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The Money in the Bank Ladder Match is a six-man ladder match created in World Wrestling Entertainment. Variations have been used in several e-feds.

Christian Championship Wrestling

The Money in the Bank Ladder Match is, usually, a standard six man ladder match exclusive to Christian Championship Wrestling with the premise of the winner receiving a contract for a CCW World Heavyweight Championship or CCW World Championship match anytime and any place within one year of winning the match. These matches are usually held at Insurrextion. In the same way that championships are represented by title belts, the Money in the Bank is represented by a briefcase carried by the winner and cashed in for a title match. The contract (if it hasn't yet been cashed in) can also be defended in matches (ladder or not) the same way a championship is.



The "Money in the Bank ladder match" was created by Jerry Seltzer in early 2006. He announced this match idea for a 6-man ladder match on an episode of Salvation and General Manager of Salvation Chae Baggio, announced the match for Insurrextion with the participants being announced shortly there after. The winner of the match would be the person who ascended the ladder and unlatched a hanging briefcase which contained the guaranteed contract to the World Heavyweight Champion or the World Champion in one year time of the event.

Match history

No. Match Event and Date
I Gemini defeated Diamond, Panther, Thunder, Dallas, and Houston Insurrextion
August 1, 2006

MFGG Wrestling

MFGG Wrestling has historically used a variation of the match which featured four participants instead of the traditional six, though the match at MFGG Epoch Rising will feature the full six. Originally, the winner would receive a shot at either of the two then-current world titles (MFGG World Heavyweight Championship or XD Championship) at any point of his choosing within the next year. When those two titles were unified to form the Undisputed World Championship, the new unified title was used instead. Beginning at MFGG Epoch Rising, the winner will only have two months to cash in his title shot. This is because of how rapidly things occurs in MFGG Wrestling (events are held every day and supershows every Sunday, and the first two winners cashed in their titles within a few weeks). In the week leading up to the match, several qualifying matches are usually held to determine the participants.

Incidentally, within a week of MFGG's announcing that their Money in the Bank Ladder Match would contain six participants, WWE announced that their WrestleMania 23 match would feature eight. Silvers responding by booking an Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch for Epoch Rising, a match never seen in WWE history.

Match history

No. Match Event and date
I Dark Yoshi defeats Über n00ber, Littlink, and Uuryu Ishida MFGG Violent Tendencies
August 20, 2006
II Suigi defeats Press Start, Julio Cesar F, and Icefire MFGG Three-Month Mayhem
October 15, 2006
III Mariorocks defeats Kid Koopa, Press Start, and Suigi MFGG Revenge of the Legion
January 10, 2007
IV Mochant defeats Captain Jeff Silvers, Esteban, Dark Yoshi, SuperZero, and The Toadster MFGG Epoch Rising
March 4, 2007