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Nicknames Phen
Billed Height 6 ft. 4 inches
Billed Weight 245 lbs.
Hometown Detroit, Michigan
Entrance Music "Let it Rock" by Kevin Rudolph ft. Lil Wayne
Debut April, 2007

An abuser of cocaine and heroin, and a product of a thug and mob life. Phenetic is a man who seems to have clouded judgment from drugs, but when he is sober, the true colors shine, and they ain't pretty or colorful. A master of manipulating and getting inside his opponent's heads, Phenetic will do anything and EVERYTHING to get inside his opponent's mind. he also uses his Atheist views to make the crowds deeply offended. Growing up in a life of neglectful parents, and born straight into the mob, Phenetic has learned what it takes to become sadistic. He grew up never learning guilt or remorse, and to this day it makes him a feared competitor.

BQWA career


Big Evil and Josh Dean had approached Phenetic when he broke into wrestling and gave him the opportunity to shine in Fusion. Phenetic took this chance with huge pride, and glory, but sadly the company folded and Phenetic was called up to BQWA. He debuted the night after the Resurrection Rumble and after then it was history. Phenetic feuded with what was known as the Fusion Four which consisted of the top rookies: Diablo, Blade Stonewall, Colossus, and himself. After losing the four corners match at Hell's Fury, Phenetic moved on to the tag team division with Diablo and Jake Webb, but the partnership dissolved and Phenetic joined Whacko's Stable: The Patron Saints, which is also where his brother, Robert, was a member of.

Phenetic was teamed with Andy Chills and the two had a sadistic feud with The Beautiful ones which included Phenetic kidnapping Centurion's wife Kaylee, torturing her, breaking her leg, and when it became known she was pregnant, she was RKOed by Phenetic in the ring and the baby was almost killed. It was at Immortals that year where Phenetic locked himself in BQWA history, Phenetic had Tristam in the Boston Crab, and BQWA Owner Dolly Madison signaled for, taking place in the Madison Square Screw Job. Afterwards Phenetic tried to beg for forgiveness for his actions, but was shunned from the backstage community. After beating Jake Steel for the number one contender ship for the Custom Championship, Phenetic had to face Colossus at One Last Call. After a brutal match going on for over 50 minutes, Phenetic lost to Colossus in what is called MOTY in BQWA. After losing to Colossus, who lost the title to Nexus the next night, Phenetic set his sights back on the title. He faced Nexus at High Incident in a steel cage, but after aligning with EWA, Nexus brutally attacked him along with other EWA members.


On January 2, Phenetic was appointed to a position in Creative Control for BQWA. In February 2008, Phenetic issued the challenge to Nexus for a Loser Leaves Town match at Revenge. On February 22, 2008, Phenetic defeated Nexus to not only win the Custom Championship, but also rid of Nexus from the company. The next night, Phenetic announced that he would name the title the Custom Championship the Fusion Championship in honor of Fusion. Following Revenge, Whacko had began mentoring Phenetic, leading to the jealousy of Andy Chills. This led to several battles between Phenetic and Andy Chills with Whacko always mentoring Phenetic on how to improve. At Resurrection during the rumble, Phenetic eliminated Whacko leaving everyone shocked, but Phenetic quickly explained saying that Whacko himself said it was every man for himself, and it was "just business." During a tag match on an episode of Meltdown, Phenetic turned on his mentor Whacko by delivering a Detroit Drop that left Whacko unconscious in the middle of the ring. This led to the brutal Fatal Fourway match for the Custom Championship between Phenetic and all three men who despised him and who he had a history with: Whacko, Andy Chills, and Daniel Sorbello. The end saw Phenetic and Whacko almost destroy each other while Andy picked up the victory over Daniel. Phenetic and Whacko settled their differences at Immortals VII with the stipulations that if Phenetic lost, then Dolly Madison would lose her job, but if Whacko lost, he would retire from this industry for good, and be banned from all wrestling activity. The match went on for 55 minutes and saw Whacko overcome the odds and pick up the victory in the Match of the Night for Immortals.

