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Morgan Renee Simmons
Image of Morgan Renee Simmons
Billing information
Ring name(s) Jamie Synn
Morgan Simmons
The Masked Enigma
Nickname(s) "The Brutal Knight"
"The Toxic Queen"
Height 5'5"
Weight 134 lbs
Born February 14th, 1983 (age 33)
Place of Birth Boston, Massachusetts
Spouse Anthony Reid (Engaged)
Hometown Boston, Massachusetts
Billed From Boston, Massachusetts (as Morgan Simmons)
Parts Unknown (as The Masked Enigma)
Theme music "Du Hast" by Rammstein (as Morgan Simmons)
"Arkham City Main Theme" by Nick Arundel (as The Masked Enigma)
Stable/Tag Team Killa Queen Incorporated
The Queens of Wrestling (w/Talia Skye)
Enigmatic Justice (w/Miss Justice as The Masked Enigma)
Wrestling information
Alignment Tweener (as Morgan Simmons)
Face (as The Masked Enigma)
Wrestling Style Technical
Notorious Feuds With Christina Fierce
Fierce Royalty
Desiree Miles
The Mascara Mafia
Angelina Williams
The Image
Michelle Ryder
The Dragon Clan
Mandy "The Monster"
Alexis Landry
Da Xtreme Dynasty
Talia Skye
Team Lethality
Danielle Lopez
Generation Next
Ashley Rose
Heather Monroe
Heather Fox
Stacy Hobbs
Lindsay Jenkins
Jennifer Williams
Breanna Barker
Rosa Rodriguez
Notorious Partnerships With Talia Skye
Killa Queen Incorporated
Alexis Landry
Stevie Fabulous
Jesse Wright
The Disciples of Syn
Christina Fierce
Mariella Lopez
Melanie Ramirez
Kevin Smith
Joe Grizzly
Jenna Martin
Jimmy Gambino
Christina Perez
Ivette Hernandez
J.T. Banks
Nicole Allen
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Professional career
Debut 2001
Record {{{record}}}
Accomplishments ECCW Women's Champion
XWF Women's Champion
LPW World Women's Champion
AJW Champion
AJW Junior Champion
PWW Women's Champion
PW Champion
JPW International Champion
WWA Chaotic Champion (unsanctioned)
WWA World Champion
WWA Queen Bitch Champion
CCP Junior Heavyweight Champion
Previous Federation(s) Elite Class Championship Wrestling (2002 - 2004)
All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling (2005)
Xtreme Professional Wrestling (2006 - 2008)
Premium Women's Wrestling (2011 - 2012)
Premium Championship Wrestling (2012 - 2013)
Latin Pro Wrestling (2006 - 2013)
Premium Academy/Pride Wrestling (2012 - 2014)
Japan Pro Wrestling (2013 - 2016)
Retired {{{retired}}}
Current Federation(s) Women's Wrestling Alliance (2014 - Present)
Cardinal City Pro (2015 - Present)

Morgan Renee Simmons (born February 14th, 1983) is an American professional wrestler currently working for the Women's Wrestling Alliance, both under her real name and as The Masked Enigma, where she is the current WWA Queen Bitch Champion, as well as a former WWA World Champion and the holder of the unsanctioned Chaotic Championship. She also works for Cardinal City Pro Wrestling under The Masked Enigma gimmick where she is the Junior Heavyweight Champion. She also competes for Japan Pro Wrestling where she is a former International Champion. She also worked for Premium Championship Wrestling where she played the role of the company's General Manager until it closed for the second time. She was signed to Premium Women's Wrestling where she was the final PWW Women's Champion, as well as being the leader of the promotion's heel stable, Toxic. She is widely known for competing in Elite Class Championship Wrestling and Xtreme Professional Wrestling under her Jamie Synn gimmick. Between ECCW, AJW, XWF, LPW, PWW, PW, JPW and WWA, Simmons has had twenty championship reigns.


Professional Wrestling Career

Elite Class Championship Wrestling (2002 - 2004)

The Beginning

Simmons signed a contract to compete for ECCW and debuted in a backstage segment on WarZone where she adopted the ring name Jamie Synn. At Night of Champions 2002, Synn appeared as a Face as she competed against Ashley Rose to crown the first ever ECCW Womens Champion. The two ladies put on a clinic, but in the end, Rose came out with the victory after spraying hairspray in Synn's eyes. Those series of events is what started the long standing rivalry between Rose and Synn that still goes on to this day. She would get a couple more shots at the title, but was unsuccessful.

Finally Winning the Gold

On January 19, 2003 at The Rumble 2003, Synn received a shot at the title against Breanna Barker. The two put on a back and forth contest, and Synn finally won the championship when she hit Breanna with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell. She turned back a few challengers, but lost the title to Ashley Rose on March 16 at Redemption 2003. The next night on WarZone, Synn got a rematch but lost to Rose. It would take a bit longer for her to gain another title match, but she gained it in a three way dance against Rose and Jennie Lee. Synn pinned Rose to win her second Womens Championship. This reign as champion was just like the first. Holding it for two months before being defeated by Jennie Lee.

Departure and Appearances in the Rebirth version of the company

After losing the championship, Synn kept trying to get into contention for the belt, but was proved to be unsuccessful. In a match against Heather Fox on WarZone, Synn injured her knee and was forced on the injured reserve list. A few months after, Synn was released from her contract. On October 5, 2011. ECCW returned, and Morgan Simmons made her first appearance in an ECCW related show in eight years as she took part in the Beat the Douchebag Gauntlet match as she beat the hell out of Dick Taylor, hitting him with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell among a few moves executed on him. Before the participation, she cut a promo, insulting the crowd and talking more about PWW which got major heat from the crowd.

