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Patrick Task
[[Image:[IMG][/IMG]|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Patrick Task]]
Real name Patrick Rev
Ring Names "The Rising Legend"
Height 6'4"
Weight 240 LB
Date of birth June 31st, 1991
Place of birth Detroit, Michigan
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Resides Miami, Florida
Billed from Detroit, Michigan
Trainer Shawn Michaels
WWE: Damage Inc, Xtreme Wrestling Alliance, ECW: Reunited, Extreme Created Championship Wrestling, Elite Wrestling INC
Pro Nonstop Wrestling, Irish Champioship Wrestling
Handled by Patrick Revnue
Win/Loss Record Damage: 0-1, XWA: 2-0, ECWR: 0-1, PNW: 1-1,
Debut January 31st, 2010
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Growing Up

Patrick Task was born on June 31, 1991. In Detroit, Michigan. He started playing hockey at the age of 4 and still continues to play occasionally to this day. Patrick Task first got an interest in Wrestling when he was 10 when he watched Wrestlemania 18 on pay per view. He was so intriged during the spectacular main event between The Icon vs Icon match when Hulk Hogan took on The Rock. He would never forget that match and from that moment on he had his mind set on one thing, and one thing only to become a Wrestler. He continued to watch Wrestling for numerous years. When Patrick Task turned 18 he was able to apply for a Wrestling school. However he took a small coarse in film because if he made a success in wrestling then he would sureley get a decent acting career he took the coarse to get him through after his retirement. After that Patrick sought help from the greatest wrestler on the planet, the Heart Break Kid himself. Shawn Michaels

Pro Nonstop Wrestling [PNW] (December 2010 - January 2010)

Shawn Michaels spent from September until December training Patrick Task nearly every day. He succeeded and Patrick soon went on to become a star, Patrick started doing indy wrestling and was instantly a hit. Patrick, on December 13, 2010 was soon asked to come to Pro Nonstop Wrestling where he made a big impact. During Patrick's firt week on PNW he showed the world exactly what he could do when he captured his first tittle, the PNW United States Championship. Three weeks later, Patrick was soon asked to be a part of his first tag team along with The Midnighter, which were soon known across the PNW locker room as the Law Abiding Citizens anotherwise known as the LAC. They quickly made an impact and had a great match with their opponets, the Demented ones consisting of Frank Offesa, and Eric Draven. Unfortunatley the LAC lost and were not crowned as tag team champions. Soon after the PNW business was shut down. And Patrick Task was left without work and had to find something before he was soon forgotten

Extreme Created Championship Wrestling [ECCW] (January 2010 - August 2010)

After PNW Patrick knew that he needed to seek work out quickly if he was going to make it as a Wrestler. As he sent in some promo tapes to the native ECCW whose owner has always been good friends with Task. Task spent his time in ECCW on Crush until being released in August 2010.

Xtreme Wrestling Association [XWA] (Febuary 22nd 2010 - Present)

Patrick saw a business on the rise and decided to give them a promo tape consisting of some of his matches with PNW. He was quickly accepted and was assigned to his first MAJORLY known company. In the world XWA is known as the 3hd best appearing on Chris Hart's list. Patrick was set to compete on the Mayhem brand, and it was mayhem. Patrick's first match was against THE RATED R Superstar Edge! In an extreme rules match. It was truly extreme when Patrick won the match by delivering a spinebuster from the top of the stage to the bottom of the floor on the side. Patrick picked up his first win in XWA. Soon later he beat Brandon James declaring his first ever streak in a promotion, as well as picking up a second victory for XWA. Patrick has been booked in his first major event in his promising career on XWA, on XWA's biggest event known as Xtrememania, Patrick is one of the few superstars to receive a match on the actual card, he is set to compete with his biggest opponet yet known as Justin Lee Angel, with the winner of the match taking on Xtreme Icon for the intercontinental championship. We look forward to what appears to be an epic match.

WWE Damage Inc (Febuary 28th 2010 - Present)

After Patrick picked up his first win in a major company, he felt he had what it takes to go to the absolute best in the world. Known as WWE Damage Incorporated. Patrick tried out and was taken into consideration, when Patrick sent in another promo tape Patrick was immeditley accepted and was then placed on the former brand known as ECW (Now known as NXT) during his first week there was a match announced featuring all ECW contestants in an over the top rope battle royal at the biggest pay per view of the year for Damage known as Wrestlemania! Patrick shot some interviewers with Fox, ESPN, and NBC gaining some more exposure. On the Saturday before Wrestlemania, he met with his mentor, Shawn Michaels. Shawn gave him some encouraging advice however this only gave him some motivation. When he was thrown out halfway through the match still putting on a good show.

Irish Championship Wrestling [ICW] (March 2010 - March 2010)

Patrick being innovative took a thought on joining a company based over in Europe solemly known as Irish Championship Wrestling. During the first show their, he was booked in the main event. However the show was not able to complete and the company was shut down do to financhil reasons. Yet, this was Task's first company outside of the United States

ECW Reunited (April 3hd - Present)

Patrick Task thought that he did not need a flashey name yet. He wanted the extreme and nothing but the extreme, when Patrick Task applied for the newly reformed ECW known as ECW reuinted. Patrick was assigned to what ECW bought a few nights before known as Combat Zone Wrestling Brand. Patrick was one of the last people standing in his 8 man opening contest, but overall he lost to veteran Gregory Helms in his first match

Four Companies, too much? Or is Task just too damn good

Patrick knows he has a stressful schedule competiting with all five companies but he is doing it for what he loves to do. . We look forward to see how Task will progess in the future and how he will one day accomplish his task of winning the World Championship, because there is no doubt about it. Patrick Task is truly a rising legend.