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An image of the Myles.
Birth name N/A
Born June 4th, 1994 (age 26)
Melbourne, Australia
Resides Melbourne, Australia
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Myles
Billed height 5 ft 11 in
Billed weight 227 lbs
Billed from Melbourne, Australia
Trained by N/A
Debut November 2018

Myles (born June 4th, 1994), is an Australian professional wrestler currently signed to Elite Answers Wrestling where he competes on the Voltage brand.

Early Life

Not much is know about Myles' early life, apart from him being born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, where his parents died early on. He has traveled all over the world since then, competing in underground fight clubs until he signed to EAW.

Professional Wrestling Career

Elite Answers Wrestling (2018-present)

Battleground: Debut

Myles was signed by Elite Answers Wrestling on November 20th, 2018 after being scouted by their team. After tapes of his underground fights were made public, fan support and interest around him skyrocketed. He was proclaimed as a prodigy even before his debut match, and a rocket was officially strapped on him. Following the nickname of 'The Solider', Myles would have his debut match against Solomon Hill and The Visual Prophet in a triple threat on Battleground where he'd capitalise on his hype by winning that match, effectively earning himself the sole poster spot of Battleground's first and last special show, Wildcard. Myles would face Xander Payne in the main event of this event, and in just his second match he'd impress against the veteran by adding another win to his arsenal.

Main Roster Call-Up

Battleground's shutting down effectively landed Myles on the main roster (Voltage) after only two matches in developmental, and the hype from his debut performances were still strong. He'd find himself involved in the middle of a feud between Drake King and Xander Payne, before the three got scheduled to compete in a Triple Threat match at King of Elite 2019. The match would be well-recieved by the audience, with Myles pinning his arch-nemesis Xander Payne yet again and earning his first Free-Per-View win at one of the biggest events of the EAW calendar. His rise would continue as he eventually got himself in a match for the New Breed Championship at Tempest 2019, against the champion at the time, The Visual Prophet. The Soldier's attempt at winning his first championship in EAW would not go in his favour however, as the champion would go on to retain after grabbing Myles tight's and controversially taking the win.

Myles did not let this loss get to him though, as he continued marching forward towards his second title opportunity, this time alongside Xander Payne, who he was forced to work alongside for a common goal. These two would go on to bill themselves as "The Wildcards" in reference to their first singles match at Wildcard, and the duo would successfully win the Unified Tag Team Championships against the Revolution and the Jaded Hearts in Myles' hometown of Melbourne, Australia which was the location of Grand Rampage 2019. The Wildcards would defend their titles successfully against Korey Gaines and Farrel V at Fighting Spirit, however a huge Pain for Pride title loss to Heavenly Hell would revive old feelings of hatred between them, ultimately resulting in Xander betraying Myles at Midsummer Massacre.

This betrayal would set up Myles and Xander for one more singles match at Territorial Invasion, where Myles would suffer a huge, dominating loss to Xander. Xander's dominant win would put Myles out of commision for months and demotivate him from returning as soon as possible, as the whole world was left wondering if they would ever see the once proclaimed prodigy again.

Return To EAW

After almost 9 months of absence, Myles would make a shock return during the Grand Rampage 2020 match, where he would get a big reception from fans on social media. However, following this match, it was clear that this Myles was not the same one he left as. Myles was now way more ruthless, violent, and had a distinct hatred for the audience that he once loved. He also did not care for EAW Championships anymore, as his past desperation for championship gold was the reason he ended up trusting his arch-nemesis, Xander Payne, in the first place. With this completely rejuvenated attitude that he found on the months off that he experienced, he would make it his mission to spread his mentality to the rest of the wrestling world, which he considered "greedy" and "selfish".

Myles returned to Showdown for the rest of Season 13, where he beat Shane Gates in his re-debut and immediately got himself a match for Showdown's next exclusive Free-Per-View, Odyssey in the main event where he would compete in a 6-man No Way Out match with the winner heading to Pain for Pride to challenge for the Answers World Championship. He would come up short in this match, however Myles definitely impressed people with his performance here, which got ultimately got him a Cash in the Vault qualifying match on the next Showdown, where he beat the re-debuting James Ranger, effectively earning himself a spot on the Pain for Pride card. On the third night of Pain for Pride XIII, this match would be held where Myles had to face MITSUBACHI, Justin Windgate, SOSA Henderson, Ms. Extreme, Jack Ripley and Darcy May Morgan in a 8-man ladder match for the briefcase. Myles would impress on this grand stage again, however like Odyssey, come up short yet again, this time against Darcy May Morgan.


