National Wrestling Alliance
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current logo of NWA
Acronym NWA
Industry Professional e-Wrestling

Sports Entertainment

Founded 2018 (re-establishment)

1948 (originally)

Founder(s) Pinkie George

Sam Muchnick

Headquarters Houma, Louisiana, United States
Key People Frank Reed

Jim Cornette

Episodes 24+
Products Pay-per view,

weekly show, merchandise

Owner(s) Frank Reed
Divisions NWA Sandseed
The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is an American professional wrestling organization. Formed in 1948, it was for a time the most recognized brand and largest governing body in professional wrestling. Under the control of the NWA Board of Directors (consisting of various prominent, regional promoters) the organization acted as a governing body for the Alliance's national territory system which recognized one world champion, participated in talent exchanges, and collectively protected the territorial integrity of member promotions.

The NWA thrived in America until the late 1980s, by which time most original members had gone out of business as a result of the World Wrestling Federation's national expansion. The largest remaining NWA member, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) – which had been formed from the assets of Jim Crockett Promotions, which in turn had itself acquired other former NWA members – would leave the NWA for good in 1993.

The NWA continued on as a governing body until 2012, when the rights to the name were transferred to R. Bruce Tharpe's International Wrestling Corp as a result of a lawsuit filed against then-Executive Director Robert Trobich and his company, Pro Wrestling Organization LLC, which controlled the trademarks on behalf of the organization. Under Tharpe, the NWA changed from a membership-based governing body to a private organization which licensed the NWA name to promotions. In December 2017, it was announced that promoter Frank Reed through his production company, Lightning One, had agreed to purchase the NWA as part of a deal that was finalized on December 1, 2017. Frank Reed has already initiated a project to revive the NWA company as he did at American Wrestling Association.

Weekly Shows

Beginning January 2018, the company began issuing weekly shows under the name NWA Elite on Wednesdays. Towards the end of March 2018, the Worldwide Web Wrestling (WWW) show is starting to appear on Saturdays. The WWW show was often a show of wrestlers who could not show up in the weekly Elite show. In May 2018, it was announced that the weekly WWW show would be published in two seasons in one year. The first season will end on May 12, 2018, while the second season will begin on July 28, 2018.

List of TV shows in 2018

List of NWA Roster

Pay-Per View Events

In 2018, it was announced that PPV shows will be organized at intervals of 7 times a year. PPVs were selected from among those previously held in NWA history. (Starrcade, Halloween Havoc, Chi-Town Rumble etc.) According to past years, some PPV shows were in regular format, some in different formats.

PPV Name Date Main Event
Bunkhouse Stampede January 28, 2018

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Alberto el Patron vs. James Storm vs. Enzotone vs. Ryback

Chi-Town Rumble February 25, 2018

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Alberto el Patron (c) vs. Ryback

WrestleWar May 13, 2018

NWA World Heavyweight Championship - Tables Match

Alberto el Patron (c) vs. Ryback

Capital Combat June 10, 2018
The Great American Bash July 22, 2018
Halloween Havoc October 14, 2018
Starrcade XX November 18, 2018


Bunkhouse Stampede: Normal format.

Chi-Town Rumble: There are two Battle Royal matches, Men and Women. The winners on the same night at the NWA World Heavyweight Title match and the NWA World Women's Title match.

WrestleWar: Six-man WrestleWar tag team matches are played in the main event, and the winning team participates in the quadruple match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on the Capital Combat show. Qualifying matches are held at weekly shows up to WrestleWar for participation in this main game. In the last Elite show before the PPV, the rule was drawn and these six wrestlers who left to the end left two sets. Also, NWA World Tag Team belts are placed in a Tag Team War Match where four teams are involved.

Capital Combat: NWA World Heavyweight Championship match is held in which a member of the triple team who won the contingency game at WrestleWar in the main game and the champion takes part.

The Great American Bash: Normal format.

Halloween Havoc: Normal format. Special clothes are worn for the Halloween.

Starrcade: It's the biggest show of the year. Matches are made for all belts.


Despite the presence of dozens of belts throughout the history of NWA, the number of active belts is 5 by 2018. The previous champions are also acknowledged on the belts history page of the official site.

Title Champion Reign Date Days Held
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Ryback 1 May 13, 2018 7+
NWA World Tag Team Championsip America's Most Wanted

(James Storm & Chris Harris )

7 May 13, 2018 7+
NWA National Heavyweight Championship Tracy Williams 2 March 14, 2018 67+
NWA World Women's Championship Aja Kong 1 February 25, 2018 84+
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Pete Dunne 1 February 28, 2018 81+
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