Japan, Mexico and Independent Circuit (2005 - Present)

After recovering from her knee injury, Synn made her comeback as she signed a contract with All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling. In her first match for the promotion, she defeated Ayako Suzuki to win the AJW Championship. She dropped it three months later back to Suzuki, but later on in the night, she won the AJW Junior Championship. She held the title all the way until AJW closed.

Morgan Simmons at a photo shoot for an indy federation in late 2010.

From there, Synn moved on to Latin Pro Wrestling. She engaged in a rivalry with fellow ECCW alumnus Rosa Rodriguez that spanned for two years, trading the World Women's Championship back three times a piece. She eventually moved on to a feud with Stella, trading the title with her as well. By the time 2010 hit, Jamie was already a five time LPW World Women's Champion and held the title for almost a whole year, but she ran into rising Mexican American female wrestler, Danielle Lopez. Synn and Danielle put on a classic match up, wrestling for forty-five minutes. At the forty-five minute mark, Danielle hit Jamie with Potential Brain Damage to become the LPW World Women's Champion.

After losing the title to Danielle, their rivalry was cut short as Danielle suffered a neck injury at YCW's Battle Finale I, and Synn decided to feud with Breanna Barker again. Once Danielle came back, the two of them continued their rivalry. Jamie was the one who ended Danielle's second reign as champion. Shortly after winning the title, she began going by her real name and started dominating the ranks once more. In the months of November and December, she had a series of matches against Taylor Youngblood, Jessica Smith, Candice Young and Rachel Allison with her title at stake. She retained it against all of them before heading into an LPW World Women's Championship defense on New Year's Eve against Samantha Gentry. After going 50 minutes with Young, Simmons finally got the win when she hit Gentry with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell. After the match, there was a surprise appearance by her fellow Toxic teammates Christina Fierce, Christina Perez and Ivette Hernandez and they along with Simmons, beat down Gentry to end the show.

On an LPW show that took place on January 15, 2012. Simmons went one on one with Sandra Allen in a non-title match up and defeated her with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell. She continued to wrestle for LPW, and went undefeated for the majority of the year until being defeated by former Synn-Full Devils teammate Nicole Allen for the LPW World Women's Championship, ending her almost two year run as the champion. Eventually, she regained the LPW World Women's Championship for a record seventh time by defeating Nicole with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell.

On the 700th episode, she defeated Nicole in a rematch with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell and then cut a promo afterwards talking about how she is the most dominant woman in LPW history and how she will continue to be dominant despite the "inferior" competition the company brings. On episode 701, she defeated Mya Fox with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell. She attacked Mya from behind after the match and as she locked in the Texas Cloverleaf, longtime rival Ashley Rose came out and made the save for Mya. On episode 702, Simmons came out and ranted about Ashley not minding her own business. The two engaged in a war of words where Simmons went below the belt and stated she would have stolen everything Rose had going for her... including her family. Ashley snapped and beat up Simmons, hitting her with The Rose Kick, heating up the ten and a half year rivalry between the two.

Xtreme Professional Wrestling (2006 - 2008)

Feuding with the Sexy Syndicate

Morgan (under her Jamie Synn gimmick) backstage at an XWF show.

After the closing of All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling, Synn went over to XWF where quite a few fellow ECCW alumni's were wrestling after ECCW closed. Synn once again keeping her face character, came out of the gate on a hot streak. She defeated Stacy Hobbs to win her first Womens title in XWF. While being champion, she formed an uneasy alliance with her long time nemesis, Ashley Rose, due to the problems that the two of them had with the Sexy Syndicate that consisted of Hobbs, Heather Fox and Jennifer Williams. Synn and Rose managed to work together long enough to eliminate the Syndicate from the XWF.

Rekindling the Synn/Rose feud and feuding with Lindsay Jenkins

Shortly after, the two of them had a match against one another. Synn retained the championship, but shook Rose's hand afterwards. It proved to be a trap as Synn turned Heel and laid Rose out with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell. The roles would be reversed in this rekindling of the rivalry as Synn now was the heel and Rose as the face. The two competed in a three way match, that also included Stacy Hobbs with the title at stake. In the match, Hobbs won the title but the feud between Synn and Rose intensified.

To settle the rivalry, both agreed to compete in an I Quit match where the winner would go on to face now-champion Lindsay Jenkins for the title. The match rolled around and it was a brutal one. Both women brought everything including the kitchen sink. The end result was Ashley Rose making Synn utter the words "I Quit" and become the number one contender for the championship.

After the feud with Ashley Rose died down again, Jamie bidded her time and waited for the thing between Rose and Jenkins pass. Once Rose departed from XWF after Jenkins won the championship, Synn interjected herself into the picture and shortly after, defeated Jenkins to win her second XWF Womens Championship. However, she lost it back to Jenkins at a House show, but was able to gain it back to begin her third reign as champion, but that too was short lived as she lost to Jenkins yet again. After months and months of not being in the picture, Synn finally received a match. A four corners match between her, Lindsay Jenkins, Stacy Hobbs and Jennifer Williams. This was held on the final night of XWF as it was closing up shop. In the end, Synn won the title for the fourth time and became the final XWF Womens Champion.

Premium Women's Wrestling (2011 - 2012)

Toxic's Leader and Feud with Heather Monroe

Simmons signed a contract with PWW after it was revealed that the company was looking for women's wrestlers, both younger and experienced talent. Simmons came in at the end of the first edition of PWW's Sunday Night Knockout and helped Toxic lay out its former leader Heather Monroe. Simmons was announced under her Jamie Synn gimmick throughout that period, and part of episode two. But at the beginning of the second episode, she announced that she was going to be known by her real name, Morgan Simmons (which is legitimately her real life name) and got into a scuffle with Heather Monroe, that also included beating down Desiree Miles and her LPW rival Danielle Lopez. On that same episode, she had her first match in an American wrestling promotion in three years as she faced local talent Lila Vasquez. She easily disposed of her with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell.

