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Height 6'2
Weight 240
Date of birth Agust 27, 1987
Place of birth McHenry, IL
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Resides Chicago, IL
Billed from Chicago, IL
Trainer Raven, WW4 training camp
NGW, WWE Havoc, TNA Exodus, XWF, CWF Ignition
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Growing up in a northern Suburb of Chicago, Krouser has always has a passion for the wrestling business, even though he never dreamed of wrestling. Soon finding that his other dreams couldn't be fulfilled, he went into the wrestling business and has already competed over the world. He is a former World champion and right is under contract to the NIFW

Early life

Mike lived in a small town in Northern Illinois. Nobody famous has ever come from there, which was one of his main ideas about becoming famous.

Growing up, he always watch wrestling, guys like Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, and many others. But he really enjoyed the hardcore aspect of it. Raven, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Terry Funk, these were the legends in his eyes. Still he never wanted to a wrestler.

First dream was to play baseball. Basically living in his brothers eyes, he always drive to be better than him at baseball. Saying how that was his dreams, he tried not never give up, but soon found out about the politics in life. Even though he was good, he never played for a traveling team, and didn't kiss enough ass, and didn't make his high school team. After that he never got another shot. Playing basketball, he blew out his knee, and couldn't run at top speed anymore, and due to the injury kept missing tryouts.

After High school, he tried College, but it just made him mad. He travel and eventually decide maybe he could still be famous. He went to Atlanta and enrolled in the WW4 camp, and now is on the wrestling circuit.

First Break

he left the WW4 camp, due to the fact that he believe it wasn't getting him anywhere, and decide to go on the independent circuit, and basically got his ass kicked everywhere, but he learned, and eventually earned the respects.

NGW Next Generation Wrestling was a new group formed up to help older guys teach the new guys. Krouser was the second man to join, followed by the likes of Raven, Angle, Orton, and many others. Seeing how these other men wrestle he quickly learned new respect for the game, and started to become more of a brawler, and finally got training from Raven. Raven eventually moved on and left NGW to go to Japan, and instead of waiting, Krouser followed his mentor.

On coming back, Krouser was a change man and decide not to let anyone get in to his way.

WWE Havoc

Deciding it was time to move onto a bigger stage, He went to a relative big company, named WWE Havoc. Soon he was put in the smaller group in OVW. Quickly gaining momentum, he became the first OVW tag team champions, but was forced to surrender the belts after his partner left.

Eventually OVW became ECW, and Krouser was ready to bring on the pain. He once again climbed through the ranks, and though he didn't capture any titles, he was always top seed, but due to contract negations, he was forced to leave WWE Havoc.


He decided to go back to his roots, and was again resigned with NGW, this time Raven was running the show. Krouser right away became the first and only ever Canadian Champion in NGW, and since his return was never beat.

But due to finiacal problems, NGW was shut down leaving Krouser nowhere to go again.


Searching around the independent circuits, he came across a relative new company named the Xtreme Wrestling Federation. After seeing there first show, he was hooked and quickly signed.

He new how to make an impact, and started off on a bad foot, by destroying electrical equipment, and immediately getting on management bad side, but showed heart in is first match on the second episode, by defeating Mystiko in under a minute.

However his next match didn't go to plan. He lost to Cody E in a qualifying match, and due to his complaints got Angle on his bad side.

Feud with Angle

Due to Krouser antics, Angle decided to show him what wrestling was all about. Angle and Krouser started feuding, and in the mix Angle cost Krouser an easy win against Mystiko.

Along with this feud, Krouser introduced his new Valet TT, and his new hired gun, Raven. Due to this Krouser goes into Initiation expecting a win.

They went on to a three stages of Hell match at XWF first Pay Per View, Initiation. Matches consist of a submission match, a no disqualification match, and an ambulance match. Angle wins the first fall, but Krouser wins the second one. The match concludes with angle hitting his finisher on Krouser into the ambulance. Krouser loses his first pay per view match, but it doesn't end there.

