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The New ERA Women's Championship was the only championship in New ERA of Wrestling reserved solely for female wrestlers. The championship was crowned at the BattleBRAWL pay per view in a "Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal" Gauntlet match.


Karla Starr was the sole Women's Champion, holding the Women's Championship from December 3, 2004 to December 19, 2006 when she defected from New ERA to Vice President Juliet Marceau's all-female wrestling promotion, VENUS Wrestling Alliance.


The New ERA Women's Championship was then re-christened the VENUS World Heavyweight Championship, with Starr maintaining possession. Starr defended her VENUS World Heavyweight Championship in a single match, against Foxx; a re-match from their battle at New ERA BattleBRAWL 2. The event was taped for the initial preview broadcast of their BITCHIN' television show, however VENUS could not stabilize their finances and closed shop on January 29, 2007.

End of the Championship

Marceau then went back to New ERA of Wrestling President Marcus LaRoque and requested her old position on the 01.29.07 edition of New ERA RAUCOUS. LaRoque accepted, but granted her much less power, re-claimed the New ERA RAPTURE program, and permanently disbanded the exclusive women's division. This meant that the Women's / VENUS World Heavyweight Championship became officially defunct.

Title History

Wrestler(s): Reign #: Date: Location of match: Notes:
Karla Starr 1 December 3, 2004 Seattle, Washington Starr won the Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal Gauntlet match against 5 other female wrestlers at New ERA BattleBRAWL.
Karla Starr 1 December 19, 2006 Nassau, Bahamas Championship was retired and rechristened as the VENUS World Heavyweight championship after Juliet Marceau annexed the Women's division for her own all-woman wrestling promotion.
Karla Starr 1 January 29, 2007 San Juan, Puerto Rico Championship becomes officially defunct after Marceau's all-woman VENUS closes.

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