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The Race Against Time Battle Royal is a professional wrestling match up which is part of the dual main event of each years FcW Race Against Time event in the Fearless Championship Wrestling.


The Race Against Time Battle Royal is a match up in the Fearless Championship Wrestling promotion where up to thirty members of the roster(save the current FcW Universal Heavyweight Champion and Number One Contender) are entered in to a random drawing. The only way to lose/be eliminated from the match up is to be thrown(or jump) over the top rope with both feet touching the arena floor. In order to win one must remain in the match up until there are no other entrants left to enter the ring and the other combatants have been thrown or jumped over the top rope with both feet hitting the floor.


The prize of winning the Race Against Time Battle Royal is two guaranteed match ups for the FcW Universal Heavyweight Championship. One of which occurs at FcW Kingdom Come the very next month. The other of which occurs at the following years FcW Dearly Departed main event in a Fearless Match--assuming the winner is still with the promotion--along with the current reigning FcW Universal Heavyweight Champion, New Beginnings Winner and The Crown Tournament Winner.

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