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Mississippi Mud were an American professional wrestling tag team, most notable for their work in Online Championship Wrestling. The team consisted of the 7-foot tall "Stonewall" Jackson and his smaller partner, Percy Ellis. The pair became OCW World Tag Team Champions in 1999, defeating James Vorex and Curt Canon, aka Extremely Dangerous.


  • Percy Ellis
  • "Stonewall" Jackson


Despite their championship win, the team was constantly a source of mockery from OCW fans and wrestlers alike. They were criticized often by other wrestlers on the roster for their seemingly undeserved Tag Team Title shot and became the butt of a long-running inside joke by fellow tag team Perfectly Marvelous, who, in the process of trash talking opponents, would randomly reference someone being from "MISSISSIPPI!" with no further explanation. The team's last appearance in OCW would be as part of the "Jobber Battle Royal" at Blackout 2006, cementing their status of infamy in OCW.