REVOLT! Pro Combat
Acronym REVOLT!
Industry Professional E-Wrestling
Headquarters Flag of the United States New York, New York,
United States
Area Served Worldwide
Theme Music "Babylon" by Ekali ft. Denzel Curry (Rebellion)
"Danger" by Migos & Marshmello (Resurgence)
Additional Shows Rebellion
Established 2017
Vice President
Writer(s) Scott Diamond
CM Bank$
Maximus Grier
Sienna Jade
Head of GFX Rhyse
Founder(s) Mike Silver
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REVOLT! Pro Combat, Inc. (d/b/a REVOLT! Pro Combat (REVOLT!)) is a is an American professional wrestling promotion based in New York, New York. Mike Silver serves as the owner of REVOLT!. He has held that position since the start-up of the company; while under the leadership of Silver, REVOLT! has grown into a globally popular multibillion-dollar enterprise.

Based in the United States, the REVOLT! produces events worldwide that showcase five weight divisions. As in other professional wrestling promotions, REVOLT! shows are not legitimate contests, but purely entertainment-based, featuring storyline-driven, scripted, and choreographed matches, though they often include moves that can put performers at risk of injury if not performed correctly.

REVOLT! was privately owned by founder Mike Silver until 2017. REVOLT! holds live events, television tapings, PPVs and internet PPVs primarily in the United States and occasionally internationally. As of 2017, viewers can access live REVOLT! events and event replays on their subscription network REVOLT! Fight Grid at a cost of $7.99–$9.99 USD per month via devices like Apple TV, iPhone, Android, Xbox, Roku, and Google Chromecast as well as on pay-per-view in the U.S., Brazil, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Italy. On network TV, REVOLT! content is available on Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 in the U.S., on ESPN in the Caribbean, on BT Sport in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as in 150 countries and 22 different languages worldwide.

Company history

Growing up, Silver was an avid wrestling fan, whose entrepreneurial spirits and love for the sport inspired him to start his own company. He cites the drastic changes in the current product of wrestling as the inspiration behind REVOLT! Pro Combat.

REVOLT! was a way to bring the industry back to something he once loved, as he found out that there were plenty of fans like himself who longed for a superior watching experience. Silver’s disappointment in what he felt the wrestling industry had become is what inspired him to create the product he and others wanted. He attributes the decline to the monopolized market, and saw REVOLT! as a chance to make a new product that goes against the grain and shakes the foundations of the industry. What started out as just a few local shows at night lounges would turn into a viral sensation, with the venue sizes growing with every show. Viral campaigns helped grow the brand’s presence, eventually leading to its first show outside of its base in New York City.

Company shows

Rebellion (2017-present)


REVOLT! Pro Combat Rebellion logo

REVOLT! Rebellion was held in Philadelphia, making it the first show outside of its home base. This event helped REVOLT!’s presence on social media grow exponentially, as a match headlined and won by Kieran McGinnis went viral with clips spreading through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook garnering over 500,000 impressions. REVOLT! would have its first taste of mainstream fame through this and enter the radars of some of the biggest names in the business—one being Ronn Banks. Banks took a liking to the show and decided to become the company’s first major investor, which led to huge growth in its fanbase, and a television deal with FS1. Following the announcement of the deal with FS1, REVOLT! opted to make Rebellion its weekly show, airing every Sunday night at 8 PM EST, but was later joined by Resurgence. The first televised episode of Rebellion was held on January 14th, 2018 and featured names such as McGinnis, Prince of Phenomenal, Xavier Williams, Nobi, Ms. Extreme, Ryan Savage, and more.

Resurgence (2018-present)


REVOLT! Pro Combat Resurgence Logo

After the roster size growing dramatically and Silver seeing how popular the company's Terminal 5 shows were after its official opening, a second show called Resurgence was added to the REVOLT! lineup through an announcement on Fight Grid, airing on Saturday nights at 8 PM EST on FS2. Silver was quoted following the announcement saying “Resurgence will serve as not a secondary brand for REVOLT, but as something that is every much as important to the company as Rebellion, which is why the first ever televised REVOLT show will be Saturday Night Resurgence”. The first Resurgence show was held on January 13th, 2018 and featured names such as Aria Jaxon, Hurricane Hawk, Chris Elite, Diamond Cage, TLA, and more.

Weight classes

REVOLT! is unique in the fact that it groups talent by weight class. The weight classes are as follows: Freeweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, Light Heavyweight, and Heavyweight.

When asked why this approach was used, founder Mike Silver said: "The weight class system was put into effect so that every championship in REVOLT! Pro Combat is on equal footing. No one championship is more important than any other. In a traditional tiered-championship federation, the Heavyweight Championship is generally regarded as the most prestigious and is given the main event almost be default. Here, the caliber of competitors in the match as well as the level of overall interest in the feud will be factors in determining the main event."


Active Championships

Championship Current champion(s) Date won Event Previous champion(s)
REVOLT! Heavyweight Championship Andrei Sokolova February 17, 2018 REVOLT 1 N/A
REVOLT! Light Heavyweight Championship Hurricane Hawk February 17, 2018 REVOLT 1 N/A
REVOLT! Middleweight Championship Prince of Phenomenal March 11th, 2018 Rebellion Stone Murdock
REVOLT! Welterweight Championship Maximus Grier February 17, 2018 REVOLT 1 N/A
REVOLT! Freeweight Championship Sienna Jade February 17, 2018 REVOLT 1 N/A
REVOLT! Tag Team Championship Liquid Swords

(Mr. DEDEDE and Impact)

February 17, 2018 REVOLT 1




Tournament Last winner(s) Last held Notes
REVOLT! Welterweight Championship Tournament Maximus Grier January 21, 2018 16-Man Single Elimination Tournament to crown the inaugural REVOLT! Welterweight Champion.


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