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Rambunctious Wrestling Coalition
Image of Rambunctious Wrestling Coalition
Acronym RWC
Industry Fantasy Professional Wrestling
Headquarters Houston, TX Flag of USA.png
Theme music
Brands RWC Reckoning
RWC Fear
RWC Adrenaline
Founded June 2, 2017
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Parent Extreme Madness Wrestling
Destruction of Xtreme Wrestling
Diamond Wrestling Corporation (2020-2021)
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Founder(s) Tommaso Cappelli
Key people Tommaso Cappelli
Owner Tommaso Cappelli
Premiered April 13, 2020
Episodes RWC Reckoning: 4 episodes
RWC Fear: 4 episodes
RWC Adrenaline: 1 episode
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The Rambunctious Wrestling Coalition (RWC) is an American fantasy professional wrestling promotion/league based in Houston, Texas. It was founded by Tommaso Cappelli on June 2, 2017. On May 2, 2020, it became an official subsidiary of the Diamond Wrestling Corporation (DWC), one of the largest and most underrated mass media companies in the United States. It was sold back to Tommaso at the start of January 2021, shortly after the Diamond Wrestling Corporation's shutdown on December 31, 2020.

RWC Rosters

RWC Reckoning

RWC Reckoning logo (fixed).png

RWC Reckoning is the Monday night series event in RWC.

