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Real name Nick Golowko
Ring Name Nik-e-G Nick Extreme
Nicknames Nick ExtremeEfed KillerNik-extreme EOW warrior King of Forums
Height 6'3"
Weight 227 lbs.
Date of birthNovember 3rd 1994
Place of birthCameron North Carolina
Date of death
Place of death
Billed from Cameron NC

Mister K

StarrStan Mister DEDEDE
Wrestling Style High Flyer, Hardcore, Showman
Handled by Joe
In-ring debut august 19th, 2008

Nick Goloco(born Nov. 3rd, 1994), better known as Nik-e-G or Nick, is a Polish-American professional efeder who preforms in several popular efederations .. He is Known for his extreme moves , clash and burn attitude and Big ego.Most People call him stupid for Moves in EOW but others think of him as great. He is a Former EOW champion and BTW internet Champion and BTW Champion.

Yahoo Answers and Extreme Online Wrestling

In Mid 2008 Nik-e-G started looking for the Xway feds on Y!A. Soon after finding out they where all dead just answered Wrestling questions in the dieing wrestling section. Soon a New comer Chairman "Mister k" created a efed called "Extreme Online wrestling" Nik quickly rised to the top, helping with writing and graphics. Then after being hacked became a Co owner and Had his own brand "destruction." Nik Got Injured after the first EOW CHAMPIONSHIP match,putting him out of action. At EOW'S first FPV "Pyscho" Nik returned (risking his entire career) in a NO DQ match between Infamous and the EOW champ THE undertaker! Nikeg with his big scare still came back and won the championship for the first time. After another month of fighting with his former partner Infamous, EOW was hacked yet again and was closed down.

EAW and Merge

Nik later joined EAW and was put on Dynasty. Ronn begged EOW owner Mister K and Nik-e-g to merge EOW into EAW, making it 1 efed. He did not get a match until after EAWs fpv "KOE". Nik-e-G came out to the ring and announced the merge. EOW AND EAW where to become 1 efed. Mr.DeDeDe helped lead the new EOW wrestlers which got him into some trouble. Nik-e-G was put in a Loser gets fired match and winner gets to be EAW chairman match against CM RONN! After it was over... Nik had lost and was fired from EAW.

Second Try in EAW/ Fued with Cole

Nik-e-G rejoined EAW a month after being fired. He was in a fued with Cole after he took Jaden's dairy. After weeks of fighting over who would win the fight, Cole and Nik-e-G went into a First Blood match at Road To Redemption. Nik-e-G tryed to win the match but lost to Cole in a hard fought match. Nik-e-G later quit EAW again after troubles with his computer and lack of time.

Tag division

Nik-e-G, The Wrestler

Entrance Theme


  • High Flying (Speedy Technical)
  • Submission

Favourite Moves

  • "Drop kick"
  • "Brain buster"
  • Belly-to-back Suplex
  • Spinning DDT
  • Flying Clothesline
  • Enziguri
  • Shining Wizard
  • Missle Drop Kick
  • Rolling Neckbreaker
  • Running Splash
  • Spinebuster

Primary Finisher

"Total Destruction" (stunner)

Secondary Finishers

"Sang-Hang Bomb" (Swanton Bomb "Friday Night Slam"

Championships and Accomplishments

EOW Champion BTW internet champion BTW Hardcore Champion BWS Tag team champion

Misc. Acheivements

Co-owner of EOW General Manager of Showdown

Signature Matches/Match Creations

none yet