Noah Reigner
Reigner in January 2019
Birth name Noah Caleb Reigner
Born April 14, 1991 (age 27)
Seattle, Washington, United States
Resides Seattle, Washington
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Noah Reigner
Billed height 6 ft 0 in (1.82 m)
Billed weight 184 lbs (83 kg)
Billed from Seattle, Washington
Trained by Andrew Wolfe
Zarek Lyle
Cameron Church
Debut 2016

Noah Reigner (born April 14th, 1991) is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW) where he performs on the Voltage brand and is a former EAW World Heavyweight Champion. He is also known for his time in the United Kingdom Wrestling Federation, Union Battleground, World Wrestling Headquarters, and Extrimus Immortalis Wrestling.

Early life

Noah Caleb Reigner is the youngest of the Reigner children born to Benjamin and Madison Reigner. His siblings are Chloe, who’s the oldest and Ethan. Madison was a corporate lawyer in Seattle, and Benjamin was one of the most highly sought after plastic surgeons. The Reigner family lived more than comfortably, and the children had anything they could ever want.

Growing up, all of the Reigner children were popular in school. Chloe was the head cheerleader in high school. Ethan was a starter on the school basketball team, and while Noah didn’t participate in any extracurricular activities - he was charismatic and always found himself surrounded by people. One thing they all shared in common, though, was the fact they all loved professional wrestling. Chloe and Ethan maybe not as much as Noah, though.

After high school, Chloe and Ethan both moved to California for University while Noah attended the University of Washington, studying business management. Noah completed his course and graduated the program - but he wanted to follow his true passion. Even though his parents disagreed with his direction, Noah would move to San Diego, California and registered with "The Plant", the training facility operating under the So Cal Ultraviolent company. Noah was trained by former So Cal Ultraviolent Trans-Pacific Champion, Andrew Wolfe. Head trainer, Laine Pierce, of course oversaw the training process and helped where he can. Andrew was a master of the technical side of pro. wrestling and was cited as being a Submission specialist.

Throughout his training, he would attend several seminars at various other schools in the city, and would also attend MMA classes which helped his striking technique. After his training under Andrew Wolfe was complete, Noah was given the opportunity to compete with So-Cal Ultraviolent. Noah, however, turned down the offer - feeling that he wanted to travel and continue training elsewhere. His next stop would be New York state, where he would sign up for and attend the wrestling school headed by Zarek Lyle. There he would meet another trainee in Evelyn Ridley (Eve). It was there that they would form a pact, that Eve would accompany Noah and be his ‘muscle’ once her training was complete.

After successfully completing his course with Lyle, Noah went onto the independent scene for a few matches before he was quickly signed to a long term contract.

Professional wrestling career

So-Cal Ultraviolent (2016-2017)

The first company he signed with would be based in San Diego, California under the name So-Cal Ultraviolent, and immediately he made a splash there. He was booked in the main event of the first show since it’s re-opening against Jack Owyns and Alexei Smirnov in the King of California tournament. Earlier in the night, he took it upon himself to attack Reece Crosslin - a returning hero to So-Cal, citing that he wanted to take out all legends in the sport, that now was his time. During the main event, Reece got a little bit of retribution and cost Noah the win.

On the next event, Noah was scheduled to face Charity Olson - but before the match, he informed her that this match wasn't worth his time and that he wouldn't partake. Noah would turn around and be assaulted by Reece Crosslin and his steel chair. Later in the evening, Noah would return the favor attacking - and re-injuring Reece’s neck, putting him on the shelf for a short amount of time.

Noah’s next move would be to sign with the UKWF.

Splitting time between San Diego and the U.K., Noah found time to compete for So-Cal again, his next match taking on Lexi Sheckler and Micaela Peszek. Micaela would be distracted by on going drama in her personal life that spilt over to the professional side, which took the match down to Lexi and Noah. Noah was able to capitalize on a mistake and put Lexi down with the “D.B.R.” for the victory.

After this match, it would be revealed that owner Julian Cortez sought out Noah, giving him a piece of folded fabric - recruiting him for something. Noah, now aligned with Julian, did the same to Bear Reynolds on the following Asylum event, and even helped him in his match by pulling him out of the ring to avoid taking a direct loss.

It would be here in So-Cal that Noah met Julian Cortez’s daughter, Aryanna Cortez. The two would hit it off together and soon become romantically connected. Julian's feelings about the relationship were unknown, but nothing was ever mentioned about it.

