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"The Last Man Standing" Nate Static
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Real name Nathan Michael Static
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Height 6'2"
Weight 210 lbs.
Date of birth December 19th, 1977
Place of birth Unknown
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Resides The Deadpool, South Texas
Billed from The Deadpool, South Texas
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Volatile Wrestling Alliance (VWA)
Midwest Wrestling Alliance, The Pheonix Promotion, Wraith Wrestling, New Revelation Wrestling. Anarchist Wrestling Federation, Supreme Championship Wrestling, Project Xero Wrestling, Xero Wrestling Academy, Lost Soul Wrestling, International Wrestling Alliance, Powerhouse Wrestling, Extreme Wrestling Alliance, Chimera Wrestling, Oblivion Wrestling, Indie Wrestling X
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Debut 1997
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Nathan Michael Static is an American professional wrestler better known as Nate "FUCKING" Static and is currently working in the promotions Oblivion Wrestling and Volatile Wrestling Alliance. Nate gained fame in the wrestling world in the federations Anarchist Wrestling Federation, Lost Soul Wrestling and Extreme Wrestling Alliance. Nate has been considered a dominant force in any federation and a Legend in his own right. However has never truly been at the forefront of wrestling. A hard, arrogant, street-fighter, full of macho bravado. A natural bully, Nate inspires fear, rather than respect, among the wrestling community. Manic, dangerous .Driven, despotic and ruthless, Nate uses his innate capacity for violence and terror to keep control in the anarchic world around him. Someone to have on your side in a fight, but also someone never to turn your back on. Nate is currently married to IWX sweetheart Meghan Sophia Static.


Family Life

Being an only child in a moderately wealthy family had not done Nate any harm. Well that’s the way he saw it. His father, Tim, was a professional actor and had got into the game early. He had joined a theatre when he was young and had been in countless stage shows before joining the cast of the famous soap “Runway Place”. It was here he met his wife to be, a young writer on the series, Rose. They’d locked eyes the first day they met but it would be weeks before they saw each other again. The writers only met with the cast occasionally to discuss characters and plotlines and then the scripts would be written up for the next 2 months. Tim was never shy, how could he be. He asked Rose out at the next opportunity and she couldn’t help but say yes to this strong, charismatic man. He had a self-confidence that was mesmerising and she’d often wonder how someone so confident didn’t end up being stuck up.

They had a romantic year with fine dining and going to the theatre. They got an apartment overlooking the harbour and enjoyed the nightlife that hustled and bustled below them. For his birthday they splashed out and they went for an island holiday for two weeks. Not long after they got back Rose she realised she was pregnant. Although it wasn’t planned it couldn’t have come at a better time. Tim was thoroughly enjoying his role as Dr Martin on Runway Place and Rose was able to keep writing through her pregnancy.With six weeks to go until the new arrival, Tim and Rose bought a house in a little valley out of the city. A big wooden home with a large country garden, it was the perfect little place to bring up a family. And much better for a family than the apartment they’d been sharing in the central city. Rose dreamed of a life that was perfect. She was constantly writing about dysfunctional families and dramas and all the juicy things that made up a soap opera - she wanted her life to be something to be proud of - something she would look back on when she was 70 and feel warm fuzzy feelings about.

Nate arrived in the early morning of a Monday, December 19, 1977. He was certainly healthy weighing 10pounds 1 ounce, with all ten fingers and toes and Rose and Tim were extremely proud of their new little bundle.

Growing Up

Nate had the confidence of his father and was not at all shy. At pre-school he had all the girls wanting to be his best friend. He even had a little wedding in the sandpit to his childhood friend, Zandra. Even the teachers thought he was just such a lovely little boy. But when Nate started to attend school the teachers became increasingly worried about him. He would refuse to recite his alphabet, read books or even listen to the teachers. Tim and Rose were worried and spared no expense getting a diagnosis from specialists. Some said he had ADD (attention deficit disorder) and others thought he might be dysNateic.

In the end it was decided he had DysNateia. The symptoms similar to ADD were brought about by the fact that the dysNateia was causing him problems and because he wasn’t reading or writing he just wasn’t interested. Tim and Rose decided that Rose would do extra work with him after school and the teachers now knew what was going on and could help Nate through the work he needed help with. In the end it didn’t affect Nate too much and he managed to get by. Rose would read to him every night and send him off into a blissful sleep, dreaming of pixies, elves and giant chocolate trees.

