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Patrick Heagerty Jr. was born June 28, 1983 in Oswego, New York to Jean Heagerty and Pat Heagerty Sr.. He is a third generation wrestler. He is of Irish and English descent. Pat grew up with his father raising him and his younger brother Fred Heagerty. Pat's mother died of child birth. Pat from a young age was a fan as his father would take him to Syracuse to watch Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior.

Early Wrestling Career (2002 - 2004)

Pat started his wrestling career by heading to Syracuse, NY where he was trained by Jerry Lynn and Spike Dudley. He started of as half of their tag team champions but climbed his way to the top fast and became champion.

In December 2002 Pat started his first fed as he joined 411 Wrestling. Over there he had a hard start losing allot of matches. That was unto he joined WoW They Job with partner Ash. The two came close but where unable to win title gold. Pat also dated lead singer of Evanescence Amy Lee. Pat however would go on and take a year off. When he came back in 2003 he was more skilled then anyone thought. He won a championship.However when he was called by Ash to join this new fed he made the jump.

That jump was to ECF where Pat also had trouble at the stat. But when he took more time off he was able to win the ECF E Championship.Pat had become more heelish in the way he did things. But eventually he would end up leaving for good.

Down Fall and A New Light (2005 and 2006)

In 2005 and early 2006 Pat went through a dark time in his life getting into drugs most notably cocaine. The cocaine would end up causing him his friends and family. He was kicked out of his fathers home on Christmas of 05 and told not to return. Pat was later kicked out by his wife Mary Hendrix who would not let him visit his son Pat the 3rd and the two got a divorce. Pat turned to a life of crime and got arrested for breaking and entering. At the time everyone thought Pat was dead, little did they know he was fighting with his demons. He was picked up by a women named Saven who wanted to use him for her own advantage and he was brought in as The Mark of Silence. Where Pat did his still deadly finisher The Mark of Silence. He would kick his opponent in the gutt and then jump up in the air and deliver a double feet stomp causing his opponent to be knocked the wind out of. She promised him if he would make her money she would support his habbit.

The two came back to ECF as time went on Pat was abused by Saven. She would often strike him when not obeying. One week a picture dropped out that Pat still had of his son. Pat looked at a picture and looked as something touched him. The next week Pat would not obey and just walked away. Eventually he had enough and turned his back on her heading to him becoming Pat WoW! once agian. He would fight and eventaully his ex allowed him to resee his son agian. Pat later left with the door being left open for him if he ever wanted to come back.

Japan (2007)

After leaving ECF Pat got calls from Japan to come on over and fight. He started at the begiening of the year when he would wrestle his first match with Low Ki. The two put on a heck of a 30 minute draw. The match ended with the two shaking hands. The 2nd week on January Pat took on Jinanoku a japenes star Pat had new from tapes. Durning the match fans started to chant Smash Em Up (Styles Clash). Pat would do just that as he won. The following week Pat got to meet Low Ki in the ring as the two man agreed to a rematch next week. At the end of January Pat and Ki met this time Ki would walk away the winner. But the fans chanted "One More Match".

Pat took a month off and returned in March Low Ki had become one of Japan's champion and was running ruff shot over the whole federation. On the last week in March the lights went of off when Ki was beating down Jinanoku (one of Pat's old Japenese friends). When they came back on the crowd went nuts when they saw Pat standing there smirking. Ki and him started down unto Ki left.

April came in with a roar as it was annonced if Pat could beat Christopher Daniels he would get a shot at the AJWCW (All Japan World Championship Wrestlers) Champion. The next week Pat had his game on as he put away Christopher Daniels after 20 minutes with 3 Smash Em Ups. He sent the message he wanted Ki. The next week Ki said he was injured but Pat proved it to be fake. As he was attacked from behind with a crutch by Ki. It was the 4th week and Pat came in with bumps and bruises. But the two fought out 59 minutes went by and Pat was able to deliver the Frog Splash to win the AJWCW Champion.

Pat would hold the belt unto June when he left to spend time with his son. He would later annonce his retirement from the pro wrestling business.

CAWS.WS Feds History (2008 - current)

UFWA (2010 - current)

Personal life

Besides daiting Amy Lee of Evanescence, Pat dated and was engaged to his highschool sweetheart Melissa Schumacher from 2003 - 2004. Pat has one son Pat

Pat and Mel at a NBA game in 2010

the third with Mary Hendrixs born in 2004. He was married to Mary Hendrixs in 2004 for about 6 months. In early 2005 before his downfall he visited Mel and her young sons as they restarted there friendship. He also dated Kelly Kelly in 2008 and Joy Giovanni and Mickie James in 2009. Mel and Pat got back together in July 2010. The two own an apartment in New York where they live with their boys. On the last episode of WNW Tina and her boyfriend boyfriend Patrick Heagerty Jr. had a fight which has caused a bunch of rumors of assault. The two however would work things out but in the meantime Mel lost custody of Chris to her ex Randy Orton. Mel and Pat found out they will be having a daughter excepted for June 2011. On June 28, 2011 Pat and Mel welcomed their first child together into the world a little girl name Katie Rose Heagerty.

Bulldozer at age 2

Pat has had several pets but one that stands out was his dog Bulldozer (who was a white bulldog). He got him in 2002 and died in 2005 before his downfall. Pat currently has a calico cat Fantasy he bought for Mel on the Christmas of 2010.

Pat is said to be a fan of classic rock, rap and country music. He used to play in a band back in 2001 - 2003. He can play the guitar, base, drums, sing and play violin.