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Nicholas Wolf

During his time in the IWO

Nicknames The Fallen One
Billed Height 6 ft. 1 in.
Billed Weight 215 lbs.
Hometown Mai City
Entrance Music "Rebirthing" by Skillet
Trained by Mai City Wrestling Academy
Debut 2002
Handler Nik P

Nicholas Wolf is a professional e-wrestler, currently working for ELITE where he is the reigning Universal Wrestling Champion.

His representative at the moment is Brad Pitt.
His past representatives include Tom Cruise (DKWO & wCw/xCw) and The Messiah (WZWA).

Throughout his career, Wolf has made a name for himself through the use of elegant prose, as well as the consistent usage of his gimmick of a "Troubled Loner," which he was for a long period in his life.

While not the easiest person to get close to, Wolf has respect for those he works for and with and does not hide it. A time in his career did exist when Wolf catered to the reaction of the audience, but years of experience and personal trials have left him cynical and without a care. He focuses instead on [the perfection of] his in ring performance, as he believes (having stated numerous times in interviews) that regardless of his care (or lack there of) for the reaction of the crowd, the fans pay money and should get every penny's worth. It is his precise professionalism, respect for his fellow workers and fans, as well as the product of whatever company he works for that Wolf is renowned for and admired in the industry.

Personal History

It is not known exactly when Nicholas Wolf was born. His name, before his adoption by the Wolffe family is also unknown. Most of the lifelong doctors he has seen conclude his name really is 'Nicholas,' and that is as far as they can trace anything back.

As far as revealing any personal history, Nicholas has penned a biography of sorts, long ago. Everything that exists on him as information about Nicholas Wolf, the person, not the wrestler, is taken from his now declassified medical and mental health records.

In an interview, Wolf had this to say about himself:

It's been difficult dealing with the invasion of privacy since I became a household name. But being candid and open can only help the situation. If you're hiding something, that is always worse... [and truthfully] I can only tell you that I remember what I remember, and that I remember it all very distinctly. It comes and goes in fragments, but it is all accurate. There is no better proof than experience. I've talked to many Doctors over the years and my story has remained consistent, the same. Memory is unreliable, that is true, but these are not memories to me. They are experiences that are etched into my very being, they are a part of me on an almost molecular level; they comprise the being that I am. If one cannot trust his or her experiences, then what is there, you know? Everyone goes through a rough patch or two growing up. Mine were more severe patches of sheer hell, granted, but I turned out okay. A successful wrestler, an accomplished individual and a functioning member of society. All these Doctors they label me with these illnesses, but I'm not out there killing people. I'm not out there on the streets, unaware of my own name. I know who I am. The past, the illnesses -- they define me, they help me. It is a kind of symbiotic relationship. As much as they need me, I need them.


When Nicholas was born is unknown. What is known is that he hails from Mai City, a city that apparently no longer exists.

He has no given birthday but while under Father Michael's tutelage he chose March 17. Years later when asked, why, he simply replied, "Munda."

It is also known that at the age of seven Nicholas was given up by his mother. He was left on the steps of an Orphanage in the hamlet he was born in. It was during his stay at the Orphanage that he was introduced to the Bible and Scripture. It was here that he was also treated for violent outbursts of anger that he was supposedly prone to. When it was clear that the Nuns and Priests in the Orphanage could not help him, Wolf was sent to an Asylum for professional treatment.

It was during his stay at the Asylum that he was diagnosed and treated for many of the illnesses he suffers from now. Doctors that have diagnosed and talked to him believe it was the rudimentary procedures of the Asylum that scarred and basically destroyed the psyche of the young Nicholas. Nicholas' treatments for manic depression, paranoia, hypermania and schizophrenia involved almost torture-like therapy, including electroshock and ice baths.

During multiple sessions with different Doctors, Nicholas vividly described the experiences. The diagnosis was that these treatments greatly contributed to the eradication of his ability to empathize and sympathize, and that they did the opposite of what they were intended to do. As evident by today's diagnoses, Nicholas still suffers from the illnesses the treatments claimed to cure.

Nicholas also recalls a time especially traumatic to him: the death of his father. On day in the summer his father came to visit him in the Asylum. This practice was common. While Nicholas's mother had abandoned him, his father had not given up hope and maintained contact with his son, secretly. For reasons unexplainable even to this day, the father kidnapped Nicholas out of the program and wanted to drive out of state and far away. During the trip he lost control of the car and crashed into a wall, and Nicholas was ejected from the car seconds before it caught ablaze. As Nicholas watched his father burn to death, police and Asylum Orderlies caught up with them.

