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Out of character (or OOC in abbreviation) is a three-worded interconnected term used in e-wrestling (as well as entertainment and role-playing) to differentiate between character-play and the supposed character in reality. Also, it refers to the actual perspective of the handler behind the wrestling character they portray as well as certain topics and discussions that are labelled "out of character" due to the handler or handlers being so. In addition, its used to go outside or interrupt the fictional story and/or flow based around e-wrestling.


The generalization of Out of character are that all exhibited characteristics or statements and discussions are not in character (which are portrayed in wrestling shows usually typewritten), but rather exhibited characteristics or statements and discussions coming from the genuine self. For example, if a handler were to make statements consistent with their own self-character or a wrestling character were to step out of their demeanor like that of an on-screen actor, that would be the equivalent of stepping "out of character" or breaking character or in wrestling terms, breaking"kayfabe". Stepping out of character in e-wrestling or professional wrestling on-screen is however a rare occurrence, but frequent in the community of e-wrestling for handlers and fedheads to communicate.

OOC posts, notes, boards and environment

An "OOC post" or an "OOC board or environment" are seen in a majority of e-wrestling forums as a sub-board and/or chatbox and utilized in electronic wrestling communities for discussion between handlers as themselves regarding their real-life conditions, basic discussions, or conceptions and concerns surrounding e-wrestling or their e-federation they are enrolled in. It also gives players a destination to discuss the development of potential feuds and storylines too.

As e-wrestling is factually a game, this serves as a way for players to mutually converse and form friendly relationships. Moreover, it also has its disadvantages when players misuse the privilege to converse and ignite online flame wars which in all federations and to all fedheads or owners is prohibited and unacceptable and precipitates authoritative actions to be promptly taken to settle or resolve the issue.

Furthermore, OOC and good OOC environments is an indispensable component to the league that can be the deciding factor whether or not an e-wrestler chooses to join your federation. Stating that your posts are OOC is more common in Roleplaying based Federations since posts are usually always written in the first person. In angle and match writing feds where much more discussion goes into angles and matches there is a clearer divide between in and out of character to specifically stating a post is OOC is not necessary. On the other side it is often seen in those feds for people to write joke post as in character or Kayfabe.

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