Bear Reynolds' connection with Noah would be severed when Bear failed to appear at events, but Julian's plan did became reality. He resurrected the infamous stable he headed in Mexico, Los Renegados. Noah was his right hand man, and to finish the group, Julian recruited Dick Devereaux to be his choice to battle for the Ultraviolent Championship.

While Dick was busy fighting Ashtyn Rave and the forces of So Cal, Noah Reigner's rivalry with Reece Crosslin began to intensify. It all culminated in a San Diego Street Fight, a match that was literal to it's name. Noah and Reece literally fought through the streets and businesses of San Diego (including a McDonalds, Gas Station and Peaches N' Cream strip club). The match eventually ended up back at the Ultraviolent Complex. It ended when the debuting muscle from Los Renegados Mexico-chapter, Bruin "Rumble" Reyes, debuted to assist Noah. It didn't work, when Aryanna got involved too and Noah became distracted. Reece capitalized and defeated Noah.

Despite not being able to help him win the match, Rumble and Noah became close friends and formed the tag team version of Los Renegados. Reece went on to meet Dick and Ashtyn for the Ultraviolent championship. The championship match saw the Los Renegados try to help their brother, only to be stopped by joined forces of the So Cal roster. Dick would ultimately lose the championship to Reece Crosslin.

Next the Los Renegados would team together to face the team of Reece Crosslin, Ashtyn Rave and Aliyah Turner. The match went back and forth, and when the So Cal Rebellion was on top, Aliyah took to the top rope with her eyes on Devereaux. She flew off attempting her finisher on the Butcher - but Noah pushed him out of the way and ate the impact for his teammate. Dick ejected Aliyah from the ring but turned around right into Ashtyn, who applied her submission finisher. Dick tapped out, and the So Cal team were victorious. After the match, Julian and Aryanna climbed into the ring and gave the signal. Dick turned on Noah! Attacking him and hitting him with his finisher! Rumble watched, motionless, knowing not to interrupt to save his brother. Aryanna even turned on her boyfriend, publicly dumping him with a hard slap to the face.

Noah took time away from So Cal, joining the ranks of Union Battleground to take part in the Battalion (tag team) tournament with Rumble Reyes, who defied Julian’s orders to terminate the bond between the two.

Noah’s last match in So Cal would be a tag team match with Linc Coyne against, once again, Aliyah Turner and Reece Crosslin. Crosslin and Turner would be victorious again, this time when Crosslin pinned Coyne following a surprise roll up. So Cal Ultraviolent would then close, the city of San Diego shutting them down.

United Kingdom Wrestling Federation (2016-2017)

Noah would debut for the UKWF in a battle royal for the new Broadcast championship at New Year’s Evolution. In arrogant fashion, Noah watched as most of the match happened and many eliminations took place before he jumped in and made a few of his own. The match ended up coming down to Noah and James Edwards. Edwards would go on to outsmart Noah and throw him over the top rope in order to win the title.

This would start a little rivalry between the two. The next time they met was at Winds of Change where they faced off one on one. Noah claimed it was Luck that carried James to the win, and that “any moron could throw someone over the top rope. Only real champions can pin someone.” .. and well, he proved to be right. Noah pinned James in the middle of the ring with a well-timed backslide to successfully win the Broadcast championship.

The next event, Violentines Violence, Noah faced James again in the “rubber match” you could say. Once again, Noah proved to be too much for James to handle - this time hitting James with the “D.B.R.” For the win. His next title defense came at No Escape when he faced Chris Ghensi. In this match, Noah would miss his Tope Con Hilo he calls “Danger! Danger!”, crashing and burning on the outside. Ghensi returned to the ring and would win VIA count out. Therefore Noah remained champion.

After No Escape, Noah would request release from his contract. Returning to So-Cal exclusively.

Union Battleground (2016-2017)

Noah joined the Union Battleground, representing So Cal Ultraviolent, with Rumble Reyes - entering the Battalion tournament together as “The Firing Squad”. In the first round, Noah and Rumble met and defeated fellow So Cal Wrestler, Trixie and her team mate Tornado Desencadenado when Noah pinned Trixie. After the event, Noah went out to a bar and there he met Brooklyn Kanojvic. The two hit it off and eventually became an item over the next couple of months.

