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Michael Robert King
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Ring Names Mikey King
Michael Douglas(WAR) 
Robert King(IFCW) 
Mike King(CZW)
Height 5'11" 1/2
Weight 215
Date of birth June 3, 1984
Place of birth Oswego, NY
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Resides Buckeye, AZ
Billed from Long Island, NY
Trainer HC Loc, Dunn, Marcos, Steve Corino
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Debut May 5, 2005
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Michael King (born June 3, 1984) or as he more commonly known as Mikey King is an American professional wrestler who mainly works for WIF. He has also wrestled in the WWEF, HCW, UCW, Battle For Glory, PWE, ESW, WAR, IFCW as KING and then CZW as Mike King after WIF closed it's doors.


The Westbury, NY native known as Michael King or Mikey King in several promotions is a mainstay at WIF but has briefly wrestled in other promotions that either folded or he did not like the direction of the promotion and quit. King has been the first WIF Xtreme champion in history to become the WIF Heavyweight champion during his WIF tenure. During his WWEF stay he had his own talk show. In 2008 he jumped to CZW.


For Mikey King the WIF was his home promotion for several years starting April 2005.

In The Xtreme Division

He debuted on the first DeathRow after WrestleFest I taking on the debuting Big Evil. King lost this hard-fought contest but did put on a great showing stabilizing his spot as a young lion. King then spent the rest of the month of May racking up wins against Scott Palmer, Jake Eaton and Dev before heading into the first ever Super-X match with Palmer, Eaton and WIF Xtreme Champion Jeff-X at Inter-Action, as well as getting a slot on a Zero1-MAX tour in Japan with his idol Steve Corino. Due to the nature of Inter-Action, King and Palmer with the least number of votes started off the match. The match was a spot-fest but the fans ate it up. After 20 grueling minutes King lost when Jeff-X nearly served both his and Eaton's fingers with a legdrop on the steel cables holding the Xtreme Title up.

At this time King went to Japan and "won" the Zero1-MAX Junior-Heavyweight title so he could bring it on WIF TV at DeathRow on Monday to challenge Jeff-X in a title for title match. The match went to a no contest when Ikuto Hidaka came in and cost King the title. Then on the June 27th edition of DeathRow King would team with Big Evil to take on Dev and Eaton in Madison Square Garden. King and Evil won but also King paid the price when Eaton dropped King head first on the announce table. King complained about a dizzy spell after that and had minor head and neck injuries. King knowning he needed to stay in-ring shape for the upcoming Scarz & Stripez PPV when teamed with Chukklez the Clown to take on Dev and Bryan Braddock. Chukklez lost the match. Then at Scarz & Stripez he met Eaton and Jeff-X in a triple threat elimination for the Xtreme title. King after a two month period of chasing it, won it by pinning Jeff after Eaton was disqualified.

Mikey King would then engage in a feud with Kosmo Reso. They would have 4 matches in 4 weeks. The first ended in a DQ when Mikey's bodyguard came in and broke-up the pin at WIF HeatWave 2005. The next week at WIF DeathRow, Kosmo and King fought to a double count-out after a botched finisher by Kosmo on the arena floor. The next week was a third contest and was ruined by Daemon making his impact in the WIF taking Kosmo out with his DK Kill. Daemon then took King out with his DK Kill. In the next few weeks King started a feud with Daemon. Daemon and King came to a head when the fought at WIF Bloodbath in a ladder match. Daemon won the Xtreme Title and King went into a slump that would eventually cause the end of "The New Extreme Horseman"

Your Personal Jesus

In October 2005, Mikey King turned into a zealot who was looking to spread his "gospels" of being oppressed by the office. He would go onto to continue his feud with Daemon leading to a Hardcore Battle Royal in which he won back the Xtreme title back from Daemon but dropped it later on in the match with Daemon picking up the title in the end. Daemon and King would then take on each other once again in a two out of three falls match to face WIF International Champion, Dominator. King would win the match in two straight falls, winning the right to face Dominator at the WIF One Year Anniversary Show.

The Cult of the New Faith

In December 2005, Dan Sanders was looking to become a main event in WIF, much like Mikey King was. Realizing that Dan was a man who like King was being held back formed a bond between each other and formed The Cult of the New Faith. At the WIF One Year Anniversary Show, King beat Dominator for the WIF Internationa title while Dan beat WIF World Heavyweight Champion Big Evil for the right to fight him and King was named as the number one contender by the WIF board, in a way to drive a wedge between the two.

The rift was increased when Big Evil walked out leading into the big three-way match. However it was not to be as Big Evil came out and beat up both King and Sanders in the middle of a what was made into a singles match between the two. Evil wins back the title which was vacated when he walked out.