Location: Toyota Center in Houston, TX

Theme Song: "Sundown" by S Club 8

Commentators: Jim Ross, Corey Graves, Taz, & "The Pope" Elijah Burke


Image Name Alignment Billing Signatures Finishers Accomplishments
Aang-2.jpg Aang Face Earth Kingdom Kali-Yoga's Hurracarana
Ace Ripley.PNG.png Ace Ripley Face
Ace-ventura-3.jpg Ace Ventura Face
Ace hart.jpg Ace Yu Face
Adam3.jpg Adam Face
Adam Cole Apr 2019 (cropped).jpg Adam Cole Heel Panama City, FL Last Shot (also known as Boom)
Adelbert Steiner from Final Fantasy IX render.png Adelbert Steiner Face Adelbert Steiner Recliner
Sc4-lizardman.jpg Aeon Calcos Heel Greece Spear
Akainu.jpg Akainu Heel
Akuma (Street Fighter).png Akuma Tweener Japan
Alberto-del-rio-mi-ritirero-il-prossimo-anno-.jpg Alberto Del Rio Face San Luis Potosi, Mexico Cross Armbreaker, Double Foot Stomp
Albert Wesker.png Albert Wesker Heel Raccoon City
Black-Raw.webp Aleister Black Heel Alkmaar, Netherlands Black Mass
Dark Ritual
Arancia Meccanica 000.jpg Alex Delarge Heel
3010bac6992ed9d87d854ea26d859a4b.jpg Algol Face
Player Amarant Coral.png Amarant Coral Unknown
Amazo 28DC Comics29.webp Amazo Heel
Anatole.png Anatole Face France
E826d8f7a24445bab20ad6d0dee67ef4.jpg Angeal Heel
AngeloDawkins.jpg Angelo Dawkins Face Cincinnati, OH Pop-up Spinebuster
Cea87c9adcdb5bcb141c9d3fa2a254d6.jpg Apocalypse Heel
Aquaman Rebirth 1.png Aquaman Face
Archie.png Archie Face
Arias Hono.jpg Arias "Ace" Hono Face
ArionSHerwind.jpg Arion Sherwind Face
Armand.jpg Armand Face
AACFSK.jpg Arnold Armstrong AKA Captain Fantastic Face
Arnold Shortman-2018.png Arnold Shortman Face
583c5695c7bfeefa5fba8140c3407822.jpg Astaroth Heel Persia Bearhug
Astroboy 2018.jpg Astroboy Face Spear
Auron.jpg Auron Tweener
AustinHobbes.png Austin Hobbes Face
Mike-Myers-Austin-Powers-1-.jpg Austin Powers Face
Austin Theory at Alpha 1.jpg Austin Theory Heel McDonough, GA Ataxia
ATL - Austin Theory Launch
Alex Blaze.png Axel Blaze Face
NewHQSilentB.png B Face
Baby Bunny.png Baby Bunny Face
2772637-bad news barrett.jpg Bad News Barrett Heel Penwortham, England Elbow smash
Forward fireman's carry slam
Il-ritorno-di-daniel-bruhl-come-zemo-e-tutte-le-novita-su-the-falcon-and-the-winter-soldier-maxw-814.jpg Baron Zemo Heel
BiohazardPachislotBarry.png Barry Burton Face Raccoon City Zombie Kickass (Pedigree)
2d35087eab1ede554bc7930aa122fdcf 400x400.png Bart Simpson Face Springfield Springfield Drop
Diesel productv2 batman-arkham-asylum home EGS WB Batman Arkham Asylum L1 2560x1440 19 0911-2560x1440-bdfb966b14e5f9bb6a2bf48a148d36566ca96df0.jpg Batman Face Gotham City Bat Breaker
Beardopose.png Beardo Face
20160722-TMNT-Bebop-1453black-8.jpg Bebop Heel New York
F3e7a96a1a42652e52bcdc90324a7f15.jpg Beetlejuice Heel
Ben-10-alien-force-vilgax-attacks-ben-tennyson-gwen-tennyson-cartoon-ben-10-ejderha.jpg Ben Tennyson Face Bellwood, IL Ben 10 Force (The Eye of the Hurricane)
Bernie - Ollie's Pack.png Bernie Face
Imagen 008.jpg Bert Face
87524947 198246097910351 3728477340339011584 n.jpg Big Money Marcus Face Sin City, NV The Margin Call (Five Star Frog Splash)
BBSK.jpg Billy AKA Blocker Face
Billy boon by eeyorbstudios dc7u5ef-250t.jpg Billy "B.B." Boons Face
Billy O27Toole.png Billy O'Toole Face
Bismuth-steven-universe-garnet-stevonnie-pink-diamond-steven-universe-bismuth-png-clip-art.png Bismuth Face
Blinky.png Blinky ???
Donald Gill 28Earth-61629 from All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 1 2 0001.jpg Blizzard Heel
Bob.png Bob ???
E7207da9-6fbe-467b-b63e-ac44e95db582-BobsBurgers 2019 KeyPoses Bob 1.jpg Bob Belcher Face
Bobby Fish Face Albany, NY Fish Hook Deluxe Edition
Flying Fish Hook
Sleeping With The Fishes
Double jump moonsault
Dicing headbutt
S2I7Wkps 400x400.jpg Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Face Fist of Nose Hair
Snot for you
Borat.png Borat Sadgiyev Face Uzbekistan? At least I think...
Bowser.png Bowser Heel Koopa Valley
2018-04-17 01.33.34.jpg Bradley Face
201px-Brainiac (DC Comics).png Brainiac Heel
235px-Brak (character).png Brak Face
Brandon Wolfe (2K16).jpg Brandon Wolfe Tweener Baton Rouge, LA Wolfe Howl Galaxy Champion (Current)
Dbl62lj-9ddaecfe-735f-4e82-b9de-da4944a28b60.png Brick Face
Brock Lesnar.jpg Brock Lesnar Tweener F-5, Kimura Lock
250px-Brock.png Brock Samson Face
Total drama brody vector stance commission by tdsameylove-d8xifsb.png Brody TBD
Bullseye-Marvel.jpg Bullseye Heel
FFVII Cait Sith art.png Cait Sith Face
NewCameronHQ.png Cameron Face
Cap n k nuckles by smashupmashups ddcuwuy-fullview.png Cap'n K'nuckles Face
Decorazione-da-muro-articolata-capitan-america-1-m.jpg Captain America Face Washington, DC American Slam
Profile - Captain Hook.jpg Captain Hook Heel Neverland
Carl.png Carl Brutananadilewski Heel
220px-Cat-and-Dog.gif Catdog Face
Cedric-alexander.png Cedric Alexander Face Charlotte, NC Kick to kill
Lumbar Check
Kisspng-soulcalibur-iv-soul-edge-soulcalibur-v-soulcalibur-soul-calibur-6-tira-5b3f6a1eab26b3.5734733615308825907011.jpg Cervantes de Leon Heel Spain Spear
SF STEAM MANUAL EN LRv5-12.png Chaos Heel
150(7).jpg Charles Belles Face Huntsville, AL Belles Brainbusters
Chet happy.png Chet Heel
Advent-Children-Cid.jpg Cid Highwind Face
Ff13-char-cid.png Cid Raines Heel
Intro.jpg Claude Frollo Heel Notre Dame, Paris, France
Clayface.jpg Clayface Heel
Clayton.jpg Clayton Heel
Cleveland ClevelandDance v3F.jpg Cleveland Brown Face Quahog, RI
FVIIR Cloud Strife.png Cloud Strife Face Nibbleheim
ClunytheScourge.jpg Cluny the Scourge Heel
Cody.png Cody Face
Cody Rhodes.jpg Cody Rhodes Heel Marietta, GA American Nightmare (also known as Deathlock), Beautiful Disaster (also known as Disaster Kick), Din's Fire, Cross Rhodes, Silver Spoon DDT
Cole-macgrath-psallstars.jpg Cole McGrath Face
ConanEvans.jpg Conan Evans Face
Conan-barbaro-sequel-re-conan-invecchiato-voluto-arnold-schwarzenegger-v3-440294.jpg Conan the Barbarian Face
Connor MacKenzie.jpg Conner MacKenzie Face
CoreyRiffin.jpg Corey Riffin Face
Corn Jumping.png Corn Face
Cosmo.png Cosmo Face Dimmsdale, CA
Courage the Cowardly Dog.png Courage the Cowardly Dog Face The Middle of Nowhere, KS Cowardly Slam (The Worm)
Multi Crab Crabby.PNG.png Crabby AKA Multi Crab Face
Cronus.jpg Cronus Heel
Cyborg-teen-titans-9539584-516-700.jpg Cyborg Face
Daggett Beaver.png Daggett Beaver Face
73893.jpg Daichi Haiyami Face
Dampierre 1 235. CB485930941 .jpg Dampierre ??? ???
Dan Kouzo.jpg Dan Kouzo Face
DanielBryan.jpg Daniel Bryan Face Aberdeen, WA Heel Kook
Labelle Lock
Danny Phantom.jpg Danny Phantom Face Phantom's Adrenaline (The Eye of the Hurricane) Entertainment Champion (Current)
DanteVale.jpg Dante Vale Face Venice, Italy
Darkseid.jpg Darkseid Heel Chokebomb
Darth-maul-apparire-seconda-stagione-the-mandalorian-v8-419384-1280x720.jpg Darth Maul Heel Forche Chokeslam
Sith Clash
Wildthornberrys-darwin.jpg Darwin Face
DarwinStagione2.png Darwin Watterson Face Elmore, CA
Dave.png Dave Face
68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f6c7a706d38685f426237697836513d3d2d3531302e31343666363466353233613462353033313839303.jpg Dave Quagmire AKA Dvalin Heel
DavidSamford.jpg David Samford Face
DaveSS.png David "Dave" Skunkerton Weeb Face
Deadpoolfb.jpg Deadpool Heel Canada
250px-A prime pic of Deadshot.png Deadshot Heel
1c23e758f73f3c466dc8c181c29b3256.jpg Deathstroke Heel Canada
Dexter.jpg Dexter McPherson Face Burbank, CA Scientist DDT
Devin Static.png Devin Face
Dez.png Dez Face
Dharmann.jpg Dhar Mann Face
1200px-DiddyKong2.png Diddy Kong Face Kong Forest
Digby Diggs.PNG.png Digby AKA Digs Face
Dio Brando.jpg Dio Brando Heel England Chokeslam
Djj.png DJ Face
Donkey Kong (personaggio).png Donkey Kong Face Kong Forest Gorilla Choke (Tazzmission)
250px-Doomsday (New 52 version).png Doomsday Heel
Dottor-destino-doom-hawley-marvel-film-progetto-mcu.jpg Dr. Doom Heel Doctor Bomb
41k1adyKOvL.jpg Dragon Shiryu Face Constellation Back Suplex Pin
Drew-Gulak-800x445.jpg Drew Gulak Face Abington, PE Cyclone Crash
Spine Splitter
Duke-nukem-forever-versione-2001-includeva-elementi-horror-rpg-v3-322873-1280x720.jpg Duke Nukem Face
TDA DIY Char Duncan.png Duncan Heel
Duncan.jpg Duncan Harris Face
Dwayne Senior.png Dwayne Face
Dylan James Clark.jpg Dylan James Check Heel Vertabreaker
7462ab2f87a3a46ff0e09037acf9bf7e.jpg E.J. Caswell Face
Early Cuyler.png Early Cuyler ???
EC3.jpg EC3 Heel Palm Springs, FL The One Percent
Ed.1.png Ed Face The Cul-De-Sac of Peach Creek Spear
Sit Out Crucifix Powerbomb
Edd.1.png Edd Face The Cul-De-Sac of Peach Creek Headlock driver
Snap double underhook DDT
D59qanh-21b745c0-e2e2-4d3d-a064-4b605c6a1f98.jpg Eddie Face
Eddy.png Eddy Face The Cul-De-Sac of Peach Creek Curb Stomp
Diving high knee
King's Landing (known also as Ripcord Knee and Revolution Knee)
Snap Single Underhook Front Facelock Drop
4845fc8f687682292216ca90d62f3c2f.jpg Edge Master Face Most likely China
ElliotMoose.jpg Elliot Moose Face
Ridonculous race ennui vector stance by despairfrost-d8y9lsy.png Ennui Heel
Entr3Fe.png Entreè Face
Eric Needles.jpg Eric Needles Face
Di-gata defenders ca.erik.jpg Erik Face
EspioNew.png Espio the Chameleon Face Chaotix Plunge, Gutwrench Powerbomb, Sharpshooter
Ezekiel.png Ezekiel Miller Face Camp Wawanaka in Canada Zeke Street
You've Got Served
Ezekiel zick-1-.jpg Ezekiel Zick Face
056079679b55c6c5e1b1dda342c7b03d.png Felix Faust Heel
Ferocious Beast.jpg The Ferocious Beast Face
Adventure-time-finn-wallpaper-png-clipart.jpg Finn the Human Face Adventure Time Slam (The Worm)
AWAC - Firestar Hart 4.jpg Firestar Hart Face Nashville, TN Dead End, Kick of the Maiden, Backfire, Sharpshooter, Wings of Fire
194bac21a760626a29f532e029d54518.jpg Flapjack Face
Dc-comics-the-flash-lifesize-cardboard-cutout-184cm-product-image.jpg Flash Face
Franco Spaghetti.png Franco Spaghetti Face
Freddy-krueger.jpg Freddy Krueger Heel The Claw of Bad Dreams (Sister Abigail)
Gaara profilo 2.png Gaara Face DeserT-Bone Suplex
Gabriel N' Daula a.k.a. Brains (edited picture).png Gabriel Face
Gene Belcher.png Gene Belcher Face
002b67ed5509b1b595cc55697eb45b9c.jpg Genesis Heel
GeoffInGloriousHD.png Geoff TBD
George.png George Face
Gerry.jpg Gerry TBD
Gianni Finezza.png Gianni Finezza Face
Gionni Finezza.png Gionni Finezza Face
Dragon-ball-super-131-analisi-finale-serie-arrivederci-goku-speciale-v3-38008-1280x16.jpg Goku Face Saiyan Sidekick
Goldust (1).jpg Goldust Heel Curtain Call, Final Cut, Golden Age, Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (also known as Good Night, Sweet Charlotte), Shattered Dreams (also known as Golden Globes)
6978-Gon Freecss-foto.jpg Gon Freeccs Face
250px-Gorilla Grodd (circa 2013).png Gorilla Grodd Heel Gorilla Powerslam
Graverobber.jpg Graverobber Heel Repo City Zydrate Anatomy, Concrete Below
Greedo.jpg Greedo Heel
Green-Goblin-Norman-Osborn-Marvel-Comics-Spider-Man.jpg Green Goblin Heel
Gregory.jpg Gregory Face
Ep138GrimmjowProfile.png Grimmjow Jaegerjaques Heel Chokeslam, The Vortex (Tombstone Piledriver)
GumballSeason2.png Gumball Watterson Face Elmore, CA
43972607-724C-460C-8666-87D252B18DEB.png Gus Heel
Gus.png Gustav Patton "Gus" Griswald Face
Hades.jpg Hades Heel The Afterlife
Mythicwarriorhades7.jpg Hades Heel
E3C42B55-E8E6-48DD-9447-C6BB4FD998EA.png Hamilton Hocks Face
Frank TV.png Hank N Stein Face
1578940953-silenzio-degli-innocenti.jpg Hannibal Lecter Heel People Eater (Mandible Claw)
Harold.png Harold Face
Harvey Birdman.png Harvey Birdman Face
Hawkeye (Clinton Barton).png Hawkeye Face
He-man-e-i-dominatori-dell-universo-sigla-iniziale-e-finale-1920x1080.jpg He-Man Face Greyskull For the Power of Greyskull!!!!!!!!!!! (Train Wreck)
C5a319fe89f4553a71de1f320e73f48c.png Heishiro Mitsurugi Face Japan
Herry.jpg Herry Face
Hiei.jpg Hiei Face The Third Eye
Hisoka Morou.jpg Hisoka Morou Heel Curtain Call
Player Hope Estheim.png Hope Estheim Face Palumpolum
D8dcgjf-aba473ed-91ba-4348-9e94-16641e4a16c0.png Huey Freeman Face
873d2369c5036268e74968dbbda60e52.jpg Hugo Ooga Face
81948-189471-huntsman.jpg Huntsman Face
Ian Kelly 2.png Ian Kelley Face
Ichigo Kurosaki.png Ichigo Kurosaki Face Karakura Town Shinigami Splash
Soul Reaper
4ff8d5fd56609a4ee370641bd7261cff.jpg Ickis Face
Hulk (circa 2019).png The Incredible Hulk Face Big Green Powerbomb
Inky.png Inky ???
1200px-Inuyasha.png Inuyasha Face Japan Iron Revers Soul Stealer
Full Fledge Demon Bomb
Stampa-rettangolare-verticale-ironman-sfondo-bianco.jpg Ironman Face Long Island, NY Steam Roller
605232.jpg Jack Harris Face
Jack-Swagger1.jpg Jack Swagger Face Perry, OK Gutwrench Falling Powerbomb, Swagger Bomb
The Shining.jpg Jack Torrance Heel
Jackie.1.png Jackie Chan Face Hong Kong
JJJSK.jpg Jackson AKA Jackson Jet Face
Jacob.png Jacob Two-Two Face Canada
Jacquez Static.png Jacques Heel
Profile - Jafar.jpg Jafar Heel Agrabah
Jake27s Invisible Spiderweb PANTS.png Jake the Dog Face Adventure Time Slam (The Worm)
Quantum-of-solace 4a335fd4-696x522.jpg James Bond Face Somewhere in England
Jason-voorhees-maxw-1152.jpg Jason Voorhees Heel Camp Crystal Lake Crystal Lake Slam (Big Show's SYM/HCTP/SvR Chokeslam)
Tumblr inline osaf3hM80i1rtzth7 400.jpg Jasper Face
JayCOT.png Jay Face
JayTotalDrama.png Jay Face
Cebola1.PNG.png Jim Five Face Brazil
John McClane DH3.jpg John McClane Face Die Hard Driver (Pedigree)
Il 570xN.1692095469 n4tr.jpg Johnny Bravo Face Aaron City Blond Mane Kick (Sweet Chin Music)
Johnny Gargano bio-.webp Johnny Gargano Face Cleveland, OH Garga-No Escape
Hurts Donut
Johnny Gat during the opening cutscene of I'm Free - Free Falling.png Johnny Gat Face Stilwater Gat Drop, Steelport Trio, Power of the Gun
5f9ab8734b9a5c60c57242beddea1db6.png Johnny Test Face Pork Belly, Manitoba, Canada Test Drive Triple-S, Test Elbow
Joker 80th anniversary - publicity - h 2020 .jpg Joker Heel Gotham City Joke Cutter (RKO)
JonathanP2.png Jonathan Joestar Heel England
Jonesy56742.png Jonesy Garcia Face
Jordan Buttsquat.jpg Jordan Buttsquat Heel
JosephP2.jpg Joseph Joestar Heel England
Snapsh14.jpg Joshua Kirkpatrick Face
Jotaro Kujo.jpg Jotaro Kujo Heel Japan
Jude Christmas Specials.png Jude Lizowski Face
Jude Sharp primo piano.png Jude Sharp Face
250px-Juggernaut2.png Juggernaut Heel Juggknife Powerbomb
Junior Standing Pose 2.png Junior Face
Welcome Justin.png Justin TBD
Kakashi Hatake profilo.png Kakashi Hakate Face Japan Ninja Sidekick
Kassius Ohno bio--6a583218dde600422b9190bb77fa0167.jpg Kassius Ohno Face Dayton, OH Cyclone Crush
Kassius Klutch
Ohno Blade
1 YEpuVu6PP0hlDrqZd0PsmA.png "The Rainmaker"
Kazuchika Okada
Face Japan Rainmaker
Cobra Clutch
Kefka dissidia.png Kefka Palazzo Heel
Keith-Lee-800x445.webp Keith Lee Face Wichita Falls, TX Ground Zero