In the second round, Noah and Rumble defeated the Salvation’s Sinister and Camila Martinez after Dick Devereaux interfered and attacked the Salvation members. In the finals, Noah and Rumble met the Outliers. The match ended when Sawtooth Grin hit Noah with his Stunner and covered him. The referee counted the three, but didn’t see Noah holding the ropes.

Union Battleground would end their first season with that, but held a special event at the infamous Hammerstein Ballroom. Noah had since been committed to the Hartland Asylum, which Mikey Svarro would pull strings in order to allow Noah a day out to compete at Burning Hammer. At this event, Noah and Rumble would face the Osaka Rebels in a match where the Firing Squad were victorious, bouncing back after the heartbreaking loss to the Outliers.

It was during this time that Mark Storm approached Noah and Rumble, offering them spots in the World Wide faction known as "the Dogs of War". Both Noah and Rumble accepted, joining the likes of Mark Storm, Jack Tillman, Chris Constantine, Devan Hurst and Maki.

Noah would sign on for the next season of Union Battleground after leaving the Hartland Asylum. Before returning to the road, though, he stopped back home to surprise Brooklyn, only to catch her cheating on him.

The second season started with a singles match against Alex Kincade and Adrian Bruiser. Noah would lose his singles debut when Kincade pinned Bruiser, but only after Noah knocked a couple of teeth out of Kincade's skull with a very stiff knee strike. After that, he and Rumble would be on the hunt for the Battalion championships again. In order to earn a rematch, the two had to defeat the team of Oceane Jordin and Sabina Sainte. The girls viciously attacked Andrew Wolfe before the match, but that only lead Noah to fight harder - securing the victory for his team.

During all of this, Noah went back home and officially broke up with Brooklyn.

Now that they were the contenders again, Noah and Rumble challenged the Outliers at Lights Out #18. Another match between the two that went back and forth for it's entirety before the Outliers picked up another controversial win when the illegal man pinned Noah. Obviously, Noah and Rumble were upset and demanded something change. Axel Graves admitted that his referees were untrained and ill-prepared for the Battalion division, so he made the final match between the two teams - a ladder match at Crown of the King Cobra. The Outliers would, once again, be successful in retaining the Battalion championships.

Noah's contract with the Union Battleground was now over, and Noah opted not to resign at the current time.

World Wrestling Headquarters (2017-2018)

After the season ending of Union Battleground, Noah and Brooklyn found themselves at a bar discussing future plans. Brooklyn convinced Noah that they hit the road and find Noah a new company to work for. Afterwords she would go to the bar to grab them another drink, only to be continuously hit on by a drunken customer. After trying to get away, he would begin to get physical which is when Noah stepped in. The resulting bar brawl saw the cops being called, but not before Noah broke this mans arm and nose. Noah would then go to his court appointment, and before the judge could drop his initial verdict of throwing the book at Noah due to his training and occupation, Warden Booker intervened and convinced the judge to send Noah to Hartland Asylum for further psychiatric care.

But the truth of the matter was Warden Booker organized a promotion inside the walls of the Asylum and he needed a new right hand man. He knew Noah’s training and behavior and saw the perfect fit in him. Noah came in and immediately proved him right, putting down two inmates and a nurse on his first night. Then, one by one, Warden Booker would put Noah against the thorns that stuck to his side; Wulf Erikson, Savannah and even Penny Dreadful (who was in the Warden’s cabinet but disappointed him after consecutive losses). Noah put them all down, one after another. He would soon find himself against Gary Black, a match in which he won. At the end of the show, Noah appeared by the side of Warden Booker as he stared down his many foes in the ring. Then Noah did the unthinkable, taking the Asylum championship and smashing it into Booker's face. He dropped the title, and exited the Asylum for the very last time.

On the request of Mikey Svarro and Finn Whelan, Noah Reigner would accept an invitation from the WWH to return to the company to compete in the inaugural Phoenix Cup tournament. The winner would receive a championship opportunity of their choice. Noah would be slotted in the final spot under the HellsGate roster. In the opening round, Noah would meet Megan Treamon. After defeating her soundly, he and "Rumble" Reyes would reconnect. Noah congratulated him on his Brimstone Championship victory and the duo stated that the Firing Squad was back in business, and hunting the tag team championships.