On the third episode of Knockout, Simmons teamed up with Toxic teammate Rosalie and CHAOS to face Monroe and Black Rose Mafia members Talia Skye and the Xtremely Lethal Ladies in an eight woman tag team match, and they got the victory. Towards the end of the match, Simmons and Monroe brawled throughout the ringside area and eventually took their brawl away from ringside, basically preventing both from being involved in the finish of the match. At PWW: Here to Stay (2011), Simmons had her first match in America in three years as she went one on one with Heather Monroe. It was a brutal contest with both ladies giving it their all, but Heather reversed a Synn-Full Ride to Hell into a victory roll attempt for the victory. Morgan was livid, destroying things at ringside before getting face to face with Ashley Rose. Later on in the night, Morgan paid Terra and Lillith an unspecified amount of money for causing damage to The Black Rose Mafia.

Pursuit of PWW Women's Championship and Feuding with Talia Skye and Hikari Richards

On the fourth edition of Knockout, Simmons defeated Hikari Richards to become the number one contender for the PWW Women's Championship. At the beginning of the show, she cut a promo stating about the mistreatment that management has been towards Toxic, as well as supposed backstage politics being used by The Black Rose Mafia. These same sentiments have been relayed by The Glamorous/Vicious Combination. On the fifth edition of Knockout. Simmons was at ringside for Alisyn's match against Talia Skye. However, other events went on at the fifth episode, such as getting into a heated discussion with long time rival Ashley Rose and kicking Rosalie out of the group while adding her childhood BFF Christina Fierce into the stable.

On the sixth episode of Knockout, Simmons faced her long time nemesis Ashley Rose in what is billed as one of two main events of the evening. The two competed in what was a classic match up. Both women gave it everything they had, and even hit each other's finishing move. The end of the match came when Ashley missed the Rose Kick and nearly hit the referee, only for Morgan to hit her with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell to get her the victory. Later on in the night towards the end of the second main event known as Weapon X (Damon Warrens/Talia Skye) versus The Legion of Shadows (Hikari and Terry Richards), Simmons hopped the barricade after the referee was distracted following the brawl between Legion of Shadows members and Weapon X/Generation Xtreme members. Once Talia turned around, Simmons threw a fireball to her face, and costed Weapon X the match when Hikari pinned Talia for the win. After the match was over, she beat down Hikari while Syn did the same to both Terry Richards and Damon Warrens. The two of them celebrated to boos as PWW went off the air.

At Eve of Destruction, Simmons faced Talia Skye in a Stretcher Match with the PWW Women's Championship at stake in what is the main event match on the show. Both ladies came in and just beat the holy hell out of each other. Morgan made Talia bleed, while Talia did the same to Morgan. In the end, Talia hit Morgan with the Barbie Killer, and managed to place her on the stretcher and used her last bit of strength to win the match and retain her championship. On the seventh edition of Sunday Night Knockout, it was announced that Morgan, along with Hikari Richards would battle Talia in a triple threat match at Femme Fatale with the PWW Women's Championship on the line. On the second episode of Saturday Night Bombshell, Morgan went one on one with Desiree Miles in the main event of the show with the LPW Womens Championship on the line, and got the victory by holding the tights to retain the title.

PWW Women's Champion

At Femme Fatale, Simmons faced both Talia and Hikari with the PWW Women's Championship on the line in a triple threat match. The match was back and forth, with Hikari and Talia working together for the most part. But at the end, Toxic interfered and hit Hikari multiple times with lead pipes, as well as Alisyn taking her out with The Killing Joke. The Black Rose Mafia intervened and brawled with the Toxic members. As the brawl was continuing, Simmons capitalized and crawled towards Hikari's beaten body, draping an arm over her as the referee counted to three and Simmons became the new champion. After the match, the brawl escalated into even more chaos. Toxic was slayed at the hands of Talia, Hikari and Heather Monroe, but Morgan escaped their grasps with both of her titles. At the PWW Awards Show, aired on Christmas Day, Simmons won the Heel of the Year award, and the match of the year award for her contest against Talia Skye at Eve of Destruction. Her and Talia got into a huge brawl. As Talia was going to hit her with the Botox Injection, Simmons crushed her with the PWW Women's Championship belt before laying her out on the stage with a Synn-Full Ride to Hell. On the January 22nd edition of Knockout, Simmons faced Hikari Richards in a non-title match up and won the match. The next day, PWW closed its doors and Simmons had to give up her championship belt.

Premium Championship Wrestling (2012 - 2013)

Asserting her dominance and feuding with The Black Rose Mafia

It was announced that Morgan Simmons has been given an opportunity to impress officials on a future PCW show. It was announced that her opportunity would be on the July 8th edition of Insanity against Jasmine Valdez, but she lost due to a roll up after getting into an argument with guest referee, Adrien Cochrane. Since the match, Morgan has reformed Toxic with Christina Perez and Ivette Hernandez, but also added Alexis Landry and J.T. Banks to the group, as well as Stevie Fabulous and Jesse Wright. On the August 4th edition of Rapture, Simmons along with the rest of Toxic attacked Kevin Styles until Generation Next made the save. Mariah Lopez and Lexi Reiyne also came out and evened up the sides, aligning themselves with the group and definitely indicating that the Toxic versus Black Rose Mafia feud is back on. Morgan appeared at Wrestle Extravaganza II: Beantown Brawl which is in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts and despite working the event as a heel, she got a massive ovation from her fellow Bostonians. She engaged in a war of words with the Black Rose Mafia.

