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WCSF Meltdown is a pay-per-view event held by the WCSF in the month of September, by both brands WCSF Mayhem and WCSF Unleashed.

Results: Meltdown 2005

Meltdown 2005 took place on the 3rd of September in the Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

High Voltage

  • Zach Zero defeated T.K. Freeze


Meltdown 2006

Meltdown 2006 took place on the 19th of September in the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

High Voltage

  • Jerry Platinum defeated Robbie Summers
  • The Revelation (Rocco Rage & Bobby Deville) defeated Air Force (Explosive & Aerotisma)
  • The Union Jacks defeated The Mafia w/The Don
  • Matt Sharp, Kraven Valentine, Dorian Skywalker, Samuel Silver, and Tristagi w/ Bernard Mason and Paul O’Connor defeated Flux, Dean Mooney, Paddy "The Irish Wolfhound" Power and Eddie Sasparilla in an Interpromotional 5-on-5 Tag Team Match


  • JAC defeated Alex Morgan
    • JAC pinned Morgan with a roll-up.
  • Jack Cannon defeated Brian Davis in a Hardcore Match
    • Cannon pinned Davis after hitting a Cannonnator off a ladder, to the steel steps below.
  • Jason Daniels and The Untouchables (Celedor and Messiah) defeated Sabbath and Hellsing (Lockheart and King) in a Six-Man Tag Team Match
    • Daniels pinned King after hitting a 540 Backflip Legdrop.
  • Re-Juvenated defeated The Gamers to retain the WCSF Mayhem Tag Team Championships
    • Fabio pinned Nick Gamer with a Victory Roll.
  • Cyanide Lee and Chris Jackson def. Axis, Chris Hart, and Billy Rogers in a Five-Man Elimination Match for Number One Contendership to the WCSF Cruiserweight Championship
    • Lee pinned Hart after hitting the CyanideTheorum.
    • Jackson pinned Axis after hitting the Reverse Death Valley Driver.
    • Jackson forced Rogers to submit to the Sharpshooter.
    • Jackson and Lee pinned each other simultaneously to declare both men winners.
  • Chris Michaels defeated Chris Osbourne
    • Michaels pinned Osbourne after hitting the Blade of Achilles
  • Dayton Michaels defeated Sapphire Adams (c) and Shaylee to win the WCSF Womens Championship
    • Micheals pinned Adams after hitting the Superkick.
  • Vincent Viazon defeated Matt Falcon (c), "The Superstar" Johnny U, Taka Hiroshi, and Matt Tribbett in a Five Way One Fall to a Finish to win the WCSF International Championship
    • Viazon pinned Falcon with a Moonsault; injuring Falcon in the process with a knee to the head.
  • David Logan defeated Chris Cameron
    • Logan forced Cameron to submit to the Logan Crossface.
  • Rage Mishima defeated Bale
    • Mishima pinned Bale after hitting the Orochi Revolver.
  • Baker J defeated Jason Williams in a “You’re Fired” match w/John Zhilone as the Special Guest Referee
    • Baker J pinned Williams after several chair shots to the head.
  • Merrick Brycen defeated Reaper in a Steel Cage Deathmatch
    • Brycen pinned Reaper after hitting a superplex onto an open steel chair.
  • The Executioner (c) defeated Bray R.S., Everwinter, and Oblivion to retain the WCSF Unleashed Championship
    • Ex pinned Everwinter after Jason Williams interfered and hit Everwinter with an Element of Surprise.
  • Dynamite (c) defeated Delroy Andrews to retain the WCSF Mayhem Championship
    • Dynamite pinned Andrews after Cameron interfered and hit Andrews with a Fate's Deadline. After the match, the rest of The Monarchy came out to celebrate Dynamite's win, signalling Dynamite's defection to the stable as the show ends.


Live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California!!

  • Riko Suave & Johnny U d/ TWF
    • Suave uses the Gold Rush briefcase to help get the win.
  • Bale d/ Samuel Silver
    • Silver injures his knee and cannot continue, therefore the ref awards the match to Bale.
  • The Executioner draws Sinistra in a Steel Cage #1 Contenders match.
    • Both men fall through the flaming side of the cage to the floor with the cage falling on them.
    • The two start brawling after the match as they are being stretchered out.
  • David Logan d/ Dynamite by Knockout in an Unsanctioned Fight.
    • Logan hits the Finale off of a ladder onto Dynamite on a concrete surface.


Meltdown 2009 took place on October 18th, 2009, from San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Meltdown Card:

Starlets Steel Cage Match:

  • Selena Starr d/ Nicola Manson
    • Manson throws Starr off of the cage through the announce table.

Johnny Briggs interrupts a Sinistra promo and attacks him.

Dan Morrison Showcase:

  • Mark Thomas d/ Riko Suave
    • Thomas hits the Grand Slam for the win after Morrison interferes on his behalf.
    • After the match, Thomas, under Morrison's orders, brutally attacks Suave in his hometown.
  • Tomohiro Matsuda d/ Muntari Mebah
    • Matsuda makes Mebah tap to the Wrath of Matsuda.
    • After the match, Matsuda talks to Mebah and tries to convince him to join him in the ways of good instead of evil.

WCSF Womens Championship Match:

WCSF Tag Team Championship Match:

WCSF International Championship Triple Threat Match:

  • Amen (c) d/ Mike Maverick & Reaper
    • Amen pins Maverick after Maverick takes himself and Reaper out with a Stage Dive through the announce table.

WCSF World Championship Match:

  • Johnny Devine d/ Anthony Blake (c)
    • Evans and Foster interfere as Blake is about to win, The Yakuzas fight them off, then Amen interferes, but Blake kicks out.
    • Finally, Devine hits the Devine Valley Driver for the three count to become Champion for the first time.
    • Devine celebrates as the show closes.

Meltdown 2011

WCSF Meltdown 2011 took place on March ____ 2011 live from New Orleans, Louisiana.

WCSF International Championship Match:

Jenah Rose def. Dayna Parks

Team Catwalk def. Supreme Thunder

WCSF Women's Championship Match, Title vs. Mask in a Steel Cage

Kamikaze Strike def. Daniel Blackrose and Drake Bernard via DQ

  • Draven interferes in the match, aligning with Blackrose and Bernard and taking out Kamikaze Strike.

Johnny Devine def. Shane Evans

WCSF Tag Team Championship Match:

Alex Morgan def. Andrew Logan

Johnny Briggs's guest on the Crash Pad was Sean Knight, who was revealed to be faking his Revolution injuries.

Muntari Mebah def. Bale

Unsanctioned Fight

WCSF World Championship Match:


Was held on July 6th, 2012 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Countdown to Meltdown:

  • Lawrence "The Law" Lipe d/ Jack Sullivan
  • Cognito d/ Mickey Storm

WCSF Uprising Championship

  • Upgrade Jackson (c) d/ Faust


WCSF International Championship

WCSF Womens Championship

WCSF Tag Team Championship

  • Kaiser Cavanah d/ Shane Evans in a Last Man Standing match.
    • Evans can't answer the ten count after a Kaiser Bomb off the top rope through tables and thumbtacks.
  • Delroy Andrews d/ Dynamite
    • Andrews pins Dyno after a Destiny's Fate.
    • After the match, Daz violently turns on Dynamite, beating him down.

WCSF World Championship