The next round of the Phoenix Cup tournament saw Noah meeting returning 'legend' Laura Phoenix, which Noah would win - stamping his ticket to Grindhouse, to compete in the semi-finals. The Grindhouse event saw Noah meeting Mercedes Vargas in the semi-finals match of the HellsGate side. The winner would go onto the pre-main event later that evening to face the winner of the Showdown side. Noah would defeat Vargas, and looked ahead to the finals against his fellow Dog of War member, Maki. In a brutal, violent Lumberjack match that saw the stable mates rip into one another - Noah would emerge as the victor, and the first ever Phoenix Cup winner. After their bloody brawl, Maki and Rumble would join Noah in celebration.

With the world in his hands, though, Noah would part ways with the WWH for the last time. The night after winning the Phoenix Cup in WWH, Noah would go on to win the Cash in the Vault match at the Elite Answers Wrestling 'Pain for Pride' event. Not only that, but rumors began to surface about shady business practices coming from the WWH head office. It was no-brainer for Noah. He severed ties with the WWH company once and forall.

Elite Answers Wrestling (2018-present)


Noah would first sign a contract with REVOLT! Pro Combat in Mid-March of 2018. However, there were dates in multiple companies that Noah needed to finish first. He was given the green light to finish his dates. During this time off two major things would happen. One; REVOLT would merge with the Elite Answers Wrestling and two; Noah Reigner would take a trip to Albany, New York to visit a location named 'the Combat Church'. Working in this training facility was former manager and bodyguard, Evelyn Ridley. After leaving SoCal Ultraviolent, Evelyn finished her wrestling training with Zarek Lyle before signing up with the Combat Church. She would train under the owner, Cameron Church, and then begin working there as well - teaching introductory classes. Noah and Evelyn would have a heart-to-heart and return to the same page. Noah asked her to return by his side as his manager. Evelyn agreed, on one condition. That Noah brought a coach with him, to help strategize and round-out Noah's technique, teaching Noah the one skill that he was inferior in - submissions. That coach was Cameron Church.

After their introduction, Cameron and Noah had a series of meetings and training sessions. Without knowing that Evelyn was going to request his precense, Cameron offered his coaching services to Noah - seeing the potential in Noah. Cameron understood that he had a contract waiting for him, and that it would take him away from the Combat Church - but he wanted to help mold the future for Noah. After Noah accepted, Cameron put the operations of Combat Church under the watchful eye of his partner, Aron Reichert. Noah, now with Cameron and Evelyn behind him - collectively known now as 'HOUSE REIGNER', would leave Albany to meet with the REVOLT management - only to be told of the merger. Luckily Noah's contract was one of the contracts that were kept by the EAW, so he would be reporting to the Dynasty roster.


 Noah's official debut for the EAW fell on April 20th, 2018 whe he would take part in a triple threat match against Garrison Cooper and Nate Faber. Noah and Nate were the new comers, while Cooper had been around for a very brief time before. Noah was successful in his debut, and looked ahead to the next match - a tag team match where he would team with Jackson Blayde to face Damon Diesel and Yasuke Yamashita. In the week leading up to the match, both Noah and Jackson were firm that they did not want to team with each other. They were, however, victorious in their match but that bad blood would carry over to the next week when Noah faced Jackson one on one. Noah would be victorious, and Jackson would sustain an injury leaving the company for the time being.

The next event would be Culture Crisis. Noah's match for this event was another triple threat match, but this time would be a ladder match and the prize was a contract that would send the winner to Pain for Pride to compete in the multi-brand Cash in the Vault match. Noah faced Shackleford and Lucas Johnson. The match saw Noah resort to old tactics from So-Cal, reviving the "Chair-Man" schtick as he used the weapon to secure himself an opportunity to climb the ladder and pull down the contract for PFP. Now would begin the point in his EAW career where doubters would come out of the woodwork, and the major concern right now was that he wasn't ready for a chance to be in the Cash in the Vault match.

So he would be tested. His next match was against the Hardcore champion of the present, Cody Marshall. Giving up a lot of size and weight, Noah was the underdog - but he would secure a victory over a current champion, which shocked a lot of people. The next match would be against a former Heavyweight champion and Hall of Famer - a man who would be entered in the PFP CitV match - Devan Dubian. Slotted in the Underdog role again, Noah pushed himself and was able to defeat Dubian. The next week he and co-CitV enterant Lucas Johnson would face and defeat the Core Brothers soundly, and just like his last tag team match - this one would not be without heated words between Noah and Lucas. The next night, Theron Nikolas and Jack Ripley of the 1% were set to face Devan Dubian and a mystery partner on Showdown. That mystery partner would be Noah, and the team representing Dynasty would be victorious. And afterword? Dubian attacked Noah, leaving him down and out.

