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Height 6ft 4in (193 cm)
Weight 260 lbs (116 kg)
Date of birth
Place of birth Redding, California
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Resides Sacremento, California
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Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment
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Promotions Wrestled for


Debut: 4 June 2006, Showdown![/b] - Lost against Billy Gunn.

25 June 2006, Fight Night[/b] - Won against Gal Pacino, T-Rav, Marcelo, Cheat and Jeff Hardy, IC title match.

2 July 2006, Showdown![/b] - Won against Gal Pacino, IC title match.

9 July 2006, Showdown![/b] - Won with Marcelo, Kid Keddzy and Baine against Clearly, Outlaw, Cheat and James.

16 July 2006, Showdown![/b] - Won with The Joker against Ryan Cox and Jonny Gunnz vs Caza and Jeff Hardy vs The Cheat and T- Rav, tag team titles number one contender's match.

23 July 2006, Royal Rumble[/b] - 3rd place in the Royal Rumble match, eliminated by David Andrews.

30 July 2006, Showdown![/b] - Lost against David Andrews in an intercontinental title match via DQ so retains his title.

7 August 2006, Showdown![/b] - Lost with Tevin Williams, James Polack and Jodion against Triple H, Billy Gunn, David Andrews and Ty Bahr in an 8 man elimination match.

14 August 2006, Showdown![/b] - Lost against David Andrews.

21 August 2006, Wrestlemania[/b] - Won against Michael Reece in a title-for-title match.

28 August 2006, Slamdown![/b] - Won against Michael Reece in a first blood match.

4 September 2006, Slamdown![/b] - Won against Tevin 'T-Dub' Williams.

11 September 2006, Showdown![/b] - Lost a six man tag match with Ty Bahr and David Andrews against Tevin Williams, Michael Reece and Jonny.

18 September 2006, Revenge[/b] - Lost his UWE Hardcore Title in a hardcore match against Michael Reece.

2 October 2006, Showdown![/b] - Won against Bison.

16 October 2006, Showdown![/b] - Won against John Adelsberger in the quarter-finals of the king of the ring.

23 October 2006, Showdown![/b] - Lost against Michael Reece in the semi-finals of the king of the ring.

30 October 2006, King of the Ring [/b] - Won against Hammer defending his Intercontinental Championship.

6 November 2006, Showdown![/b] - Lost his Intercontinental title against Nicholas Rodriguez.

20 November 2006, Showdown![/b] - Lost against Jodion.

27 November 2006, Survivor Series[/b] - Won a 5-on-5 match with Dave Andrews, The Who, Ty Bahr and Tony Black against Michael Reece, T-Dub, Ryan Ingram, John Adelsberger and Jonny.

4 December 2006, Showdown![/b] - Won a tag team match with the icon David Andrews against Tevin Williams and Ryan Ingram

11 December 2006, Showdown![/b] - Won a ladder match against The Who to win the Intercontinental championship.

25 December 2006, Christmas Chaos[/b] - Won a steel cage match against Ty Bahr to retain his Intercontinental championship.

8 January 2007, Showdown![/b] - Lost with The Who in a triple threat tag team titles match against Greenbean and 'The Icon' David Andrews which included Ace and Baine.

15 January 2007, Showdown![/b] - Lost against 'The Icon' David Andrews.

29 January 2007, Trial and Retribution[/b] - Won against Ryan Ingram to retain his Intercontinental Championship.

5 February 2007, Showdown![/b] - Won the tag team championships with The Who against 'The Icon' David Andrews and Greenbean.

12 February 2007, Showdown![/b] - Won against Greatness in an 'Earn your points match'.

19 February 2007, Showdown![/b] - Won the hardcore title against Baine in a hardcore match.

26 February 2007, Judgement Day[/b] - Defended the Intercontinental title against Kraemer Simmonds and Jonny in a triple threat match.

26 February 2007[/b] - After the pay per view was injured and is out for an undefined period of time.

25 March 2007[/b] - Won against Greenbean at Hacked forcing Vince McMahon out of ownership.

27 March 2007[/b] - Lost against Baine.

2 April 2007[/b] - Lost against Baine and Jonny in a ladder match for the Hardcore Championship.

9 April 2007[/b] - Lost with The Who to James J. and Baine for the Tag Team Championship.

Wrestling facts

Finishing moves

  • Top Gun - (Top Rope Jackhammer)
  • Heavy Metal - (Spear)

Signature moves

  • Suplex
  • Clothesline
  • 180 Spinebuster
  • Sharpshooter
  • DDT
  • Snap Suplex
  • 180 Backdrop
  • Reverse DDT


  • Armando Alejandro Estrada
  • Torrie Wilson


  • ”The Difference Maker”

Theme Music

  • Shooting Star by Black Stone Cherry
  • Metalingus by Alter Bridge

Championships and accomplishments

  • Brutal Championship Wrestling
  • BCW European Championship (1 time)
  • Arena Wrestle
  • AW Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • Other Feds
  • SPW Tag Team Championship (1 time)

Personal life

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