Spirit bomb
87529733 515065752481979 5018432112986947584 n.jpg Keith Quinn Face Gotham City No Laughing Matter (GTS)
Kisspng-street-fighter-iv-ken-masters-ryu-vega-akuma-fighter-5abca31f506e75.8788687215223119673295.jpg Ken Masters Face San Francisco, CA
KenKelley.jpg Kenneth "Ken" Kelley Face K-Double (Superkick)
KennyOmega.jpg "The Best Bout Machine"
Kenny Omega
Heel Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Croyt's Wrath
One-Winged Angel
KenshinOVA.png Kenshin Himura Face Japan Katana Kluch
FaPb9SY.png Kenshiro Face Japan Hokuto no Kick
Kevin-Owens.jpg Kevin Owens Heel Manitoba, Quebec, Canada Stunner
Kevin battleball.jpg Kevin Reynolds Face
6288144ef7e2134019c1ea61e599fda2.jpg Kilik Face China
Killer Croc3 small.jpg Killer Croc Heel Crocodile Bomb (Razor's Edge), End of Days
Ca9501f0b3cce7fa94f558915b3f8402.jpg Killua Zoldyck Face
KinKujira.jpg Kin Kujira Face Japan
KingBoo.png King Boo Heel
Kingpinm.png Kingpin Heel
Korey Kelley Edited Transparent pic by Undertale&ParappaFan.png Korey Keller Face
KonKujira.jpg Kon Kujira Face Japan
Trunks.jpg Krillin Face Saiyan Back Suplex Pin
Krumm looking upwards.png Krumm Face
Kurt Angle1.jpg Kurt Angle Face Pittsburgh, PA Ankle Lock, Angle Slam
Download 28129.jpg Kyle Kelley Face
Kyle O'Reilly NXT Tag Champions (cropped).jpg Kyle O'Reilly Heel Delta, British Columbia, Canada Brainbuster
Cross armbreaker
Ankle Lock
Guillottine Choke
Heel Hook
Lee Ping123.jpg Lee Ping Face China?
LeonardFullOfficialfff.png Leonard Face
Leonardo.jpg Leonardo Face New York City, NY
MV5BMjM0NjE1NzUxOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODE5NDM2MjE@. V1 UY1200 CR485,0,630,1200 AL .jpg Lewis Face Gravenhurst, CA
LexLuthor1.png Lex Luthor Heel
Kisspng-chris-mclean-total-drama-season-5-gwen-total-drama-monster-high-re-opening-monster-high-fanpop-5c6ead0891baf3.5942595615507571285969.jpg Lightning Face
Light YagamiHD.jpg Light Yagami Face Japan
Lince Dorado.jpg Lince Dorado Face San Juan, Puerto Rico Cara Dorada
Chikara Special
Shooting Star Press
Shooting Star Senton
Standing Moonsault Slide Slam
LincolnLoud.png Lincoln Loud Face Royal Woods, MI
Fe795a77f5d075d9e01557b252825677.png Lizard Heel
Comics-marvel-comics-loki-gods-norse-1280x960-wallpaper 24.jpg Loki Heel Asgard
39725-1330738098.png Lorenzo Heel
Lou.png Lou Face
Louis Movie.PNG.png Louis Face
Luigi.png Luigi Heel Italy Super Luigi Bottom, Super Luigi Stunner
53-539211 m-bison-street-fighter-iv-hd-png-download.png M. Bison Heel Psycho Crusher (Spear)
Machete kills.jpg Machete Cortez Face Mexico
Madara Uchiha.jpg Madara Uchiha Heel Japan
73347.jpg Makoto Aikawa Face
250px-Mandarin (Marvel Comics character circa 2011).png Mandarin Heel China
El-tigre-el-tigre-manny-rivera-11562990549biqbg0hopi.png Manny "El Tigre" Rivera Face Miracle City, Mexico Tres Tigre Amigos, Miracle City Supreme
MarcusSnarkis.jpg Marcus Snarkis Face
Mario Nintendo.png Mario Face Italy Super Mario Bottom, Super Mario Stunner
Markaragnosheadshot.jpg Marka Ragnos Heel
MarkEvans.jpg Mark Evans Face
Marshall D. Teach.jpg Marshall D. Teach Heel
MaskJC.jpg The Mask Face? Heel? Tweener? I'm confused... o.O
55fcb9471a04090536050de120f718e0.jpg Master Shake ???
Dbfjsy9-c2e61e2e-35a2-47d8-90b1-5539c3290dba.png Matt Jackson Heel Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Matt Riddle August 2017.jpg Matt Riddle Face Allentown, PA Arm-trapped elbow strikes
Bro To Sleep
The Final Flash
The Floating Bro
Tombstone Piledriver
Matthias.jpg Matthias Face
Max.png Max Face
Max.jpg Max Heel
D14a399b7f85f2e618f1c9539c682057.jpg Maxi Face Japan
-Render- McGee.png McGee Face
Mem.png Memnock Face
MendelTransparentPic-0.png Mendel Face
Mephisto-in-article.jpg Mephisto Heel
Meruem.jpg Meruem Heel
MikeyBlumberg.JPG.jpg Michael "Mikey" Blumberg Face
MichaelMyers.jpg Michael Myers Heel Haddonfield, IL Chokeslam
Mikey Static.png Mickey Face
NewMikeHQ.png Mike Face
Luffy.jpg Monkey D. Luffy Face Rusukaina Pirates Spinning Kick
Montez Ford.jpg Montez Ford Face Chicago, IL Frog Splash
Mordecai.png Mordecai Face Five-Star Jay Splash
Morty Smith (dimensione sostitutiva).png Morty Smith Face
802556087 8cb0fb10ca.jpg Mosley "Mo" Moville Face
Tumblr inline p3dkc7EvKR1rtzth7 540.jpg Mouse Face
Mr-bean-rowan-atkinson-132531.660x368.jpg Mr. Bean (Comedy) Face London, England
Wayside-character-Mr-Kidswatter.png Mr. Kidswatter Heel
MrLonely.png Mr. Lonely Face
Mr Pickles.png Mr. Pickles Heel Old Town
Mr.Trance.jpg Mr. Trance Face Colombia
Myron Cartoon.jpg Myron Face
Mysterio.jpg Mysterio Heel
Naruto Uzumaki profilo.png Naruto Uzumaki Face Japan Ninja Sidekick
Nathan Swift2.jpg Nathan Swift Face
Necallirender.png Necalli Heel
Ned Flemkin.jpg Ned Flemkin Face
Neil.png Neil Face
Resident-Evil-3-4.jpg Nemesis Heel Chokeslam
5515254-screen shot 2016-11-03 at 8.18.15 am.png Neron Heel
Nestor .png Nestor Heel
Newton.jpg Newton Face
Nick jackson render by rendermaker-dbfjsyz.png Nick Jackson Heel Rancho Cucamonga, CA
3f18b0f130c031ff22e953a97f14752c.jpg Nightmare Heel Sword of Damnation (Chokeslam)
Nightwing Profile.png Nightwing Face Gotham City The Turning of the Night
Total-drama-island-noah-total-drama-world-tour-png-favpng-Ja206Ytm6FqbeUMMaAWiXkmD5.jpg Noah Face
NLC.png Noctis Lucis Caelum Face Insomnia
Norbert Beaver.png Norbert Beaver Face
Odie.png Odie Face
Ollie - Ollie27s Pack.png Ollie Face
Threea-toys-transformers-bumblebee-dlx-scale-collectible-figure-series-optimus-prime.jpg Optimus Prime Face Transform Slam
Oskar von Horrificus.jpg Oskar von Horrificus Face
Otto Rocket.png Otto Rocket Face Ocean Shores, CA
Owen.png Owen Face
221980 199044120138928 157579717618702 517230 1815010 n.jpg Patroklos Alexandra Face Greece
Pecola.png Pecola Face
PedroHB.png Pedro Face
PedroSK.jpg Pedro Face
Pegasus Seiya.jpg Pegasus Seiya Face Constellation Back Suplex Pin
Pelswick by theiransonic-d96tz0y.jpg Pelswick Face
Peri.png Peri Face
Pete Laugh.png Pete TBD
Peter-Griffin.jpg Peter Griffin Face Quahog, RI
Phil DeVille.png Phil Face
PhilSebben.jpg Phil Sebben Heel
Rc19990720b.jpg Pleskit Face
Poldo Spaghetti.jpg Poldo Spaghetti Face
Poppa Bunny.png Poppa Bunny Face
Ace-copertina-800x500.jpg Portgas D. Ace Face Mt. Colubo Pirates Spinning Kick
Predator-2018-set-photo-spoilers-20001131-1280x0.jpg Predator Heel Jungle Spike
Prometheshock.jpg Prometeus Heel
Puffin.jpg Puffin Face
Marvel-champions-lcg-quicksilver-pack-eroe-espansione.jpg Quicksilver Face
Ra'sAlGhul.jpg Ra's Al Ghul Heel
Screen shot 2017 02 15 at 33858 pm.png Rabbit Face
Radioactive-Man-Marvel-Comics-b.jpg Radioactive Man Heel
Raoh.jpg Raoh Heel Running Powerslam
Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) 2003.jpg Raphael Face New York City, NY
Sc4-raphael.jpg Raphael Sorel Heel France Bloodluster (Sister Abigail)
Rashidrender.png Rashid Face United Arabian Emirates
The Red Guy.jpg The Red Guy Heel Chokeslam
88116391 338287203756891 5872771025933959168 n.png Red Hour Heel The Seventh Circle of Hell The Nail in The Coffin (Hangman's DDT)
The Soul Harvester (Iron Claw or Mandible Claw)
Ktk7nB8t 0802181225111gpadd.jpg Red Skull Heel Chokeslam
Final-fantasy-7-remake-red-xiii-giocabile-come-v7-441845.jpg Red XIII Face
Cole-evans-2754773-normal.jpg Red Wild Force Ranger Face
Renhoek.png Ren Hoek Face
1521459244.jpg Renji Abarai Face Japan
Rich Swann 2019-07-05 (cropped).jpg Rich Swann Face Baltimora, MA Fantastic Voyage
160px-Rick Sanchez.png Rick Sanchez Face
RickyBowen.jpg Ricky Bowen Face
Rig-doa5-fighters-pack-costume.jpg Rig Face Canada Sleeper Choke (Coquina Clutch), MMA Rush (Left Knee, Right Knee, and STO)
Rigby.png Rigby Face Five-Star Raccoon Splash
78061fe8c026062176d28fae3ad00883.png Rob Face
Ttgr.png Robin Face Titan's Tower, Crossface
RoboPecola.png Robo Pecola Face
Rock Static 2.png Rock Face
Rockzilla.jpg Rockford Amadeus "Rock" Zilla Face
Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life).png Rocko Face O-Town
2860fb3cb9860e5ef014cf2372a83ad1.jpg Rocksteady Heel New York
RoderickStrong.jpg Roderick Strong Face Eau Claire, WI Strong Hold
Rodney.png Rodney Face
Zoro.jpg Roronoa Zoro Face Kuraigana Island Pirate Spinning Kick
Roy.png Roy Face
188-1885665 total-drama-ridonculous-race-ryan-png-download-total.png Ryan Heel
Ryu-Street-Fighter-IV-Capcom.jpg Ryu Face Japan
1bc50fec3dbffc83618f26579513df89.png Sabertooth Heel
Sabo.jpg Sabo Heel
Sam.png Sam Face
Sam 28Total Drama Online29.png Sam Face
184b3b6bd6eb18db-600x338.jpg Sami Zayn Face Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Samuel.jpg Samuel Face
Samurai Jack.jpg Samurai Jack Face Japan
SasukeUchiha.jpg Sasuke Uchiha Face Japan Ninja Sidekick
Sawyer.jpg Sawyer Face
FFXIII-Sazh.png Sazh Katzroy Face DDT
Scar.jpg Scar Heel Africa
IbB9S643 400x400.jpg Scaredy Face
ScottRainofTerror.png Scott Heel
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Sephiroth-scaled.jpg Sephiroth Heel Midgar, Gaia
SethDigata.jpg Seth Face
Seto Kaiba.png Seto Kaiba Heel Japan Ultimate Solution, Kaiba Corps Recliner
Shadow the Hedgehog Artwork - Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed.png Shadow the Hedgehog Heel Chaos Control
235c56b9a5fc060da88b6512edba5cae.jpg Shan Yu Heel The Afterlife
Shawnsmilestand.png Shawn Face
6ff69cd387ad0bbc9914e03696791586.jpg Shawn Frost Face
Shin-Chan.png Shin Nohara Face
Shishio Makoto.jpg Shishio Makoto Heel The Sarcophagus Lock
Shun-kazami-bakugan-battle-planet-163734.jpg Shun Kazami Face
Cb7be61a04f94213215fe8cf05f5a86f.jpg Siegfried Schtauffen Face Germany Sword of Forgiveness (Pedigree)
D73b6e4c2868c31f30cf155a7163db2f.png Silver the Hedgehog Face
Silvio Spaghetti.png Silvio Spaghetti Face
Esme-Roy-Simon-Swoozle.png Simon Swoozle Face
A7633d79aeaafa82571af4e1f702f6d4.jpg Sinestro Heel
Tumblr p2p654jiTn1vbeykuo1 250.png Sir Longuelot Heel
Sleepy.jpg Sleepy Face
Cascão.PNG.png Smudge Face Brazil
Player Snow Villiers.png Snow Villiers Face Hurracarana
68abe92ee35e6f401bba62574b8ffd29.jpg Snuggs Muzzywump Face
54861d9d1fe39a42b6e7864231542164.jpg Solid Snake Face Somwhere in United States
Grundyfoe.png Solomon Grundy Heel
Sonic-the-hedgehog-metal-sonic-tails-sonic-forces-hedgehog-png-clip-art.png Sonic the Hedgehog Face Mobius Speed Adjuster, Sonic Boom Clothesline, 7 Emeralds
Aizen.png Sosuke Aizen Heel Las Noches, Hueco Mundo Belly to back Piledriver
Spiderman-avengers.jpg Spiderman Face New York 5-Star Spider Splash
Spud eating.png Spud Face
DFFNT Squall Leonhart Render.png Squall Leonhart Face
SquireFlicker.jpg Squire Flicker Face
Srr.jpg Squirt Face
AmericanDad 09 Stan v1F.jpg Stan Smith Face
SteveWWL.png Steve Face
AmericanDad 09 Steve v1F.jpg Steve Smith Face
Steven Special Pose.png Steven Universe Face
Stewie Griffin.png Stewie Griffin ??? Quahog, RI
40d64aff9092ed8fa1a69215f053fb09.jpg Stimpy Cat Face
Tada.jpg Stoker Grimtale Cryptcrawler II Heel
SuperSkrull.jpg Super Skrull Heel
Supermanflying.png Superman Face Planet Krypto S-5
73351.jpg Susumu Utada Face
Swamp Thing Profile.png Swamp Thing Face
Lucifero.jpg Tag Face
Tails Artwork - Sonic Lost World.png Tails Face Mobius Smart Cut, Tornado
Taiyoh Ozora.jpg Taiyoh Ozora Face
Tatsumi Oga.png Tatsumi Oga Face Japan
Thanos.jpg Thanos Heel Infinity Powerbomb
57608933 283517269243923 4309581262211206581 n.jpg Theodore "Roach" Roachmont Face
Tj-detweiler.png Theodore Jasper "T.J." Detweiler Face
Tommy Dawkins.jpg Thomas P. "Tommy" Dawkins Tweener (Face as human, Heel as werewolf)
41DYw0WElHL. AC .jpg Thor Face Asgard The Punishment from Asgard
My-Friend-Rabbit-character-Thunder-the-Rhino.png Thunder Face
Tidus.jpg Tidus Face
TimmyTurner.png Timmy Turner Face Dimmsdale, CA Fairly Odd-Driver, Wishing Star Press
Tiny.png Tiny Face
1200px-Toad.jpg Toad Face Toadstool Kingdom
Todd wayside.png Todd Face
Tom.png Tom Face
Tomasso bio-89cd4a14dee8422539989f9afdf29e06.webp Tommaso Ciampa Face Boston, MA Bridging Fujiwara armbar
Fairy-Tale Ending
Project Ciampa
Psycho Cutter
Will0w's Bell
Tommy.jpg Tommy Face
0a2db14fc301af170b36f9f9ca789d5a.jpg Tommy Pickles Face
180pxGTAVC TommyVercetti3.jpg Tommy Vercetti Face Vice City Vice City Crusher
Tony Nese bio-a62affaa6dded2b0edeb9898fc998222.webp Tony Nese Heel Ridge, NY 450° Splash
Pumphandle Slam
Running knee strike
Dbl651o-37d51e4f-dd8e-4aba-83d8-0792dc6ce5ee.png Topher Face
Toriko.jpg Toriko Face Japan
Toshiro Hitsugaya.jpg Toshiro Hitsugaya Face Japan
Trafalgar-D.-Water-Law-Capitano-Dei-Pirati-Heart.jpg Trafalgar Law Heel Spider Miles
TrentInTheBigPic.png Trent Heel
Trevor Troublemeyer.jpg Trevor Troublemeyer Face
Krillin.jpg Trunks Face Saiyan Back Suplex Pin
Tsuna.png Tsuna Sawada Face Namimori
Warthog Ty.png Ty Archer Face
Tyler.png Tyler Heel
Super Tyler 1.png Tyler Bowman Face
Typhoeus.png Typhoeus Heel
"T-Dawg" Tyrone Daniels Face Los Angeles, CA; Residing: Malibu, CA The Walk-Off (Sweet Chin Music), Light Up The Halo (Stone Cold Stunner),Dawg Bite (Batista Bite)
Ty Washington.jpg Tyrone "Ty" Washington Face
51aqxePtgUL. AC SY550 .jpg Ultraman Face
Ultron.jpg Ultron Heel
Uncle Chan.jpg Uncle Chan Face
Unicorn.png Unicorn Face
Vaan.PNG.png Vaan Face
2a1e2d278951d2aad7832ca9b528b2a5.jpg Vector the Crocodile Face Crocodile Bomb
Dragon-ball-super-vegeta-dio-distruzione-v3-419341.jpg Vegeta Face Planet Vegeta Saiyan Sidekick
VikSK.jpg Vik Face
Vince 28329.jpg Vincent Pierre "Vince" LaSalle Face
VincentValentine.jpg Vincent Valentine Tweener
C1814.png Vinsmoke Sanji Face Momoiro Island Pirate Spinning Kick
Vision.jpg Vision Face
Player Vivi Orunitia.png Vivi Orunitia Heel
220px-Voldo.png Voldo Heel Naples, Italy Deaf and Dumb Claw (Sister Abigail)
206638-wakka.jpg Wakka Face
Wallace.jpg Wallace Face
Waluigi.png Waluigi Heel Koopa Laboratories
Wario MP8.png Wario Heel Koopa Laboratories
Willy-zilla-my-dad-the-rock-star-3.85.jpg William "Willy" Zilla Face
Wolf.jpg Wolf Face
Return-of-wolverine-01-2-670x350.jpg Wolverine Face Canada
Wyatt Williams.jpg Wyatt Williams Face
Wynton-styles-163724.jpg Wynton Styles Face
Kunh.jpg Xavier Foster Face
4ec2548ecb453.jpg Xiba Face China
605235.jpg Yangzi Face
Unnamed (1).jpg Yoda Face
Yoshi.png Yoshi Face Yoshi Valley
YoshiSCIV.jpg Yoshimitsu Heel Japan
2e2c2d918f93441d9a676f8c3ccb85b100c1b7fdv2 00.jpg Younger Toguro Heel
Yugi Muto.jpg Yugi Muto Face German Suplex Pin
Yusuke Urameshi.jpg Yusuke Urameshi Face Yusuke Uranage, Hagakure
Sc5-zwei-ein.jpg Z.W.E.I. Face Germany Wolfhug (Bearhug)
108665 original.jpg Zachary "Zack" Greenburg Face (even if he's a troublemaker...)
Zaiah Steele.png Zaiah Steele Face
9fc122bc23d09c8eb7a80c051c90ffea--zebras-game.jpg Zebra Heel
Zenblock.jpg Zenblock Face
Dissidia-FF-NT-PV 12-14-17.jpg Zidane Face
Zorak.png Zorak Heel