And now it was upon us. The biggest event of the year for EAW - Pain for Pride. Noah would be one of eight competitors that stood in the ring, looking up at the infamous Briefcase. Raven Roberts, Devan Dubian, Lucas Johnson, Lucian Black, Kevin Hunter, Erebus Jennings and Consuela Rose Ava. The match was one for the record books. The highlights of the match, for Noah, would include Lucian Black lighting a table on fire before pushing a ladder over with Noah and Lucas on the top, who were battling. Both Lucas and Noah would go through the flaming table, but Noah maneuvered himself to land ontop of Lucas.  Later in the match, Noah would be climbing a ladder to grab the briefcase. Raven Roberts would come in and push over the ladder - but Noah had the wherewithal to put his out out on the rope and stop himself from tumbling out of the ring, and push the ladder back up. Raven had picked up another ladder and threw it up to hit Noah. Noah would leap off of his ladder a split second before the ladders collided, grabbing onto the hook the briefcase was attached to. And with no way to reach him to stop, Raven was powerless - watching as Noah unclasped the briefcase and fell to the mat with it. Noah won the Cash in the Vault briefcase two months into his EAW career.

Mr. Cash in the Vault & Voltage

 The next event would be the annual draft day event. Noah Reigner, coming off of the big win at Pain for Pride would be scheduled to face Jack Ripley. But before that match took place, it would be revealed that Noah was the second pick for the Voltage brand. He would also have a run-in with Lars Grier who attempted to give him advice, which Noah blunty turned down. Noah would go on to defeat Jack Ripley, picking up his tenth straight win. His first flaw would come against Daryl Kinkade on his first match on Voltage. The match would end in a draw when Lars Grier arrived and a brawl between Noah and Lars would ensue. The following week, Noah would arrive through the crowd and attack Lars with his briefcase that he wrapped in barbed wire, a little bit of retribution. His first loss came the following week when Noah faced Devan Dubian. Lars, once again, arrived and distracted Noah which allowed Dubian to pin Noah.

The following week, Noah vowed to make this personal - and he did just that. Noah, Cameron and Evelyn would abduct Lars' brother, Max, and viciousally attack him while Lars was forced to watch via the 'tron. Later in the evening, Lars would find where Max was held previously while on his search for Noah - only to be attacked from behind by Noah and Evelyn. The following week, Noah and Lars would come face to face with Matt Daniels mediating. A match would be scheduled for the upcoming event Crossfire, Noah versus Lars in an Extreme Rules match with the Briefcase on the line. Later that night, Noah would meet and dispose of Carpenter Munrowe in record time. The next week, Noah would take on Xander Payne - the New Breed Champion - in a non-title match, a match that Noah would go onto win. Normally anyone who would pin a champion for three in the ring, would skip to the front of the line for a title opportunity - or at least barter for one. Noah didn't, however. What he had in his eyes was bigger than Xander, and that was the World Heavyweight Championship. But before he would make plays to move toward that, he would have to meet Lars Grier.

The Extreme Rules match at Crossfire would come next, and Noah and Lars beat the living hell out of one another. Noah would end up being put through a flaming table, but Evelyn Ridley saved the day by pulling the referee out of the ring. That distraction would be enough for Noah to come to, and hit Lars with the "Hard Goodbye" to finish the match and successfully retain his Cash in the Vault briefcase. The next week on Voltage, Noah would team with Jacob Moore and successfully defeat the team of MarrKade (Charlie Marr and Daryl Kinkade). The next week would put Noah on the frontline of Voltage in their war against the Enterprise. Devan Dubian would come to Noah, out of respect, and would ask for his assistance in helping rid the company of the group of Lethal Consequences, Jackson Blayde - and by association - Prince of Phenomenal. Noah accepted later that night when he saved Dubian as he was being beaten down by Blayde and L.C. This would begin another bloodfeud between Noah and Jackson. Dubian and Noah would team the next week against L.C. and Blayde, and Blayde would get the advantage for the Enterprise when he pinned Dubian.

