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The eWrestling Encyclopedia

The North Eastern Federation of Wrestling or NEFW was an e-mail based federation which ran from 1996-2006. It continued on as the NEFn'W in a summary format for some time after that.

The NEFW was founded by Paul Simonetti, who also wrestled as Doctor Melancholy, and featured its first show as a "24-hour Wrestlefest" on the RSPWF message boards. It was run primarily through a Yahoo! Group, with members e-mailing their roleplays, or flashes, to the executive board which were then sent out to everyone in compiled Verbal Warfares. Verbal Warfare would be sent out every night, and in most cases the wrestler who flashed the most in between shows would win their match. Exceptions were often made in deference to storylines or seniority.

The NEFW featured throughout its decade-long existence a number of unique and talented characters. The first major storyline involved Brandon Charm forming the International Alliance and "invading" the NEFW. During this time the dominant personalities in the fed were names such as Mondo Somatic, Future Warrior, "Diamondback" Chris Myers, "The Outlaw" Tyler Brock, "Smasher" John Harrison, Old Brown Heineken, Rude Dude, "Mr. Main Event" Chris Douglas, The Dublin Daredevil, Rob Gunn, and the first NEFW Champion, Dark Fate. Over time, Future Warrior, Old Brown Heineken and "Smasher" John Harrison (as the Flashmaster) would all have major roles in running the company. Flashmaster, in particular, served as the fedhead for nearly five years (some of it non-consecutive). While final decisions often came down to the fedhead, the majority of the NEFW's time saw it controlled by an executive board made up of handlers whom also wrote shows and voted for winners via simple majority.

The NEFW had seven major titles throughout its history, the NEFW World Championship, the NEFW Tag Team Titles, the NEFW Unified Intercontinental Title (sometimes called the North American Title), the NEFW Television Title, NEFW Cruiserweight Title (which replaced the defunct Bruiserweight Title), NEFW Hardcore Title, and the seldom-used Pete's Wicked Ale Pay-Per-View Title. The Pay-Per-View title had the unique stipulation of only being defended at Pay-Per-Views, and only in some form of gimmick match in which everyone was allowed to bring a weapon of their choice. Another staple of the federation was its Simonetti Cup, a bragging-rights single-elimination tournament akin to King of the Ring.

Other defunct titles include the Montage Title, the Anthracite Title, the North American Tag Team Titles, the New England States Title, and the Rage Title.

The NEFW had many shows over the course of its existence, but the original and longest-running were Wednesday Heart Attack! (later renamed Wednesday Night Nemesis), and Weekender. A secondary weekend show was put out through most of the NEFW's run, but its name and writer changed frequently. The NEFW's four biggest pay-per-views were Rumble in the Bronx every spring, Last Breath in the summer, Day of the Dead around Halloween, and the end-of-year Wrestlefest. It also featured a series of 12 gimmick matches every December called 12 Beatings of Christmas. Gimmick matches were a touchstone of the NEFW, with favorites including the Empty Swimming Pool Match, The Blair Witch Project Match, The Kiddie Pool of Death Match, Cones and Kegs (in which the competitors had to funnel alcohol into themselves through a traffic cone at regular intervals), the legendary Futonal Pleasure Match, and a battle royale match which took place in a ring suspended 10,000 feet in the air, called Hell in the Sky.

Notable characters over the NEFW's history included the first Grand Slam champions Blade and Corona (who became Grand Slam champs at the same time by winning the tag titles together), Deckard and Jesse Waltman, both of whom were handled by another notable NEFW executive, Josh King, as well as Senton and Ronin. Senton and Corona would often team with a third member such as Ronin, or later "The Suicide Blonde" Tommy McKnight to form the KOA (Kings of All). Deckard, Corona, and Senton formed a similar stable later on called the Elite (which bore no connection to a stable of the same name originated by Rude Dude several years earlier). Blade, Ronin, Corona, Deckard, and other standouts such as Suess and Drayven all held the NEFW World Championship for extended, and often multiple times.

Other notables throughout the NEFW's history included Johnny Demonic, The Salaminizer, Scourge, Butcher Ben, Aries "God of War", The Magician, Wraack, Inferno, Joe Sixpack, Minion-X, Omen, "The Prodigy" Rein Engel, Cross, "The One Man Show" Rasco Raines, Unforgiven, Mace Richter, Swift Nick, Little Blue Super Jew, Drunken Master, Jenna Jett, Raptor, Terry Storm, The Crimson Christian, The Senator, The Goth, Jonnie Rose, "The Dominator" Derek Dixon, and tag teams Twisted Steel, Phinished, Mass Destruction, The New Broncos, Shock Factor, and others. In addition to the Elite and the KOA, stables like M4, The Upstarts, Racially Motivated Violence, The New Era, and Menace 2 Sobriety also made an impact.

In what could best be dubbed a social experiment, Benny King, the handler of Johnny Demonic and The Salaminizer (and also Joey Steroidz) began creating a slew of characters under different pseudonyms specifically for the purpose of seeing how far he could push the boundaries of the executive board and the roster in general. These characters were purposefully bad and nonsensical, and included the childlike and often incomprehensible Ripper, Gunt Wizard (who would never, under any circumstances, actually talk about wrestling), Mimic (whose flashes were copy-pasted from other wrestlers with names and times changed to be relevant to him), Mr. Nice Guy (the happiest, nicest man on the planet, would end every sentence with "then!" and was frequently portrayed as a hopeless coke fiend), and Deathbringer (a black satanist who only spoke in ebonics, lived in a rural Amish village, and would frequently break character to perform long and complicated "shout-outs" to people back in the hood and thank Jon MacDonald for "publishing" his work). Eventually he came clean by having all his creations appear at once as a stable he named The BenWo.

On the executive board, Flashmaster generally ceded much of the actual administrative duties to Josh King, who in turn formed a committee to handle each show. Rob Prophet, Jon MacDonald, "Cheap Heat" Chad Dean, Justin Dowdy, and many others sat on a frequently-rotating board while also handling wrestlers. Jon MacDonald, most notably, eventually took over the fed and was responsible for keeping it running for many years after most of the other executives had gone away. On the other side of the spectrum, Chad Dean often made it a priority to undermine others to promote himself, mostly in the name of living up to his "Cheap Heat" moniker.

An attempt was made at a final supercard to celebrate the NEFW's 10th Anniversary, Wrestlefest X. Unfortunately the ambitious project, featuring nearly 50 matches and segments from characters all throughout the NEFW's history, was left only a little more than a quarter finished.

Recently, a Facebook group was started for all former members of the NEFW to reconnect and stay in touch with one another. It can be found here .