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Patrick McCarthy
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Real name Patrick McCarthy
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Height 5' 9.5"
Weight 185 lbs
Date of birth August 15th, 1984
Place of birth Dublin, Ireland
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Billed from Dublin, Ireland by way of Boston, Massachusetts
Trainer Isaac Bronco
Currently Independent.
Handled by Vinny M
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Debut 2001
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Patrick McCarthy (born on August 15, 1984) is an Irish professional wrestler best known for his work in the now defunct Central Ontario Pro Wrestling and Ultimate Championship Wrestling. promotions. McCarthy is best known for portraying the character "The Saint," based closely on McCarthy's own life.

Biography and Career


Born August 15th, 1984 to Patrick McCarthy Sr. and Colleen McCarthy in Dublin, Ireland, Patrick was an only child when his family moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 1992. McCarthy's parents were murdered on August 15th, 1993 during an armed robbery of the family's apartment in South Boston. McCarthy spent the rest of his childhood with his distant relatives in the nearby neighborhood of West Roxbury. McCarthy attended The Roxbury Latin School. He briefly attended Saint Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont before dropping out to pursue a career in professional wrestling.

It is believed that the murder of McCarthy's parents served as a catalyst for his creation of "The Saint" character, with the name being drawn from his parents' devotion to Catholicism. The psychological aspects of the character are said to be based on McCarthy's own emotion and psychological turmoil falling his parents' death.

Training And Early Career (c. 2002)

Patrick McCarthy entered the wrestling business by joining the Simcoe County Championship Wrestling (SCCW) promotion out of Simcoe County in Ontario, Canada. McCarthy was billed as the prodigy of former SCCW wrestler Isaac Bronco (including a billing from Pittsburgh, PA when McCarthy was actually from Boston, MA). McCarthy, like his trainer Bronco, was ladened with ubiquitous nicknames that included “The Pittsburgh Prodigy” and “The Future of Wrestling” in reference to Bronco's training, as well as “The Man of Steel” in reference to his supposed Pittsburgh origins and his ability to absorb a lot of punishment in the ring. McCarthy defeated Damion Darkside in his first match. The McCarthy/Darkside feud would span four promotions (SCCW/PHW/COPW/UCW) and several years with Darkside's insanity and residual jealousy from his loss to McCarthy being the catalyst. McCarthy then went on to become part of Youthanzia as Jay Jersey's tag team partner. Jersey's original partner had left SCCW shortly after winning the SCCW Tag Team titles and Jersey was forced to choose a new partner. All of Jersey's previous choices were subsequently injured or turned on Jersey. McCarthy became the first (and last) of Jersey's partners to pair with him for more than one match. McCarthy, however, would fall victim to the “Jersey Curse,” as he would have to leave SCCW to bury his grandmother in Ireland.

Returning to America

When McCarthy returned to the United States, he had little-to-no money left to his name. McCarthy’s only option for residency was in the South Boston Irish ghetto, in the same apartment complex where McCarthy’s parents had been killed when he was a child. McCarthy’s parents had been killed on his ninth birthday by an armed gunman that had randomly targeted the apartment. In a cruel twist of fate, the only available apartment was the same one that the McCarthy family had inhabited several years earlier. This became the catalyst for McCarthy’s gimmick Pure Honor Wrestling in his return as “The Saint.” McCarthy changed his back-story to include a more brutal murder by I.R.A. hit-men in America. There is debate over whether or not McCarthy’s mental instability or his religious zeal are real or exaggerations.

Pure Honor Wrestling (c. 2003)

McCarthy moved back to Canada at the behest of Isaac Bronco and joined Pure Honor Wrestling – a splinter promotion from the now defunct SCCW. McCarthy suffered an early defeat against the Canadian Power Trip, but gradually became more and more popular as a B.T.C. Champion. After losing the B.T.C. Title McCarthy was randomly paired with another young, up-and-coming talent in Scarlett Willis. McCarthy and Willis (a team that would later be known as S & M) captured the PHW Tag Team titles a few weeks prior to PHW's merger with the other SCCW splinter promotion: Central Ontario Pro Wrestling.

