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New ERA Destrucity is a former pay per view event, and current "premier event," from New ERA of Wrestling. The first event was held in Chicago, Illinois at the United Centre on July 6, 2004. Initially part of the New ERA of Wrestling pay per view rotation, the show was kept after the merger between the league and the WFW. After the end of the merger between the two leagues on January 20, 2010, New ERA of Wrestling re-claimed Destrucity as its own pay per view event.

Differences Between Pay Per View and Premier Event

Prior to 2011, New ERA of Wrestling ran television shows and pay per view events nation-wide. When the league returned from closure in January 2011, the operating budget was tightened. New ERA of Wrestling runs as a regional-promotion, operating out of Boston, Massachusetts. With the advent of seasons, New ERA runs five webisodes of the New ERA Cyberstrike program. Premier events are the sixth, and final, show of the season and air on ESENtv.

New ERA Destrucity: 2004

New ERA Destrucity
"Tonight the Stars Revolt" - Powerman 5000
"Tonight the Stars Revolt"
Promotion New ERA of Wrestling
Date July 6, 2004
Venue United Centre
City Chicago, Illinois
Attendance 16,627
Pay-per-view chronology
None New ERA Destrucity New ERA BattleBRAWL
New ERA Destrucity chronology
None New ERA Destrucity New ERA Destrucity II

The pay per view in 2004 was New ERA's first ever official pay per view and featured nine televised matches and one dark match. It was also the event that featured the one-time appearance by Juliet Marceau's ULTIMATE Surprise. The event was headlined by a Ladder Match between World Heavyweight champion Larry Tact and former Television champion Jean Rabesque.


# Results Stipulations Times
DA Alister Hayze defeated Ice. Dark match 12:24
1 Dylan McCormick defeated Red Devastator. Singles match 14:10
2 El Arco Iris defeated "the Phenom" Shawn Hart. Singles match 05:03
3 Ultimate Warrior defeated "the Messenger" Trevor Cane. Singles match 02:30
4 "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx defeated Troy Douglas. Singles match 09:50
5 Caitlyn Daymon defeated Jane Doe. Women's Division Preview match 06:10
6 Alex Borden and John Doe battled to a double countout. #1 Contender's match for the New ERA Television Championship 45:35
7 MWG defeated Peter File and Beau Michaels. "Pole" on a Pole match 23:30
8 Spectre defeated Chaos (c). Electrified Exploding Cage match for the New ERA Television Championship 31:41
ME Jean Rabesque defeated Larry Tact (c). Ladder match for the New ERA World Heavyweight Championship 35:55

New ERA Destrucity II: 2010

New ERA Destrucity II
"What happens in Vegas..."
Promotion New ERA of Wrestling
Date February 10, 2010
Venue MGM Grand Garden Arena
City Las Vegas, Nevada
Attendance 17,000
Pay-per-view chronology
New ERA BANNED in the US New ERA Destrucity II EPW / New ERA Sin City Showdown
New ERA Destrucity chronology
New ERA Destrucity New ERA Destrucity II None

The second Destrucity event was to be the official inaugural pay per view from WFW: the New ERA. After the disintegration of the merged league between New ERA and WFW, the pay per view was then re-christened "New ERA Destrucity II." It was announced in December of 2009 that the Destrucity II pay per view will be part of a larger cross-promotional affair with Empire Pro Wrestling. The event will be an all-day wrestling extravaganza from the MGM Grand Garden Arena and will feature the much-hyped EPW Aggression 50 celebration, Destrucity II, and finally, the interpromotional competition dubbed "Sin City Showdown." While originally scheduled as "WFW:NE," New ERA has taken over the commitment's made by WFW:NE for the all-day wrestling extravaganza with Empire Pro. The event took place on February 10, 2010 from Las Vegas, only mere hours after EPW's Aggression 50 supershow.


# Results Stipulations Times
1 Chaos defeated John Doe. Single Night Tournament "Flaming Tables" match for the New ERA PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Championship 38:55
2 "the Wolf" Chris McMillan and "the Dog of War" Jason Payne battled to a double countout. Singles match 18:13
3 Ashe Corvin defeated "Total Carnage" Trevor Cane. Single Night Tournament "Tsunami" match for the New ERA PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Championship 23:33
4 Jack n' Hoff defeated Cameron Cruise & Problem Child (c). New ERA World Tag Team Championship match 15:20
5 Jeff "Greenhorn" Jorgenson defeated "Mr. Old School" Steve Burke and Mr. Entertainment. #1 Contender's Match for the New ERA Television Championship 16:45
6 "the Druid" Erik Black defeated Cameron Cruise (c). New ERA Television Championship match 15:51
7 Chaos defeated Ashe Corvin. Hellraiser Match for the New ERA PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Championship 59:09
ME Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD (c) defeated "the Sultan of Twat" Peter File. New ERA World Heavyweight Championship match 13:20

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