The next event King beat WIF standout Zero while Sanders faced Evil and injured his arm in an MMA rules match. King would scramble for a fourth man in a 3-way War Games match in which team WIF was lead by Big Evil, team 3TP was lead by Parker Rogue and team Cult of the New Faith was led by King. King turned to feud with Parker going into the match and King brought back an old feud to take Sander's spot in Jeff-X.


In January 2006 at the same time the lead up to the War Games match, Jeff-X created a new stable with the oppressed of the WIF including Kosmo Reso, newcomer The Messiah and King. King would use his ties between his stable and the X-Ternals. By this point King folded The Cult after the War Games in which King fought from bell to bell eliminating bother Parker and Zero before losing to Big Evil yet again. As a member of X-Ternals, King would win the first-ever Master of the Mat Tournament, cementing a spot into the annual Brawl For All tournament beating Parker in the first round, Tim Feeley in the semifinals and Jason Strong in the finals.

Headed into Brawl For All, X-Ternals started to fall a part at the seems with tension between Reso and King over Reso having a one-night stand which lead to a lose against the returning Daemon and Dominator. King would then draw Dominator in the end of Brawl For All as X-Ternals would fold that same night when King would be drafted to the recently bought out UCW which would be re-branded as WIF Revenge.


King would be alone with a new manager in Richie Cashin, a man who held him at knife point in WWFE the previous year. Cashin brought King onto Revenge to separate him from Daemon. However this was after one final match between the two in the first ever caged Super-X match. King would have to put up his contract for the WrestleFest he won at Brawl For All while Daemon put his career on the line. Daemon snuck out the win leaving a crying King down and out in the ring.

King would debut on the Revenge brand beating Victor Prague in a hardcore match. King then called out his former tag team partner Dan Sanders whom returned to the WIF as a part of the Revenge brand. The two faced at Glory Bound for the WIF Global title in which King was issued a loss. King formed a partnership with Domin and Weapon X. King got another chance at the title at WrestleFest II but lost to Sanders once again.


In the summer of 2007, Michael King signed on with the IFCW promotion along with Dan Sanders. In the IFCW Michael King originally claimed to be Robert King which is in fact a tribute to his dad who was a former amateur wrestler in high school as well as to his late grandfather. He claimed to be an up-and-coming star in Japan. He debuted at IFCW's re-launch show Generation of Power facing David Gage, Tony Grimes and Kosmo Williams in a four-way dance elimination match. He made it to the final two men before being pinned by David Gage. Now he was been put into a tag team with Dan Sanders just like he was in the WIF. After losing at Chi-Town Tag Wars he decided to admit that he is Michael King and that at Fight of the Rising Star he will re-debut. This is the beginning of character similar to the Great Kabuki, Great Muta, Great Nita and Great Koji before him. KING will even sport face paint similar to Muta. IFCW later folded before the Japan show went on. No word if KING will ever appear. Rumors have circulated that KING will pop up in CZW as King made reference to him during an episode of BigTime.

IFCW was re-launched again in 2008 and Mike King beat Kartel for the IFCW Light-Heavyweight title at their first show. However this was not to last as the promotion closed it doors not too long after.


After WIF folded in April 2004. At the urging of Tim Timmons, Mike King joined CZW. At his first event he beat Desire within five minutes to cement his standing. He then faced Charles Max the next week and won. He would then team up with Tim Timmons but not before being issued his first loss to Cage Stryker but then was named one-half of the tag team champions when Tim Timmons won them that same night.