Central Ontario Pro Wrestling / Simcoe County Championship Wrestling (2003-2006)

S & M was pushed to the forefront of the battle between the arriving PHW wrestlers and the existing COPW wrestlers. S & M quickly became fan favorites by calling out Dominant Species (Version 4), a powerful, veteran heel team. S & M defeated Dsv4 at Redemption I to unify the PHW and COPW Tag Team titles, referring to themselves as the “Undisputed Canadian Tag Team” titles.


S & M would spend the next six months running roughshod over every tag team in COPW. After defeating every tag team on the roster, “super groups” were formed in an attempt to displace the reigning champions (who had a combined weight of a little over 300 pounds). Even these teams were defeated by the team of S & M, who had become two of the most popular stars in the COPW, pushing the promotion's popularity to new heights. S & M main event-ed more events than any other wrestlers in COPW during that time frame, pushing tag team wrestling to the forefront.

Personal Life w/Scarlett Willis

While successful on-screen, the relationship between McCarthy and Willis extended off-screen. The two young wrestlers (both under 21 at the time) began dating. The relationship was originally thought to be a “work,” but it became readily apparent that the relationship was legitimate and was brought on-screen to enhance the team's popularity.

McCarthy's Injury

S & M's title reign would come to an abrupt end when Galactix hit McCarthy with a chair shot following a successful tag title defense. The assault was supposed to be a set-up for a kayfabe injury that would sideline McCarthy to come back as a heel and cause S & M to forfeit the titles. However, one of the chair shots proved to be too stiff, cracking one of the vertebrae in McCarthy's neck. The injury sidelined McCarthy for two months. When he returned the heel turn was hinted at but so poorly received that McCarthy was reinstated as a face, leaving for two weeks with a kayfabe re-injuring of his neck, only to be the surprise final entry in the Ruler Of The Ring Tournament to see who would face Galactix for the COPW Heavyweight title that had been vacated. During this two week hiatus it is believed that McCarthy and Willis either got engaged or eloped. The extent to which the relationship matured is unknown and neither person is willing to comment.

The Ruler Of The Ring Tournament

McCarthy's star was on the rise, but no one believed the sub-200 pound wrestler would be billed to face Galactix for the Heavyweight title. McCarthy's first match was against former champion and wrestling legend Kirsta Lewis. McCarthy defeated Lewis with a vicious super-kick (Lewis' finisher) to the back of the head. The “Kick Heard Around the World” showed McCarthy in a new light: both as a potentially lethal opponent and as a potential Heavyweight champion. McCarthy's next opponent was Chris Champion, a member of the newly formed faction: The Alpha Males. Champion hit McCarthy with all three of his finishing moves. Each time McCarthy managed to kick-out and eventually scored the win with the “Leap of Faith.” This match would be a precursor to McCarthy's feud with the Alpha Males, but it would also send McCarthy into the semi-finals of the tournament against Silvermane.

Silvermane and The Break-Up

McCarthy had just defeated a former champion and a heavy favorite to win and was now set to face the over-seven-feet-tall, RoughKut Invitational Tournament semi-finalist: Silvermane. McCarthy entered the week confident in his ability to beat the giant, but his confidence was shattered when McCarthy walked in on Scarlett Willis in a compromising position with another man on the sofa of their apartment. McCarthy would end up beating the man to within an inch of his life in the parking lot, before being taken to jail. The beating was gruesome and posted on the COPW website with a mature content warning. It was the most viewed video in COPW history. To this day the extent to which this incident was a “shoot” has been debated. McCarthy had finished a promo in the apartment building's lobby. The cameraman had been invited upstairs to ask Scarlett about her recent losing streak. The footage is obscured at first, since the cameraman had forgotten to turn the camera off, but opportunistically began to film the incident. Many people question the reality of the incident, calling it a work in order to make McCarthy seem capable of more viciousness in order to make his eventual defeat of Silvermane seem more logical. McCarthy would defeat Silvermane to face Galactix at Redemption VIII for the Heavyweight Championship.