Alliance with Syn and Feuding with Team Lethality and James Baker

On the September 15th edition of Rapture, she along with Toxic broke the ankle of longtime nemesis Talia Skye, effectively ending her PCW career. Also that night, she had a conversation with Syn about the future of the alliance between Toxic and The Disciples of Syn, as well as themselves. On that same night, her and Toxic began a feud with Team Lethality, whom formed after the departures of Talia Skye, Lexi Reiyne and Generation Next. On the March 16th edition of Rapture, Simmons made a challenge to longtime rival and recently rehired Talia Skye for a third match at Battle Finale III. Later that night, she and James Baker got into a personal war of words and made a match to fight for the General Manager spot. With her heelish actions towards Baker and her respect for Talia, Simmoms began acting like a Tweener. On March 30, she revealed her team comprised of Mariella Lopez, Melanie Ramirez, Stevie Fabulous and Jesse Wright. On the April 13th Rapture, she had her first match on the show as she faced and defeated former associate Nicole Allen with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell. She also appeared on the Reaping Death Show and got into a verbal confrontation with James Baker before sending her troops to attack him and TJ Parks (who was filling in for Reaper) until Team Baker made the save. After the Talia Skye/Alexis Landry match up, Morgan turned against Alexis as her and Talia beat up Alexis with their finishing moves, effectively kicking Alexis out of Toxic.

PCW General Manager

At Battle Finale III, Morgan faced Talia and won the match as she made Talia pass out once she had her locked in Begging for Mercy for quite sometime. After the match, she helped Talia to her feet and showed a sign of respect to her longtime rival. Later in the night, she became the new PCW General Manager after Terrell Ryder shocked the world and helped Mariella Lopez pin Tom Pendergrass in an eight person tag team match. Since then, Morgan reverted to her heel ways.

Cardinal City Pro (2013 - Present)

Queen of the Mountain Appearances and Pursuit of the CCP World Championship

Morgan started appearing in Cardinal City Pro in 2013 after entering the Queen of the Mountain Tournament, which was the first year CCP started allowing other promotions the opportunity to become the Queen. In the first round, she defeated Jen Henderson with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell. At the July Super Show, she teamed with Harrison Andrews to defeat Rayne Winters and Laurie Young in tag team action. On the 527th edition of CCP TV, she faced Alisyn and lost by submission with the Muta Lock after Rayne Winters pulled the ropes away from Morgan's reach.

At the August Super Show, she teamed with Mandy "The Monster" in a losing effort to Rayne Winters and Jade Sorin. At the September Super Show, she defeated Laurie Young in a Pick Your Poison match via Synn-Full Ride to Hell. At Girls Night Out VII, she faced Rayne Winters for the CCP World Title, but lost via the Broken Lineage Backbreaker. At the December Super Show, she teamed with Mandy to defeat Alisyn and Rayne Winters after Mandy hit a double F5. At Apocalypse Now, she lost a three way match for the CCP World Title after Alisyn pinned Rayne following Wicked Deeds. There was a rematch a month later at Rebellion where she lost after Alisyn made her submit to the Ties That Bind. This would be her final appearance in CCP for the time being as her short term contract expired and Morgan went on to concentrate more on her bookings in JPW.

Morgan returned to CCP months later to participate in the 2014 Queen of the Mountain Tournament. She started off by defeating Rachel Robinson via Synn-Full Ride to Hell in an Elimination Match. In a Queen of the Mountain Round of 16 Elimination Match, she defeated former Toxic teammate/now WWA rival Mandy "The Monster" by grabbing her tights. She was eliminated from the tournament at Girls Night Out VIII by Alyce Karsten via The Buisku Knee Strike.

The Masked Enigma comes to CCP

On March 14th, 2015, Morgan signed a contract with Cardinal City Pro as The Masked Enigma. A month later on the 579th edition of CCP TV, a vignette played with a female stating that CCP had been void of Justice for quite sometime, but that would change very soon. It ended with a bolt of lightning and then smoke appearing to form two words: "Masked Enigma", highlighting that The Masked Enigma's debut with the promotion wasn't too far away.

At the May Super Show, The Masked Enigma had her first match as she faced La Sombra in the opening match of the show. The match was high paced and at the beginning, Sombra tried to take Enigma's mask off, but Enigma countered it into a jaw breaker. After a back and forth campaign, Enigma made Sombra submit to the Luchadora Stretch. On the 581st edition of CCP TV, she faced Anya Sands. Unlike her debut, this was more true to her style as it was hard hitting throughout with a lot of suplexes. Enigma got the win when she hit Anya with the Enigmatic-Plex. On the third episode of CCP's YouTube Shots, she had her third match, this time against Gishiro Tensai. This match was more of a stiff contest consisting of a lot of kicks and shots to the face and knees. In the end, The Masked Enigma managed to be victorious when she hit Tensai with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell.

Women's Wrestling Alliance (2014 - Present)

A Mixed Bag of Results

On March 7th, the day of WWA's first pay-per-view, Simmons signed with the company. She was mentioned on the broadcast by owner and longtime rival, Danielle Lopez. She participated in the Queen Bitch Rumble for a shot at the Queen Bitch Championship in a hooded disguise and won as she eliminated Jenna Martin (who was assumed as the winner). Two weeks later, she competed against Kelsey Kinary and defeated her with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell as interference by Amy York backfired. The next week, she faced Jenna Martin and made her submit to Begging for Mercy.