Following the death of his father, Nicholas became withdrawn and less prone to outbursts. The Doctors at the Asylum took this to be a sign of improvement and by his twelfth birthday, he was returned to the Orphanage.


Under the guidance of Father Michael of the Mai City Orphanage, Nicholas became a Choir Boy and immersed himself in Theology, Religious Studies and Latin. Father Michael had selected him to groom him for the position to take over the Orphanage and its Church when the Father's time was up. That plan never came to fruition. When Nicholas was sixteen, one rainy night, a couple of gang bangers came into the Church and shot Father Michael and Nicholas. They then stole the from the Charity Box and left the victims to die. Father Michael bled out for hours before his body gave up, literally minutes before the paramedics arrived. Nicholas slipped in and out of consciousness but was rescued by paramedics.

As part of his physical therapy, Nicholas took up wrestling, boxing and various forms of fighting techniques (Sambo, Systema, Kraav Maga) at the Mai City Training Center. His experience and the inability to save his mentor had left him devastated and depressed. He forgot all about his Religious training and focused on learning how to fight and how to kill. His life became about revenge and hatred.

Prior to the incident, a family had spoken with Father Michael about adopting Nicholas. After he recovered, he went straight into the loving arms of the Wolffe family. It is believed that, for the first time in his life, when Nicholas was seventeen, he took the name 'Nicholas Wolf' and actually went to a few years of High School, earning his Diploma in record time, ahead of everyone else in his class, thanks to his studies under Father Michael.

However, his time of joy would be short lived. After he graduated Mai City High School, he was home one night and witnessed his step-father raping his own daughter. In a fit of rage Nicholas rammed his step-father's head through a wall. An investigation later revealed that the abuse had started when the daughter (Jennifer Wolf) was twelve and had been on-going. Nicholas was charged with murder and taken to trial, and because he was eighteen at the time, was tried as an adult. His history and past came into the light, and he was found not guilty by Mental Disease or Defect. He was sentenced back to the Mai City Asylum from which he had been released years ago.

It was during his time there that he worked with Dr. Jonathan Miller, a young and enthusiastic psychotherapist. Miller would go on to become the "Saving Grace" in the life of Jennifer Wolf—after he helped her confront her abuse, talk about it, and find closure (which took years), he accepted the position of Head of the Board at the Asylum and did the most unorthodox thing possible, married his former patient - he married Jennifer.

Miller never made the kind of progress he wanted with Nicholas, but it was out of the love for Jennifer that Nicholas was released when he was nineteen, a year after being admitted. In the documents, it is officially stated that because Nicholas was a patient at the Mai City Asylum earlier in his life and was found to be cured, he had no reason to be there, and was only held for observation and because his sister asked for him.

At the age of nineteen, Nicholas Wolf took to the roads of North America and made a living out of utilizing his fighting skills, first as an underground cage fighter and eventually as a professional wrestler.

Mental Illnesses

Nicholas has met with doctors around the world to help resolve his issues. He has a profound history of severe mental illness since a very young age (that is clearly documented).

While he is not on any medication except self-medication -- "drinking, smoking, fighting and talking"—all the doctors that have diagnosed him agree, and have expressed marvel at the fact that, he has plenty of illnesses yet manages to function almost normally.

Wolf has been diagnosed with: manic depression, paranoia, hypermania, schizophrenia, psychosis (including delusions and hallucinations), Multiple-Personality Disorder, Multiple Dissociative Disorders, Bipolarity, a Messianic and God Complex, borderline personality disorder, and is also known to suffer from emotional dysregulation.

That is far from a clean bill of health.

And yet the man refuses help, and maintains that he is "doing just fine, coping and seems to notice no difference."

Multiple Personalities

When doctors looked at Wolf's history upon his checking into the Asylum, they concluded that he suffers from Multiple-Personality Disorder and that his most prevalent personalities are the two he has been the best known for. Wolf spent the first year or so under the Azrael Cain alias in WZWA. Many fans remember the abrupt change in behavior, and word and wardrobe choice. Vic Kaos & Trinity certainly do. But they understand it:

'Vicious' Vic Kaos on Wolf:

He's had a difficult life. No matter how you slice it, it all sounds pretty shitty and traumatic to me. I've been around the block, I've fought the toughest bastards and have seen some shit... and the reason I look after Nicky is because deep down he is a fragile, tortured soul. The latter is apparent, while the former he does a great job of hiding.