The rivalry between Noah and Blayde added another layer when Noah defeated Blayde at the next Voltage. The next event was Territorial Invasion, where team Voltage (Noah, Dubian and Scott Diamond) would face the Enterprise (L.C., Blayde and the new addition of Prince of Phenomenal). The match went back and forth, eventually seeing the Enterprise dispose of Diamond and Dubian, leaving only Noah left. They would hit Noah with everything they had. Signature maneuvers after signature maneuvers, P.O.P. even hitting Noah with the 'Crown of Thorns' through a table. But still Noah had some fight left in him, kicking out of the move - shocking everyone. Noah would hit the 'Kill Shot' to L.C. and successfully pin him - winning the match for Voltage, and sending the Enterprise packing.

The next week, Noah would face the EAW World Heavyweight champion Rex McAllister and Prince of Phenomenal in a triple threat match. Rex would take advantage of a distracted Prince of Phenomenal and get the victory, after Noah was disposed of on the outside of the ring. Noah would even the odds against McAllister in his next match, a tag team match that saw Noah team with on-again / off-again partner, Devan Dubian - to face Rex and Lars Grier. The champions side would lose when Noah pinned Lars Grier. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Noah would pickup victories against V.I.P. and Osamu Arcichida - all while starting a little war of words with Ahren Fournier from Showdown, who would show up to Voltage and bump into Noah backstage. The next week, Noah would team with Daryl Kinkade to face Ahren Fournier and Osamu Arcichida. The match would result in a draw when Ahren attacked his own partner and walked out of the match.

Noah would then take a trip to Showdown where he faced off against a familiar face from his past, Kassidy Heart. Kassidy was, briefly, in a relationship with Noah's coach - Cameron Church. But the history between Noah and Kassidy dates all the way back to their training at So Cal Ultraviolent's facility - The Plant, and none of that history is good. The bad blood between the two spilled out during this match on Showdown and the match got out of control. Both Evelyn and Ahren would end up getting involved, and the match was ultimately deemed a draw. This would lead to Wicked Games where Noah would face Ahren Fournier one on one..

But before that, the annual Grand Prix tag team tournament would begin, and in this tournament Noah would team with Battleground call-up Jack Haze. Evelyn would visit the performance center, scouting the talent in the P.C. to bring into House Reigner. She particularly had her eye on Jack Haze and gave him the opportunity first, which he was glad to accept. The team, dubbed the "Stoned Raiders" (in respect to Cypress Hill's album of the same name), would successfully win their first round match against ENDEAVOR and Remi Skyfire.

At Wicked Games Noah and Ahren would give it their all, but Diamond Cage would eventually come down and attack Ahren - ending the match. Noah's next match would be back on Voltage a few weeks later when he would face and defeat the Woogieman and el Landerson in a handicap match. The next round of the Grand Prix tournament would see Noah and Jack facing the Jaded Hearts (Sienna Jade and Kassidy Heart), which the Jaded Hearts would go on to win after pinning Jack Haze. After the exit from the Grand Prix tournament, Noah would verbally announce that his focus was back on the World Heavyweight championship, and in his next series of matches, he would defeat Battleground call up's the Visual Prophet and Denis Cercel(Ryley).

At Road to Redemption, Noah was given the opportunity to by-pass the King of Elite tournament and place himself into the finals. But he would have to get by Malcolm Jones, Astraea Jordan and Jack Ripley. Noah and Jack would fight to the outside when Ryan Wilson would come down and attack Ripley, tossing him into the ring afterword. Malcolm Jones would capitalize on Jack with his Five Star Swag Splash and stamp his ticket to the finals. Later that night after Rex McAllister would successfully defend his championship - Noah's music hit the P.A., a sign that Noah would be coming down to maybe Cash in. But when Noah no-showed, the camera's cut backstage to show Noah and Evelyn both knocked out and bloodied. And his briefcase missing...

The next event would be the New Year's show at the Alexandra Palace in London, U.K. In the main events of main events, Noah Reigner would face off against the man whom he has been compared to since his arrival, Jamie O'Hara. Before the match, the year-end awards were handed out and Noah was the recipient of the Rookie of the Year and 'Next to Watch' awards. The main event match was as you would expect between these two - a super intense, back and forth match that both men were close to putting away a few times. It finally ended when Jamie would pin Noah following the "Evolved Kingslayer". The show would end with Jamie raising Noah's hand, EAW's past, present and future in the ring to start the new year.