Heavyweight Champion and the Scarlett Fall-out

Though the reality of the McCarthy/Willis break-up has been called into question, McCarthy's and Willis' devotion to kayfabe has not. The couple was never seen in public together again. Willis moved out of the apartment complex, eventually leaving COPW and moving back to Salt Lake City. If the break-up had been a work, the devotion to kayfabe is admirable. McCarthy would defeat Galactix in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere match to become the COPW Heavyweight Champion. McCarthy would become the longest reigning Heavyweight Champion, holding the title for four months defending it against Silvermane and every member of the Alpha Males (Myke Adams, Ryan Reed, Jen Blackhart, Chris Champion and Guy Kadon). McCarthy's final match would be at Redemption XII. McCarthy was set to lose the title after missing the Leap of Faith and receiving Kadon's finisher twice. McCarthy missed the Leap of Faith as planned, but in doing so, severely broke his neck. The limp McCarthy was lifted up by Kadon and hit with two back-to-back Kadominators. Kadon's celebration was cut short as the locker room and EMTs filled the ring to check on McCarthy. It would be the last match in COPW history.


McCarthy spent the next six months in the hospital and the last of his money from COPW on treatment of a severely broken neck. McCarthy was immobile and deemed paralyzed for several months. After McCarthy's spinal cord and neck were repaired, McCarthy was not expected to walk again for years, following extensive physical therapy. He was told his wrestling career is over. After two and a half years passed since McCarthy's injury, he not only walked again, but signed a contract with Ultimate Championship Wrestling. (UCW).

Ultimate Championship Wrestling (2007-2008)

Gold Rush II Tournament

After two years in recovery, McCarthy signed an exclusive contract with Ultimate Championship Wrestling. (UCW). McCarthy's first match was as an entrant in UCW's Gold Rush II pay-per-view tournament to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion. McCarthy's first round opponent was the only man to compete in both Gold Rush I and Gold Rush II: Stardust. McCarthy defeated Stardust with the Leap of Faith and advanced to round two against another UCW newcomer and top contender to win the title: Bison. Bison stands 6'11" and weighs 268 pounds. McCarthy defeated the much larger man and advanced to the semi-finals against former UCW World Heavyweight Champion, Doctor Ian. After defeating Dr. Ian, McCarthy went on to face Dr. Ian's brother and another former UCW World Champion in Greg Venom. McCarthy defeated Venom in a ladder match to win the UCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Redemption, Obsession and Collision Course

At Redemption, McCarthy would lose the rematch to Venom, relinquishing the Heavyweight Championship to him. As McCarthy was set to get his rematch by defeating Doctor Ian on Monday Night Mind Games, McCarthy's old nemesis Guy Kadon staged a distraction that cost McCarthy his match. Kadon would continue to haunt and taunt McCarthy all the way up until Obsession were the two faced off for the first time since McCarthy's neck was broken two years ago. In an early candidate (and current front-runner) for Match of The Year, McCarthy defeated Kadon with the Leap of Faith and banished the demons of his past.

Moving forward, McCarthy was repeatedly denied a chance to fight for the UCW Championship. In retaliation, McCarthy has begun to break kayfabe with relative consistency. Instead of gaining the ire of the fans, McCarthy has only galvanized the fans behind him in his crusade to once again be champion. Forced to do something, Joey Johnson placed McCarthy in a Fatal Four Way for the Intercontinental Championship at Collision Course against Damien Kahn, Ian Garner, and UCW rival, Greg Venom. McCarthy scored the pin fall on Venom following the Leap of Faith.