At Warfare, she faced Amy York with the Queen Bitch Championship on the line. Despite a great match, Morgan lost via the ten count. The next week on Frenzy, she faced Debora Abu and defeated her by submission with Begging for Mercy in a dominant display. The following week, she teamed with Sophia Young to take on The Lethal Barbarians, but lost when Morgan walked out on Sophia. At Riot, she faced Kelsey Kinary and won by submission via Synnfullness. The next week, she teamed up with best friend Christina Fierce (who was her mystery partner) to defeat Kelsey and Jenna Martin when Christina hit Six Degrees of Hell on Kelsey. The following week, she teamed with Taylor Youngblood and got a victory over The Lethal Barbarians when Taylor hit Young and Famous on Rachel to get the pin. The duo got another victory when they defeated the Kicking People Alliance when Morgan made Sato submit to Begging for Mercy. After the match, they attacked the KPA. After the attack, The Lethal Barbarians via Mariella Lopez, gave Morgan and Taylor a shot at the WWA Tag Team Championships.

At Lethal Lottery, the duo got their shot but lost when Youngblood was pinned following Metal Hang Time. This caused Morgan to snap after the match and attack Taylor after the match, laying her out with Synn-Full Ride to Hell and ending the partnership. The next week, she had a confrontation with Danielle Lopez, telling her she is going to take matters into her own hands. This led to Taylor Youngblood attacking her from behind for retribution for the previous week. The next week, she faced Taylor and defeated her with Synn-Full Ride to Hell in what was a bloody match. The following week, she faced Bella Robinson and was upset as she was defeated with the Black Magic from out of nowhere. After the match, Morgan attacked Bella, but Bella was able to come with the advantage and hit her with the Black Hole Gore. To add insult to injury, Danielle Lopez laid a Black Rose on Morgan, effectively ending the issues between them, as well as The Black Rose Mafia.

Lethal Cup Participation, Becoming "The Brutal Knight", Joining Killer Queen Incorporated and Feuding with Mandy "The Monster" and Alexis Landry

After that feud, she took part in the Lethal Cup Tournament. In a Brave Sixteen match, she faced Riley James in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Morgan got the win via the Synn-Full Ride to Hell on the hood of a car. After the match, she teased attacking Riley further, but instead looked at her manager (longtime rival Talia Skye) before walking off. The following week, she faced Lexi Reiyine in the Extraordinary Eight round inside of the steel cage. She won the match via escaping the cage. On the Frenzy before Summer Sizzle, she faced Mandy "The Monster" in a First Blood Match that was billed as the Brutal Four Round Match Up. Unfortunately for Morgan, she lost when Mandy busted her open with a chair shot to the skull. This would be the start of her feud with Mandy.

Two weeks later, Morgan expressed displeasure at the lack of presence she's had in WWA as of late, as well as defending Talia Skye from the treatment she has received. Later on, she faced Mandy "The Monster" and despite a valiant effort, Morgan lost by submission via the Torture Rack. The following week, she had a verbal confrontation with Alexis and Mandy. Gone were the features of her cursing, but instead, a more calmed anger was present. After a select amount of time, Destiny and The Goddesses of Metal attacked Mandy and Alexis. Morgan also joined in and threw her against the wall before paying Destiny and the Goddesses their money. After the beatdown, she began teasing the thought of joining Killer Queen Incorporated due to the rumors that were circulating online.

The following week on the 22nd edition of Frenzy, Morgan faced Kelsey Kinary and Jenna Martin in a handicap match. Despite being outnumbered, she got the win by submission with Begging for Mercy with help from KQI members Riley James and Terra. Talia and Morgan nodded to one another after the match. The next week, Talia and Morgan confirmed their partnership with praise for one another and stating Morgan being a part of KQI would be beneficial for all parties. After, Alexis and Mandy came out, with Alexis taking shots at the duo, which lead to Mandy and Morgan brawling until Danielle Lopez came out and made Morgan versus Mandy at the next pay-per-view.

At Fall Fever, Morgan faced Mandy in a match where the manager's for both sides were thrown out. In the end, Morgan won the match with Synn-Full Ride to Hell. The following week on Frenzy, she faced Jimmy Gambino (billed as Jenny Gambino) in a no holds barred match and got the win by submission via Begging for Mercy to become number one contender for the WWA World Championship. Two weeks later, Morgan faced Angelina Williams (former best friend to Talia Skye) and defeated her with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell. After the match, Morgan attacked Angelina and laid her out with another Synn-Full Ride to Hell before attacking her with a chair. Mya Lopez tried to make the save, but Morgan countered her and ended up hitting Mya with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell on the chair.

At Harvest Brawl, she took on Mya for the WWA World Championship. Morgan had the match in hand, but Mariella Lopez made her way to ringside, which was stopped by Reaper and Mya Denton. Once they and Talia left ringside, Mya capitalized and defeated Morgan with Fly Mya Fly. The next week on Frenzy, Morgan and Talia were scheduled to face off but the match never actually started as it was all mayhem broke lose. The referee's finally broke up everything and separated everyone. The following week, she competed in a four way match to become number one contender for the WWA World Championship but wasn't involved in the decision as Terra won by pinning Lois Thomas via the Earthbreaker.

The next week, she faced Mandy "The Monster" in an Anything Goes Match. This was a brutal affair, but Morgan managed to pull off the victory with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell following Talia distracting the referee. On the Frenzy before Gorged, there was a contract signing for the match to happen. After the two teams signed the contracts, they got into a brawl. As Mandy and Alexis got the advantage, Talia pulled Morgan out of dodge and the two of them went up the ramp as Mandy and Alexis stood tall. At Gorged, Talia and Morgan had their first official match together as a tag team (calling themselves the Queens of Wrestling) and they faced Mandy "The Monster" and Alexis Landry inside a Barbed Wire Steel Cage match. The match was brutal as brutal could be. In the end, Talia pinned Alexis after Morgan hit the Synn-Full Ride to Hell.

