting them up on his shoulders and sending them to the mat.

Dragon’s Inferno (Black Mephisto): Raoh picks up his opponent and holds him in an ax guillotine driver position. He then grabs his opponent's right leg with his right arm, swings his opponent's head and grabs it with his left arm, and then drops down, sending his opponent head and neck first into the mat.

Pumphandle-Handle Thunder Fire Driver(Pumphandle reverse piledriver): Raoh first locks an opponent in the pumphandle hold before then using the hold to raise the opponent up over his shoulder. From here the Raoh brings the opponent down into the belly-to-belly position before then sitting down for a reverse piledriver with the opponent's head impacting the mat between his legs.

Southern Ice Hammer: (over-the-shoulder back-to-belly piledriver): Raoh shoulders the opponent by clutching him around the knees and lifting him onto his shoulder so that the opponent's head is dangling by the waist of Raoh. Shiro then holds the opponent in place by holding his leg with one arm and applies a headlock to the opponent with his other arm. The opponent is now bent into a circle. Raoh then drops to a seated position, driving the head of the opponent into the ground.


Jap Tower Powerbomb: Raoh lifts his opponent from behind, turns them around, and powerbombs them to the mat with one hand.

Dragon Fury Powerbomb: Raoh sets opponent up, runs, and hits a RELEASE POWERBOMB over the top rope to the floor!

Diamond Hammer:(Spinning one shoulder sitout ganso bomb) Raoh picks his opponent up on his right shoulder as if to do a powerbomb, but instead of slamming his opponent straight down, he spins around and slams his opponent face and stomach first into the mat.

Thunder Ligerbomb: Raoh carries opponent stomach first over his shoulder to a nearby turnbuckle, climbs the second ropes, and then jumps forward dropping opponent head and back first into a sit-out spinebuster bomb.

Rage Bomb: A pissed off Raoh bangs both sides of opponent’s jaw with lefts and rights, takes the wind out of opponent with a devastating right to gut, and while he’s doubled over gasping for air, gutwrenches him into the air and drills him into the mat, a turnbuckle, guardrail, or anything in the vicinity at the time with a vicious modified jacknife powerbomb.

Triple Powerbomb: A variation of the powerbomb where Raoh does not release the opponent upon impact, but instead locks his hands and performs a dead lift, raising the opponent back up for another powerbomb, and may repeat more than once. In this case…three repeated times.


Crash Landing: Picking his opponent up in a vertical suplex position, instead of slamming them to the mat Raoh tosses his opponent into the air and lets them "crash" to the mat below.

Slingshot German Suplex:Raoh hoists opponent up in an atomic drop position sitting him on the top rope facing outward, he then locks on a waistlock, and uses the rope slingshotting him over into a German Suplex dropping him on the back of his head and shoulders.

Head and Leg Suplex: Raoh hooks the opponents near leg and with his free arm goes around the neck and down the chest of the opponent to clutch the hand of the arm hooking the leg so as to encircle the opponents body similar to a head and arm suplex. He then lifts his opponent over and then falls backwards slamming the opponent into the ground face and chest first.

Double underhook suplex: Raoh and opponent face each other, the opponent bent forward. Raoh hooks the opponent's arms back in a reverse nelson, placing his forearms in the crooks of the opponent's elbows, with his hands on top of the opponent's back in a butcher's grip. Raoh then lifts the opponent into an upside-down vertical position and falls back, shifting the opponent to one side as the opponent flips over. Raoh executing the suplex may release the reverse nelson hold during the throw.

Other Moves:

Triple Backbreaker: Raoh delivers a backbreaker to opponent, holds on and delivers two more!

Dragon Bends Steel: Raoh strikes opponent with repeated knees to the gut, then bodyslams him.

Dragon Breaking Bamboo: Raoh presses opponent over his head, hits an over the shoulder backbreaker, then an over the knee stomachbreaker.

Whiplash: The standard (elevated) whiplash first sees Raoh raise an opponent off the ground, often using a suplex lift, to place the opponent's leg on the top ring rope so that they are face-down while Raoh holds them in a front facelock, keeping their heads side by side under each other shoulder, making Raoh the only other thing than the ring ropes keeping the opponent off the ground. At this point Raoh swings inward as he dives to the ground, twisting on the opponent's neck and in the process lifting the opponent's entire body off the rope, driving their neck and shoulders into the ground.