On the first Voltage of 2019, Noah would send a message to the entire company; he was looking for his briefcase - and would stop at nothing to have it back. The tron would come to life, however, and show an image of Noah's briefcase sitting backstage during the Palace - having a birds eye view of Noah vs O'Hara. Later in the evening, Rex McAllister would go on record - giving Noah a one on one Championship match, briefcase or not. And it would be scheduled for the next Voltage! .. That Voltage would come and to start, Impact would take to the ring and use his GAWD Contract to challenge Rex McAllister for the Championship at King of Elite, as well as challenging Noah at the next episode of Voltage - banning Noah's "Kill Shot" maneuver in the process. Later that evening, Noah would meet Rex McAllister in a hard fought battle, one that would see Noah hitting Rex with the "Kill Shot" and covering him. But just as the referee counted the three count, Impact would interfere and attack Noah. A DQ win doesn't remove the championship, however. Impact would put down Noah and Evelyn - sending a message that he was the next World Champion, not Noah.

Before he would meet Impact, though, Noah showed up on Showdown. After a convincing argument brought to him by Evelyn, Noah pointed at former partner Jack Haze as the thief. He would brutally attack Jack and pressure him on whether or not he stole it. Despite Jack swearing he didn't, Noah didn't believe him and put him down with the "Kill Shot". Afterword, though, Noah was blindsided by his Briefcase .. and SOSA Henderson, the real culprit behind the theft. Now that he knew of his attacker and thief, Noah was on a mission - and that mission took him to Voltage. To start the show, Noah would challenge Sosa to a match at King of Elite .. a streetfight match for the Briefcase. Later that evening, one on one Noah would take Impact to his limit and would defeat the seven-time champion and Hall of Famer, even without using his "Kill Shot" maneuver.

Noah would take a trip to Sosa's Showdown brand the next week where he and Chris Elite would team to face Ahren Fournier and Sosa Henderson, a match where Sosa and Ahren would escape with the victory when Sosa pinned Ahren. Noah would shrug off the loss, and look ahead to the next event ... King of Elite.

The streetfight was hellacious for both men and the match would end when Evelyn would distract Sosa long enough for Noah to hit the "Kill Shot" and defeat Sosa, recollecting his briefcase. Sosa would leave bloody and broken, and without the briefcase that he promised to win. Later in the evening, Rex McAllister would fight Impact in a World Heavyweight title defense in a Barbed Wire Massacre match. Given the name, you know the match was brutal, barbaric and bloody. But Impact would come through on his promises of #8Reignz when he defeated Rex McAllister by choking him out! Impact celebrated proudly.. until Noah came down and blasted him with a sickening "Kill Shot". Karma for Impact banning it a few weeks prior. Noah yelled at the referee to start the Cash in and once he did, Noah would pin Impact for the three count. Noah Reigner would leave King of Elite as the NEW EAW World Heavyweight Champion!

World Heavyweight Champion

Noah's first week as the Champion, he would cut a promo on Voltage - solidifying his claims that House Always Wins, and he had the prize to show for it. The next week, he would take place in a special "Champion vs Champion" match, where he would meet the new New Breed champion - the Visual Prophet. This was a new Prophet since his meeting with the last one, someone else would step up and acquire the name - someone younger, hungrier and more talented. But all of that aside, Noah would be victorious - but only after Evelyn would go through a table. That same week, Rex would cash in his rematch clause to which Noah gladly accepted. Setting the match for the next week.

The next week would come, and Tyler Wolfe would come to Voltage to take place in a special match against Daryl Kinkade. Tyler, who was the younger sister of Noah's trainer (Andrew Wolfe), had been in the company for some time - and she and Noah began a relationship during this time. Tyler was the number one contender to the Visual Prophet's New Breed championship, and would be facing off against another man who could certainly step up to challenge him. Well, through the course of the night, the two singles matches turned to one tag team match with the World Heavyweight Championship still on the the line. If Noah or Tyler were pinned, the Championship would go to Rex. If Rex or Daryl were pinned, Noah would keep the championship. The match would end with Tyler pinning Daryl, successfully retaining the championship for Noah.

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Other media

Noah makes his first video game appearance on EAW 2k19 as a member of the Voltage brand.

Personal life

Noah is the youngest of the Reigner children. The oldest is his sister Chloe and then his brother Ethan is the middle child. Chloe is very protective over Noah and supports him fully, while Ethan is firmly against Noah's career choice. Chloe owns and runs her own successful Vegan Cafe in Seattle while Ethan is former Military. Along with his siblings, his mother Madison is also on Chloe's side. Madison and Chloe even traveled from Seattle to Las Vegas for his EAW Pain for Pride event. His father, Benjamin, however hates his profession and thinks Noah is throwing away his life for this 'silly dream'.