In the EAW Draft, Myles would be drafted back to Voltage, where he would immediately challenge new EAW Champion at the time, Rex McAllister, who would accept a title match for Bloodsport. This match would be contested under the stipulation "Sadistic Madness" and although these two had a great contested bout, the more experience Rex McAllister would still come out on top. However, off this performance, Myles would be given one of the 5 spots to represent Voltage at Territorial Invasion in the Brand Warfare match, alongside Minerva, TLA, Terry Chambers and Ahren Fournier. Although the team had a few problems at first, after a bit of bonding time, they became a well-functioning squad ready for Territorial Invasion, with Myles and Minerva even beginning to date. Once the Brand Warfare match came around, it was obvious that Team Voltage were all on the same page, and their chemistry was unlike no other team there. This chemistry led them to one of the most dominant wins in Brand Warfare history, with only 2 Team Voltage members being eliminated in the whole duration of the match, and 3 survivors being left. This match would also be big for Myles personally, as he got to eliminate Xander Payne and redeem himself from last year's Territorial Invasion.

With this redemption being achieved, and Minerva now by his side, things were starting to look good for Myles once again. Minerva took this opportunity to inform Myles about the current National Elite Champion at the time, Sienna Jade, and how she was the epitome of all that he hated. She suggested to Myles that he should aim to take her title away from her as a punishment, and Myles agreed, believing that he would rather have the National Elite Championship on his own hands rather than that of any greedy Elitists that would use it for the wrong reasons. Myles got himself a title match at Wicked Games 2020, where he would go on to defeat Sienna and win his first singles championship. Myles would begin to now refer to himself as "The Warlord" after Minerva and him had a decent performance as MASOCHISTxMANIFEST in the 2020 Grand Prix and even beat the Unified Tag Team Champions at the time, The Realm together. As far as his title reign goes, he would have his first defense at Road to Redemption against Jesse Barlow, where he would have the odds stacked up against him with El Landerson, who had a vendetta against Myles due to Myles breaking his daughter's heart, as special guest referee. Myles would overcome the odds however, cleanly retaining his title nonetheless and ultimately even sending Jesse Barlow packing from the company.

In his next defense, Myles would have to defend against former rival, Rex McAllister, at King of Elite 2021. This match meant alot for the Warlord, who thought a win here could be his redemption for Bloodsport, and he ended up succeeding in his goal as he finally overcame McAllister. King of Elite would be a big night for Myles for other reasons as well, as this event would mark the official birthplace of New Eden, a brand new faction consisting of Drake King, Myles and Minerva. This faction would be created with the hopes of taking EAW into it's rightful future, as both Myles and Drake had similar beliefs against championships and greed. Voltage's next Free-Per-View, Shock Value, would not end up being a good night for New Eden however, as all 3 members lost their respective matches that night, with Myles even losing the National Elite Championship to TLA after interferences from El Landerson.

In a fury, New Eden would begin believing there is a conspiracy on Voltage against them, and they confronted Voltage Commissioner, Captain Charisma about it, who gave all 3 of them a spot in the Grand Rampage match as a result. In the build up to Grand Rampage, New Eden would garner more attention and enemies than ever before, with basically the whole of Voltage condemning their views on the company. This would not stop them however, as New Eden would walk into the Grand Rampage and have an outstanding performance there, with all 3 members being apart of the final four. Drake would go from entrant number 1 to the winner of the match, with Myles and Minerva sacrificing themselves along the way for the good of New Eden. Myles would have a great performance individually too, with a total of 7 eliminations making him hold the most in that Grand Rampage match, with some of those eliminations even being big names like Ahren Fournier, Lethal Consequences, Visual Prophet and even TLA as an act of revenge. Overall, Grand Rampage would be a successful night for New Eden and Myles, as the trio solidified themselves as a group to be remembered.

Other Media


Personal Life

  • Currently in a relationship with Minerva.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • De Facto (Spinning Pumphandle Samoan Drop)
    • Victoria (Pop Up Jumping Knee Strike)
    • Infinite Void (Elevated Lumbar Check)
  • Signature moves
    • Wrath of Pandora (Canadian Rack into DDT)
    • Checkmayt (Rings of Saturn)
    • Rope Trapped Running Knee Strikes
  • Nicknames
    • "The Soldier" (used during his first run)
    • "The Manifest"
    • "The Warlord"
    • "The Kangaroo Killer"
  • Entrance themes
    • "Enemy Strike" by Yuki Hayashi (November 2018-present)