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New ERA BANNED in the US is a former pay per view, and current "premier" event by New ERA of Wrestling. The inaugural event was held in the Havana Harbor off of Havana, Cuba in August 12 2007. The name was initially indicative of the pay per view taking place (at least for the first one) in a location that is not usually accessible to American citizens, but the gimmick was dropped when New ERA returned in January 2011.

Differences Between Pay Per View and Premier Event

Prior to 2011, New ERA of Wrestling ran television shows and pay per view events nation-wide. When the league returned from closure in January 2011, the operating budget was tightened. New ERA of Wrestling runs as a regional-promotion, operating out of Boston, Massachusetts. With the advent of seasons, New ERA runs five webisodes of the New ERA Cyberstrike program. Premier events are the sixth, and final, show of the season and air on ESENtv.

New ERA BANNED in the US: 2007

New ERA BANNED in the US
Promotion New ERA of Wrestling
Date August 12, 2007 (Aired: May 13, 2009)
Venue Carnival Conquest Cruise Ship
City Havana, Cuba
Attendance 3,944
Pay-per-view chronology
EPW / NEW WrestleSTOCK '07 New ERA BANNED in the US New ERA Destrucity II
New ERA BANNED in the US chronology
None New ERA BANNED in the US New ERA BANNED in the US II

The full lineup of the pay per view was revealed on August 2, 2007. The pay per view, including all matches, was recorded on a cruise ship.

Main Event

The event's main event was a Triple Threat Elimination match for the New ERA World Heavyweight Championship. The main event was notable due to the fact that it featured TWO New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight champions, where either championship could change hands during the match if one of the two were eliminated first. While the main event was originally supposed to be the two men who received the briefcases during the Day TWO main event at EPW / NEW WrestleSTOCK '07, it was changed to a three way elimination match after Daymon and Jonathan Marx each walked away with a World Heavyweight Championship belt in a jaw dropping conclusion to the joint "showcase" pay per view.

Controversy and BAN

New ERA of Wrestling received a letter from the government of the United States shortly before the pay per view was to be aired. The letter informed them that the Bush Administration had placed a governmental ban on the organization that forbid them to air the results of the show, or operate the organization in any way, shape or form. Fans were left wondering what happened to the promotion but could not reach New ERA officials who were told not to divulge any information on the delay. BANNED in the US literally caused the organization to become just that.

Finally Airs

New ERA's parent company, EC Enterprises, released a press statement on May 10, 2009 explaining that the pay per view would finally air three days later on May 13, 2009. The show began with New ERA President Marcus LaRoque explaining to the fans the delay, apologizing, and then informing them that the league intends to press forward now that the new administration has gone ahead and lifted the cease and desist order.


# Results Stipulations Times
1 Bored of Edukashun defeated Saviors of Wrestling and The Inner Circle. Survivor match for the vacant New ERA World Tag Team Championships 21:09
2 The Phantom Republican defeated Jean Rabesque. Single Night Tournament: Match #1 14:10
3 Whole Grain defeated Jack n' Hoff. Tag Team match 08:32
4 Jared Wells defeated "Total Carnage" Trevor Cane. Desert Death match 15:44
5 "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka defeated John Doe. Walk the Plank match 09:11
6 "The Georgia STAR" Brandon Bray defeated Tina Davis. Singles match 06:59
7 "The Dog of War" Jason Payne defeated Chaos (c). The Sky Is Falling match for the New ERA PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Championship 31:03
8 The Phantom Republican defeated Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD. Single Night Tournament: Final 19:21
9 Mr. Entertainment (c) defeated HAL. Falls Count Anywhere on the Cruise Ship match for the New ERA Television Championship 35:39
ME Larry Tact defeated Daymon (c) and "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx (c). Triple Threat Elimination match for the New ERA World Heavyweight Championship 46:18

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