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Minerva At Pain For Pride 2021
Minerva At Pain For Pride 2021
Birth name Siobhan Destiny Vladislav
Born October 30, 1997
Resides The Florida Everglades
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) "The Black Rose"
"The Princess Killer"
Billed height 5 ft. 8 in.
Billed weight 122 lbs.
Billed from Bucharest, Romania
Trained by John Goddard
Rachel Tatum Lee
Debut December 15, 2016

Siobhan Destiny Vladislav (Born October 30, 1997) better known as Minerva is a Romanian-American Professional Wrestler signed to Elite Answers Wrestling who performs under the Voltage Brand, is a former Iconic Cup Winner, Triple Crown Champion and their current National Elite Title holder. She is part of the faction known as New Eden with Drake King and her love interest, Myles.

Early Life

Siobhan Destiny Goddard before changing her last name to her mother's maiden, "Vladislav", is the youngest of three children to the mysterious Jon Goddard, a prophet in the likes of Jim Jones and Charles Manson and someone who was known very well in the circles of the now defunct IWC, a very familiar figure in the Cartel of Wrestling. His youngest daughter was primed and trained by long time SCW star and longest Underground Champion of all time, former UWA World Champion as well, the very dangerous Rachel Tatum Lee. John Goddard decided very early that he wanted his prodigy to take on the sport, coming from a compound simply known as Tombstone located somewhere near Laredo, Texas in southern part of the state close to the border of Mexico called Coyote Flats.

Tombstone are American Gypsies with Romanian decent and Siobhan has taken to that lifestyle. The Goddard family has dealt a lot with the occult, being behind the force that stopped many oncoming forces in the IWC before Siobhan's time but somewhere along the line, Goddard and his compound changed their direction, they have felt the talents and methods that were displayed to help other wrestlers were taken for granted and now Tombstone has unleashed war on the sport. What purpose do they have and why has Siobhan Destiny Goddard suddenly come with such an evil demeanor? His daughter is a borderline genius who was enamored with Greek and Roman Mythology. Named Minerva after the Goddess of Strategic War and with her pet Great Grey Owl, Calibos, the woman now known as "The Black Rose” has come as the “Anti-Diva”, “The Princess Killer” and the woman who has wreaked havoc on all of wrestling.

The young Gypsy is slender, athletic and gorgeous. She has a dark, unique "Fame Monster" look to her as she likes to wear mostly black and dark make-up, sometimes going out of her comfort zone, she comes from a family of gypsies and wanderers, so she fits the bill with her long orange hair and fair skin.

Minerva is dangerous, blood thirsty and borderline psychotic in the ring. She uses her beauty and charm to exploit defenses and is a master of the mind games, always finding weaknesses in her opponents past or life in and outside of the ring, use it to her advantage. Minerva also has outstanding speed and a very high pain tolerance and stamina, she can go the distance. Minerva, always a student of the game, looking to expand her arsenal, chain wrestle if need be and go hardcore if it calls for it, she is well-diverse with a strong will and mentality.

Professional Wrestling Career

Elite Answers Wrestling