He struggled through school but with a certain amount of charm and his oozing confidence he managed to work his way through.

Tim had suggested he join some acting classes but Nate has already decided on his dream. He didn't want fame, or money... He wanted the world by any means nessecary.

Teenage Life

Life carried on and Nate got worse. He was getting into trouble at school and hanging out with some of the kids from the rough side of town. Tim and Rose were constantly visiting the Principal of the school. Just after Nate’s 14th birthday, Tim’s mother, Nate’s grandmother, died. Things started going down hill pretty fast. It hit Tim hard and he started wondering what he was even doing in this world. Was it shallow to be an actor? To pretend to be other people all your life? He had a lovely wife and a confident son but things weren’t perfect. His son was a bully and causing trouble, and his wife didn’t seem as interested in their relationship anymore. He guessed that being together for so many years takes it’s toll and being in love doesn’t last forever. Was he having a mid-life crisis?

Tim started drinking. It used to be a glass of wine with dinner but now it was 4 or 5 over the night. Rose didn’t really notice at first but then it got more obvious that he was actually getting drunk. He would order cases of wine and they wouldn’t last as long as they should have. Nate was also helping himself to a few bottles every now and again and sharing them with his mates. He would come home late at night drunk as a skunk. But Tim hardly noticed. Tim would drink his way through four glasses and then start getting depressed. He would consume another bottle and he would ramble about life and how things just weren’t what he wanted them to be.

Rose was in despair. What had happened to her loving family? What had happened to her bright, confident son and her loving husband? She used to pride herself on having a normal happy family and now it had turned into the type of family she never wanted to be a part of. Next the violence started. Tim wasn’t just depressed anymore, he was angry. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was angry about but that didn’t stop him hating everyone and everything. He would fly into a rage at work and cause more drama than was in the scripts. Then he would get home and start an argument with Rose. The TV remote would fly around the room and Rose would jump in her car just to escape the constant barrage of insults and abuse. Nate would come home and find his father in a heap on the couch. He would also get a load of abuse and they would scream and yell until one of them left the room in despair.

It all came to a head one Saturday night. Nate arrived home to find his mother crying, his father yelling and the house looking like a war zone. Nate just couldn’t handle it anymore. He lunged at his father screaming that all this was his fault. The drinking, abuse, the family was breaking apart! Tim stopped Nate in his tracks, with a backhand to Nate’s face. Nate stumbled back in astonishment. He laid a hand on his hot red cheek. Rose look dumbfounded.

Rose was about to say something when Nate just turned and walked out the door.

Nate had had more than enough. He would be back, but only to get his mother. Timothy Leonard Static died two years later under "suspicious" circumstances.

The Era Of The Disturbed 1

Midwest Wrestling Association

Nate Static originally enterted the Wrestling world as The Disturbed 1, a character shrouded in mystery and misery. His face conceleaed under a mess of white make up and array of masks. Unsure of himself and carless, Nate Static was, however, determinded to achieve his goal. The Disturbed 1 entered the MWA unknown, and entered the wrestling world, but by the time he left the MWA his name was chanted by thousands.

The Disturbed 1 went flying up the ranks in the MWA within weeks and within a month held the MWA World Heavyweight Title. It was within the MWA that Nate Static made his first and now oldest friend in the Wrestling industry William Dorris, otherwise known as Nightmare. The Disturbed 1 & Nightmare quickly formed an alliance in and outside the ring along with Dan "The Icon" Maher and Justice known as The Higher Powers.

The Higher Powers dominated the MWA, taking on all comers and ruling the federation with an iron fist, before the group was sadly torn apart Justice and Nightmare were called up the MWA's father federation The Pheonix Promotion. It would be several months before they would see each other again, but by the time they did Nightmare had joined with The Mayhe and Justice had gone his on way now following his own path solo. Nate Static felt his time within the MWA and pheonix promotion has now passed and moved on to what he hoped would be greener pastures.

