Michael Rose
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Height 6'4
Weight 262 lbs.
Date of birth May 5, 1983
Place of birth Las Vegas, NV, USA
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Billed from Las Vegas, NV
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Wrestling Honored Over All (WHOA)
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Debut 2002
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Michael Rose is a professional e-fed wrestler. Currently he wrestles for Wrestling Honored Over All, the developmental territory for Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation.


Michael Rose grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. Apparently, he was a sensitive kid growing up and was bullied by a boy named Thomas Goode. This bullying went on until Rose’s sophomore year in high school when Thomas moved away to Reno because of his parents divorce. At the same time, Rose befriended a new girl to his school: Kerri Thompson. Rose fell in love with Kerri but never told her of this. He also claimed that he dated other girls, but apparently he fantasized about being with Kerri. Then, his life changed when Thomas moved back to Las Vegas. The bullying restarted, but Kerri tried to put a stop to this. However, it seems that Kerri ended up engaging in a relationship with Thomas since Rose mentioned Kerri like bad boys and that he saw her kissing Thomas one day. This kiss enraged Michael so much that he attacked Thomas, beating him severely. The police were called in to break up the fight as the school faculty had been unable to. Rose was arrested, pleaded guilty to the attack, and sentenced to five years in prison because he was a legal adult. Rose didn’t elaborate on his stay in prison. Because he hadn’t graduated from high school and hadn’t gone to college, Rose couldn’t find much work and became a pro wrestler.

The Comedy Club Incident

Michael Rose was just an average indy wrestler until one fateful night. He went to a comedy club and heckled a comedian. The comedian was none other than "The Comedian" Bobby Riggs. Riggs attacked Rose, breaking his leg. The injury nearly ended Rose wrestling career, but luckily, doctors were able to repair his leg. Rose decided to wait and train before he returned to the ring and exact his revenge on the man who broke his leg, Bobby Riggs.

Wrestling Honored Over All

Rose first showed up in WHOA on the first edition of the Comedian’s Comedy Club. Rose and The Comedian began interfering in each other’s matches, usually involving one of the two men getting destroyed and carried to the back on a stretcher. The feud also led to Rose creating his own talk show, Michael Rose’s Flower Shop. Things escalated when Rose was entered into the WHOA Title Tournament. During his semi-final match with Bleak Whisper, Rose was about to win the match until Riggs aired a videotape that featured him having sex with Rose’s high school crush, Kerri Thompson. This crushed Rose’s spirit and distracted him long enough to allow for Whisper to win the match. Rose hit the bottle afterwards and had Riggs on his Flower Shop, which also featured a surprise appearance from Kerri. The Comedian ended up calling Michael a whiny bitch and Kerri a self-loathing slut. Rose’s drinking continued, and Kerri has stuck around to help Rose and make up for what she has done to him. However, Rose has brushed this off as her just trying to relieve her own guilt. Later, Michael was put into a fatal four-way with the Comedian, Bleak Whisper, and Crash Johannson for the AWESOME Title. Near the end, Rose hit Crash with his finisher, Kiss From A Rose, and was about to win the match. However, the Comedian took out Rose, pinned Crash, and won the AWESOME Title. After the match, Rose tried to exact some revenge by attack Riggs; but the Comedian got the upper hand and attacked Rose, leaving him in a bloody mess.

Recently, Rose challenged the Comedian for the AWESOME Title at Christmas Chaos. He came close to winning the AWESOME Title, especially with Kerri bringing down a referee after the original ref was knocked out during the match. However, near the end, Riggs and Kerri got into a tug-o-war with the Comedian’s infamous rubber chicken that contains a lead pipe in it. When Michael entered the ring to help Kerri, Riggs let go of the chicken, which caused Kerri to spin around and hit Rose in the throat with the lead pipe. Then, Riggs hit Rose with his Make ‘Em Laugh finisher and retained the AWESOME Title.

Kerri was upset with costing Rose the match and tried to apologize, but Rose refused to forgive her. Michael then turned back to the bottle and made a spectacle of himself in front of Mr. Richington and the Comedian during his Holiday Comedian’s Comedy Club. Rose later ended up competing in a match for the Number One Contendership for the AWESOME Title in a Boxers and Undershirts Match against “Dangerous” Sanch Simmons, Tristan Hades, and Brandon Barger of the Breakfast Pack. He looked more focused and somber during the match and ended up winning it, moving on to the Champions And Challengers Match, a match in which all the WHOA Champions would take on their number one contenders in a 10 person elimination tag match with the winning team getting to chose the type of match they will have with their opponents at PPV after Champions And Challengers, Beginning A Legacy. During the Champions And Challengers match, Rose attempted to break Riggs leg in a figure-four leg lock. The Comedian tapped out and was eliminated. However, Rose would let go of the hold and got disqualified. Nevertheless, Michael’s team won the match, allowing Michael to choose the match he would face The Comedian in at Beginning A Legacy. The match he chose was an I Quit Match.

The match was a bloody and brutal affair. Rose did a lot to win, but he couldn’t get the Comedian to say “I quit.” Eventually, Kerri came down to ringside and got involved in the match, jumping on Riggs’s back. However, the Comedian just threw her off onto the match, and Riggs decided to use her again to mess with Rose. He handcuffed Rose to the top rope, pulled out a cinderblock from under the ring, placed Kerri’s head on it, climbed up the top turnbuckle, and threatened to jump off and crush Kerri’s head on the cinderblock if Rose didn’t quit. Rose was too angry to say “I quit,” and Riggs jumped. Luckily, Rose broke free and was able to pull Kerri away, saving her from being crushed. Riggs landed knee first on the cinderblock. Then, Rose broke the cinderblock on Riggs’s leg and smashed the lead pipe from his rubber chicken on it, breaking the leg. The Comedian had no choice but to say “I quit.” Rose became the new AWESOME Champion, and Riggs got a cast on his leg. It also appears that he has forgiven Kerri for her actions, and the two may be in some kind of romantic relationship. However, the Comedian has vowed revenge on Rose for breaking his leg and taking the AWESOME Title.

Title History

  • The WHOA AWESOME Title. (Current champion)

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Kiss From A Rose (Go To Sleep)
  • The Scent Of A Rose (Cattle Mutilation)
  • The Rose Bush (Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver)
  • The Rose Petal (A combo of the Springboard Suplex and the Jackhammer)
  • The Rose Thorn (Backcracker)
  • The Red Rose (Running STO)
  • The White Rose (Arn Anderson’s Gourdbuster, or inverted suplex slam)
  • The Yellow Rose (Sit-out Powerbomb)
  • The Orange Rose (Sitout inverted suplex slam)
  • The Purple Rose (Ricochet, belly to back suplex into an elbow drop to the stomach)
  • The Black Rose (F-5)
  • Side effect
  • Rolling neck snap
  • Shooting star press
  • Corkscrew moonsault
  • Figure four leg lock
  • Indian deathlock
  • Texas cloverleaf
  • Fujiwara armbar
  • Dragon sleeper
  • Bridging grounded double chickenwing
  • Crossface chickenwing
  • Sharpshooter
  • Double axe handle to the outside
  • Suicide dive through the ropes
  • Moonsault
  • Asai Moonsault
  • Powerbomb
  • Holding Suplex
  • Leg drop from apron, over the top rope
  • Swinging Neckbreaker
  • Back Suplex
  • Full Nelson
  • Full Nelson Suplex
  • Full Nelson Slam
  • Full Nelson Bomb
  • Theme songs
  • "Kiss From A Rose"—Seal.
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