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Online Brutal Wrestling
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Industry Professional E-Wrestling
Area Served International
Theme music
Brands Monday Night Execution 

Friday Night Storm 

CEO Jack "The Jackal" Fender
Formerly N/A
Established 2006
Episodes 115 (Execution) 119 (Storm) 
Participants Superstars & Vixens
Founder(s) Ray
Key people Jack Fender
Owner Ray 

Jack Fender

President Jack Fender
Booker(s) General Managers
Folded N/A
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Online Brutal Wrestling, also known by its abbreviated name, OBWrestling, is an a E-federation wrestling promotion created 2006 by Ray, who was once known as Ben. OBW currently has two main brands, Monday Night Execution and Friday Night Storm. OBW also hosts annual award shows and monthly pay-per-view events, featuring their premiere champions and highlighting major points in feuds and storylines of that time.


Online Brutal Wrestling was officially opened in 2006. OBW was founded by Ray, better known at the time as Ben, along with the help of his Co-CEO Nathan. The company closed but later reopened in the summer of 2011. As of January 25, 2014, there are over 90 active Superstars and Vixens on the roster. When the company reopened in the summer of 2011, the inaugural championships were the OBW World Heavyweight, Women's, and OBW Championships. The inaugural champions were crowned at OBW's inaugural pay-per-view event, Alcatraz Aggression. Kid Dynomite became the inaugural OBW Champion, ShadowWolf became the inagural OBW Heavyweight Champion and Snickers as the inaugural Women's Champion. Due to the expansion of OBW after a plethora of new members were signed following the Alcatraz Aggression pay-per-view event, a second title exculsive to the women of Friday Night Storm was later announced and would be called the Divas Championship. The inaugural champion was Jade Mystique. On February 1, 2012, a brand exclusive to the female competitors was opened entitled Catfight. It aired every Wednesday. Upon the shows debut, both the Women's and Divas Championship were merged to create the OBW Vixen's Championship with former Vixen, Cream, being the inaguuarl champion. The show has since been discontinued due to lack of female talent with its 50th and last show being aired on October 17, 2013. In the summer of 2012 it was announced that OBW would be opening its third brand, a developmental territory, named OTW (standing for Online Titan Wrestling). It would serve as the first official developmental territory for the company and would air weekly shows. It closed later that year. In 2013, OTW was reopened as a third brand under the new name Uprising which airs every Sunday. Uprising was official closed on January 23, 2014.


Monday Night Execution

Execution is one of OBW's original brands and first wrestling program launched by OBW in 2006 along with OBW's opening. Its primary colors are red and black, and airs live every Monday Night from different arenas around the country. The show has reached many milestones and celebrated its 100th episode on September 9, 2013.

Friday Night Storm

An original brand. The primary colors of the brand are blue and white and it airs live every Friday Night from different arenas around the country.

Defunct Programming

OBW Survivor 2012 Japan

OBW Survivor 2012 Japan was a competition show that began on May 2, 2012. OBW Owner, Ray, was announced as the host on Each week featured different tasks. It was announced officially on July 18, 2012 that James Parker was the winner. The show has been declared defunt and has not returned for a second season.

Wednesday Night Catfight

Wednesday Night Catfight was a Wednesday Night wrestling brand soley for women. The Vixen's World Championship was the main contested championship with the Vixen's Television, International, and Tag Team championship were competed for respectivly. The show was canceled and declared defunct due to few remaining Vixen's.

Sunday Night Uprising

Sunday Night Uprising was the second installment of OBW's developmental brand, OTW. The show featured one main championship, the OBW Junior Heavyweight Championship which only had two holders. The show was canceled on January 23, 2014 when the OBW Board no longer saw need for it.

List of Current WEW Pay-Per-View Events

Date Event
January 30th Survival
February 30th Big Shot
March 30th Heart of Wrestling (HoW)
April 30th Rebirth
May 30th When Worlds Collide
June 30th Alcatraz Aggression
July 30th Death Trap
August 30th Violent Voting
September 30th Wheel of Torture
October 31st Ruler of the Ropes
November 30th Last Man Standing
December 30th Xtreme Xmas

Former Championships

These are the currently active championships in OBW:

Championship Current champion(s) Date Won Reign(s) Event Previous champion(s) Notes
OBW Championship Punisher December 20, 2013 1 Friday Night Storm, episode 115 Super Krmi Krmi lost the championship to long-time rival Punisher, ending his record setting fourth reign
OBW Vixen's World Championship Velvet October 16, 2013 2 Wednesday Night Catfight, episode 50 Myroslava Ivanova Velvet defeated Myroslava on the 50th and final episode of Wednesday Night Catfight for the Vixen's World Championship.
OBW World Heavyweight Championship M-Star November 30, 2013 2 Last Man Standing 2013 Nikolai Sinclair Star defeated Sinclair for the OBW World Heavyweight Championship.
OBW Ice Championship Markus Conan September 30, 2013 1 Wheel of Torture 2013 M-Star Conan defeated Lafron, Mr. Excellent, and M-Star in a Fatal Four Way Match for the Ice Championship.
OBW Hardcore Championship TGB November 30, 2013 1 Last Man Standing 2013 Vacant TGB defeated Chad Bowens and X-Eruption in a Hardcore Triple Threat Match to capture the vacant Hardcore Championship.
OBW Anarchy Championship Dominic Jackson December 16, 2013 1 Monday Night Execution, episode 112 Chris King Jackson defeated King for the Anarchy Championship.
OBW Middlewight Championship John Anderson December 30, 2013 1 Xtreme Xmas 2013 Sid Slade Anderson defeated Tommy Fly and Sid Slade in a Triple Threat Extreme Rules match for the Middleweight Championship.
OBW Tag Team Championship The Disciples November 30, 2013 1 Last Man Standing 2013 Vacant The Disciples defeated The Dudes in Tag Team action to capture the vacant Tag Team Championships.
Deactived Championship(s) Last champion(s) Reign(s) Last defended Days held Combined days Notes
OBW Women's Championship Cream 1 Wednesday Night Catfight, episode 1 9 9 Merged with Divas title to create the OBW Vixen's World Championship.
OBW Divas Championship Jade Mystique 2 Wednesday Night Catfight, epsiode 1 126 148 Merged with the Women's Championship to create the OBW Vixen's World Championship.
OBW Vixen's Television Championship Snickers 3 Last Man Standing 2013 147 195 Deactivated.
OBW Vixen's Tag Team Championships

The Maneaters

(Jade Mystique, Leda, and Snickers)

2 Deactivated.
OBW Vixen's International Championship Anna Knight 1 N/A 16 16 Deactivated.
OBW Junior Heavyweight Championship Brock Turner 1 Sunday Night Uprising, episode 26 25 25 Deactivated.

Other Accomplishments

Accomplishment Latest winner Event Previous winner
Ruler of the Ropes Markus Conan OBW Ruler of the Ropes 2013 PPV M-Star
Queen of the Ropes Jade Mystique OBW Ruler of the Ropes 2013 PPV Inagural
OBW Survivor James Parker OBW Surviver Japan Inagural
Black Box DJ Ando OBW Friday Night Storm Inaugural

[*] dictates a contest that is defunct, rendering the latest winner the last winner.

Triple Crown Champion

Within the WEW, after a male Superstar wins a mid-card, main event, and Tag Team championship belt, they are noted as a Triple Crown Champion. For a female Superstar (a Vixen), they are required to win a main event, Tag Team championship, and/or a mid-card championship to be considered a Triple Crown Champion.