Angle and Krouser go on to the next bloodbath to face each other again. Now with Raven at his side, and Cage at Angle side, everyone expected a war, but everyone was banned from ringside. Krouser in the match getting to far ahead, went for a jump from the ring to the table, and knocked himself out, giving an Angle a count-out victory.

Krouser consider this one of greatest feuds.

Feuding with Hart

Because of his antics, he also made enemies in management. Hart, the gm of bloodbath, decides to punish Krouser by putting fines on him. This doesn't stop Krouser at all, he decides to run a campaign with Raven, and now named the Hardcore Impact Players (HIP), and take out everyone, Started with David Greene.

Krouser hits another losing streak, with more fines from hart, and loses a match to gain any title. After a first blood match against Danny Diamond, Hart decides to take matters into his own hands, and has a submission match against Krouser, at X-mas Execution, and if Krouser loses he must be forced to leave XWF. Krouser also gets arrest, due to some type of hit against Danny Diamond. Krouser, now determined, renames his finisher the Hart Stopper. Hart hoping that he will be stuck in jail until after the Pay Per view, or longer, Hart has him arrest on the spot. But Krouser finds a way out. Due to him traveling, and with the years with Raven in this business, he makes a couple of phone calls and makes bail, and has his match against Hart. Hart and Krouser have there match, in which Krouser makes Hart pass out. Krouser wins the match, and takes hart out of commission for two weeks.

There feud is still continuing to this day.


The HIP became the strongest and as of now, the longest faction in XWF history. They took the brutality to the next level, the week following the pay per view, which was now rued by Ignition ( Timebomb, Cody E). In a mixed tag match between HIP and Ignition, Krouser powered bombed Timebomb off a ladder, and Raven hit a suplex on Cody's valet, Stacy, winning the match.

After the match, HIP took out the vengeance on Danny Diamond. Upon beating the living hell out of him, they also threw him in to a burning dumpster, almost ending his career, as well as his life. On harts return, he as them arrested, and also makes Raven and Krouser battle each other at New Year Nightmare. But he always has a plan.

Making notion of possibly new members, HIP get out of jail, but wrestle each other at New Years Nightmare. Hart makes the announcement that if they don't go at it 100 percent there gone, and he brings out his newest enforcers ICP, to make sure. But after a hard fought match, hart decides to take revenge, but ICP turn on Hart, making them the newest group to join HIP

Ending a Career

Due to the consent fight with people, Krouser makes the claim that no matter what, he is ending Diamond Career. On a side note he does. Krouser getting upset at being over looked by management decides to take out his frustration on Diamond. During the match Krouser climbs the ropes with the chair in his hands. He leaps off and hits a sickening conchairto from the top rope, cracking Diamond skull. He will not wrestle again in XWF.

Vegas baby

Vegas, a friend of Diamond decides to get Krouser back, leading into one of the bloodiest feuds in XWF. Krouser, believing that if he could beat the ex-World Champion he deserves his title shot that he has been over looked. Hart agrees with him, but Vegas only losing once in XWF had the better shot.

On the February 5 edition of bloodbath, they had an escaping cell match, and to everyone surprise, Krouser wins it. With a distraction from TT, she unlocks the door, and Vegas getting to greedy power bombs him thru the cage door, giving him the victory.

Vegas mad at the situation, makes a rematch for just a regular Hell in the Cell match the next week, but Krouser had other plans. To make sure he gets what he wants, he kidnaps Brooke, former member of HIP, newest valet to Vegas, and held her hostage until he got his way. Hart having no other options give into his demands.

At Valentines Vendetta, Krouser gets his wish. In a Taipei Death Match, winner gets a money the bank contract, Krouser and Vegas due battle. Krouser overcomes the odds again, and this time doing damage, almost permanently blinding Vegas, he won the match and finally got his title shot.

The dominate faction

During the coruse of the nest few weeks, the question was rasied, wh owas the stronger faction of XWF? This was decide at MWM on April 4th, where HIP( Krouser, Raven, Thorn) took on Ignition( Cody, timebomb, NNN). Both have claimed to be here longer, and both have stated that they are the better faction. That night it was finally proven.

