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New Beginnings is a type of number one contender tournament which takes place in the month(s) of January and sometimes December in the Fearless Championship Wrestling.


The tournament is basically a random drawing tag team tournament. All of the members on the active male and female roster are placed in to a spinner and drawn out randomly. There are up to four rounds of the tournament. The final eight members of the tournament(four teams), will face off at the January Pay-Per-View FcW New Beginnings. The match begins with all eight members of the match in the parking lot of the arena, they fight to reach to the ring, the first four to enter in to the ring will face off in a standard four way dance. These four competitors will fight until two of them have been pinned or submitted. When the tournament is down to the final two they will then fight in a Ladder Match, the winner of the match will be whomever climbs the ladder and retrieves the suitcase containing two contracts, one for a FcW Universal Heavyweight Championship match at FcW St. Valentine's Day Massacre and the other for a spot in the Fearless Match at FcW Dearly Departed in April.


  • First & Second Round - Random tag teams are formed with standard tag team matches occurring between all of the teams. These two rounds are held on the editions of Tuesday Night Tartarus prior to the New Beginnings Pay-Per-View
  • Third Round - The final four teams, eight competitors in the tournament, will begin their match up in the parking lot of the arena in a race/brawl to the ring. In order to survive this round one must be one of the first four wrestlers to enter in to the ring. This round will occur at the FcW New Beginnings Pay-Per-View and will be the first match up of the night.
  • Fourth Round - The four out of the eight competitors will then compete, right prior to that evenings Main Event, in a standard Four Way Dance. The new object for the four remaining competitors is to

pin or submit two of the four in the ring. The final two competitors remaining then face off in a ladder match with the winner grabbing a briefcase, earning a FcW Universal Heavyweight Championship match at FcW St. Valentine's Day Massacre and one of the four spots in the Fearless Match at FcW Dearly Departed.


The winner of the New Beginnings Tournament is awarded with two guaranteed opportunities at gaining the FcW Universal Heavyweight Championship. The first of which will be the highlight of the February Pay-Per-View event where they are awarded a one on one encounter with the current reigning champion. If they fail to capture the championship in that match up, or win the match up and then lose the championship in March, they are given a guaranteed spot in the Fearless Match at FcW Dearly Departed, as well as the current reigning Universal Heavyweight Champion, Race Against Time Winner and The Crown Tournament Winner of that year.

Previous Tournament Matches


  • First Round - Held on the December 18th, 2007 & January 8th, 2007 Tuesday Night Tartarus events
  • Second Round - Held on the January 15th, 2007 edition of Tuesday Night Tartarus
    • Captain William Jericho & Amber Raines defeated Joe Taylor & Jared McCallister
    • Chris Cavanagh & Robbie Priest defeated Cameron Taylor & Jamie McKnight
    • Sevrena & Fulton Gaines defeated Terry Williams & Prozac
    • Jake Durnin and Jared James drew a BYE and advanced straight to the tournament finals
  • Third Round - To be held on January 27th, 2007 at the New Beginnings Event
    • Jared James v. Jake Durnin v. Fulton Gaines v. Sevrena v. Robbie Priest v. Chris Cavanagh v. Amber Raines v. Captain William Jericho
  • Fourth Round - To be held on January 27th, 2007 at the New Beginnings Event
    • TBA v. TBA v. TBA v. TBA

Previous Finals


  • TBA

Previous Winners

  • 2001 - The Diamond Stud
  • 2002 - Caz Armour
  • 2003 - ICE
  • 2008 - TBA