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Nick Kelley
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Nick Kelley]]
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Ring Names The Next Big Thing
Height 6'8"
Weight 236Lb
Date of birth February 25th, 1983
Place of birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Resides St. Louis, Missouri
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Debut 2006

"Nick Kelley is the self proclaimed savior of professional wrestling. He spits in the face of people who make a mockery of Pro Wrestling. He also calls himself the best looking man on the planet and will defend is self given title in the ring.


Ringside Chaos (RSC)

Nick Kelley's time with RSC was brief. He had a match scheduled to debut against Robbie Darko set for the PPV called High Stakes, however RSC was shut down before the PPV.

Wrestling Fix Connection( WFC)

After Nick's brief hiatus from pro wrestling, he returned to professional wrestling debuting in a Federation in which was filled with many superstars that formerly called RSC their home. His WFC debut match was against Mike "The Cobra" Ayers. It may have been his debut match but alot of respect was riding on this match... the events leading up to this match were for,lack of a better word, nasty. A few weeks following the fluke loss to The Cobra, he was set to contend in a Fatal Four way match with L.A., Frank Parsons, Jason McMichael. In the days leading up to the match L.A. and Kelley exchanged many verbal blows only to find out the night of the match, that their match had been cancelled. Tensions continue to be bottled up with in these two wreslters and we still wait until they clash in the ring. Nick Kelley went on to be scheduled against Rico Valentino, he defeated "El Grandezza". The next week, at Redemption, he would team up with Rico Valentino to take on the team of Hellboy and Demidevil. Nick Kelley and Valentino won the match, how ever durign the victory celebration... Nick Kelley showed his dominance over Rico when he hit the un suspecting victim with the Brama Bull and walked out of the ring. Nick Kelley had been awarded a match against L.A. All the tension that has built up will finally be showcased to the public in a title match at Aggression. The TV Title was at stake that night.

The Match was easily won by L.A. Just days after the match, Kelley admitted defeat but made it known to L.A that his pursuit of the TV Title was not over. L.A. and his newly formed faction known as Palmer City Raid became an enemy of Nick Kelley along with Quan Santana, Seth Bullock, and Rob Reid. The four formed a mutual Alliance and took on 2/3 of PCR after Raid was shot and forced out of action. The match seemed to work like destiny. Every one was eliminated with the exception of two. Nick Kelley and L.A were the last to standing, they battled it out before Nick Kelley finally capitalized. He put L.A. through the main event and pinned him.

Just a few hours after the match, Nick Kelley was met with some incredible news. His wife, Ashley, was in labor with their daughter. Nick Kelley immediately gathered his clothing and bag and was on his way back to Methodist Hospital in South Philadelphia. He took two weeks off from the ring. When he returned to the WFC Roster, he was scheduled for the Elimination Chamber Qualifyer against Raid, Joey Palmer and 3 other wrestlers who are yet to be named.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
  • The Main Event (Jackhammer suplex)
  • Signature moves
  • Brama Bull (Grabs his opponent's hand, pulling them violently towards him and explodes off of a knee and drills his shoulder into their chest.)
  • Mudpit Stomp (A series of stomps to the victim in the corner)
  • Rarely Used Finishing Moves
  • The Papparazzi(Powerbomb from the Turnbuckle)
  • Nicknames
  • "The Next Big Thing"
  • "The Savior of Pro Wrestling
  • Quotes
  • "For those with the benefit of flash photography"
  • "Im here to revive Pro Wrestling"
  • "You wake up in the morning and say, I want to be Nick Kelley"


  • Nick Kelley is the single most good looking man on the planet."

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