It was mayhem from the start with everyone beating the hell out of each other. Last time they face, HIP cam up on top, so Ignition was out for Revenge. But once again HIP came up on top. Wit ha distraction from Matt, Raven somehow got a cover on Cody E, giving HIP the win, thus leading into Unpredictable with HIP on top.


Krouser and members of the HIP go into Unpredictable one top. Rave nand Thorn had a tag team amtch for the titels, and Krouser himself had is shot at Tiembomb for the World Title.

After a hard fought match, Thorn and Raven became the tag team champions in XWF, so with one win down Krouser was feeling good.

The match basically became a brawl with neither man getting a position. It turned into a fistfight with both man bleeding all over the ring, with Neither man getting the advatange. durign th end, both men were knocked out outside, and Thorn came out a put both men back insdie the ring. While the ref was distract getting Thron to leave the ringside, Krouser pick up the tag title, and hits timebomb with it, but didn't stop there. Raven coems thru the crowd and hands Krouser gasoline and a lighter. Krouser proceeds to light his hand on fire, and punchs Timebomb i nthe face with it. Krouser goes for the pin, and becoms the New World Champion.

The Pay Per view goes off air, with the new, very bloody, Champion and his teammates rising their titles above their heads.

Strip of a title

krouser was on a roll, winning the championship, and having the HIP at the top of the ladder. He knew that he would have to face Timebomb again for the title, but not until the next pay per veiw, so he decide to throw in another palyer. He made Trenb and Tiembomb wrestle each other to see who would face him at the next Pay Per view, and both man cheated to win. Angle decide to make it a fatel fourway match at the pay erp veiw between Krouser vs Timebomb vs Trenb vs Cody E, who cashes in his money in the bank shot, but if fate would have it, TPTB came back revealing himself to be Jimmy Jive, and strip all champions of the their belts, excpet for David Greene. So has of now, Krouser all of his hard work. The four months he went without even a shot at any title, almost blinding someoone, ending a career, kinapping, went down the drain, and he must now start fro mstrached to regrain his title.

The Return of XWF

With everything up in the air, nobody new if the XWF was to return, but an old wrestler came back and took over the show, and on the first night had all the titles up for hrabs, with Krouser in an Extrem Elimination chamber with the opportunity to regrain his Chmapionship. This wrestler soon left and hasn't been seen in a couple of weeks, so the old GM of Mid-week Masscre, Angle decide to take over, and with it made Mitchells the new gm of bloodbath.

Raven had won his match to regrain his title back, so Krouser was on a mission. after wlminated Timebomb, Chad, and Tren, it was doen to Thorn, Rhyno, and Krouser. The match got violent and Rhyno was soon eliminated. Krouser and Thorn were left and after a devastating Hart attack move, Krouser scored the pinfall to regrain his World Championship

A new Legacy

Krouser still employed to the XWF, decided to also venture into a different company. Just signing with the CWF Ignition, Krouser is determined to expand his legacy. But there is one problem wit this, he is going a different way. For the first time in his life he will be a face in CWF.

Krouser was released from CWF in August 2007.


coming soon

Member of the HIP

Mike Krouser(last XWF World Champion)

Raven(1x XWF tag Champion)(2 Time Xtreme Champion)(last xtreme champion)

TT, Krouser's valet

Thorn(1x XWF tag Champion)




First and only Canadian Champion

2x tag champion with Raven

NGW world champion(1x)

WWE Havoc

First and only OVW tag champion with Naruto

Voted most improved in December


World Champion(2x)(company went under)

Top heel


Tornado Hardcore Television champion(stripped after becoming the x division championship)

Tornado F'ing Champion(1x), lost to sidewinder


Smoker's Plunge, off the top rope piledriver

Hart Stopper( Da Cop Killa), renamed during feud with Hart

Guillotine choke hold

Metorite, Lights his hand on fire and punches his opponent- only been done once against Timebomb

Catatonic, finisher in NGW

Hart attack, finisher with Raven, Hart Stopper with Raven climbing the ropes

Seeing Diamonds, off the rope conchairtro