Image Name Alignment Billing Signatures Finishers Inactive Note
AbbyArcherRegularOutfit.png Abby Archer Face
4467010-aja.jpg Aja Leith Face
Tumblr p4zzkpgYUQ1vz7yyco1 640.png Akiko Face
Alex Quinn.png Alex Quinn Heel Glasgow, Scotland St. Andrew's Driver (Omega Driver)
KO Punch
Alice (Go Away Unicorn) Tranparentpic.png Alice Face
TotallyPracticalDarkJediUniform-JAMV.png Alora Heel
FB260BB0-8BB3-40BA-9DCB-251C7EBDAAE5.png Amethyst Face
Amy infobox.png Amy Face
E93817b76b4c920f81e3cdcf290a7826.png Amy Rose Face Love Tornado
0524936d31f98ca1de0ed84bdc311bc2.jpg Angelica Pickles Face
Anna Spaghetti.png Anna Spaghetti Face
Anne Maria RM2.PNG.png Anne Maria TBD
Annie.png Annie Harris Face
Arale.png Arale Norimaki Face Gengoro Island Spear
Aria blaze mesmerizing stars by imperfectxiii-d7sa97i.png Aria Blaze Heel
Db4wvVG.jpg Ashe Face
Spinelli 28229.png Ashley Funicello Spinelli Face
Atlanta.png Atlanta Face
AuntyYorkshire.png Auntie Yorkshire Face
Cereza Bayonetta 2 render.png Bayonetta Face Deja Vù City Witch Kick (Scissors Kick)
Umbran Climax (Harlem Hangover)
Total-Drama-Beth-laughing-hard.png Beth TBD
605234.jpg Bex Face
Billie-eilish.jpg Billie Eilish Heel Los Angeles, CA
Biscuit 2011.png Biscuit Krueger Heel
BlackCat.jpg Black Cat Heel
Bloom.jpg Bloom Face
7919f65e6dfa9e766f004b7cc8787cfc.png Blossom Face Powerpuff Punch (Superman's Punch) Galaxy Women's Championship (current)
BlytheBaxter.jpg Blythe Baxter Face
Featured-Image-Boa-Hancock-Cropped.jpg Boa Hancock Face Amazon Lily
Bridgette.png Bridgette TBD
Bubbles.png Bubbles Face Powerpuff Punch (Superman's Punch)
95d1dcb855c3b38f9cf8543bca78ad30.jpg Buttercup Face Powerpuff Punch (Superman's Punch)
Caitlincooke2.png Caitlin Cooke Face
I3anjxto40symy6xiz0w 400x400.jpeg Candace Flynn Heel CKO, Crippler Crossface
Carrie2wt 2.png Carrie Face
556ab9b742578cb90311bb27d5798d3a--jem-and-the-holograms-book-characters.jpg Carmen "Raya" Alonzo Face
Dc-comics-catwoman-presenta-nuovo-provocante-costume-v3-394600-1280x720.jpg Catwoman Heel
ChaneyRed.jpg Chaney Face
Char Gallery Cheetah JUSTL Cv13 5d79afcfbe1120.77147499.jpg Cheetah Heel
76d6a5b71795b584d34a22eeb36e33d8.jpg Circe Heel
Cleo - Ollie's Pack.png Cleo Face
TDA DIY Char Courtney.png Courtney TBD
Crimson total drama presents the ridonculous race crimson cosplay costume.jpg Crimson Heel
Daisy Artwork - Super Mario Party.png "Princess" Daisy Heel Toadstool Kingdom
HQDakota.png Dakota Heel
300px-Dana.png Dana Face
NewDawnHQ.png Dawn Face
DeeDee-DextersLaboratory.png Dee-Dee McPherson Face Burbank, CA Shooting Star Press
Dumpling.jpg Dumpling Face
Virtua-fighter-5-virtua-fighter-3-virtua-quest-virtua-fighter-4-png-favpng-BqL95N7tJyC2ttynSrFCJ3eiv.jpg Dural Heel Scissors Kick
Edie.png Edie Face
My-Friend-Rabbit-character-Edweena-the-elephant.png Edweena Face
70e1501ee4f0c6579778d1fbd367543c.png Eliza Thornberry Face
Ceeaaf9988280c182309add092924752.png Ella Face
Ellody static.png Ellody Face
Eloise Riffler.png Eloise Riffler Face
Youloveit com mysticons pictures02.png Emerald Zirconia Goldenbraid Face
272-2724116 total-drama-emma-png-png-download-ridonculous-race.png Emma Face
Enchantress.jpg Enchantress Heel
Esme.png Esme Face
Eva Fails.png Eva Heel
Esme-Roy-Character-Fig-Ooga.png Fig Ooga Face
300px-Flora.png Flora Face
Garnet-NewGen 2.png Garnet Face
Ea8f0ad9346a5e7a0a8dbc0db5edacbb.jpg Gina Porter Face
1cc33aca1cefe506749871d0f9078115.jpg Giorno Giovanna Heel
6f01f6c2139b851efab248a5ac73fae8.png Gothetta Gothetticus Face
Gretchen2.jpg Gretchen Gritcherson Face
Character gretchen.jpg Gretchen Priscilla Grundler Face
GwenSitting1.png Gwen Heel
Gwen Tennyson.jpg Gwen Tennyson Face Bellwood, IL
HaemiPink.jpg Haemi Face
My-Friend-Rabbit-character-Hazel-909x1024.png Hazel Face
Hazel-character-art.png Hazel Charming Face
Heath.png Heather Heel
Helga pataki by cruelladevil84 dc2xnxe-fullview.jpg Helga Pataki Heel
Hera herculw.jpg Hera Heel
220px-Hildegard von Krone.png Hildegard "Hilde" Von Krone Face Germany Spear
Irma Spaghetti.png Irma Spaghetti Face
Isabella.jpg Isabella Garcia-Saphiro Face Sweet Kiss from Issy
Fireside Jamboree
What'cha Doin'?
220px-Ivy Valentine.png Isabella "Ivy" Valentine Heel England Sword Choker (Tazmission)
IzzyTD.png Izzy Tweener Capoeira Rondhouse Kick
Jade-03.gif Jade Chan Face Jade Clash
Jasmine.png Jasmine Face
Jane Face
Jeanie.jpg Jeanie Face
Total drama jen vector stance by tdsameylove-d8yy2vb.png Jen Face
Jenny.jpg Jenny Face
Shope battleball.jpg Jenifer Shope Face
Jem.jpg Jerrica "Jem" Benton Face
Jing.png Jing Harris Face
Jinx 28TTG29.png Jinx Heel
Jo.jpg Jo Face
Total drama josee vector stance by tdsameylove-d8x602x.png Josee Heel
Josie.jpg Josie McCoy Face
Tvc-jun-the-swan.jpg Jun the Swan Face
Kaguya crying.jpg Kaguya Otsutsuki Heel Chokeslam
Kamala Harris Vice Presidential Portrait.jpg Kamala Harris ??? Oakland, CA
Katie.png Katie Face
Katniss Il canto della rivolta - Parte 2.png Katniss Everdeen Face
KatrinaG.jpg Katrina Face
Trina.png Katrina "Trina" Riffin Heel
KellyFullbody.png Kelly Heel
Kendra Kloss.png Kendra Kloss Heel Kansas City, MO Klose Out (Rear Naked Choke)
Kim Possible.jpg Kim Possible Face Middleton Possible Kicks
DhEs-pqUEAUw14O.jpg Kimber Benton Face
Kim.png Kimberly Harris Heel
F82930362c08aa1226e8822673e4e963.png Kitty Face
399-3999165 sidekick-kitty-ko-joyful-sidekick-kitty-ko.png Kitty Ko Face Japan? China?
640-6408969 willas-wild-life-koko-hd-png-download.png Koko Face
Krapika2.png Kurapika Heel
Lana Loud.jpg Lana Loud Face
Laney Penn.png Laney Penn Face
805C7D5C-6D2A-4799-B48F-F48C7B4E8236.png Lapis Face
Laurarender.png Laura Matsuda Face Brazil
Laurie HD.png Laurie Face
Lavender-character-art.png Lavander Face
Leni Loud.jpg Leni Loud Face
TDA DIY Char Leshawna.png LeShawna Face
3d2919318e9717a2be89078b46f5da52.jpg Lia Venegas Face
FFXIII-Lightning CG.png Lightning Face
Lil DeVille.png Lil Face
LinSK.jpg Lin Face
Lindab.png Linda Belcher Face
863b3b0621e2a8b8c96d15ad29897a94885e33aar1-2048-2048v2 hq.jpg Lindsay Heel
The Loud House Lisa Nickelodeon.png Lisa Loud Face
Lisa Simpson.png Lisa Simpson Face Springfield Springfield Drop
The Loud House Lola 2.png Lola Loud Face
Lori Loud.jpg Lori Loud Face
Louise render.png Louise Belcher Face
Luan.png Luan Loud Face
The Loud House Lucy Nickelodeon.png Lucy Loud Face
Lulu.jpg Lulu Heel
Luna.png Luna Loud Face
150'x Lydia Lopez Face
The Loud House Lynn Nickelodeon.png Lynn Loud Jr. Face
MacArthur.png MacArthur Face
Maggie.png Maggie Face
Magali.PNG.png Maggie Face Brazil
47a489e9aaa183714818521a9a874a2a.jpg Maleficient Heel
Mariawong.jpg Maria Wong Face China?
Marta Spaghetti.png Marta Spaghetti Face
Martha.png Martha Face
188-1885110 transparent-drama-png-total-drama-the-ridonculous-race.png Mary Face
Maurecia.jpg Maurecia Face
Mavis-count-dracula-hotel-transylvania-series-animation-animation-png-clip-art.png Mavis Face
3341466-melody62.jpg Melody Valentine Face
Menat-1.jpg Menat Face Egypt
Mm3 ca mia 02.png Mia Face
Mia 28Duncanville29.jpg Mia Abara Face
Img-mila.png Mila Face Spain Victoria Kick (Trouble in Paradise), Sleeper Choke (Coquina Clutch), MMA Rush (Left Knee, Right Knee, and STO)
Miles Static.png Miles Face
Minabeff.png Mina Beff Heel
Momma Bunny.png Momma Bunny Face
Mônica.PNG.png Monica Face
Mrs. Jewls Cartoon.PNG.png Mrs. Jewls Face
E3585b7d6173336a42c319f55acb115d.png Musa Face
Nami.jpg Nami Swan Face
Sc5 pub 2d natsu1-copy.jpg Natsu Face Japan
2ab54d2d67d1e2364346d290ca213f50.jpg Nini-Salazar Roberts Face
NoelleMovie2019.png Noelle Kringle Face
94f1da361addf6a7d012a9c617a140b4.jpg Oblina Face
Vanille.jpg Oerba Dia Vanille Face
Ff13-fang.png Oerba Yun Fang Face
Ep347OrihimeProfile.png Orihime Inoue Face Japan
Patty patty putty from superhero kindergarten by juacoproductionsarts dejnpj6-pre.jpg Patty Face
Peach Toadstool.png "Princess" Peach Face Toadstool Kingdom
CYM Pearl Request by RylerGamerDBS.png Pearl Face
Pearlie.png Pearlie Face
Peg PNG.png Peg Face
Kisspng-amethyst-peridot-steven-universe-save-the-light-i-image-hkuj-png-youtube-poop-wiki-fandom-powered-5cd9dad4558946.6079714815577812043504.jpg Peridot Face
Mysticons-piper-willowbrook-2-png-clipart.jpg Piper Willowbrook Face
Posie-character-art.png Posie Face
Mysticons arkayna by figyalova-dbonfla.png Princess Arkana Goodfey Face
Tumblr pfj5syCzN11xypy30o1 250.png Princess Flame Face
SCV Pyrrha Alexandra.png Pyrrha Alexandra Face Greece
Matsumoto Rangiku Mugshot 2.png Rangiku Matsumoto Face Brazil?
Il 570xN.1207022749 4ugf.jpg Raven Face Raven's Wings (Underhook Piledriver)
Raven Effect (DDT)
Azarath Metrion Zinthos #2 (Fireman's Double Knee Gutbuster)
RAS.jpg Ronnie Anne Santiago Face Brazil?
Rosebud2.jpg Rosebud ??? Germany
RubyGloom.jpg Ruby Gloom Face
RubySnarkis.jpg Ruby Snarkis Face
Rukia Kuchiki.png Rukia Kuchiki Face
Sadie1.png Sadie Face
Sailor moon.jpg Sailor Moon Face Spinning Heel Kick
Posesamey.png Samey Face
SandersFullBody.png Sanders Face
Scarlet-witch-72867.1200x675.jpg Scarlet Witch Face
Total drama pahkitew island scarlett official by t by sagora d7sffjg-fullview.png Scarlett ???
Serah Farron.jpg Serah Farron Face
Af96035136ce3dc354190ac502bea9c4.png Shana Elmsford Face
Sharoncutiepie.jpg Sharon Spitz Face
Shotzi.jpg Shotzi Blackheart Heel Santa Clara County, CA Diving Senton
Romero Stretch Dragon Sleeper
Tiger Suplex
SloaneVenderman.jpg Sloane Plunderman Face
Sky worried.png Sky Face
Staci-Ryancountdown.png Staci Face
Stacy Stickler 2.png Stacey Stickler Face Stickler Kick
StacyConsiglia.png Stacy Hirano Face Japan?
Stella-Winx-Club-casual.png Stella Face
Stephanie-0.png Stephanie Heel
Sugar Total Drama.png Sugar TBD
Camp Lakebottom - Suzi.png Suzi Heel
D9sf0fw-30d8ef32-71dd-4e8d-9c85-162f2c284205.jpg Tammy Face
34068d26201af9c810c357573692bbab.png Taylor Heel
300px-Tecna.png Tecna Face
Terra 1.jpg Terra Heel
Theresa.png Theresa Face
Esme-Roy-Tillie-Plink.png Tillie Pink Face
Tina render.png Tina Ruth Belcher Face
344ffa479813d35b0e4d50205f39664f.jpg Tira Heel Germany
Sei-Ursula-Riuscirai-a-rubare-il-principe-Eric-alla-giovane-Ariel-2.jpg Ursula Heel
9deda14b58361a7e78e79ead34b5909c.jpg Valerie Brown Face
86e0b63d-full.jpeg Vana Glama Face
VanessaDoofenschmitz.jpg Vanessa Doofenschmitz Heel Germany?
Vicky.jpg Victoria "Vicky" Kelley Face
ME0001449620 2.jpg Viola Face
73-738711 wanda-fairly-odd-parents-transparent-hd-png-download.png Wanda Face Dimmsdale, CA
Show-pod-willas-wild-life-5798d370941b5-740f9be35578a2f0da3ac156a9333230600f5b88.jpg Wanda Face
Wendy-blob-320069-normal.jpg Wendy Blob Face
Comicvine-wonderwoman77 colorb 5435ba666df60112070115 jpg 600x0 q85.jpg Wonder Woman Face
5xlP0.png Yoruichi Shihoin Face Japan
Tumblr n2uy1bAWmQ1rwj7l1o7 250.png Youngmee Song Face China
081501902-131302a0-a33a-45a2-8961-bf9abe987731.jpg Yuffie Kirasagi Face
085421582-2aa29735-3990-401b-9d50-d84b638d21bc.jpg Yuna Face
Mysticons zarya moonwolf by figyalova-dbonfyo.png Zarya Moonwolf Face
125be7866363be5366d00fff513343b4.jpg Zealot Face
ZoeyinTDAS.png Zoey Face