Noah has been through a couple of relationships during his career. The first being with Aryanna Cortez in So-Cal Ultraviolent. Aryanna would publicly dump Noah when Los Renegados turned on him. Noah's second relationship was with Brooklyn Kanojvic, which ended during his time in Union Battleground. Recently, Noah began a relationship with Tyler Wolfe, the sister of his mentor Andrew Wolfe.

Even though Los Renegados would turn their back on him in So-Cal Ultraviolent, Noah and "Rumble" Reyes remained very close friends, continuing their team in other companies such as Union Battleground and World Wrestling Headquarters, which they would name "The Firing Squad". Along with Rumble, Noah is also close friends with Finn Whelan, Mikey Svarro, and Jack Tillman.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • The Kill Shot (Sick Kick) *Primary*
    • Lock, Stock, Smoking Barrel (Omega Driver / Awful Waffle)
    • Crossface chickenwing submission
  • Signature moves
    • Rogue Cutter: Redux (Rolling cutter)
    • Rogue Cutter: The Trinity (Inverted crucifix cutter)
    • Shot Down (Veleno / Jumping Double Underhook DDT)
    • 91KO (Pumphandle half-Nelson driver)
    • Ace in the Hole (Air Raid Crash)
    • House Edge (Kneecap Brainbuster)
    • ST-NOAH (High impact STO takedown)
    • Multiple suplex variations
      • Belly-to-back
      • Belly-to-belly
      • Exploder
      • Dragon
      • Vertical
    • Shoot-style kicks
    • Double Stomp (Jumping or Diving)
    • Step-up Enzugiri
    • Suplex lift dropped face first onto lifted knee
    • Stiff forearm and elbow strikes
    • Multiple knee strikes
    • Sliding forearm smash
    • Slingshot crossbody
    • Falcon Arrow
    • Cross-legged brainbuster
    • Suicide dive
    • Finger snap to opponent - w/ theatrics
    • Apron Covered Stomp
    • Running jumping neckbreaker
    • Slingshot spear
    • Stalling brainbuster
    • Release Tigerbomb
  • Nicknames
    • "The Assault Rifle"
    • "The Chair-Man (of EAW)"
    • "The New Ace of EAW"
  • Entrance themes
    • "Don't Stop" by InnerPartySystem (WWH / EAW; June 24, 2018-present)
    • "Youth of America" by Birdbrain. (So-Cal Ultraviolent, UKWF, Union Battleground)
    • "Stigmata" by Marilyn Manson (brief time in WWH)
    • "First Person Shooter" by Celldweller (as the Firing Squad w/ "Rumble" Reyes)
    • "Avon" by Queens of the Stone Age (as the Black Jackals w/ Jack Tillman)
    • "Mama Said Knock You Out" (Undefeated Mix) by LL Cool J (as the Stoned Raiders w/ Jack Haze)

Championships and accomplishments

  • United Kingdom Wrestling Federation
    • Broadcast Champion (Vacated upon exit)
  • World Wrestling Headquarters
    • Rising Star of the Year (2017)
    • Phoenix Cup Winner (2018) (First Ever)
  • Union Battleground
    • Finalist in the Inaugural Battalion (Tag Team) Tournament w/ "Rumble" Reyes
    • Season Two “Match of the Year” Winner. (‘Firing Squad’ vs ‘The Outliers’ - Tag Team Ladder Match.)
  • Extrimus Immortalis Wrestling
    • Tag Team Champion (w/ Jack Tillman) (Last Ever)
  • Elite Answers Wrestling
    • EAW World Heavyweight Champion (1 time; current)
    • 2018 Mr. Cash in the Vault
    • EAW Awards (2 times)
      • EAW Rookie of the Year Winner (2018)
      • EAW "Next Up in 2019" Winner (2018)
    • "Most Valuable Elitist" Weekly Awards (12 times)
      • Rising Star of the Week (2 times)
      • Promoer of the Week (3 times)
      • Beef of the Week (4 times; w/ Kassidy Heart, w/ Visual Prophet, w/ Rex McAllister, w/ Terry Chambers)
      • Champion of the Week (1 time)
      • Most Valuable Elitist (2 time)
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