The World According To Nate Static

The End Of The Disturbed 1 - Welcome Nate Static

Extreme Wrestling Alliance

Nate Static came into EWA first known as The Disturbed 1. His first true match was in fact the Royal Rumble all the way back in 2002, where he was the 3rd entry of 20. No one knew of TD1 when he entered, but they definitely knew of him before it was over. TD1 went in there against the likes of Lashinsu & Dubious Dan and eliminated the likes of EWA Hall of Famer Sean Casey. In fact, he eliminated Dubious Dan too, who was reportedly retiring after that match if he didn’t win Unfortunately, right after he eliminated Dubious Dan, Gyro snuck up behind TD1 and dumped him over, winning the rumble. TD1 came so close to winning it all, and he didn’t let the touch of success fall away. A short time after, TD1 defeated Sean Casey to win the vacated Salvation Title. TD1 went on a run, defeating every challenge, and at the same time, changing the name of the Salvation belt to the Bloodsport Title, which is what it’s called now. He reign was also twined with a three man feud leading up to Death Became Thee. TD1 and hall of famer Viper fought in a match to start the show, where the winner would challenge Minkian for the World Title in a Buried Alive Match in the main event. TD1 defeated Viper, but came up short against Minkian, when Minkian powerbombed him into the grave site, where in which a sledgehammer laid, and Nate crashed down onto it. After a long reign, TD1 was finally defeated for his Bloodsport Title by Angel in a Ladder Match. During this time, a heated feud was beginning between him and Turbo due to TD1's lifestyle of going against orders. Turbo has never been the type of man to enjoy being punked out, thus he made TD1 defend his title constantly until he finally lost it. The feud led up to the 3rd ever Hardcore Funhouse with tremendous stipulations. If Turbo won, TD1 would lose the most important thing to him. His name. If Turbo lost, he would lose his power in EWA. The two men went to war into the Funhouse, and just like last time he was in it, Turbo came away victorious. TD1 disappeared for months, now a man without a name.

Simply Electrifying had just defeated Minkian at American Invasion successfully defending the World Title when he attacked by the returning TD1. But he wasn’t calling himself that of course. Instead, he was now known as Nate Static. Nate Static once again disappeared after that night, but Simply was relentless on finding Nate. He called him out every night, and it soon led to Simply beating down Nate’s friends Trinity and Dark Lotus to get Nate Static to come back. The match was finally set at the first ever Wrestle Fest, in a Death Match for the World Heavyweight Title. Simply’s retribution came through, retaining the World Title, but Nate Static will always be remembered for the hard fought match, and being one of the first head liners of Wrestle Fest.

It would be a great deal of time until we would see Nate Static again, returning in late 2004 with only one thing on his mind. Becoming the World Champion. Nate Static immediately got the opportunity in the 7 Man Armageddon Match, where the winner would get a World Title shot at Wrestle Fest 2005. Nate Static fought hard, but lost the match without being pinned at all. Nate didn’t stop though on his journey to the World Title, but it went through the first ever Boiling Water Match at Wrestle Fest 2005 against Spectre. Spectre was in the driver’s seat near the end of the match, the power of the young star seemingly too much for the Original Icon. But then it was revealed to the world, the new coalition of the Chosen, led by Nate Static. The attack by Brandon Slade and Craig Rodger led to a Nate Static victory. Because of the win, Nate Static was given a World Title shot against Sean Casey on the next Sunday Rage, and finally complete his destiny. Nate Static had become EWA World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Casey.

After an impressive title defense against Angel & Sean Casey in a Triple Threat Casket Match, Nate Static was defeated for the title by Lashinsu after a contreversial ending. It was an ongoing struggle there on to recover from the Championship loss. No matter what he did, Turbo refused to give him a return match of any sort. Instead, Nate Static found himself fending off onslaughts by BoB and any match that Turbo choose to put him in. Nate Static went on to defeat Angel's slave Dart to be entered into the Royal Rumble, where the winner would be awarded the vacated World Heavyweight Championship. But, [i]miracolously[/b], Nate Static ended up being the Number 1 entry in the Rumble. Nate took the challenge head on, and outlasted 28 men to last over an hour in the match. But, he couldn't outlast Sean Casey, and was the last man eliminated from the rumble.