Male Tag Team/Faction

Name Members Alignment Finishers
Adventure Time Finn
Adversity Twins Jay
Alien Guides Memnock
Angry Beavers Daggett Beaver
Norbert Beaver
The Brotherhood Cody Rhodes
CatDog CatDog (Yeah, it's a one character, but count him as two) Face
CPA (Chaotix Protection Agency) Espio the Chameleon
Vector the Crocodile
The Deadly Saints Firestar Hart
Johnny Gat
#DIY Johnny Gargano
Tommaso Ciampa
Di-Gata Defenders Adam
Father and Son Dwayne
Finezza Twins Gianni Finezza
Gionni Finezza
Kong Bros Diddy Kong
Donkey Kong
Ned's Newt Ned Flemkin
Penguins Blinky
Reality Bullies Duncan
Reality Ghetto Cameron
Reality TV Pros Noah
Regular Show Mordecai
The Ren & Stimpy Show Ren Hoek
Stimpy Cat
Rick & Morty Morty Smith
Rick Sanchez
Rockers Rock
Sam & Max Max
Sea Patrol Cap'n K'nuckles
Shed Ed
Stepbrothers Chet
Street Fighters Ryu
Ken Masters
Street Profits Angelo Dawkins
Montez Ford
Surfer Dudes Brody
Team Galaxy Brett
Joshua Kirkpatrick
Tennis Rivals Gerry
The Undisputed Era Adam Cole
Bobby Fish
Kyle O'Reilly
Wario Ware Inc. Waluigi
The Watterson Brothers Gumball Watterson
Darwin Watterson
Young Bucks Matt Jackson
Nick Jackson
Zaiah Steele & Dhar Mann Dhar Mann
Zaiah Steele