Trinity on Wolf:

Nick is a sweet-heart, but God help you if you set him off or rub him the wrong way. True, he has his problems, but who doesn't? He deals with them through wrestling and smoking like a fucking chimney, but he deals with them. Many people out there do not deal with their issues and live in denial. He's different...

According to his doctor's reports, Nicholas Wolf developed different personalities to deal with different traumas in his life. Many postulate that Wolf was hit in the head with a bullet fragment during the Father Michael murder and that is why, along with the stress, his Azrael Cain personality came out.

However, Wolf refuses to grant the doctors any more time or chances to figure him out. He is on tour with ELITE, and has had no problems or break downs, according to the ELITE Medical Staff.

Wrestling Career

Early Years: Young, Angry & Talented

After spending several months in the underground cage fighting world, Nicholas Wolf debuted in the WoWf under the alias Hatebreed. When he first started out in the federation, he had the "gimmick" of an angry young man and a loner; brooding and spending his time in dark places, speaking of dark things, reflecting on his past. In reality this was no gimmick but a therapeutic exercise for the whole world to see.

It was in the wOwF that Nicholas met a young wrestler named Bradley Scott Azel. The two shared many matches together, and worked through several stellar feuds. While Nicholas never won the coveted World Title under the Hatebreed name, he did learn a great deal from the veterans in the federation, and from Brad.

The relationship of Brad and Nicholas would go on to transcend almost everything. The duo would go on to work together in the WZWA, WHF and ELITE. When reflecting upon his relationship with Azel, Nicholas states:

I think, now that I have had time to reflect not only on my experiences in all the federations but my life as well, I think the relationship with Azel was the closest I came to having a father. My life was filled with so much sorrow and tragedy that when he sort of "took me under his wing," so to speak, I was grateful and learned as much as I could as quickly as I could. Azel has a lot to do with the way I perform in the ring and with the way I behave myself. I am forever in his debt.

It was after his feud with Azel that Nicholas scraped the Hatebreed moniker and gimmick. He had spent about two years in the wOwF, in that time learning a great deal about the business and himself. He left the federation as it closed down with a different outlook on life.

Coming into His Own: Professional Success through Personal Pain

Nicholas Wolf spent a fair amount of time in WrestleZone Wrestling Alliance. He joined it at the age of 23 and while there, he held its prestigious World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship (x2) and the Main Event spot for the course of the entire time the federation was open.

During his time in the WZWA, Wolf would go on to make one of the most powerful and feared stables - The Endless - and form lifelong friendships with the members and his travel companions - Trinity & 'Vicious' Vic Kaos.

Nicholas on Vic & Trinity:

Vic and Trin are the best in the world, period. They saw me through hellacious ups and downs, and also inspired me and pushed me and motivated me during my time in WZWA. Vic believed in me enough to convince the Board of Directors that I was what they needed in their programs for the World Title. He is like my big brother. Trinity is like a big sister, almost like a mother [that I never had] to me, it's scary. Even now... as old as we are, when we get together, those roles get filled so quickly. There is something in our relationship that cannot be explained. They were destined to be my compatriots, and I theirs.

Bittersweet Success: Professional Highs and Personal Lows

Wolf's DKWO Titan Tron

While on tour with the WZWA, Wolf joined the DKWO. There he milled around, winning the Tag Team Championship with his then partner Setan. He also joined a stable known as The Murder Group and during his time with the group he would go on to befriend fellow members Serenity and HeXen. Before leaving the DKWO, Nicholas would make friends with the owner - Darkness, as well as key players in the federation "Platinum" Pat Bozzinni and Adam "Chainz" Meek. The relationships he build in the DKWO have been dear to Nicholas, and he does his best to maintain contact with his friends.

During his time in the DKWO, Nicholas experienced a harrowing personal tragedy: Jennifer and Jonathan Miller were brutally murdered. This event sent him into a downward spiral of depression, during which he drank and smoked far heavier than he ever had. Nicholas later revealed that he contemplated suicide multiple times, but the support of the friends he had made kept him from doing it, especially the involvements of Serenity, Setan and Darkness.

Wolf on Jennifer's death:

Jen is the reason I am who I am today. I love her and I miss her, and I know she knows that. I miss Jon, too. He helped me a lot, though I would never admit it to his face. He helped the both of us a lot. When they died.... Turn the damn recorder off. I don't want to talk about it.