In Wrestling

Finishing and Signature Moves as Michael King

  • Finishers
  • Double Cross (Cross-arm sitout Dominator)
  • Egoist Driver (Pumphandle Scoop Slam Piledriver)
  • St Anger (Bridgind gorunded double chickenwing) (2005-2010)
  • St Anger (LeBell Lock) (2010-2011)
  • Shinning Metallica (Shinning Kenka Kick)
  • Curtain Call (Twisting Lifting Reverse DDT) (2008)
  • King Krash (Small Package Driver) (2008-2009)
  • Gladiador Driver (School Boy into One-Armed Powerbomb) (2011)
  • Depeche Mode (Canadian backbreaker hold into a Go2Sleep) (2007-2008)
  • Crown of Thorns (Cobra Clutch Crossface) (2006-2008)
  • Cravate of Thorns (Cravate Crossface) (2006-2008)
  • Hit The Lights (Quakendriver II/Cross-leg Fire-Thunder Driver) (2006)
  • Frantic DDT/Godsmack (Flip DDT) (2005-2006)
  • The Franchiser/Godsmack (Cut-throat Burning Hammer) (2006)
  • The Deal Breaker/Fade To Black/Crown of Thorns (Flatliner followed up with a Koji Clutch) (2005-2006)
  • Showstopper (Coast-to-coast Springboard flipping dropkick) (2005)
  • 15 Seconds Of Fame (Swinging F-5) (2005)
  • Regular moves
  • Crossfire (Package Liger bomb)
  • Metallic Flash (Metallica Kick to a kneeling opponent
  • Egoist Bridge (Wrist-clutch Dragon Suplex)
  • Egoist Crash (Pumphandle Sidewalk Slam)
  • Backslide Driver From Hell (low blow followed by a backside driver)
  • Revolucion (Leg hook belly-to-back suplex into a facebuster)
  • Shinning Metallica (Shinning Kenka Kick)
  • Bam-Mar-Chair-a (Double Stomp with opponent sandwiched between steel chairs)
  • Cravate-o-clasm (Iconoclasm out of a cravate)
  • Goriconoclasm/Planet Boom (Cross-Arm Iconoclasm)
  • Curb Stomp (Indian Deathlock with a stomp to the back of the head)
  • Double Stomp
  • Sad but True (Shooting Star Press)
  • Standing Sad but True (Standing Shooting Star Press)
  • Seek & Destroy (Missile Dropkick)
  • Metallica Kick (Kenka Kick)
  • Superkick
  • Half-Nelson Backbreaker
  • Backpack Stunner(Leg-trap Stunner)
  • Tiger Suplex '85 (Briding Half-Nelson Suplex)
  • Cradle Backbreaker(Leg and Neck Cradle Lift Backbreaker)
  • Facelift (Facewash followed up with a STIFF Running basement Dropkick to the face)
  • Fisherman's Neckbreaker
  • Divorce Court (Hammerlock arm breaker DDT)
  • Keylock Driver (Hammerlock facebuster)
  • Dark Roll (Rolling fireman's carry slam/Steam Roller)
  • Mushroom Stomp
  • Whiplash (Rolling neck snap)
  • King-mi-kaze (Shooting Star Press to the floor)
  • Red Hot Hangover (Harlem Hangover)
  • Cravate
  • Shoulder neckbreaker followed into a DDT
  • Violence Party (A chop & forearm strike combination in the corner, continued with headbutts, football kicks, knee strikes, Kawada kicks, and ending with a Running palm strike)

Finishing and Signature Moves as KING

  • Finishers
  • Redline Crush (Wrist-clutch Schwein)
  • St. Anger (Bridging grounded double chickenwing)
  • KING Combo (Spear Followed by an X-Plex followed by Crossfire/package powerbomb)
  • Yoshi Tonic (Code Red)
  • Lariat
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Triangle Kick (Corner Triangle Jumping Enzuigiri)
  • Regular moves
  • Double Stomp
  • Asian Mist (typically green to "blind" but can be red to "burn")
  • Double Stomp
  • KING Smash (Cross-arm swinging side slam)
  • Violence Party (A chop & forearm strike combination in the corner, continued with headbutts, football kicks, knee strikes, Kawada kicks, and ending with a Running palm strike)
  • Cannonball (Running senton splash into the corner)
  • Lung Blower
  • Kenka Kick
  • Snap Fisherman's Neckbreaker
  • Spear
  • X-Plex
  • Brainbuster
  • Gamengiri
  • Slingblade (Double underhook swinging neckbreaker)
  • Slice Drop (Inverted leg drop bulldog)
  • Divorce Court (Hammerlock arm breaker DDT)
  • Keylock Driver (Hammerlock facebuster)
  • Enizguri
  • La Riveracita II (armlock cradle)
  • Gedo Clutch pin
  • Bakatare Sliding Kick (Running dropkick to the face of kneeling opponent)
  • Shoulder neckbreaker followed into a DDT

Nick Names

  • Metallic
  • The New Extreme Horseman
  • Your Personal Jesus
  • The Truth
  • The Franchise Player
  • The Phoenix
  • WWEF
  • Uber-Popular
  • Battle For Glory
  • Your Personal Jesus
  • PWE
  • The Can-Am Lion Heart
  • WAR
  • The Franchise
  • IFCW
The Gaijin
  • CZW
  • The Phoenix
  • Badd Company
  • The Wacky Rudo


  • The Wacky Rudo
  • El Gladiador
  • The Egoist

Championships and accomplishments

WIF Xtreme Title

  • 7/10/2005-10/9/2005
  • 11/13/2005

WIF Award

  • Feud of the Year for 2005: Mikey King vs. Daemon

WIF International Title

  • 12/12/2005-2/8/2006

WIF Master Of The Mat

  • 2006 WIF Master Of The Mat
  • 2008 WIF Master Of The Mat

WIF Brawl For All

  • 2006 WIF Brawl For All Co-Winner

WIF Global Title

  • 6/25/20006

WIF Tag Team Title


CZW World Tag Team Title


CZW Hardcore Title