Following Immortals, Phenetic began a feud with former QOH co-worker James Magnum who made his return to BQWA. The two had a small feud which saw Phenetic pick up the victory in an I Quit match at Revenge. After his short stint with Magnum, Phenetic began a program with Josh Dean over the legacy of his real life mentor and friend, Big Evil. The two we're paired off at Cyber Slam to face against Tara Shannon and Kid Disturbed for the tag team titles which saw Josh Dean turn on Phenetic. Josh Dean began to imitate Big Evil by committing various attacks that Big Evil had done in his past, including throwing Phenetic's girlfriend off the stage in his hometown, but Phenetic was able to defend her, sacrificing himself for her. High Incident saw Phenetic and Josh Dean battle in a bar room brawl which saw Phenetic throw Josh Dean off a bridge and into the Jersey River. Following High Incident, Phenetic was awarded a title shot for Chain Reaction's newly won Primetime Championship. Leading up to their PPV match, Phenetic had brutally assaulted Chain's custodial friends.

2009 =

At Mind Games, the two had a brutal back and forth match which ended up with Phenetic using a chair to clamp Chain's throat, almost critically injuring him. The following Meltdown, Chain issued a rematch for Phenetic at Resurrection.

WWS career


Phenetic was now in the sidelines in BQWA, until he debuted in WWS where he brutally beat down ex-tag team member Diablo, and aligned him self with WZWF Legend Mason Moore a.k.a. Glacier. The two then rampaged around WWS with their stable: The Atheist Alliance, Phenetic lead a huge charge throughout the WWS. After kidnapping Stu. St. Clair's sister Sarah, Phenetic and Mason were then booked in a Last Team Standing Match at The Final Chapter against Diablo and Stu St. Clair. After a 50 minute, brutal battle, and another Match of the Year, Phenetic and Mason lost, but Phenetic refused to let that bring him down. Moments later Phenetic took a back and broke Sarah's knees, and cracked her in the back of the head with the bat. The Death Proof following the PPV, Phenetic participated in a brutal 8 man tag match, which saw Phenetic slice open Stu St. Clair's pet snake Damien, and slap him across the face with the blood. He then knocked him out and burnt a bible next to Stu and laughed as the crowd threw garbage at him. Before the show was posted, it was reported that Phenetic, his wife, and his dog were killed by a gas leak, and a tribute show would be posted the following week. It was at the tribute show where Phenetic attacked Diablo, showing he faked his death. However, before the storyline could progress any further, Phenetic left WWS to focus on BQWA full-time.

In Wrestling

Championships and Accomplishments

QOH Wrestler of the Month: May & June 7

QOH United North American Champion

BQWA Tag Team Champions (w/Andy Chills) *RETIRED BELT*

First Rookie to have a HOF promo in BQWA

BQWA Custom Champion (Fusion Champion) 2/20/08 - 5/25/08

Notable Feuds

The Fusion Four [Diablo, Blade, Colossus]

The Beautiful Ones




Josh Dean

Chain Reaction

Trademark Moves

Peace Out: Lifts opponent up on the top turnbuckle straight up for a superplex, but instead does a jackhammer sending the opponent's skull in the turnbuckle - Used when building up for a big win.

Flying TKO: When an opponent does a high risk move like a shooting star press, or flying cross body, Phenetic can reverse it into a TKO - Used when playing possum.

Detroit Drop: Rock Bottom - Usually used when he is trying to put his opponent away quickly in a backstage assault or something of that manner, rarely used in an actual match.

KTFO [Knocked The Fuck Out]: Phenetic lifts opponent over his shoulders and tosses him high in the air. Phenetic then leaps in the air and drives his knee into the opponent's skull, flipping them right on their back - Used only in PPV matches.

Finishing Moves

TTFO [Tap The Fuck Out]: Brock Lock - Use this if desperate or in need of a submission win.

T-K-O [Total Knock Out]: RKO - Main finishing move, usually ends most matches.

Desperation Move: Reverse STO

Death from Detroit: Vertebreaker off the top rope - This is it, this is the end all, NO ONE kicks out of this, this kills you, you're done, you're finished after this.

Theme Songs

Current: "Let it Rock" by Kevin Rudolph (ft. Lil Wayne)

Past themes:

"Mentally Ill" by Eminem (ft. Bizarre)

"No Apologies" by Eminem

"Riot" by Three Days Grace

"Renegades" by Jay-Z ft. Eminem (Used when teamed with Renegades)