Intercontinental Champion

After winning the title, McCarthy threaten to denounce it live and called out Joey Johnson to meet his list of demands. Much to McCarthy's chagrin, principal owner Michael Valens appeared instead to challenge McCarthy. More to aggravate Valens than to appease McCarthy, Johnson agreed to McCarthy's three demands: 1. The IC Title would be defend at least twice a month 2. McCarthy was allowed to chose the stipulations for any of his matches 3. McCarthy was allowed to chose his opponent(s) for any of his matches McCarthy wasted no time in booking at Champion vs. Champion match against Doctor Ian, the UCW Champion, at the next Monday Night Mind Games.

Partnership with Lindsay Loveless

As punishment for McCarthy's on-air 'shoot' antics and loose cannon temperament, unnamed members of the UCW "brass" assigned the rookie valet, Lindsay Loveless to Patrick McCarthy. McCarthy was forced to teach Loveless the basics of professional wrestling, since she has no formal training. How Loveless received the job is unknown, but it is believed she is friends with, or perhaps even related to, Annie Alvarez, the UCW CEO.

Loveless Kidnapping and The Man With No Name

Shortly after becoming professionally linked, rumors circulated about a budding relationship between McCarthy and Loveless. Any inkling of this was lost when Damion Darkside kinapped Loveless on the June 30th edition of Monday Night Mind Games. Darkside, having returned to his previous gimmick after losing a World title match to Doctor Ian at Obsession 2008 and being forced to wear his mask again, showed a video of Loveless bound and gagged which forced McCarthy to forfeit his match in search of Darkside and Loveless.

Around this same time, a new figure appeared in McCarthy's promos. Referring to himself as "The Man With No Name" and speaking directly to the audience, the Man appears to have spent over a month and a half stalking Patrick McCarthy and documenting his every move for some unknown purpose, adding cynical diatribes about the nature of McCarthy's mental health and the well-being of the society that surrounds him. There is a belief that The Man With No Name is a schizophrenic alter-ego of McCarthy, manifested to protect himself during his stressful ordeal of hunting Darkside and Loveless.

McCarthy's mental health was again called into question when on the July 28th edition of Mind Games, McCarthy dropped Darkside off a balcony in the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, Massachusetts (McCarthy's hometown). The crowd watched in stunned silence as McCarthy simply walked away after dropping Darkside. The attack on Darkside, along with other attacks perpetrated throughout the night by various other members of the UCW roster, galvanized new co-owner Paul Cain to threaten instituting a stricter code of conduct in the UCW. McCarthy was also removed from the August 11th Mind Games card, after defeating Greg Venom on August 4th to advance in the MCW Tournament.

UCW Closing

Due to behind-the-scenes issues, UCW was forced to close. It has since re-opened but McCarthy has opted to once again enter retirement, using the cash win-fall from his work on the major circuit to finance it. His future is unclear. He promptly returned the Intercontinental Championship to UCW offices, leaving no bad blood between McCarthy and the promotion.

Simcoe County Championship Wrestling (2009 - Present)

SCCW Returns

In late May of 2009, the defunct Simcoe County Championship Wrestling promotion's assets were purchased by Jim Diamond. Diamond re-opened the promotion, re-signing many of the company's star wrestlers, such as McCarthy, Scarlett, Jay Jerzey, Chris Champion, Guy Kadon, Damion Darkside, Myke Adams and Kirsta Lewis. McCarthy returned from retirement to join the promotion, stating a need to get his life back on track, which meant trying to reconnect with his former love-interest, Scarlett.