Feuding with Angelina Williams

The next week on Frenzy, Morgan and Talia bragged about being victorious at Gorged while also explaining how Morgan has been screwed over for the past few months. Morgan then proceeded to reveal what was in the briefcase, which was her own championship belt she calls the "Chaotic Championship". Angelina Williams made an appearance and said its time to ascend up the ladder and to do that, she wanted to take down Morgan while also sticking it to Talia at the same time. On the November 21st edition of Frenzy, she cut a scathing promo against the Brooklyn crowd before explaining that the Chaotic Championship would not be a sanctioned title in WWA, and that Angelina Williams should watch her back. She competed against Mai Edwards and Jen Henderson in a two on one handicap match and got the victory by pinning both after hitting them with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell. During the main event, she appeared and tripped Mya Lopez (who was out there to save Angelina Williams) as she was bouncing off the ropes. This gave way for her and Terra to get the advantage over Mya and Angelina. Her, Terra and Talia stood tall over Mya and Angelina to end the broadcast. The next week on Frenzy, during the tag team match between Mya Lopez and Angelina Williams against The Korean Swat Team, Morgan came down and hit Angelina with the briefcase to cause the disqualification.

At Hardcore Holiday, Angelina got a shot at the Queen Bitch Championship, but Morgan had other plans and cost Angie the title by helping her stablemate, Riley James, win the title. The following week on Frenzy, Morgan competed in a three way match to crown the number one contender for the Estrogen Championship. Morgan won the match with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell. However, Morgan continued to focus her energy on Angelina Williams as she attacked her after her match against Terra. Her and Terra laid Angelina out with a Powerbomb, Neckbreaker combination.

To begin 2015, WWA held the pay-per-view New Year's Evil, and Morgan faced Bella Robinson for the Estrogen Championship in the main event. Morgan had the match and title won as she hit Bella with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell outside of the ring. However, Angelina Williams had other plans and walked on the stage, distracting Morgan. While that was going on, Bella managed to get into the ring and Morgan didn't arrive back in the ring in-time, taking the loss by count out. On the 36th edition of Frenzy, Morgan started things off by being in an unknown location, speaking about bringing pain and suffering to Angelina Williams. Not long later, she attacked Angelina during her match against Riley James, laying her out with Synn-Full Ride to Hell. The next week on Frenzy, she faced Mai Edwards in the main event, and lost via a rollup when Angelina Williams distracted Morgan once again.

Two weeks later, Morgan and Angelina squared off in a war of words, each proclaiming they would triumph over one another once and for all. At Cupid Shuffle, Angelina and Morgan finally faced each other, with it being inside of the steel cage. The two of them dished out brutality and busted each other open. In the end though, Angelina emerged victorious by hitting Morgan with the Phoenix Force to end the feud.

Feuding with the Mascara Mafia, and the emergence of The Masked Enigma and Forming Enigmatic Justice

The week after Cupid Shuffle, Morgan came out and gave props to Angelina Williams on the brutality of their match. However, she was interrupted by the debuting Mascara Mafia, led by JPW colleague Riley Vega. Vega dug at Morgan and her treatment towards Zella (formerly Taylor Youngblood) during their brief partnership, and then pointed out all the other allies she had, left her due to the bad attitude Morgan displayed. Morgan agreed that she was a bad seed, but pointed out that Zella was the weak link and she had to be dropped. She got into Riley's face, but it turned into the Mascara Mafia beating her down and laying her out with the Mascara Nightmare. The next week on Frenzy, Morgan attempted to make the save as the Mascara Mafia attacked Serena Mariella, but instead, she was left laying for the second week in a row.

On the 42nd edition of Frenzy, The Mascara Mafia attacked Kelsey Kinary and Jenna Martin after a match... but Morgan Simmons appeared and laid out Kiara and Calista with a steel chair before running off the rest of the group, saving her former rivals from further harm. At Lucky Clover, Morgan teamed with friend/manager Talia Skye as the Queens of Wrestling to face The Mascara Mafia in tag team action. The legendary duo got the win when Morgan pinned Calista after hitting her with Synn-Full Ride to Hell. After the match, the Mascara Mafia targeted Talia, but Morgan prevented her from being attacked, and instead, took the punishment herself. They took Morgan's personal Chaotic Championship in the process.

The next week, Zella faced off against the mysterious Masked Enigma. Zella won by disqualification after Enigma kept attacking her with a pipe, bloodying Zella in the process. Later on in the night after the Mascara Mafia/Crimson Knockout Artists match up, the stable were attacking Aurora Rose and Alexis Knight, until the Masked Enigma made her presence known, and attacked the group, hitting Perseus with the pipe and laying out Calista with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell. She removed the masked to reveal herself as Morgan Simmons. From that point, Morgan decided to portray The Masked Enigma gimmick in addition to her normal character on television.

On the 44th edition of Frenzy, Morgan and an unknown figure kidnapped Zella as the Mascara Mafia were walking. Meanwhile, The Masked Enigma teamed up with the Crimson Knockout Artists to face The Mascara Mafia in a First Blood six woman tag team match, and got the win. After the match, the trio was attacked from behind until another masked individual came out and made the save. She revealed herself to be Miss Justice, and her and Masked Enigma formed a tag team called Enigmatic Justice. Shortly after that segment, Morgan in her normal attire, gave out the ultimatum if they gave her back the Chaotic Championship, she'll release Zella from her clutches. The next week, the ultimatum took place, but didn't go anywhere as Morgan and Shawn ended up in a brawl with the Mascara Mafia. The brother/sister duo ended up sending the Mafia out of the ring with no resolution in sight.