Nate Static was once again stuck at mid card status because of Turbo. Rather than putting Nate Static in the X Ladder Match at American Invasion to decide the challenge for the World Title at Wrestle Fest 2006, which he deserved to be in, Turbo put Nate in a Handicap Match. Nate destroyed Subzero Entrophy, but it led to another beatdown by the Brothers of Blood. Nate finally was pushed to the limit, and challenged Turbo to a match at Wrestle Fest 2006. If Nate lost, he would retire and disappear. If Turbo lost, he would have to disappear off EWA television altogether. The challenge was accepted, and the match highlighted WF2006. The ending of the greatest feud ever in EWA, and it was as controversial as always. After a brutal match, Nate Static defeated Turbo after the boss's longtime friend Mac interfered and attacked Turbo. Nate Static had sent Turbo off the scene of his own company.

His victory over Turbo led to his first World Title match since losing the belt over a year before. He took advantage. Nate Static defeated Captain Obvious for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship on the first Sunday Rage after WF2006, just as he had did the year before against Sean Casey. Nate won the belt, and forced Captain Obvious to change his name and gimmick. The week after that, Nate Static announced his retirement from EWA and vacated the World Title. Realized he has fulfilled everything, he knew it was time to move forward the wrestling industry.

Anarchist Wrestling Federation

Indie Wrestling X

Meghan "FUCKING" Static

In IWX, this was where the then twenty two year old Meghan, still going under her initial ring name of "Omega", met Nathan Michael Static - the then 29 year old IWX-TREME Champion, and future ICON Champion. The story of the rookie befriending the legend is not one that you're likely to find Nate Static in... especially seeing as, at the time, Static was quite content with drinking himself silly and hurting people. Quite a contrast to the fun-loving, family orientated youngster, who was quite a few years younger than him.

Still, as time went on the relationship between the two grew, until after gaining a blessing from Meghan's mother and father, a now sober Nate, asked Meghan to marry him. On Saturday, June 23 Nate Static tied the knot for the second time to a women he had met simply a couple of months before hand. However within that time both husband and wife experienced a lot, between the mindless fun of simply getting drunk and Nate Static second Near death experience. The couple tied the knot at a ceremony held at Nate's home in The Deadpool, South Texas. The ceremony was performed by Eli Keaton and at 16:43 Nate Static and Meghan Harris were officially announced as man and wife.

King and Queen were crowned that day.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and Signature Moves
    • Babylon Fading (RKO)
    • Abnegation (Go To Sleep)
    • Contagion (Stiff Kick to head)
    • The End Of Days (Stalling Brainbuster Suplex)
    • Razorblade (Crossface Halo)
    • Leading The Rats (Pearl River Plunge)
    • Beg For Me (Situp Inverted STF)
    • T-bone Suplex
    • DDT
    • Russian Leg Sweep
    • Death Valley Driver
    • Front Face DDT
    • Superkick
    • German Suplex
    • Backflip dropkick
    • Double Underhook Suplex
  • Theme/Entrance Music
    • ReDefine Me – Mercenary
    • Mainlining Murder – Lars and The bastards
    • Stupid MF – Mindless Self Indulgence
    • King Of The World – Porcelain and The tramps
    • Amnesia – Blue October
    • Enemies of Reality' – Nevermore
    • If you Still Hate me – Ill Nino
    • I – Taproot
    • For I am The Way – Queen Adreena
    • Replica – Fear Factory

Championship History & Accomplishments

Title History

  • MWA World Title
  • The Pheonix Promotion World title
  • Wraith Wrestling Hardcore Title
  • NRW Hardcore title
  • NRW World title (x2)
  • NRW Tag Team title (w/ OddKore)
  • AWF Lionheart title
  • AWF World Title
  • LSW World Title
  • LSW Tag Team title (w/ Ash)
  • EWA World title (x2)
  • EWA Salvation/Bloodsport title
  • EWA Tag Team Title (x4) (w/ Okana, The Don, The Tamer, Brandon Slade)
  • IWX ICON Championship
  • IWX-TREME title

Common quotes

  • "Babylon Fading"
  • "I am the industry"
  • "Better than you"
  • "For Pain, Pleasure and Poetic Justice"
  • "Peon"
  • "This has been another edition of the Nate Static Family hour"


  • The Last Man Standing
  • The King Of The "FUCKING" World
  • The Ape Of God
  • The Original Icon
  • The Great Deceiver
  • The Disturbed 1