Female Tag Team/Faction

Name Members Alignment Finishers
Cheerleader Twins Amy
Geniuses Ellody
Hammerlocks Alex Quinn
Kendra Kloss
Jem and the Holograms Aja Leith
Carmen "Raya" Alonzo
Jerrica "Jem" Benton
Kimber Benton
Shana Elmsford
Josie and the Pussycats Josie McCoy
Melody Valentine
Valerie Brown
Little Charmers Hazel Charming
Mother and Daughter Kelly
Mysticons Emerald Xirconia Goldenbraid
Piper Willowbrook
Princess Arkana Goodfey
Zarya Moonwolf
Police Cadets MacArthur
Powerpuff Girls Blossom
Realitwins Katie
Sisters Emma
Vegans Laurie
Winx Club Bloom
Z-Squad Chaney

Mixed Tag Team/Faction

Name Members Alignment Finishers
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Ickis
Best Friends Carrie
Birdz Eddie
Corn & Peg Corn
Class of the Titans Archie
Daters/Haters Ryan
Dumb Bunnies Baby Bunny
Momma Bunny
Poppa Bunny
East High School Scolars E.J. Caswell
Gina Porter
Nini Salazar-Roberts
Ricky Bowen
Elebros Lou
Esme & Roy Esme
Fairly Oddparents Cosmo
Fashion Bloggers Jen
George and Martha George
Geniuses Ellody
Goths Crimson
Grojband Corey Riffin
Kin Kujira
Kon Kujira
Laney Penn
Ice Dancers Jacques
The Laboratory Family Dexter
LARPers Leonard
The Loud House Lana Loud
Leni Loud
Lincoln Loud
Lisa Loud
Lola Loud
Lori Loud
Luan Loud
Lucy Loud
Luna Loud
Lynn Loud Jr.
The Most Annoying Couple In Reality Shows Tyler
Mythic Warriors Hades
Reality Military Love Brick
Recess Ashley Fucinello Spinelli
Gretchen Priscilla Grundler
Gustav Patton "Gus" Griswald
Michael "Mikey" Blumberg
Theodore Jasper "T.J." Detweiler
Vincent Pierre "Vince" LaSalle
The Rugrats Angelica Pickles
Tommy Pickles
Seals Brides Edie
The Simpsons Bart Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Spaghetti Family Anna Spaghetti
Franco Spaghetti
Irma Spaghetti
Marta Spaghetti
Poldo Spaghetti
Silvio Spaghetti
Stickin Around Bradley
Stacey Stickler
Super Noobs Jennifer Shope
Kevin Reynolds
Theodore "Roach" Roachmont
Tyler Bowman
Superheroes Kindergarten Billy
Captain Arnold Armstrong
The Tennyson Cousins Ben Tennyson
Gwen Tennyson
Vegans Laurie
Wayside School Dana
Mrs. Jewls
WildC.A.T.S. Huntsman
The Wild Thornberrys Darwin
Eliza Thornberry

RWC Fear

RWC Fear logo (fixed).png

RWC Fear is the Tuesday night series event in RWC.