Later on in the show, Enigmatic Justice had their first match together as they faced The Queens of Pop in tag team action. The Masked Enigma and Miss Justice won when they hit K-Spice with Justice League. At April Showers, Morgan faced Calista with Shawn Davis and Talia in her corner. Morgan was dead-set on putting her rivals away and got the win with the Synn-Full Ride to Hell. After the match, she took back the Chaotic Championship and the feud ended from there.

Pursuing the WWA World Championship

The following week on the 46th edition of Frenzy, Morgan stated her intentions of wanting an opportunity at the WWA World Championship, even though fellow KQI member Terra, had a rematch clause. WWA owner Danielle Lopez announced a roster wide Battle Royal to crown the next number one contender, which Morgan would be a part of. Later in the night, Enigmatic Justice faced KQI members The Korean Swat Team and got the win by hitting Jung Moon with Justice League. After the match, the KST attacked Enigmatic Justice. As they were going to hit Dirty Deeds on The Masked Enigma, Talia Skye stopped them and told KST to go to the back. Talia helped Enigmatic Justice to their feet before also going to the back.

The next week on Frenzy, Enigmatic Justice conversed with Talia Skye, asking her why she saved them last week, which Talia responded saying she had her reasons that'll be revealed soon enough. Later in the main event, Morgan participated in the Battle Royal and lasted until the final three, coming up with a few eliminations, but was eliminated by former Synn-Full Devils stablemate Nicole Allen. On the 48th edition of Frenzy, Morgan issued a challenge to Nicole for a match in WWA. After her match which saw Morgan defeat Lois Thomas by submission with Synnfullness in the main event, Nicole accepted the gesture. However, its not going to take place at Apocalypse like originally planned.

After taking Apocalypse off, Morgan and Nicole finally had their match after Morgan demanded for it to take place via her Twitter account (which GM Mya Denton agreed to it). The match however, never got started as the two brawled all over the arena, and even outside of it, beating each other senseless throughout. Earlier in the night, Enigmatic Justice made the save for Joanna Tarzanna from the Mascara Mafia. A night later at the WWA/JPW joint show Female Invasion, Morgan faced JPW Junior Heavyweight Champion Alyce Karsten. The two put on a fantastic match with a lot of near falls, but Alyce managed to get the victory when she hit Into The Looking Glass. Morgan shook her hand after the match as a sign of respect.

On the 50th edition of Frenzy, Morgan and fellow KQI member Terra faced each other to determine who would be the number one contender for the WWA World Title at School's Out, but the match was thrown out after both Nicole Allen and Desiree Miles got involved. The KQI members laid waste to them, but there was tension throughout as they faced off with each other. The next week on Frenzy, Danielle Lopez announced that Morgan, along with Nicole Allen and Terra, would face Desiree Miles in a four way match for the WWA World Championship at School's Out. On the 52nd edition of Frenzy, Enigmatic Justice faced off against The Boston Bombshells (consisting of Morgan's real life sisters Dana and Amber) and got the win when they hit Amber with The Masked Enigma and Miss Justice Unite. Later in the night, Morgan had a heated exchange with Desiree Miles that included Nicole Allen and Terra. It ended with the four of them staring a hole into one another.

WWA World Champion/Enigmatic Justice and the Tag Team Titles

At School's Out, the four way match happened and Morgan became the new WWA World Champion when she capitalized on Desiree Miles hitting Florida's Finest on Terra by throwing Desiree shoulder first into the turnbuckle before pinning Terra. The next week on Frenzy, Morgan and Desiree got into a war of words over what happened at School's Out. Later in the night, she along with Talia Skye, watched Terra beat down Desiree to end the show. The next week on Frenzy, Enigmatic Justice had an interaction with Talia Skye that ended with them saying it was time. They had a match against Aurora Rose and Alexis Knight of the Crimson Knockout Artists to determine the number one contenders for the WWA Tag Team Titles, with Masked Enigma and Miss Justice getting the win by hitting Alexis with Justice League. The two teams showed respect to each other after the match. Afterwards, The Masked Enigma introduced a third member of the superhero group who was dressed in a Black Cat costume, named Lady Tempest.

Later in the night, Morgan faced Lillith Evans in the main event. The two of them had a hard hitting match against one another and gave everything they had. Morgan ended up winning with the small package. After the match, she saved Lillith from further harm by helping her clear the ring of the Mascara Mafia. The two of them showed respect to one another. After that though, Terra attacked Morgan from behind and gave her a beating. Fortunately for her, her manager Talia Skye saved her from further harm by ordering Terra to not hit Morgan with the Earthbreaker. However, Desiree laid Terra out before she could leave. On the 55th edition of Frenzy, Morgan will face Glitter leader Melanie Ramirez in the main event of the show. She would hold the championship for two more months until vacating the title on the 64th edition of Friday Night Frenzy after announcing she was pregnant in a segment where she was emotional and thanked the fans and backstage personnel for supporting her, therefore taking a hiatus from professional wrestling.

Personal life

Morgan Simmons at a photo shoot for PWW.

Simmons was born Morgan Renee Simmons in Boston, Massachusetts to her parents Greg and Lisa Simmons. Her parents split up when she was thirteen years old. Simmons' interests as a child (and still are as an adult) were reading, drawing and wrestling, having watched it since she was young. She has many siblings including one full sister, one half-sister, two half-brothers, and three stepbrothers. She is also an avid fan of the Boston Red Sox, often seen wearing Red Sox apparel both in and outside of wrestling, frequently appearing at Red Sox games.

Outside of wrestling, Simmons went to Boston College where she received her Associate of Arts degree in business administration and is studying for her Bachelor of Arts degree in operations management. She currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. She owns a chihuahua named Speedy and a Golden Retriever named Charles. During her free time, she volunteers at Animal shelters, gives speeches about her life story and takes care of her ailing grandmother.

