Peter Saint
Ring Name(s) Peter Saint
Height 6' 1"
Weight 209 lbs
Billed From Sydney, Australia
Wrestling Style High Flying Speedy Brawler
Manager Sara
Current Federations Full Metal Wrestling
Lords of Pain Wrestling
In-Ring Debut November, 2006

Peter Walsh is an Australian hired-gun, turned wrestler, better known by his ring name Peter Saint. He currently competes on the Anxiety brand for Full Metal Wrestling, and currently reigns as the LPW United States Champion on the Inferno brand for Lords of Pain Wrestling.

He is the self proclaimed "Mercenary of Peace" and following a streak of failures, he has finally begun to build momentum in FMW and LPW.

Wrestling Details

  • Primary Finisher
    • Miracle DDT (Satellite DDT into canvas/turnbuckle/steel chair)
  • Secondary Finishers
    • 4:21 (Standing Triangle hold into Side Uranage, with Saint holding the triangle hold and wrapping his free arm around the opponents neck into an Anaconda Choke-hold, causing his opponent to submit or pass out.)
    • The Candygram (Springboard Seated Senton from the ring apron onto standing, sitting, lying down or any other form of opponent.)
  • Signature Moveset
    • Various kicks
    • Various punches
    • Dropkicks of all kinds
    • Top Rope Senton into Standing Opponent
    • Hurricaranas
    • Wheelbarrow into Neckbreaker
    • Arm Drags (Including Top Rope Armdrags)
    • Springboard Leg Lariat
    • Rolling Neckbreaker
    • Rolling German Suplex
    • Lucha Arm Triangle
    • Choke w/ Arm Lock
    • Flapjack onto ropes
    • Reverse Frankensteiner
    • Other moves fitting in with the Wrestling Style
  • Manager
    • Sara
  • Theme Music
    • Infected by Bad Religion
    • Tank! by The Seatbelts
    • For the Love of God by Steve Vai
    • Only Shallow by My Bloody Valentine (FMW Current)
    • Horizons by Parkway Drive (LPW Current)
    • Idols and Anchors by Parkway Drive (GCW Current)

Championships and accomplishments

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Preceded by:
Damion Kross
Peter Saint
September 19, 2007 - February 12, 2008
Succeeded by:
The Rik

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