New Championship Wrestling
Established July 2007
Defunct May 2013
Founder Leonard Fox
Owner Kelly Fox
Headquarters Dallas, Texas
Shows Saturday Night Trauma
Sunday Night Collision
Theme Song Papa Roack - "The Enemy" (Trauma)
Mudvayne - "Have It Your Way" (Collision)
# of Episodes 536 (243 Collisions, 193 Traumas, 38 Suspenses, 62 PPVs; as of May 26th, 2013)

New Championship Wrestling is a wrestling federation which opened in July 2007, created and run by Leonard Fox. The goal is for a competitive, active, and exciting federation, with a balanced mixture of upcoming wrestlers with more experienced stars. There are two weekly shows, Sunday Night Collision and Saturday Night Trauma, and also a pre-Collision Web Show with shortened results.



New Championship Wrestling began to sign wrestlers around the world in July of 2007 to debut the first show Collision, headlined by a 8 Man Tournament to Crown the First Ever nCw Champion, The Finals saw Lance Ryan take on Davey Ortega in the Finals Of The Road To The Gold, which partook at nCw first pay per view, Road To The Gold.

Championships and Achievements


Title Wrestler Date Won Previous Wrestler
NCW World Championship Zelda Knite A Night to Remember (2013) Alex Jones
NCW National Championship The Ace Metamorphosis (2013) Andrew Jacobsen
NCW Tag Team Championships Team America Picture Perfect (2012) Simon Daye and Falcon
NCW X Championship Alex Jones Mind Games (2012) Dexter Davis
NCW Starlets' World Championship Zelda Knite Sovereign (2013) Jennifer Williams


Achievement Wrestler Date Won
Road to the Gold Roberto Verona October 21, 2012
Starlets' Road to the Gold Freya Kane October 21, 2012
Riot! Match Todd Williams Time to Riot 2012
Colosseum Match (Gladiator) Alex Jones Sovereign 2013


Despite having two weekly shows, Saturday Night Trauma and Sunday Night Collision, NCW does not have distinction of brands, and its wrestlers can participate in any show at any time. Alongside said shows, NCW also hosts special supercards, pay-per-view events, following a yearly schedule.

Current PPVs

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Event 2012 Date Premise/Notes
Time to Riot January 1, 2012 The Riot Match is fought in this PPV.
Metamorphosis February 5, 2012
Crossroads March 4, 2012
Sovereign April 8, 2012 The Colosseum Match is fought in this PPV.
A Night to Remember May 13, 2012 It's the flagship PPV of the company.
Reborn June 17, 2012
Picture Perfect July 22, 2012
NCW A New Dawn August 19, 2012 NCW's interactive PPV. The people choose the name and theme song of the event.
Battlegrounds September 23, 2012
Road to the Gold October 28, 2012 The Road to the Gold Tournament is fought in this event.
Breaking Away December 2, 2012

Defunct PPVs


  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Adam Knite
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Alex Jones
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Andrew Jacobsen
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Curtis D. Kanyon
  • MiniAustraliaFlag Cyrus Daniels
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Falcon
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Gib
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Jackhammer
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Joe Everyman
  • MiniUnitedKingdomFlag Lex Sense
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Mike Laszlo
  • MiniItalyFlag Roberto Verona
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Simon Daye
  • MiniIrelandFlag Spike Kane
  • MiniAustraliaFlag Stephen Kingsley
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Steve Awesome
  • MiniUnitedKingdomFlag The Ace
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Todd Williams
  • Flag of Canada Trent Helms
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Will Washington
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Xander Famularo
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Xavier Williams

Starlets Division

  • Flag of Canada Charity Helms
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Christina Williams
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Cynthia Warren
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Emma Danielson
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Jasmine Barrera
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Jennifer Williams
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Kathleen Conway
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Shelly Taylor-Jones
  • MiniUnitedStatesFlag Zelda Knite

Tag Teams

  • Cabezas de Queso a.k.a. Team Mexico (Diñero Suave & el Nacho Loco)
  • the Forgotten (Falcon & Spike Kane)
  • Criminal Intent (Cyrus Daniels & Stephen Kingsley)
  • the Internationals (Bushido and El Dragon de Valor)
  • Team Africa (Jason Ebony & Tafari Ivory)
  • Team America (Gib and Simon Daye)

Notable Former Wrestlers

  • Angel
  • Dave Holland
  • Jack Hammond
  • Jack Manson
  • James Franklin Karn
  • Lance Ryan
  • Maniac
  • Milo Holland
  • Nelly Angel
  • Ron Gibson
  • Seth Drabble
  • Venom
  • Xavier Cross
  • Philip Burns

nCw Hall of Fame

  • Adam Knite
  • Curtis D. Kanyon/DDK
  • Dave Holland
  • Falcon
  • Lance Ryan
  • Milo Holland
  • Alex Jones
  • Ricky Johnson
  • Spike Kane
  • Steve Awesome
  • The Ace
  • Zelda Knite

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