Currently, Simmons is engaged to Anthony Reid. The pair have known each other since they were six years old but began their relationship when they were fourteen and have been on and off since then. They also went to the same High School and College, where they both graduated. During the breaks the two of them had, Simmons was in a short-term relationship with James Baker in 2004 after a brief separation that happened between him and Desiree Miles (they reconciled, but broke up for good in 2006). At the end of September 2012, Simmons dated Michael Rollins, better known around the wrestling world as Syn but for unknown reasons, they split up and remain good friends. On March 27, 2013, she received the William V. McKinney award, which is the highest honor bestowed by the Alumni Association. The award recognizes a Boston College graduate whose outstanding service to a chosen profession, community, or cause reflects honor on the University. On September 25, Simmons announced on the 64th edition of WWA's Friday Night Frenzy that her and Reid were expecting their first child. On June 20, 2016, Simmons and Reid welcomed their first child, a girl named Samantha Joy Reid.


  • ECCW Womens Championship (2 Times)
  • XWF Womens Championship (4 Times)
  • AJW Championship (1 Time)
  • AJW Junior Championship (1 Time)
  • LPW World Women's Championship (7 Times, final)
  • Pride Wrestling Champion (1 Time)
  • PWW Women's Championship (1 Time, final champion)
  • WWA World Champion (1 Time)
  • JPW International Champion (1 time)
  • WWA Chaotic Champion (1 time, unsanctioned)
  • CCP Junior Heavyweight Champion (1 time, current) - as The Masked Enigma
  • WWA Queen Bitch Champion (1 time, current)
  • 2011 PWW Heel of the Year
  • 2011 Match of the Year - for her match against Talia Skye at PWW: Eve of Destruction (2011)
  • 2012 PCW Heel of the Year
  • 2013 PCW Non Wrestling Personality of the Year
  • 2013 PCW Angle of the Year
  • 2014 JPW International Wrestler of the Year
  • 2015 JPW International Wrestler of the Year
  • 2015 WWA Champion of the Year (for her reign as World Champion)

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • As Morgan Simmons
      • Synn-Full Ride to Hell (Brainbuster)
      • Begging for Mercy (Texas Cloverleaf)
      • Synnfullness (Sharpshooter) - mainly used in association with the Jamie Synn gimmick, but still gets used on occasion
    • As The Masked Enigma
      • Synn-Full Ride to Hell (Brainbuster)
      • Luchadora Stretch (Octopus hold)
      • When Worlds Collide (Pumphandle half nelson driver)
  • Signature Moves
    • As Morgan Simmons
      • Discus Clothesline
      • Brutal Knightful Experience (Running STO)
      • Figure four leglock
      • Michinoku Driver II
      • Spear
    • As The Masked Enigma
      • Enigmatic-Plex (Bridging cradle suplex)
      • Enigmatic Flow (Reverse STO)
      • Inverted Indian deathlock
      • Northern Lights Suplex
      • Spinning Discus Clothesline
  • Normal Moves
    • Abdominal Stretch
    • Atomic drop, sometimes inverted
    • Belly to Belly Suplex
    • Chop Block
    • Dragon Suplex
    • Dropkick
    • Elbow drop
    • European Uppercut
    • Jumping Knee Drop
    • Knife-edged chop
    • Lariat
    • Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb
    • Multiple Suplex Variations
      • Back
      • Belly to back
      • Belly to belly
      • Delayed Vertical
      • Double arm
      • Exploder
      • German
      • Inverted
      • Northern Lights
      • Snap
      • T-Bone
      • Vertical suplex powerslam pin
    • Running Knee Lift
    • Running Neckbreaker
    • Side Headlock
    • Single leg Boston Crab
    • Snap Suplex
    • Tiger Bomb
    • Victory roll, as a wheelbarrow bodyscissors counter
  • Nicknames
    • "The Brutal Knight"
    • "The Toxic Queen"
    • "The Sinister Bitch"
    • "The Bitch from Hell"
    • "One Sinister Woman"
    • "The Psychotic Bitch"
    • "Toxic's Psychotic Bitch"
    • "Toxic's Sinister Leader"
    • "Miss Synn-Full"
    • "Miss Technical"
  • Stables
    • The Synn-Full Devils (with Christina Fierce and Nicole Allen)
    • Toxic V1 (with Christina Fierce, Alisyn, Christina Perez and Ivette Hernandez)
    • Toxic V2 (with Christina Perez, Ivette Hernandez, Alexis Landry, J.T. Banks, Stevie Fabulous and Jesse Wright)
    • Toxic V3 (with Christina Fierce, Alexis Landry, Mandy "the Monster, Alisyn, Stevie Fabulous, Jesse Wright, Mariella Lopez, Melanie Ramirez, Katie Chason, Kevin Smith and Joe Grizzly)
    • Toxic V4 (with Christina Fierce, Luke Davis, Shawn Davis, Dana Simmons, Jesse Wright, Stevie Fabulous, Dexter Armstrong and Cory Sorinson)
    • Queens of Wrestling (with Talia Skye)
    • The Four Horsewomen (with Talia Skye, Reyna Carter and Terra)
    • Killa Queen Incorporated (with Talia Skye, J.T. Banks, Kevin Styles, Riley James, Terra, Jae Chang, Jung Moon and Reyna Carter)
    • Enigmatic Justice (with Miss Justice and Lady Tempest) - as The Masked Enigma
  • Managers
  • Entrance Music
    • "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana
    • "Hells Bells" by AC/DC
    • "Toxic" by Brittney Spears (used with Toxic)
    • "Psychosocial" by Slipknot (used with Toxic and the Disciples of Syn)
    • "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica (used with Toxic)
    • "Du Hast" by Rammstein (used in singles competition)
    • "Arkham City Main Theme" by Nick Arundel (used as The Masked Enigma)

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