Identity Crisis

(Note: This feud is on-going and this section is incomplete) When SCCW returned, Jay Jerzey re-emerged to join the ranks, immediately contacting McCarthy about reforming Youthanazia. McCarthy agreed to a one-time re-teaming, but made clear his intentions to pursue a single's career. Meanwhile, McCarthy's first match back in SCCW saw him re-teaming with Scarlett in the return of S & M. McCarthy's second match was the return of Youthanazia. With the return of both Youthanazia and S & M, McCarthy found himself torn between the woman whom he still harbored personal feelings for, and his best friend within the wrestling business. McCarthy was forced to guest referee a match between Jerzey and Scarlett, which saw Scarlett defeat Jerzey via disqualification when Jerzey turned heel, attacking McCarthy and assaulting Scarlett with a chair. McCarthy attempted to make the save, but was ambushed by Orange Crush. The feud with Jerzey escalated, semi-Main Eventing the first SCCW Arena show "Bunkhouse Brawl" where Jerzey defeated McCarthy for the BARBARIC title in a no disqualifications, barbed-wire death match. The promos leading up to the match McCarthy proclaimed that "the Saint" would die; carrying two possible meanings: either he would fight to his own death or he would kill off the "Saint" gimmick. The latter proved true, stating that no saint could do what he would have to do.

In Wrestling

Move Set

  • Shining Wizard
  • Spinning Heel Kick
  • Springboard dropkick
  • Springboard clothesline
  • Elbow drop
  • Top rope leg-drop
  • Top rope splash
  • Exploder Suplex
  • Snap suplex
  • DDT
  • Single-arm DDT
  • Dropkick
  • Enziguiri
  • Plancha
  • Tope Suicida (suicide dive)
  • Tope Con Helo (front-flip suicide dive)
  • Hurricranna
  • Flying leg lariat
  • Swinging neckbreaker
  • Texas Cloverleaf
  • Stiff kicks
  • Knife-edge chop
  • Japanese arm drag
  • Monkey flip
  • Moonsault
  • B.M.E. (Best Moonsault Ever – double jump moonsault)
  • STO
  • Running knee lift
  • Shooting star press
  • Boston Crab
  • Busaiku Knee

Finishing Moves

  • The Leap Of Faith [Stalling Swanton Bomb]
  • Syncretism [Small Package Driver]
  • Dragon Sleeper-Crossface Chicken Wing combo (unnamed, rarely used, submission finisher)

Signature Moves

  • Izzy Kick [Super-kick to the chest of kneeling opponent]
  • The Benediction [Rope-walk into a hurricranna]


  • "The Pittsburgh Prodigy"
  • "The Future Of Wrestling"
  • "The Man Of Steel"
  • "The Saint"
  • "Mr. Scarlett"
  • "Mr. COPW"
  • "Mr. SCCW"
  • "The Suicide Saint"

Entrance Music

  • "Cosmonaut" At The Drive-In

Career Championship Highlights

  • SCCW Tag Team Champion w/Jay Jersey (x1)
  • PHW Beat The Champion (B.T.C.) Champion (x2)
  • PHW Tag Team Champion w/Scarlett Willis (x1)
  • COPW Tag Team Champion w/Scarlett Willis (x1)
  • COPW Undisputed Canadian Tag Team Champion w/Scarlett Willis (x1)
  • COPW/SCCW Heavyweight Champion (x1)
  • UCW World Heavyweight Champion (x1)
  • UCW Intercontinental Champion (x1)
  • 2008 MCW Challenge Tournament (Finalist. 2nd Place)

Notable Feuds

Tag Teams

  • S & M (w/Scarlett Willis)
  • Youthanazia (w/Jay Jerzey)

Personal Life

Relationship With Scarlett Willis

Shortly after moving to COPW with Scarlett Willis from PHW, McCarthy and Willis began an on and off-camera relationship. Much of the couple's personal life became open to the COPW fans via their vignettes and promos, both together and separately.

The level of realism in the "break-up" angle was initially called into question by fans, but Willis' departure from the company and absence during McCarthy's neck-breaking have proved to most that Willis and McCarthy are no longer together.

The extent of the couple's relationship was never revealed. Speculation ranges from that they were married to they were never actually dating, but followed strict kayfabe in accordance with COPW/SCCW regulations. If McCarthy and Willis were married, there is no public record of the union or its annulment or of a divorce.

(Note: This section is incomplete as the Scarlett/McCarthy story has re-emerged with the return of SCCW)

Contact Information


Patrick McCarthy is no longer accepting bookings.

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