New ERA: LIVE from...

New ERA: LIVE from...
Show Name New ERA: LIVE from...
Federation New ERA of Wrestling
Frequency No Set Schedule
Network onDEMAND!
First Aired Canceled Before Airing
Last Aired N/A
No. of Episodes 00
Opening Theme "I Like The Way" by Darren Hayes
Announcers Natalie Newman
Dean Julius
Website (Federation) Click here

New ERA: LIVE from... was to be the third television show from New ERA of Wrestling. It had been rumored that instead of the "tape delay" showings of their RAUCOUS and RAPTURE programs, New ERA: LIVE from... would air live, with the results then going onDEMAND!.

However, after the merger between New ERA and World's Finest Wrestling on June 1, 2009, the idea was scrapped, although not entirely. Instead the WFW:NE moved forward with the WFW:NE Unplugged program which will provide live "tweets" throughout the event, with the full results being available to fans some time after.

When WFW:NE closed after WFW's withdrawal, LIVE from... was not revived. It was officially replaced by New ERA Cyberstrike.

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