On suicide, his friends:

Suicide is a choice that I am glad I did not make. I have better friends than I deserve, no matter what they say. I thank them for every time they have picked me up, in any way, and they know that I would do anything for them, anytime.

Making a Name All Over Again

When DKWO shut down, Wolf was out of a job. He took on open contracts anywhere he could, and would up making appearances in various three-lettered federations. The first of these was DCW, run by HeXen. Wolf would go on to have a brief stint in the federation before departing on amicable terms.

IWO Titan Tron

He debuted in the IWO (International Wrestling League) and quickly climbed to the ranks of Main Eventer and capturing the IWO International Wrestling Championship at its inception event, IWO Inaugural Ball [1]. IWO would go on to close its doors within a few months of opening due to poor management.

Shortly after wCw and XCW came knocking down Wolf's door. During his time in both federations he held the Cruiserweight and Lightweight titles, and impressed many fans and bookers and owners alike with his skills and ability to put over "younger" talent and not complain.

WSU Titan Tron

During this time he also appeared in WSU—a revival attempt at the WZWA by different management. As a former World Champion and staple of the federation, he could not say no. WSU also closed its doors, but the time he spent there Wolf does not regret.

"Seeing my friends one more time, one last time, and working with them -- it was truly amazing."

Returning into the Spotlight: Joining the ELITE

After the folding of wCw and xCw, Wolf took time away from the sport. However, his comeback would come relatively soon after his break. Having been in the business since a young age, Wolf could not stop doing what he developed an affection for and relied on an old acquaintance to provide the proper atmosphere for a comeback. It was during his time in wCw and xCw that Wolf caught the eye of TheSupremeForce, an e-fed veteran, dating his debut back to 2001 in the FanBoard federation. The two kept in contact and as ELITE became more and more successful, Wolf had more and more interest in it. Wolf eventually contacted Force, made several trips out to ELITE Headquarters and events, and after a dark match signed a contract.

ELITE Titan Tron

Wolf is currently working for ELITE and held the Euros in the Bank, which allowed him a shot at any title at any given time. He defeated his old time friend and competitor Azel an at the ELITE Apex Magnum: RAGNAROK event in Greece.

Cashing In

On June 14 during ELITE's SUPREME event from the Vatican, Nicholas Wolf cashed in the Euros in the Bank to win the Universal Championship from Lance Steadfast, minutes after Steadfast had defeated TheSupremeForce for the title, to begin his first ELITE Universal Championship reign.

In Wrestling

Signature Moves

Double Arm Implant DDT
Face Buster
Ace Crusher
Chokeslam into the Knee
Shoulder Breaker
Moon Sault

Trademark Maneuvers (No Longer in Use)

Angelic Touch (Sit-out Crucifix Powerbomb)
Berserker (Reverse Death Valley Driver)
Eternal Rage (a series of stiff kicks to opponent while s/he is down)
Iron Fist (Series of right hands followed by a Crucifixion Pose and a stiff right hand)
Impending Force (Standing Pedigree or a Reverse Tombstone Piledriver)
Silent Mutter (Cradle Piledriver)
Standing Prayer (Fireman's Carry into an Ace Crusher)

Finishing Moves

[The] Berserker (Sitout Crucifix Powerbomb)
Elevation (Airplane spin into a Reverse Death Valley Driver)
Higher Calling (Five Star Frog Splash)
Ride the Shooting Star (Shooting Star Leg Drop)
[The] Silver Grin (Brainbsuter turned into a Tombstone Piledriver)

Weapon of Choice

  • "Serafin"—A sledgehammer wrapped in either razor or barbed wire

Theme Music

  • DKWO
"Lip Gloss and Black" by Atreyu
  • DCW
"Mouth" by Bush
"Rebirthing" by Skillet
"It's the Fear" By Within Temptation
"Would?" by Alice in Chains
  • IWO & wCw/xCw
"Enae Voltare" by ERA
  • wOwF & WHF
"So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin
"Pulse" by Awake
  • WZWA & WSU
"Lateralus" by Tool (used in WZWA for all occasions, and in WSU for PPVs)
"Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode (Used for the WSU weekly show 'Carnage')

Championships and Accomplishments

  • DKWO
Tag Team Champion (1 Time) -- w. Setan (x1)
Euros in the Bank (1 Time)
Universal Wrestling Champion
  • IWO
Interntaional Wrestling Champion
  • wCw/xCw
Cruiserweight Wrestling Champion
Lightweight Wrestling Champion
  • wOwF
World Tag Team Wrestling Champion
  • WZWA
World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion