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The New ERA Championship is the only championship in New ERA of Wrestling. The championship was decided in the Battle Bowl Mania Finals which was an over the top rope Battle Royal between the four men from the two remaining tag teams on the 04.05.04 edition of New ERA RAUCOUS from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Current Champion

The First is the current New ERA Champion after defeating Fanatic at New ERA Cyberstrike on August 12, 2011. During the match, "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx stormed the ring and attempted to hit the First with a steel chair. However, he accidentally hit Fanatic instead causing the First to win the championship. On Cyberstrike 13, taped on August 25, 2011, it was revealed to be a ploy as Marx had joined the Shadow Cult.

Number One Contender

The Druid, Mr. Entertainment, Richard Dweck, and Suicide have banked shots at the New ERA Championship. The Druid's banked shots expire at the end of Season 3. Suicide has banked two shots at the championship due to his winning three matches in a row twice.

Title History

Wrestler(s): Reign #: Date: Location of match: Notes:
Larry Tact 1 April 5, 2004 Greensboro, North Carolina Tact eliminated Iris, Marx and Peter File in the battle royal to determine the first ever World Heavyweight champion.
Jean Rabesque 1 July 6, 2004 Chicago, Illinois Rabesque won the World Heavyweight championship in a Ladder match at New ERA Destrucity.
Phantom Republican 1 September 19, 2005 Hanover, New Hampshire
Jonathan Marx 1 July 5, 2006 Uniondale, New York
Shawn Hart 1 December 19, 2006 Nassau, Bahamas Hart defeated Marx in an impromptu World Heavyweight championship match after tricking Marx into signing the contract for it.
Jonathan Marx 2 December 31, 2006 Santiago, Dominican Republic Technically, Marx's title reign lasted until August 12, 2007 since he was co-champion with Daymon after the outcome of EPW/NEW WrestleSTOCK '07.
Daymon 1 July 17, 2007 East Rutherford, NJ Daymon received a briefcase with one of the two World Heavyweight championships inside; the referee announced he and Jonathan Marx were co-champions at EPW/NEW WrestleSTOCK '07.
Larry Tact 2 August 12, 2007 Harbor of Havana, Cuba Tact pinned Marx during the Triple Threat Single Elimination match to re-unify the two World Heavyweight championships, thus becoming a champion. However, Tact won the decision over Daymon via disqualification; therefore the championships remained separated w/ co-champions at New ERA BANNED in the US.
Shawn Hart 2 June 28, 2009 Little Rock, Arkansas Hart defeated Rocko Daymon for his New ERA World Heavyweight championship at WFW:NE RAUCOUS 32 and therefore took his place as champion. The show announced that the championships would be unified at the very first WFW:NE Unplugged; the next scheduled event.
Shawn Hart 2 August 27, 2009 Birmingham, Alabama Hart defeated Larry Tact in a Unification match to determine who would be the sole New ERA World Heavyweight champion.
Pro Wrestling's SJH 2 January 29, 2011 Boston, Massachusetts Hart, as the last World Heavyweight champion, continues on as the New ERA Champion in the second iteration of New ERA of Wrestling.
The First 1 February 17, 2011 Boston, Massachusetts First defeated Pro Wrestling's SJH after covering an unconscious Hart in an impromptu match.
Pro Wrestling's SJH 3 March 20, 2011 Worcester, Massachusetts Pro Wrestling's SJH defeated The First via knockout after locking on the Fujiwara Armbar at BattleBRAWL 3.
Mr. Entertainment 1 April 8, 2011 Boston, Massachusetts Mr. Entertainment defeated Pro Wrestling's SJH after hitting That's Entertainment!.
Fanatic 1 May 31, 2011 Worcester, Massachusetts Fanatic defeated Mr. Entertainment after hitting the Craze in the opening match of PrimeTime.
Mr. Entertainment 2 May 31, 2011 Worcester, Massachusetts Mr. Entertainment defeated Fanatic after cashing in his banked shot the same night via That's Entertainment.
Fanatic 2 May 31, 2011 Worcester, Massachusetts Fanatic defeated Mr. Entertainment after climbing over the top of the cage and dropping to the arena floor in the third, and final, Championship match of the evening at PrimeTime.
The First 2 August 12, 2011 Boston, Massachusetts First defeated Fanatic after Jonathan Marx accidentally hit Fanatic with the steel chair when First ducked.

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