Location: Toyota Center in Houston, TX

Theme Song: "Bassmatic" by Nina Barry

Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL, Mike Tenay, & Vampiro


Image Name Alignment Billing Signatures Finishers Accomplishments
Abe.jpg Abe Face
Abyss1.jpg Abyss Face The Dark Hole who Generated him Black Hole Slam, Shock Treatment, Chokeslam
Ace anderson funky cops by gayrasmus dcizxvn-fullview.jpg Ace Anderson Face
3086419-adventure.jpg Adventure Face
Aganos.jpg Aganos Face
Strag TV.jpg Agram Face
Alfred-larkin-foto.jpg Alfred "Al" Larkin Heel
All Might.jpg All Might Heel All Mighty Slam (Test Drive)
Andy Larkin.png Andrew "Andy" Larkin Face
Andrew Leech.jpg Andrew Leech Heel
SRMTHFG Wiki Promo Antauri.jpg Antauri Face
1082068.jpg Antony Jones Face
CesaroCesaro.jpg Antonio Cesaro Heel Lucerne, Switzerland The Gotch Neutralizer
57B63FBB-BFB6-4886-9ACC-8D352109FAF6.webp Apollo Crews Tweener Sacramento, CA Gorilla Press Slam
Olympic Slam
Spin-out Powerbomb
Arbiter.jpg Arbiter Heel State of Vadam, Shangelios Slayer of the Prophet, The Myst and the Kick, Sangheilian Drop, Lock of Vadam
Archie Andrews Face Riverdale
Artha Penn.jpg "Dragon Booster" Artha Penn Face
Asta-black-clover-prende-incredibile-cosplay-raffigurante-forma-migliore-v3-424283.jpg Asta Heel Chokeslam
5ca9cca89d22a343-600x338.jpg Austin Aries Tweener Milwaukee, WI Discus Forearm
AxelManning.jpg Axel Manning Face
Baek-doo-san.jpg Baek Doo San Face South Korea Taek-Won-Do Kick
Bartok Face
222px-Beavis BeavisandButtHead.png Beavis Face Highland
You heinus.jpg Beezy Face
BenimaruNikaido.jpg Benimaru Nikaido Face Japan
Big Dick Bussick Heel Boston, MA Frog Splash
Billy.jpg Billy Face Outer Space
Il 570xN.1644603148 b0eu.jpg Billy Face
9fed9dd28bd6f0768e7c9be5c5ab3314.png Billy Kane Heel England
Bloo-0.png Bloo Face Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Ff90d12de70bdc1c7c58e28aa753c097.jpg Blue Mystic Ranger Face
8564597253a4320c6c8f79fe963557feb633ead2r1-300-300v2 00.jpg Bo' Rai Cho Face China
Bob-t6br.jpg Bob Richards Heel Somewhere in the USA
Bobwilson-rb2.jpg Bob Wilson Face Brazil
119 RAW 01142019dg 2081-23a8032d8911c0bc1a6886161911f363.jpg Bobby Lashley Face Colorado Springs, CO Yosohuka Cutter, Dragon Sleeper, Spear, Swinging Full Nelson
Our Founding Losers6.jpg Bradley Buzzcut Heel Highland C5
22b4817cd6ace4090d2a76839a20fc1b.jpg Bryan Fury Heel Somewhere in the USA 10-Punches Hit
222px-Butt-head BevisandButtHead.png Butthead Face Highland
Captain Falcon SSB4.png Captain Falcon Face Mute City Falcon Punch
Falcon Kick
Blue Arrow
Captain flamingo a k a milo powell test by jamarioscott12 ddflhzv-fullview.png Captain Flamingo Face
1684.jpg Captain Planet Face
Stunts.gif Carlos "Stunts" Ray Face
006Ch.png Charizard Heel Spear
Chin.png Chin Face China
Srmthfg wiki promo chiro.jpg Chiro Takashi Face Japan
IJFMagS-pj1HYG25LvcvBEjc2lk.png Choki Face Tibet
Chows2.png Chowder Face World Tag Team Champion (Current)
Chhris.jpg Chris Face
Christian.jpg Christian Heel Toronto, Ontario, Canada Killswitch
Claudio Serafino.jpg Claudio Serafino Face Italy
Coco.jpg Coco Face
780bd97d167f677472dc95b821b54b7c.jpg Colonel Toros Heel
ApeTrully.png Commander Apetrully Face
200709 180984 1 024.jpg Cornelius Fillmore Face Skate Kick (Sweet Chin Music)
Craig Bennett .jpg Craig Bennett Heel
1518734-marduck main image.png Craig Marduk Heel Australia Vale Tudo Slam
Daegon Render MKA.png Daegon Heel
Dragon-quest-avventura-riscoperta-classico-v10-46756.jpg Dai Face Japan
Xilam - Shuriken School - Daisuke Togakame - Character Profile Picture.png Daisuke Togakame Face Japan
Damien.jpg Damien Heel
583e6bc6f14b2d9f7b893d993b7cdc83.png Dan Kuso Face
Danny-whats-with-andy-9.59 - Copy.jpg Daniel "Danny" Tadeus Pickett Face
DannyMBC.jpg Danny Face
Dante.jpg Dante Face The Cry of the Devil (Mandible Claw)
Darrius223iy.png Darrius Tweener
Davey-richards.jpg Davey Richards Face Othello, WA Cloverleaf
Double underhook piledriver
3042817-mr van drissen.jpg David Van Driessen Face Highland
Dean Ambrose March 2019.jpg Dean Ambrose Heel Cincinnati, OH Dirty Deeds
DickKowalski.jpg Dick Kowalski Face
Dilton 2.webp Dilton Doley Face Riverdale
Kisspng-mabel-pines-dipper-pines-grunkle-stan-gravity-fall-dipper-pines-by-on-deviantart-dipper-pines-58-5d10c5862df8c9.1250414015613802301883.jpg Dipper Pines Face Gravity Falls, OR
38690e3dc278509c44a1db9a4065fa61.png "The Bad Duck" Donald Duck Heel Duck Edge
DJMH.jpg Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Heel
22 Century Watson.webp Dr. Watson Face
The Dragon from The Pagemaster.jpg Dragon Heel
Tekken-6-bloodline-rebellion-tekken-5-sergei-dragunov-tekken-tag-tournament-2-game-character-png-clip-art-thumbnail.png Dragunov Heel Russia Sambo Kicks
GetEd.jpg Ed Face
Eddy Gordo.jpg Eddy Gordo Heel Brazil Trouble in Paradise, S.O.S
Xilam - Shuriken School - Eizan Kaburagi - Character Profile Picture.png Eizan Kaburagi Face Japan
El Diablo Heel The Gates of Hell Go To Hell (Chokeslam)
Erron Black Render 3.png Erron Black Heel The Outworld Mercenary's Hit (Pedigree)
Wt86kqbl7n341.jpg Fahkuram Heel Thailand
1519045-feng main image.png Feng Wei Heel China Kenpo Fist
FoxSSB4.png Fox McCloud Face Sector Z
23002a5b28a6fb739fceb82d7ff14f01.png Fujin Face Wind Fist
Ganryu - CG Art Image - Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.png Ganryu Face Japan Sumo Slam (World's Strongest Slam)
Garu 5.png Garu Face Japan
92726a1af7bfabb60ba2a9b396e425a6.jpg Gato Face Japan
Geese-howard-3f92d5f0-15fa-4f58-83ec-b06cd77e1d6-resize-750.jpeg Geese Howard Heel Somewhere in the U.S.A.
Artwork094 RFVF.png Gengar Heel Ghosthug Geras Heel Kronika's Liar
SRMTHFG Wiki Promo Gibson.jpg Gibson Face
Gigas.jpg Gigas Heel
03a078b76e9c09f18f74c67e63837cba.jpg Gilberto Rodriguez Heel Colombia
Gintoki Sakata.jpg Gintoki Sakata Face Katana Kluch
5688-892213843.jpg Go Kato Face
"Big Goofy Cool" Goofy Heel Goofknife Powerbomb
4679428732230649629 thumbnail.jpg Gork Heel
Goro-kofXIII.jpg Goro Daimon Face Japan
97619394fc8b953af49b11fe2455093e.jpg Green Mystic Ranger Face
8392616.jpg Greg Leviticus Face
Il 570xN.1644595016 q2d1.jpg Grim Face Grim Reaper (Clothesline from Hell)
King Grunt.PNG.png Gruntus Poobah Face
Imgbin-gumpers-pet-alien-an-intergalactic-puzzlepalooza-cartoon-network-cartoon-character-WAgYhMkifuxWJdVd7VgK53aF6.jpg Gumpers Face Another Planet
150px-Hank Hill.png Hank Hill Face
Havik2dq.png Havik Tweener The Chaosrealm Chokeslam
Hawkk.JPG.jpg Hawk Face
Heihachi.png Heihachi Mishima Heel Japan Mishima Martial Arts Kick
F9A773CD-1CB1-4818-B1F0-BF22DA1154C9.webp Henri Richard Maurice Dutoit LeFevbre Face
862babcf8c1d0ccb7789b950b41ce542.jpg Horror Face
Hotaru copia.webp Hotaru Heel Japan
Fc40bf2c419b998fcdc2629055f0cf37.png Hsu Hao Heel Piledriver
738320-hwoarang 7.jpg Hwoarang Face South Korea Taek-Won-Doo Kicks
Ispettore Gadget.png Inspector Gadget Face
Iori-yagami-kof-98-ol-male-game-character-png-clipart.jpg Iori Yagami Heel Japan
Izuku-midoriya-my-hero-academia-viene-immaginato-versione-femminile-v3-374297-752x440.jpg Izuku "Deku" Midoriya Face Japan
Xilam - Shuriken School - Jacques Morimura - Character Profile Picture.png Jacques Morimura Face Japan
Jakal promo.webp
Ja-Kal Face Egypt
Images.png Jake Long Face China Town Dragon's Flame (Spear)
129850.png James Hiller Face
Martin Mystery - Java - Character Profile Picture.png Java Face Prehistoric Caves
Pedro-pascal-narcos.jpg Javier Pena Heel Colombia
715512e05d5e1ed40161cff2dd85c4fa.png Jax Face Venice Beach, CA Steeled Arms Powerbomb
Dahcq71-cd4dd9dd-261e-437f-baea-295b68cc3b8c.png Jay Briscoe Heel Sandy Fork, DE
Jww hd.webp Jayce Face
Rs-201249-jaylethal worldchamp.jpg Jay Lethal Face Elizabeth, NJ Lethal Injection
Flipping Release Dragon Suplex
Hail to the King
Corri-ragazzo-jeeg.jpg Jeeg Robot Face
JimTheHead.jpg Jim Face
ST3 Jim Hopper portrait.jpg Jim Hopper Heel Hawkins, IN Corrupted Law (Pedigree)
Jimmy standL.png Jimmy Face
Xilam - Shuriken School - Jimmy B. - Character Profile Picture.png Jimmy B. Face
Jin Kazama.jpg Jin Kazama Face Japan Kazama's Martial Arts Kick
Jinpachi Mishima.jpg Jinpachi Mishima Heel Japan Bearhug
Joe-i9.jpg Joe Higashi Face Japan
960x0.jpg John Morrison Face Los Angeles, CA Starship Pain
Mortal kombat 91.png Johnny Cage Face Hollywood, CA Action Movie Super Kick (Sweet Chin Music)
89c1806fe3feebd1223499434a6c836d.jpg Jordan C. Wilde Face
Dx4-M1ZX4AE4kvu.png Julian Savage Face
Ropespin2.jpg Jumpy Ghostface Face Shooting Rabbit Press
K-99.jpg K' Face
KW0Yu9a.png Kan-Ra Heel Egypt
Kane (1).jpg Kane Heel Chokeslam, Tombstone Piledriver
RyotsuKankichi.png Kankichi Ryotsu Face Japan Kochikame Decimator (Pedigree)
Kanomkinferno98.png Kano Heel Australia
Katsuki-bakugo-64814.jpg Katsuki Bakugo Face
Kazuya Mishima.jpg Kazuya Mishima Heel Japan Mishima Martial Arts Kick
Ken Urban Vermin.jpg Ken Heel
70556925 731319700649156 2170377868092112896 n.jpg Kenji Nishimuri Face Japan
KenshiPNG.png Kenshi Face Japan Blind Samurai Sidekick
A55112e2e0d4f084c8fe9573efdcbf05.jpg Kim Kaphwan Face South Korea
Kingcxvv.JPG.jpg King Face
KingTekken.jpg King Face Mexico Atomic Buster
Kirby2.png Kirby Face Dreamland
Kobra-mkd.jpg Kobra Heel
Kollector.jpg The Kollector Heel
Koro sensei transparent.png Koro-sensei Face Kunugigaoka Junior High School Kokina Clutch
Kotal Kahn.jpg Kotal Kahn Face
Kuma.jpg Kuma Face Japan Bearhug
KungLao Cutout 001 copia.png Kung Lao Face China
Kusuo Saiki.jpg Kusuo Saiki Face
D7bec0dc42553093187e4f49e82d27bc.png Kyo Kusanagi Face Japan
Lance.jpg Lance Penn Face
Lars.jpg Lars Alexandersson Heel Sweden
24789xldt.png Lazlo Face Camp Kidney Five Star Monkey Splash
1518732-lee main image.png Lee Chaolan Face Japan Luxury Flipkick
8878b938351d76838fb9db1ff814fd38.jpg Lei Wulong Face Hong Kong Jackie Chan's Kick
Leroy-smith-with-sugar-tekken7-render.jpg Leroy Smith Face Brazil?
Tumblr pnn9jyJtJy1w1yk9q 400.png Lin Chung Face China
Twilight Princess - Link 05.jpg Link Face Hyrule Kingdom
Liukang21krypya33.png Liu Kang Face China Chosen One Kick (Sweet Chin Music)
Char 17665.jpg Long John Silver Heel
263036 10150236059871026 31695961025 7474263 3801747 n.webp Low Ki Face Brooklyn, NY Warrior's Way
Bite of the Dragon
Ki Krusher 99
Dragon Clutch
Warrior's Wrath
Lucio portrait.png Lucio Face Brazil S.O.S., Trouble in Paradise
Luckyman2.jpg Luckyman Face
Mac.png Mac Face Topeka, KS
Artwork068 RFVF.png Machamp Heel Macho Slam
Mansoor.webp Mansoor Heel Riyad, Saudi Arabia Diving Moonsault
Running Superkick
Electric Chair Driver
Tumblr inline p80gbxaNZY1rfp1f5 540.jpg Marcos Gonzales Face Somewhere in Latin America
Mark Briscoe.png Mark Briscoe Heel Sandy Fork, DE
Charger.gif Mark "Charger" McCutchen Face
Law-br.jpeg Marshall Law Face Somewhere in the USA Dragon's Kick
Martin Mystère.jpg Martin Mystère Face France?
Marukura Choji 01.png Marucho Marukura Face Japan
Da8ii6g-65fb8d02-fa13-4c7c-bd2b-0c4af1395e36.png Matanza Cueto Heel Honolulu, Hawaii
Mavado.jpg Mavado Heel Spain
Maxima-XIII.jpg Maxima Face Canada
Maxx by tongman-d46zcpr.png The Maxx Face Chokeslam
A56c57dfee17a371cfd7214663088db5.jpg Maxxor Heel Chokeslam
Meisuke-Nueno-YU75mFxUG-b.jpg Meisuke Nueno Face Moonlight Melee
150M.png Mewtwo Heel Cerulean Cave in Kanto Region Chokeslam
The Impact
___ , You've Been Kicked in the Nuts
Sunset Flip Powerbomb
Mighty Ray.jpg Mighty Ray Face 619
Miguel-tekken-7.jpg Miguel Heel Spain
MK Mokap Crop Render.png Mokap Face Venice Beach, CA
692247573efc2d0da4b5ae8e5d8c61f6.jpg Mokujin Face Japan
Momotaro.png Momotaro Tsurugi Face
Jughead 2.webp Mostarda Jones AKA Jughead Jones Face Riverdale
Motaro.png Motaro Heel Satyr Big Boot
Mr. Gone.png Mr. Gone Heel Darkness Cape (Tazzmission)
Whyshelookingatmelikethatfor.jpg Mr. No Hands Face Decapitator (Camel Clutch)
4349147.jpg Nathan Tomlinson Face
NessSSBU.png Ness Face Onett Town P.K. Fire (RKO)
P.K. Thunder (Brogue Kick)
N1-710x434.png Neville Tweener Newcastle upon Tyne, England Red Arrow
Rings of Saturn
1wbM-MhHtHfNUvj5jkO3ysCpTFCzOjN4dXMFwSn0IDk.jpg Nightwolf Face
Xilam - Shuriken School - Nobunaga - Character Profile Picture.png Nobunaga Face Japan
PM3Qt2B07RPL-Zf0UrbPVdKBkK -ujETRu5VyuAykNk.jpg Nova Face
Numbuh1.jpg Numbuh 1 Face Sector Z
Oble.png Oble Heel
Odd9.JPG.jpg Odd della Robbia Face
Ogre Antico.jpg Ogre Heel Mexico Chokeslam
Jayce-and-the-Wheeled-Warriors-Oon-jayce-and-the-wheeled-warriors-39849460-339-250.jpg Oon Face
Orlando Jordan.jpg Orlando Jordan Heel Miami, FL Double knee backbreaker
Reverse STO
LadyOscar.jpg Oscar François de Jarjayes Face
Otto in Stranded Seven.jpg Otto Face
Pagemaster.png The Pagemaster Heel
Dragon booster parmon sean by invalee d3ctn5d-fullview.jpg Parmon Sean Face
Pentagon0.jpg Pentagon Jr. Heel Mexico
Peter Lik.jpg Peter Lik Heel
Pikachu hi pokemon.jpg Pikachu Face Thunderbolt (Spear)
Pork.jpg Pork Face
Aika3 vector.jpg Prince Aikka Face
POP.jpg Prince of Persia Heel Iran Greetings from Persia
PrincipalDeRosa.jpg Principal DeRosa Heel
R-Truth-645x370.jpg R-Truth Heel Charlotte, NC Leaping Reverse STO
Raiden-mk9.jpg Raiden Face Electric Fly (Spear)
Rath promo.webp Rath Face Egypt
Unnamed.png Raven Face Canada Agent Ninja Kick
MjYwNWVmOTIyYjIzNzI4MWExZWMwNGQzODgwNDgxZGMU-wPRSWk2lUd5h2mE8VBNaHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmFkc2ltZy5jb20vM2RlZThhYjc2YTlmMDdmNmU4ZTJkNWY0MTcyMWRkMzgyZGQ4ZjllNmZmZjUyZjc1MmZmZmE5Y2RhYjZiY2YxMi5qcGd8fHx8fHwzMDB4NTI1fGh0dHA6Ly93d.jpg Red Mystic Ranger Face
Screenshot 20191019-144500 Gallery.webp Reggie Mantle Face (despite his arrogance) Riverdale
Reikomkrenderbywildboyz.png Reiko Heel
335fa74e8272c136312fab9cd72a28b1.jpg Remi Barberin Face
Richard Tyler Live Action.jpg Richard Tyler Face
Ricochet.jpg Ricochet Face Kentucky 630°
The Sky is Falling
Ripster.webp Ripster Face
9095973.jpg Robby Bobby Face
Robotboy.png Robotboy Face Spear
Robot Jones 300.gif Robot Jones Face Chokeslam
Rocket.jpg Rocket Face
1200px-Roger Jr.jpg Roger Jr. Face Kangaroo Punches
Roxas umano.png Roxas Face Keyblade
Backdrop-1920.jpg Roy Face
Rugalstriker.jpg Rugal Bernstein Heel Germany
Ryback.jpg Ryback Heel Las Vegas, NV Shell Shocked
Ryo Saeba.jpg Ryo Saeba Face City Hunter Slam (Pedigree)
220px-Ryo Sakazaki.png Ryo Sakazaki Face Japan
Samoa Joe.jpg Samoa Joe Face COS Enzuigiri, Chimera Plex, Coquina Clutch, Island Driver, Muscle Buster
88671-Satomi Okawa-foto.jpg Satomi Okawa Face
Sawboss.webp Saw Boss Heel
Scarab.webp Scarab Heel Egypt
B22bed90c5c3fb9d24d1e019c7aa88c4--chowders-costume-ideas.jpg Schnitzel Face Chokeslam World Tag Team Champion (Current)
B966bc583d5919470394e60e3967208c--scorpion-mortal-kombat-mortal-kombat-.jpg Scorpion Face Japan
754c269315976c09a99fb3502caf1f5f.jpg Sektor Heel
2774099-seth.jpg Seth Rollins Heel Davenport, IA Curb Stomp
Shaheen.jpg Shaheen Face Saudi Arabia
Shang tsung render 1000px.png Shang Tsung Heel China
Sharkk.JPG.jpg Shark Face
MV5BMzhkODc3ZGMtMDQwZS00YzczLTk3YWEtZWM5MmFmOThhMzM3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTM3MDMyMDQ@. V1 .jpg Sherlock Holmes Face
Shinnok.jpg Shinnok Heel The Netherrealm
9f19a9b7009194ece9201352482c023e.png Shoto Torodoki Heel
Shujinko8pc.png Shujinko Face
Shun kazami.png Shun Kazami Face Japan
SRMTHFG Wiki Promo Skeleton King.jpg Skeleton King Heel
Smokerenderexp2.png Smoke Heel
Sora.jpg "Hollywood" Sora Heel Keyblade World Heavyweight Champion (Current)
SRMTHFG Wiki Promo Sparx.jpg Sparx Face
Steve-fox-tekken-6-bloodline-rebellion-tekken-tag-tournament-2-tekken-7-tekken.jpg Steve Fox Face England Champion's Punch
Flyer.png Steve "Flyer" Sharp Face
1bde70849dd09e19527c6d226cd7fa0c.webp Streex Face
MK9 Stryker.png Stryker Face Veniche Beach, CA YOU'RE SCREWED!!!!!!! (Pedigree)
Subzerocutout2 wildboyz.png Sub-Zero Face China
Download (1)SuperRobot.jpg Super Robot Face
Yamada Taro.png Taro Yamada Face Japan Brogue Kick
TakeshiKovacs.jpg Takeshi Kovacs Face Altered Carbon Slam (Pedigree)
MKA Taven Render.png Taven Face
D4dcee28fe407f17a8740484565ca52b.jpg Terry Bogard Face Somewhere in the U.S.A.
Tommy Cadle.png Thomas Cadle Face
EFMZVexXUAIBsyo.jpg Thomas Savage Face
0-Tiger-Mask-W-review-7.jpg Tiger Mask W Face Japan
D2qswvxwkaaxogt-2.jpg TJP Heel Los Angeles, CA 540º corkscrew springboard tornado DDT
Figure Four Deathlock
Detonation Kick
Mega Buster
Skull Crusher
TJP Cluctch
3042815-tom anderson.jpg Tom Anderson Heel Highland
Screenshot 2016-04-10-00-08-34.png Tom Major Face
Tommy Xtreme Heel Saint Louis, MO TKO
Torbjorn portrait.png Torbjorn Face Iceland
10443236 672933666160140 6371681893985774239 o.png Torr Heel
Toshio Otomo-5eaaed3a70a7a.jpg Toshio Otomo Face Japan
15 tremor02.jpg Tremor Tweener Wrecking Stones (Choke Bomb)
Trent-barreta crop north.jpg Trent Barreta Heel Mount Sinai, NY Dudebuster
Dudebuster DDT
Trevor Goodchild from Pilot.png Trevor Goodchild Heel
Triple H1.jpg Triple H Face Greenwich, CT Pedigree
TVMonster.jpg TV Monster Heel
Ulrich.png Ulrich Stern Face
Ugger.jpg Ugger ??? Gore
Hqdefault12-0.jpg Victor "Vic" Muskovitz AKA Mush Face
Vrtroopers2.jpg VR Ryan Face
Wang-jinrei.jpg Wang Jinrei Face China
Weapon X Heel Worcester, MA Gore
Urdnot Wrex.png Wrex Face
Jang.png Yang Face
D21f9fd7dbb98901055629e5e19f2c29.jpg Yellow Mystic Ranger Face
5a1f1a39699301688b92f7e640b55ef6.jpg Yoshimitsu Face Japan Oni Back Suplex Pin
Zozi.png Zozi Face


