Maria Gonzales
Billing information
Ring name(s) 'Miami Made Vixen', 'Miami Made Monarch, 'The Bitch Next Door' 'Little Cuba (called by Tarah Nova only)'
Height 5'2 ft.
Weight 115 lbs.
Date of Birth July 6th, 1993
Hometown Miami, Florida
Theme music Problem by Natalia Kills
Affiliation(s) Clark Duncan, Maddie
Federation(s) EAW
Previous federation(s) none
Wrestling information
Wrestling style Hardcore
Signature Move(s) Grinder (Camel Clutch) Rack Work (Argentine Backbreaker Rack) Magic City Meltdown (Sunset Flip Pile-driver)
Finisher Move(s) Miami Made (double knee backbreaker) Miami Vice (Anaconda Vice)
Trainer Buckely Sanders
Professional career
Debut April 2015
Accomplishments N/A
Retired N/A
Maria Marisol Gonzales (Born on July 6, 1993) is an American-Mexican professional wrestler. She is most notably known from Elite Answers Wrestling as the 'Miami Made Vixen'. Gonzales is also known as the 'Bitch Next Door' and 'Miami Made Monarch'.

Early Years

Maria Gonzales was born on July 6th, 1993 in Miami, Florida to Dayanara Lopez and Pablo Gonzales. She grew up in the Liberty City area of Miami, where she stayed until she turned 18. Gonzales' father left her and her mother while Maria was 2, leaving her mother alone with her younger brother, June. Gonzales' mother began to take prescription medication and drink quite often by time Gonzales was 5, which left her to fen for herself and for her brother who was only 2 years younger. Her mother stayed in her depression and drug filled life until Maria turned 18, in which she took her brother and moved to the Carol City area of town where she began to work 2 different jobs while training to become a wrestler. Gonzales' brother left in 2013 and moved to Tampa, Florida.

Wrestling Beginnings

In 2012, Gonzales began to train with Buckley Sanders, a former boxer and wrestler in the independent circuit. She trained while working 2 other jobs and also raising her brother the first year of training. In March 2015, Gonzales finished training and began to search for companies to sign with.

Elite Answers Wrestling


On April 4th, 2015, Gonzales' was signed by EAW to a Vixen's contract. She debuted on the Dynasty pre-show facing Melissa Lopez. Gonzales stood on a losing streak while also losing to Ariana Lopez.

Clark Duncan Relationship

On a episode of Showdown, Clark Duncan began to receive messages from a secret admirer. This turned out to be Gonzales in disguise. Since then, both have competed in tag matches together and have struggled on getting their eccentric relationship stable.

Vixen Championship match at Pain for Pride 8

On a episode of Dynasty, is was announced a 9-on-1 handicap match would happen at Pain for Pride 8 against Tarah Nova, the current champion. Maria began to organize a boycott allegedly but those rumors were shown false after a statement was made by Gonzales. Tarah Nova retained at Pain for Pride 8.

Dollhouse Killers

In July of 2015, Maria announced that along with current Vixen Maddie, she would form a new tag team called 'Dollhouse Killers'. They formed in August of that year.

In Wrestling


  • Miami Made (Double Knee Backbreaker)
  • Miami Vice (Anaconda Vice)


  • Grinder (Camel Clutch)
  • Rack Work (Argentine Backbreaker Rack)
  • Magic City Meltdown (Sunset Flip Piledriver)

Theme Songs

  • 'I Ain't The Lady To Mess With' by Jim Johnston
  • 'Cyclone' by Baby Bash
  • 'Problems' by Natalia Kills (current)


  • 1x Vixen of the Week (MVE)
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