Image Name Alignment Billing Signatures Finishers Inactive Note
Abby.JPG.jpg Abby Felt Face
908972e178b4c6747828d23ad561d436.png Aelita Schaeffer Face
F737ab517ad12fa2cb700b317089f70d.jpg Aeon Flux Face The Demiurge (The Pedigree)
Tumblr p1j0piXUie1wbj3a5o2 250.jpg Alex Vasquez Face Beverly Hills Buster (Jumping double knee facebreaker)
AliceBakugan.jpg Alice Gehabich Face
D7rz5cv-62c8d550-22de-4c9d-9525-bc05394f152b.jpg Amanda Highborn Face
Amanda Lopez.png Amanda Lopez Face Puerto Rico?
Screenshot--2020.03.31-01 49 23.webp Amethyst Face
0fdab1e794d5a887b059af1109d1750a.jpg Ami Onuki Face Japan Hi Hi Puff Bomb (Swanton Bomb)
Xilam - Shuriken School - Ami Saeki - Character Profile Picture.png Ami Saeki Face Japan
Aqua.jpg Aqua Face Land of Departure Keyblade
NN511L0 h3kPjVSLRnPA hiltRVZRiivptn8PzMPBE.jpg ARIA Face
Ashrah.jpg Ashrah Face The Netherrealm
26a4349c6b9240e344b1fae7d6a37400.jpg Asuka Kazama Face Japan
A-562676-1154379471.jpeg.jpg Atomic Betty Face Atomic Star Press
C6c54bc379a122f6188539bc48bde0fc.png Athena Asamiya Face Japan
Betty Cooper.webp Betty Cooper Face Riverdale, Bronx, New York
Brianna2.png Brianna Buttowski Face
2828f8c5122790419dc0b7eb8ac8054d.jpg Blue Mary Face Somewhere in the U.S.A.
9f722beeb3a4560798365b1b718b846a07e4dbde 00.jpg Candy White Andrew Face
1492529579 carmen-sandiego.webp Carmen Sandiego Face
Cetrion.jpg Cetrion Heel
Chelsea Martin Face
Cindystruction.jpg Cindy Struction Heel
Claire Savage.jpg Claire Savage Face
37859a7bc786739a53af17b70cf33068.jpg Cloe Face
29b58d85bb3e26a9f40f985e79cb36adfd67b4dcr1-440-330v2 00.jpg Clover Ewing Face Fly Cutter (Jumping cutter)
Standing tornado DDT
Cornelia2.png Cornelia Hale Face
D'Vorah.jpg D'Vorah Heel The Hive
Daria Morgendorffer.png Daria Morgendoffer Face Lawndale
Martin Mystery - Diana Lombard - Character Profile Picture - 1.png Diana Lombard Face France?
Elisesword.jpg Elise Face
Cg tekken 7 eliza.png Eliza Heel
Enid.png Enid Face
Eva Wei.jpg Eva "Molly" Wei Face China
Faith prima guide.jpg Faith Connors Face
C2618aa47afee58edf167432f542439e.jpg Fantasy Face
Z70qhae7etk21.jpg Ferra Heel
Fiona Munson.jpg Fiona Munson Face
FloraJWW.jpg Flora Face
P-grace-and-frankie-lily-tomlin.jpg Frankie Brgstein Face
Frankie pamplemousse pose by bagelandbeckyrules dbxtt8w-fullview.png Frankie Pamplemousse Face
Freida larkin.jpg Frieda Larkin Heel
Gloria fullshot.png Gloria Sato ???
Grace-Infobox 001.jpg Grace Hanson Face
Hannah Baker Thirteen Reasons Why.png Hannah Baker Face
Hay lin 2signature gaurdian.jpg Hay Lin Lin Face
Heloise stand.png Heloise Face
Download (4).jpg Hisako Face Japan
The-7d-kelli-osbourne-Hildy.jpg Hildy Gloom Heel
Hortence.png Hortense Face
BethLestrademain.webp Inspector Lestrade Face
1432966381.jpg Irma Lair Face
Isabelle SSBU.png Isabelle Face
Jackie.png Jackie Wackerman Face
Jen Larkin.png Jennifer "Jen" Larkin Heel
431f54b70ef71d7b2edec2bec4830581.jpg Jenny Wakeman Face Tremorton
Josie Rizal.jpg Josie Rizal Face Philippines
Julia T6 render.jpg Julia Chang Face Somewhere in the U.S.A. For Mother Nature!!! (Air Bourne)
Julie.png Julie Makimoto Face Japan
581957-julie winters pic 2 by 5cott 13ird.jpg Julie Winters Face
BqVpHIac 400x400.jpg Juniper Lee Face Orchid City Bay, CA International Women's Championship (current)
KairiKH.jpg Kairi Face
016.jpg Katarina Alves Heel Brazil
Kazumi Mishima.jpg Kazumi Mishima Face Japan
KendallPerkins.png Kendall Perkins Heel
4e9669c0687a0e9f2cd49fbc95e07fb1.jpg King Face France
Cutout (11).png Kira Heel
Kitt.jpg Kitt Wann Face
Kronika.jpg Kronika Heel Kronika's Liar
Ddpvaf5-40ab9d1e-a19b-44e8-a2ad-35618a3b0100.png Kula Diamond Face
558549.jpg Latrice Butler Heel Jersey City, New Jersey
Lemon Meringue hub.jpg Lemon Meringue Face
89d3cfd4d263d81a4e28dd04b5f5129d.jpg Leona Heidern Face Germany
Limei-mkd.jpg Li Mei Face China
Lidiarender.jpg Lidia Sobieska Heel Poland
Lili tekken 6.png Lili Face Principality of Monaco
Videogame-cg.jpg Ling Xiaoyu Face China
ATOM lioness.jpg Lioness Face
Lori mackney - Copy.jpg Lori McKinley Face
Cg lucky chloe tekken 7.png Lucky Chloe Heel
Flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f8f8f8.jpg Lucy Heel
LuneZeara.jpg Lune Zeara Heel
3471313e5fd5892bdd93325200fae16d.jpg Mabel Pines Face Gravity Falls, OR
Madelyn.png Madelyn Face
Mai-13extra2.png Mai Shiranui Face Japan
Mandy.png Mandy Face
Mandy Struction.jpg Mandy Struction Heel
Medaka Kurokami.jpg Medaka Kurokami Heel Japan Spinning Heel Kick
Spitfire.gif Megan "Spitfire" Fassler Face
MelissaFull.JPG.jpg Melissa Chase Face
Michael Burnham2C aboard the Shenzhou.jpg Michael Burnham Face
Bunnicula 07.jpg Mina Face
Killer Instinct - Mira.png Mira Heel Romania
Soniawalking.jpg Mystique Sonia Face
Nefertina.jpg Nefer-Tina Face Egypt